Monday, September 30, 2013


(***His Worried***)

"Hyung, are you really going to do that show? I heard from our Prince manager that you're going to do the show." Enhyuk suddenly came to Leeteuk room when he was thinking about her. Leeteuk didn't answer him, his mind still playing around and thinking about that girl.

After receiving a phone call from PD-nim, he was trying so hard to found out who'll be his partner in the show. Two days after it, his manager told him, that the girl will be Kang Sora, the new rocky artist who gain a lot of attention from public, after became one of lead role in the blockbaster movie "Sunny". He met her before, at Strong Heart. Not too beautiful, but he have to admitted that she is attractive, and has a very beautiful sexy long legs, and she is not his type, not at all. That was his feeling, two days ago, but he didn't know why, she always came in to his mind every single day, every second.

"Hyung, why don't you answer me. Are you going to do that show?" Enhyuk started to get impatient
"Hm? What? Can you say it again?" Leeteuk finally answered him
"Are you going to do that show? We Got Married? Right now you are filming Hallo Baby with Sistar right? You know Hyung, nitizen said that you are interesting with one of the Sistar's member, if you do We Got Married, it will ruin the show right? I mean you can not catch the feeling from your partner." Eunhyuk tried to tell him his opinion
"Aish, Eunhyuk-ah, it just a show. Both of it, just a show, nothing special. I didn't like one of that Sistar's member. I just tried to build the situation, nothing more. And for me, they are just my hoobee, not more. All of them are pretty and sexy, but that's it. Same with WGM, it just a show, nothing more. I am not planning to fall in love with my partner though. Not in my plan, just playing around with a beautiful actress, that's it." He was trying to convince himself
"Ah, so you already know who is she? Who will be your partner in that show?" Eunhyuk asked him
"Yup, according to manager Hyung, she will be Kang Sora-ssi. A new rocky actress. You know her, right?" Leeteuk asked Eunhyuk
"Kang Sora-ssi? The one that we met at Strong Heart? She is not too pretty, but cute, attractive, seems very smart and.. she has a killer long legs, but she is not your type at all Hyung. She is kind of Kyu or Hae type, even Chang Min said she is definitely his type, not yours, not me either." Eunhyuk seems very serious when he said about it
"Ya.. what are you doing? Why you said that kind of things?" Leeteuk get annoyed when he realize what Eunhyuk said. Don't know why, but he didn't like what he just heard. He knew that Sora is not his type, but he didn't like hearing that she is others people type,especially people around him
"Why? Is she suddenly became your type, after you found out that she will be your partner. Just couple minutes ago you said to me that she is not your type, and you just want to play around with her, but why now you get annoying when I said that?" Eunhyuk got shock with his leader behaviour. He knew that Leeteuk is a possesive man, but to a women that not his type, why he have to be so jealous and possesive
"Not like that, I don't know, just didn't like it." Leeteuk slyly answered him. He also confused why he have to act like that.
"Araso Hyung, so when will you meet her for the first time?" Eunhyuk asked him
"Two day from now. I will meet her the day after tomorrow. If I am not mistaken, we are gonna tape for preview episode, after recording for Music Bank at MBC." He told him
"Ah, so the first venue will be at MBC? I really want to meet her again, is she become more beautiful or what." Eunhyuk told her Hyung
"Yah.. Lee Hyukjae.. Why you want to meet her? She just want to meet me, not you, not anyone else." Leeteuk blast into jealousy
"Hyung, you won't like her, you won't fall for her, so why you have to keep her for yourself? C'mon Hyung don't be too selfish." Eunhyuk teased his leader after realize he became jealous even he met her yet.
"Just go Hyuk. I want to take a rest." Leeteuk cast out Eunhyuk from his room. He didn't want his dongsaeng realize how nervous he is
"Araso Hyung, just dream about her, just dream about her sexy leg." Eunhyuk laugh while heading out from Leeteuk room

As soon as Enhyuk went out, his mind was flied again to Sora. He didn't know what's wrong with him and why he always think about her. Suddenly he remembered the woman that he met a few days ago at MBC lobby.

"Is that her? Is that Sora? Why she looked beautiful that day? Different from what I see at Strong Heart? Is she became prettier now days?" Leeteuk talked to himself
"Ah, this made me more nervous. Make up your mind Park Jung Su, act like a man, this is only the show, don't even tried to fall for her. Remember, she is not that beautiful, she is not your type, so enjoy it and just play." He talked again to himself tried to erase Sora from his mind. He even didn't realize when he end up searching about her with his computer
"Ah, she will take a role in a new drama. She is so young, 7 years gap with me? Omo, am  I marrying a teenagers? She is very tall, 168 cm, just 5 cm different from me, aish, I'll be look a little bit short when I am standing beside her." Leeteuk keep talking to himself until finally he slept when his computer still on


 "Hyung, is it today? The day to meet your new wife?" Donghae tried to tease his Hyung before they started to have their recording
"Yup, I will meet her at 7, but I still don't know where the place is." Leeteuk tried to calm himself
"So, are we gonna have a Hyungsunim soon?" Sungmin teased him
"If you don't like your wife, maybe I can date her if she really beautiful." Kyuhyun also teased him
"Do you know who is she?" Ryeowook asked him
"Yup, I know who is she.Now, let's stop the discussion about it, let's rock the stage first." Leeteuk tried to distract his members attention

Right after their performing, Leeteuk prepared himself. He change his clothes twice, before finally he decided to wear white shirt, with white sweater and black blazer. He also choose to wear his casual converse shoes. He want to show his casual side then his celebrity side. He already promised to himself that he want to be Park Jung Su, just an ordinary man name Park Jung Su, not a leader of a very famous boyband, not Leeteuk.

"Hyung, manager choose Donghae Hyung, Eunhyuk Hyung, Sungmin Hyung, Sindong Hyung and Kyuhyun for teaser. Did you know about it?" suddenly Ryeowook came to him in his dressing room
"Yup, I knew it. I'll be joining them soon." Leeteuk told him while sprayed his parfume for the third time
"OMO Hyung, how many times that you sprayed it?It's not like you." Ryeowook so surprised seeing what Leeteuk has done
"I just want to give a good impression Ryeowook-ah. I don't wanna ruin it." He tried to denied and cover himself. He didn't want to looked weak in front of his member
"Oke Hyung, let's go to the studio, they are waiting for you there."

"Please God, give me a strength to face her. I hope everything going to be well." he was whispering before heading to his member to record the preview episode.

(***Her Worried***)

"Sora-ya, Daebak.." Lee Young, her assistant suddenly came to her dressing room in the middle of her photo shoot preparation
"What is it Unnie. Why daebak? Is that something good?" Sora still confused with her assistant behaviour
"Did you know who will be your husband in the show?" Lee Young told her
"For We Got Married? Don't know, the rumor said either Leeteuk Super Junior, Ji Woon 2 AM or Taecyeon 2PM. I don't know, just wait I think." Sora seems not too care, since she just think this is like her usual job.
"You know unnie, my worries is not about who my partner is, but more how I will show myself in this program since this is my first reality show." she continued to pour out her worries
"But Sora-ya, your partner is really daebak and really famous, but I think you have to prepare yourself for the haters also, since he have a huge numbers of fans." Lee Young informed her
"So, who is my partner Unnie? Is he really that famous?" Sora started to get curious
"Your husband is Leeteuk.. The famous Super Junior leader Leeteuk. One of the famous cassanova in this industry. Handsome enough and famous dating with a lot of girl idol. The positive side is you will gain a lot of attention and more famous after you marry him, but the negative things are you also will have a lot of haters and have to be strong enough since your husband always showed his charm for many girls." Lee Young explained her a rumor about her future husband
"Ah.. I read it somewhere about the rumor. Easy unnie, this is only for the show, don't take too much. I will enjoying myself playing around with him." She tried to smile to cover her nervous
"But Sora, you are his wife now, so you have to get his attention on your first meeting, first sight is really important you know? Leeteuk-ssi is famous liking someone who have a pretty face, so let's do that. I will make you the most beautiful woman that he ever met in your first meeting, then he will fall for you." Lee Yeong told her
"Unnie, please, don't be overwhelmed. This is only for the show. The PD-nim already told me, that we can not go to the real relationship, cause it will ruin the show. I think Leeteuk-ssi will played his role very well. He is a nice guy though, I met him once, in Strong Heart. Handsome, very friendly and very polite. I think, even he didn't like me, nor I didn't catch his attention as a woman, he will treat me well during the show, so no need to worries Unnie." Sora smiled and trying to get her logical mind
"Sora-ya, are you a woman? You know what, every time we have a conversation, most of all, you always put your logic above, like a man." Lee Young protested to her
"Just finish this conversation Unnie, I have to go back to the photo shoot location." She tried to hide out from this conversation
"Oke Sora-ya, just go ahead for now, but I am sure, I will choose the best dress and make that man fall for you in the first sight." Lee Young told her while Sora just smile when she heard it


"So, my partner is Leeteuk Super Junior? Wah daebak. I think I have to start to know him well." Sora talked to herself and decided to search some information related to her future husband
"OMO, he is so famous, famous among the women idols also." Sora can not hide her smile reading a lot of rumor about him
"You know what Leteuk-ssi, actually you catch my attention when I first saw you at the show. I don't know why, but I love the way you help me and I love the way you smile." She continued talked to herself while seeing Leeteuk picture in the internet. Suddenly her mind jumped into the accident in MBC lobby

"Wait, is that you? A man who just bumping into me that time?" Sora tried so hard to remember the look of that man
"Your smile is similar with him." She talked to Leeteuk picture in her computer
"Oke Kang Sora, back to reality darling.. Just do it, what ever will be will be.. Just be careful to your heart oke, don't make it hurt." She smiled after cheer up herself


"Unnie, didn't it too much?" Sora gave her shock look right after Lee Young showed her dress that she will use in her first meeting with her husband
"Too much? Off course not. This dress is perfect. You will more shine after wearing this. Believe me, that man will fall for you right after seeing you in this dress. With a perfect make up, you will become the most beautiful person, a beautiful Princess ever." Lee Young tried to convince her.
"Oke Unnie, I trust you. But promise me, not too much, just a simple make up. I want to be myself tonight. I want him to know me as a woman, not as an actress because I want to know him as a man, as Park Jung Su, not as Leeteuk." Sora told her
"Araso darling..Now, change your clothes and let me make you to be a beautiful Princess. I am sure, everything going to be great Sora-ya." Lee Young smile
"Thanks Unnie, let's hope every thing will be fine." Sora smiled while deep in her heart she also prayed

(***to be continued***)

I Knew I Loved You
by Savage Garden

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
and there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There's just no rhyme or reason
only this sense of completion
and in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I found my way home
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I found you