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The Commotion

CHAPTER 17: The Commotion  
Cr: My talented bestfriend @Jerqu

Waking up, Sora stretched like a contented woman and looking around the bedroom, she noticed that Leeteuk was not around. Glancing at the side, table, she saw the note left for her by LT and on it he wrote, "Mornin' my baby princess!" She felt the heat on her face when she saw her underwear lying on the side of the bed. After their lovemaking, it become more intense, the feeling of missing each other heightening their passion. Picking up her underwear, she headed for the bathroom and filling the bathtub with hot water and pouring some scented bath oil, she immersed her body in it, resting her head on a bath pillow as she listened to relaxing music from her ipod.

Closing her eyes, Sora smiled, her happiness radiating from her face where only a few days ago was full of burden. She could not ask for more; she had only love Leeteuk, the only man in her life as well as having his kids the Vince and Vanessa. Sora was startled while soaking at the bathtub by the ringing of her phone. Groggily picking it up she answered in a sleepy voice,

LT: "Hello my sleepyhead baby princess. Did I tire you out? You were sleeping like a baby so I did not wake you up." Sora felt herself blushing when she heard LT’s voice.  
Sora: "Where are you."
LT: I’m downstairs by the pool. I just finished doing my laps and about to take a shower. I’ll be up soon.Let the twin's and Kath get ready, I called your Mom & Dad and we'll meet up with them for breakfast."
Sora: "Hmnn, okay...Sounds good to me.It's my off anyway"

Sora jumped out the tub to take a shower. She put on a blue silk halter sexy dress with an V neckline, that shows the shape line of her body. LT came in while she was applying baby pink lip gloss. He looked irresistible in a cream polo he left unbuttoned forming a deep V and showing part of his muscular chest and a pair of black jeans pants. 

Hugging her from behind he whispered, "You don’t need to put make-up, you are naturally beautiful."
Sora: "I just put on light make-up and lip gloss. See?"
LT: "Strawberry flavored….why don’t I have a taste." Tilting her head, he kissed Sora full on the lips, savoring the taste of her as he continued to kiss her slowly and sensually. After he kissed her, LT buried his face in her hair.
LT: "Sorayah, about last night, I wanted to tell you that….."
Sora: "What we had last night were two consenting adults who got carried away and had sex. Don’t worry LT, no strings attached, I wanted it as much as you do. You don’t want to be tied down with me, I don’t want to be tied down by you. As we agreed upon, we go our separate ways after a year."
LT whirling her around to face him said, "I see.  In other words it was just sex for you and nothing else." Sora: "Of course. I am not looking any permanently in our relationship. We agreed that this was just a temporary arrangement so that you can be close to Vince & Vanessa."
LT: "So, you were just a willing partner, is that it?"
Sora: "Compared to the other women you bring to your bed, I hope I did not disappoint you.Did I?"
LT with a stoic expression on his face remarked, "You are one hell of hot babe, remember? So, why would I be disappointed?" Pulling her towards him, he sneered in her ear, "Let's do it again sometime."

They were interrupted by the phone ringing. LT picked it up; it was Sora's Father.
Sora's Dad: "Where are you, son in-law Teuk. We are already at the hotel lobby, we’re waiting for you."
LT: "Mianhe Appa, the kids wake up late but We’re on our way now."
Sora: "Why don’t you wait down, while I'll check if the kids are ready.
LT: "Fine."

"Mommy," Vanessa ran up to her as soon as she entered their room.
Sora hugging and kissing Vanessa asked, "How’s my little princess. Did you miss mummy last night? you were sleeping when I came home. Is Vince ready, Kath? We have to hurry up my parent's waiting for us." Vanessa: "Uh hmnn.. mum we stay at your room and fall sleep ."
Sora:"Ahumnn,Dad tell me so..Honey go with your dad now, he's waiting down."
Kath: "So, are we going to eat breakfast outside with your parents?"
Sora: "Yes, Leeteuk reserved already in Lotte Hotel World. I’m sorry Kath, our situation’s that I….." Kath: "Say no more, I understand and I think you and Leeteuk made the right decision.It's the best for the kids, hey what’s wrong with your lips?"
Sora: "Why?"
Kath approaching at her closely replied, "It looks like its swollen." Kath suddenly gave a knowing smile, chuckling she added, "That must have been one great night hah!"
Sora extremely blushing , "Stop it Kath. Nothing happened."
KAth: "Hey, my lips are sealed....mmm."with her fingers zipping her mouth
"We need to get ready, Leeteuk already waiting for us.Vince hurry up,pls."

As soon as they came out of the door,Vince saw his father and running to him he called out,
LT lifted Vince in his arms and gave him a kiss.
Vanessa:"What about me dad." LT put down Vince and lifted Vanessa kissing her on the cheek....
LT: "Hey,Did you two sleep well?"
Vince: "Yeah,yeah.. dad."
Sora: "Shall we go now."
LT: "Yes, They’re waiting for us at the Hotel"

Reaching the hotel they headed to the buffet restaurant, La Seine Lounge the view of the Pacific Ocean from the floor to ceiling glass over-sized windows, spacious rooms offer the comfort of an armchair, and carpeted floors. As per Leeteuk's instructions, their table was segregated from the other frequently by planters that were placed around the area to give them privacy. Sora's parents were already there and were poring over the menu when they arrived. Sora approached her parents and gave them a hug while Vanessa & Vince went to his grandparent's to give kiss for respect.

Sora's: "Son in-law, Komawoyo. For inviting us having breakfast here."
LT: "Eomma, you and appa can come here anytime. Just let me know and I can have a room reserved for you."
Sora's Dad: "Komawoyo Son in-law Teuk."
LT:"It's nothing Appa, really."

After breakfast, Vanessa & Vince went for a swim while LT, Sora and Sora's parents joined them by watching while they were having fun at the kids pool. After they swim they participated in various kids games at the hotel.There were also clowns and magicians to entertain the children. In the afternoon, they went back home except for the parent's of Sora who stays three days more at the Hotel with LT's exempt.


One day after they had breakfast at the hotel, LT, Sora and the twins become headline news in the internet, newspapers and TV. There were pictures of Leeteuk carrying Vanessa with Vince and Sora walking beside him.

The headline read, "Former SJ Leader, Leeteuk has a twin Love child with former-actress turned successful Career Woman Kang Sora who is in-charge of SM's post-production for movies & tv series. Footages of LT and Sora included their pictures while they were filming in WGM as virtual husband and wife. To add to the fray, former colleague and friends were interviewed about Leeteuk & Sora. Sora's office as well Leeteuk's were busy with telephone calls from viewers and readers as well as media people who wanted to have an exclusive interview. Leeteuk had to hire security people to protect Sora and the twin's from throngs of reported who invaded the school and Sora's privacy..

Thursday, October 25, 2012


It's 6 am Sunday Morning.... Sora woke up a little after she can hear Leeteuk heart beating in her ears. Leeteuk's arm around her, holding her tight close to him, was warm and secure.

Sora's memories suddenly came to the night that they just spent together. The greatest and sweetest night in her entire life. That was the first time for her. She gave the most precious things in her life and she didn't regret it. She love this man a lot, she wants to spend her life with him.

She still remember every detail of it. 

After hearing Leeteuk proposal song, she knew that she really need this man. When Leeteuk kiss her gently, she love it, and when the gently kiss suddenly change to be a passionate kiss, Sora can not help herself, she replied the kiss with the same passion. When Leeteuk carried her to the bed room, she knew what she want. She want to give full of her heart and her body to him, only him. She knew this night is the night, she was ready for it.

Leetauk kiss her so intensely, so thoroughly. Leetauk hand was on the brink of ripping her clothes off. He continued kissing fiercely, his hand was exploring Sora's body and enjoyed every inch of it. Sora felt warmed all over from the sheer joy of realizing that this powerful, handsome and strong man, wanted her so much. Her moan was caught in his mouth and trapped with his.

When it was getting hotter, suddenly Leeteuk pulled out himself and stop it. For a moment Sora feel lost.

"What's wrong Oppa? Please don't stop." Sora so confused. She touched his shoulder, letting her fingers trail down his arm. Leeteuk caught her wrist instantly, tightly and held away from him
"Don't! Stop it!" Leeteuk tried to control himself
"But, why Oppa? Did I do something wrong?" Unexperience Sora still didn't get it
"Sora, I don't want you to hate me and regret it." Leeteuk explained her
"But I don't," she said with some surprised. "I couldn't."

Leeteuk gathered her tightly into his arms. "Oh God, Sora, forgive me. I thought.."
"You think too much Oppa." she whispered as she wrapped her arms about his neck, reveling in the total contact with his flesh.

His lips ravaged her face, and then he was kissing her, his tongue plunging in deeply, mercilessly and full force of his passion released in an explosion of longing. 

He could wait no longer. Her hips were thrusting wildly against him, firing his passion to an alarming height. He rolled on the top of her, resting on his elbows, his long upper arms keeping the massive width of his chest well above her. He released her lips to move into position, cupping her face between his large hand. He wanted to watch again as she received her pleasure, to see ecstacy reflected in her eyes. 

When he entered her second later, he thrust deep and she screamed. 
"Sorry Sora, I love you." he whispered.  
She didn't answered. She closed her eyes, and a single tear slid from the corner of one. Not a sad tears, but happy one. 
It was bliss, purest bliss as he quenched the fire. It was what they needed, to be completely possessed. And the sweet throbbing that followed was all the sweeter because he came with her.

"Thank you darling, thank you.. Thank for letting me the first for you and I hope I'll be the last too. " Leeteuk told her than kiss her forehead 

Back to reality, Sora enjoyed watching him sleep, enjoy her tight arm around her. Sora was in no hurry to distrub the intimacy of the moment. She lay half on the bad, half on Leeteuk. Once again, she touched his shoulder, letting her fingers trail down his arm, than enjoying her finger exploring her boyfriend body.

"If you don't stop darling, I am going to make love to you again." Suddenly Leeteuk starled her with his husky voice
"Me? What am I doing?" Sora is teasing him
"Looking a me with those sensuous eyes of yours. That's really all it takes, you know."
"Nonsense Oppa." Sora scoffed, but she couldn't help smiling
"Do you need a proof?" Now, Leeteuk turn for teasing his other half
"Oppa..." She giggled as he roled her beneath him. But she found he wasn't teasing as he entered her, quickly and deeply..."Oppa.." his name was asigh now, just before she reached up to capture his kiss.

When Sora's breathing returned to normal awhile later, she was about to make a comment on Leeteuk's insatiability, but he beat her to it.
"OMO Sora-ra, you are going to be the death of me. " Leeteuk told her while still hold her tight.

This two love bird finally leave the bed after the made love for several time.

"Let's get out from this bed. I want to take you somewhere. I have to go at 5, so we have to hurry. A lot of things that we have to do darling. I have to settle a lot of things now." Leeteuk told Sora when he get up
"Where are we going Oppa?" Sora 
"Just follow me and trust me. I'll protect you." 


When Sora was in the bathroom, Leeteuk called someone

"Good morning Sir. I really need to talk to you. Do you have a time, Sir?" Leeteuk asked his President

"I am in a club now, let's meet 30 minutes from now. I'll be waiting for you at the coffee shop." 

Lee Soo Man agreed to meet him. He knew there's something important that Leeteuk want to tell. This time is the second time, Leeteuk asked him to meet him privately. Once, when Hanggeng decided to leave SME. As a leader of Super Junior, he asked a share of company to all the SuJu member. According to him, this company share will make Super Junior stronger and there's none of the member will leave the group. And now, Lee Soo Man quite believe that this meeting had a connection with Kang Sora.


"Where're we going Oppa?" Sora asked Leeteuk on the way to the meeting
"We'll go somewhere, but before that, you will marry me right? You want to spend your life with me right?" Leeteuk asked Sora
"Why you asked me that kind of question Oppa. I said it so many times since last night, Yes, I am gonna marry you, I'll be waiting for you, so trust me." Sora answered
"I trust you darling, really, no doubt on it. What I asked from you is just follow me and believe me, okay." Leeteuk told Sora and kiss her hand.


"Oppa..." Sora is turning pale when she knew that they are gonna meet his President again. She still remember every single word that her boyfriend President told her last night
"Sora, easy.. I'll protect you, so trust me please." Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora when he saw how his girlfriend turning white.

"Good morning Sir, sorry to interupt your day. I have an important decision that I have to tell you." Leeteuk stright express his thought 
"Sit down first Jung Soo, Kang Sora-ssi, nice to meet you again." Lee Soo Man told them
"Thank you Sir. I know my decison won't make you happy or may be you will against this. I come here not to asked your permission, but to inform you what my decision is." Leetuk turn into man when he talk this time. 

Lee Soo Man is a little bit surprised when he saw the way Leeteuk talk today. This is not Park Jung Soo that he know.

"What's it Jung Soo?" Lee Soo Man asked him calmly

"I'll marry Sora as soon as possible, before my enlist. I know it sound ridiculous and hasty, but I already think deeply about this Sir. You don't have to afraid that I'll take a stupid step on this. This is not a big wedding party or something, no, just a small one, very private one. I just registered the wedding at civil office and postpone the official ceremony until I finish my enlistment. I promise to keep this married secretly. But this is not for me, more for other members and the sake of Sora's carrier. I've got enough from my carrier Sir, but Sora still have a long way to go." Leeteuk told his President

Lee Soo Man can not hide his surprised hearing his decison, but he know, although he say no, Leeteuk won't listen.

"WOW, Jung Soo, it's surprised me, really. I can not say a word. Even if I told you not to do this, I knew that it won't stop you right? Oke, now my turn. I talked to Kang Sora-ssi last night. I asked her that she can have a relationship with you, but with one condition, she have to keep this secretly. Once, there's a rumor spread, as a company, SME won't denied it, but we absolutly will spread other news related to you, related to maintain your image to cover it. Kang Sora-ssi already agree, she knew the consequence, and she say yes. Are you know this plan Kang Sora-ssi, if you know about it, you should told me last night." Suddenly Lee So Man asked Sora, who also looks surprised with her boyfriend decision

"She know nothing Sir. This is 100 percent my plan. I proposed her last night, after the party and she said yes. But, she didn't understand that I've planed to marry her as soon as possible. So if you wanna blame someone over this, I am the one who responsible." Leeteuk said it bravely while squeezing Sora hand. Sora didn't say a word.

"So, what do you expect me to say Jung So. Like you said, even I said no, you'll do it right? Now it's up to you. I think I can not say no to you, but something that you have to remember when people know that you got married secretly. One, not only you will lost the love of your fans, but also other members of Super Junior. Two, Haters will attack your wife when you are at the army, this is not only for one or two days Jung Soo, but for two years, think about it. Third, think about her carrier. She still not reach her top, will you stop her bright carrier? Cmon Jung Soo, think clearly please. How about your family, How about Kona Beans, if you are married, how it will be? This is not because I against your decision, I just tried to keep your eyes open for the possibility that will come in the future, related to your decision."

"I know Sir. I think about it also. But, if we keep it secretly, I think everything gonna be all right Sir, I can feel it Sir. One thing that you have to know Sir. Since I was trained in this company tweleve years ago, I respect you not only as a President of the company, but also as a father. That's why you are the first person who knows about it. After this I'll meet Sora's parents and mine. Later, I'll told my decision to all Super Junior members and my manager. When I start to fall in love to Sora, I know, that I can life without her Sir. She is my everything, even when we just met then separate, I already miss her. She understand me so well Sir, she support me, even when I feel failed, she always said you are the best. She's not the kind of girl who spoiled, she understand me. She always put herself after Suju members, after my family,  even after my fans. That's why I love her so much. And I honestly Sir, I always feel insecure when I am with her. I am not the only man who got crazy over her, alot of men out there who tried to get her love Sir, I saw it by myself. With this married when I am gone for two years, I'll feel secure, not because I don't trust her, but more because I know that she is mine. The other things Sir, if something happened to her when I am gone, I want everyone know that I took a responsilibility for this woman. I am the one who responsible for it." Leeteuk told his President. Without she realise, the tears is coming from her eyes. She was so proud to her boyfriend and make her more sure that he's the man that she want to share her life with.

"Oke Jung Soo. If it's your final decision, I won't against it. But, if something coming, just remember that company will splash a lot of news to maintain your image, especially connected to your image as a womanizer. This image will be maintain, at least until you finish your enlistment." Lee Soo Man finally give up " And congratulation to both you. I wish all the best for you guys. Remember, married is not only a happiness, but also sadness. A lot of things will come in the way Jung Soo, Kang Sora-ssi, but I am sincere to wish you all the best in your married. Oh ya, although you guys get married, didn't mean that you got a day off Jung So. You'll get a day off after the promotion done, and we'll keep your busy schedule, at least until a week before your enlistment. Got it?" 

"Yes Sir. Thank you very much.. Sorry to bothering your plesure time." Leeteuk said good bye while bowing to his President..
"Thank you Sir." Sora also said thank you to Lee Soo Man and bowing him also


"Oppa...are you serious? Are we ready for this Oppa? This is not a game. Real married is not a game Oppa.." Sora seem so worried. She want to marry him, but in the other hand what his President said is true

"Sora-ra, let me asked you once again. Will you marry me? Will you wait for me and being faitful to me? Will you spend a whole life with me? Being beside me and being a mother of my children?" Leeteuk asked Sora seriously... "If you don't want to spend your life with me, better you told me now, before it's too late. After we sign and got a certificate means that there's no way for retreat. Are you ready for that? Because I am ready for that. It need two tango to make this happend darling." 

After a minute, Sora finally said

"Yes Oppa.. I will." Sora answered his question without hesitation then give him a light kiss in his lips

"Thanks darling.. Now, let's meet your parents and my parents.. We need to settle this. Soon.."

Now, Leeteuk believe that his decision is a right decision. From now on until the day he died He will take a responsibility for the woman that he love.. Kang Sora..

(***tobe continued***)

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cr: my talented friend @jerqu

CHAPTER 16 : Bonding Time


Why am I feeling this odd? LT thought. Sora such a busy body... Sora called awhile ago and told him she have to go home late because of important meeting with SM board of trustee.

"Hey daddy." Vanessa said then sat beside me. "Can we stay here Dad until Mom comes?"

"Of course." I smiled and then looked at my son who was silently sitting at my work table, reading a book. "Your brother already knows how to read?"I was amazed, he was just five years old.

"Yes. He loves book and mummy would always read story before we sleep."

"How about you? You know how to read?"

"A little." She said smiling ....
I laugh a bit."Why?"

"Books bore me a little. Mum said Vince adapt his character to her because Mum love reading books."

"yeah, she does eh'?
But books bore me." I shrugged. "Really?"

She nodded."I love playing a piano, how about you daddy?"

"Then you adapt from me, I love playing piano too."

"Mum said so, you also love piano, she said you're good at it."

"Am I? Let's play one time, you & me okay"

"And maybe that was what I adapted from you and mummy. Mum also plays piano and Vince too but he prefers reading than music. That's why he acted old." She chuckle and that made me smile. "Don't tell him I told you that dad, okay? It's our little secret."

"Okay, I promise."

She suddenly hug me and kissed me on the cheeks. "I'm so happy that I have my dad now. I used to envy my friends in America who used to have daddy and they are always complete family when there is event at the school. Me and Vince always felt left out. But we try not to show Mum 'coz she's already having hard time"

I nodded."Don't worry dad is here forever, okay my little princess."

She laughed sweetly. "I love you daddy."

"I love you too." I answered.

"I love you more." She said. I smiled at her. "You're supposed to answer me I love you most." She suddenly said as she stick her tongue out.

"Uh-oh okay.Said that last part again."

"I love you more."

"I love you most." I smiled. I think I love having kids now. They had grown up full of love and care. They had grown up with a kind heart and a loving.

"How about mum?"

"What about her?"

"Do you (yawning) "Love her?"

Do I? "See you're already sleepy little princess. Come on lie down here at the bed." I change the topic then fix the bed for her.


"No buts." I said as I lift her up and laid her back on the bed. "And yes I love your mummy." I whispered on her. "But keep that a secret,okay?"

She smiled sheepishly at me then nodded. "okay deal! Good night daddy."

"Goodnight princess." Then I kissed her temple.

My daughter Vanessa is full of love. Sora really is a good parent, I'm learning to much about parenthood. And loving every minute of it....

I walked towards Vince's place the moment Vanessa was already asleep. "Aren't you sleepy?"

"Not yet, dad." He smiled.

"What are you reading?"

"The Stars."

"The Stars?" I repeated. He nodded. "And what's about that story?"

"About Fate dad." He smartly answered. "This is mum's favorite book. She'll always read this to me whenever I can't sleep."

I ruffled his hair and then grabbed the book he was holding and closed it then put it on the table. "Then can you tell me the story about that book?" I asked as I lift him up from the chair.

He giggles a little then nodded.

We sat at the couch. "Do you really want me to tell you the story daddy? It might be bore to you, Cherrie never like story telling."

I shook my head and pinch his nose. "Daddy won't be bore if it's Vince who's telling the story."

He smiled."The stars is about meeting people by fate. Two people might meet by chance, or even meet each other the second time but when they meet again and again then it was Fate. They are destined to each other."

"That was a cute story." Indeed it was.

"Then is your mum and dad destined for each other?" He asked.

"What, hmmnn?""Mum said, you first met her in one TV sitcom but you didn't actually like each other but when you met her the second time, She said it was the best thing that ever happened to her.And then you and her become Virtual husband & wife, you two fall in love and then separated for five years and now , you two meet again- then does it count as Fate daddy?" This little man is so logical and very interesting kid. Vanessa's witty and amusing and this young man is logical, intelligent and amazing.

"Maybe it was fate."

"Mum said God tied two people with a long red string. That bond of destiny cannot be seen but when you met that person you just know that it's him or her that you're destined with."

I smiled at that thought. The feeling when we were tide with the red string is a bit odd. He remembered what he felt when they were bond with the red string while dancing Tango. I wish we could go back how we used to be before. I wish she still loved me.I wish the feelings we shared it must not be forgotten. oh, this is so frustrating."
"Daaaadyyy???Are you still with me?" Vince asked while tapping my cheeks.

"Oh yes, I was just thinking about how to find that red thread again?"

"It cannot be seen daddy, it is inevitable for two people that were really destined for each other."

"You're mum had taught the two of you well."

"With Uncle Sungmin's help. He visit us too."


He nodded." He used to visit us in the States."
Sungmin? I wonder if he really is my friend. I'm pissed on him every time I see's him all wrapped out at Sora and my kids. It's annoying seeing them so close together.

"Does your mum like your Uncle Sungmin?"

"Of course! She adores UncleSungmin." That made me wants to kill Sungmin."But she only loves daddy." He continued.

That made my eyes glow. "Really?"

"She used to cry at night when you're not with us but when you came back her eyes now always glow with happiness."

Before I could say another word, I feel my phone vibrated. "Wait a minute Vince."

"Hello?"I said.

"Is my kids-"

"Our kids." I corrected.

"Is our kids already asleep?" she asked, sound annoyed.

I smiled as Vince put his ears near the phone. "Vanessa's already sleeping but Vince and I was still having a man to man talk and you just disturb our conversation, you know?"

I heard her hissed. "haisstt, You should let him sleep now. It's not good for the kid to stay up late!" She demanded and said."I'm on my way now, just checking out how's the kid's."

"Okay, Fine I'll bring them to their room now."Nodding to Vince to stand up and go to their room as he have to carry Vanessa who fall sleep already at his bed.


Sora was blow drying her hair when LT suddenly entered the bathroom. His eyes widen at the sight of Sora who was wearing only a pair of flesh red colored lace underwear that left nothing to his imagination. Sora felt the heat on her face just looking at him. He looked like he just took a bath and freshly shaven, the scent of his after shave cologne reaching Sora's nostrils. 

Sora looked devastating in a light blue linen shirt and a pair of pants.What she can’t forget is LT carrying her in his arms easing her down to the bed, kissing her with hunger in his eyes when he looked at her, the urgency, his voice thick with passion as he whispered her name, his smell, the feel of his hands and mouth exploring every inch of her leaving love marks on her breasts, her thighs, her belly. 

"if only she had Leeteuk's love" she thought, as tears welled up, . As he had emphasized when he suggested that she and the twin's live in his house, it was just a temporary arrangement and after a year, they will go their separate ways. He did not hide the fact that he had women willing to satisfy his needs. "I’ve just become one of them," Sora told herself bitterly. She has never been made love to by any other man, only Leeteuk. 

As LT moved, suddenly aware of Sora. Burying his face on her neck Leeteuk murmured, 

"Hmmmm….you smell so good. You’re like an aphrodisiac, intoxicating." 

Pulling her face towards his, he hungrily kissed her mouth, he rolled over her, pressing his body against her, he cupped her breast with his hand and whispered, "I’m not done with you yet," and he made love to her again.

Sora woke up, glancing at the clock at the side of the bed, she saw that it was 5:00 in the morning. Leeteuk was fast asleep, his right arm was holding her, his head resting on her shoulder. She could feel his breath as he nuzzled his face at the crook of her neck. "He looks like an angel" she whispered. With her index finger she traced his forehead, nose, his mouth. Leeteuk stirred, with a moan of contentment, he pulled her even closer. Even in his sleep, he was aware of her. Sora brushed her lips with his. She lost count of how many times they kissed that night and vaguely recalled the number of times they made loved.....

Monday, October 22, 2012


(***On the way back from the party***)

"Are you oke darling?" Leeteuk still worried with Sora. He still curious what kind of meeting that Sora through with his President

"I am oke Oppa, really. Please, don't worry. I am oke." Sora convince her boyfriend. She really didn't want to show her feeling. He didn't want to make her boyfriend sad. 

Leeteuk will go for his enlistment soon, and before that, he still have to do a lot of schedule. His schedule really pack, no time for have fun. Sora decided to keep the conversation for herself. She didn't want to split her boyfriend consentration.

"Oke, just got home, than sleep. It's midnight tough, and we're very tired." Leeteuk smiled and squeeze Sora hand. He never let Sora hand go since Sora came from her meeting with his President. 

When they are still in the party, somehow, Leeteuk knew that he have to comfort Sora and make her enjoyed the rest of it. Leeteuk very  grateful to his member, Seohyun and Yoona. They can make his baby princess smile. Now, when it just two of them, Leeteuk can see cleary from Sora eyes, that something bothering her.

"Oppa, how if we spend this night in Dimple House. I really miss to sleep there. I have a feeling that our episode in WGM will be ended soon, and all the property that we already choose, have to got back to the sponsor, so may be it's better if we stay there tonight." Suddenly Sora asked her boyfriend. 

Dimple House is like a love nest for both them. A lot of memories there. Although Leeteuk is frequently stay in Sora apartment lately,  but Dimple House had a special meaning for them, like their own house, since Leeteuk paid the rent by himself.

"Sure, I miss dimple house too. We're going there darling. No worries." Leeteuk smile when he talked to Sora
"You don't have any schedule tomorrow right? I want to spend my time with you." Sora sulking her boyfriend
"I have a schedule at 5 pm tomorrow, but before that, my time is yours." Leeteuk gave a light kiss on Sora forehead.
"Thank you Oppa. I really need you now." Sora smiled

(***On their secret love nest, Dimple House***)

In 5 minutes, finally they arrived in their love nest. In Dimple House, Sora really different from the image that she showed in the party. She really need to be pampered. Sometimes she look like out of focus and didn't consentrate or hear what Leeteuk said. Leeteuk is so sad when seeing his other half like that. He know that something happend in the meeting and with Sora action now, he believed that it was not only small talked. His President must be say something that made Sora so sad. 

Leeteuk really sad and pissed off, but he didn't want to push her. He will found the answer by himself. He didn't want to push Sora. With Sora personality, he knew that Sora won't tell him what they talked about.

Suddenly something pop up to his mind. To comfort Sora, he decided to play a song for her. He practice this song very hard since he found out that he can not live without Sora. He planed to sing it later, but to see how Sora is right now, he think this night will be the perfect night for him to sing it.

"Sora-ra come here please, take a seat with me." Leeteuk asked Sora to sit in front of the piano with him.
"Sora, can you hear me darling?" Leeteuk called Sora once again. Sora seems like she was reading a magazine, but Leeteuk knew that she was not there
"What Oppa? Why?" Sora is so surprised when Leeteuk called her for the second time
"Come here darling. Let's play piano, or are you sleepy now?" Leeteuk asked her
"No Oppa, I am not sleepy, not yet. Let's play some song." Sora smile when heading to Leeteuk place
" I'll play a song for you. I hope you like it." Leeteuk start to prepare the piano
"What song Oppa?" Sora seems so curious
"Just hear it darling.." Leeteuk smile

Suddenly a sweet melody came. A song from Noel, "Propose". 

Leeteuk played this song once, but only the the first part of it. He sang it when they are going to their school date. This proposal song sounds very beautiful.  Leeteuk sang it very well and with all his heart. 

Without she realize, Sora was crying. She can not stop her tears. That was really a mix feeling for her. She is afraid with something that they have to face in the future related to their relationship, but in the other hand she is very happy after hearing this proposal song. She really can feel Leeteuk feeling to her through this beautiful song..

You don't have to cry
Don't cry and lift your face up and laugh
I will give you happiness on beside you forever
Don't be afraid everything will be alright
Thank you for waiting love
Before I tell you this
But however I couldn't say
Would you marry me?

After finishing the song, Leeteuk suddenly kneeling in front of her

"Will you marry me? Will you wait for me? Please." 

Sora can not answered his question, she only noded and cried. Leeteuk slowly get up and kiss her tears. 

"Don't cry and Don't be afraid darling. Please..I love you, let's get married for real. I want to be part of you, forever" Leeteuk told Sora and gave her a passionate kiss in her lips.

Leetuk carried Sora to bed room while didn't stop their kiss. Something that make Leeteuk surprised tonight, Sora didn't refused the kiss, even she replied him with same passion. They really forgot everything. They didn't need to say a word. Both them need this, they need this.

Suddenly Leeteuk pulled out himself..

"Sora, we have to stop, or you will regret it." 
"No. Don't stop Oppa, Please don't" Sora voice was trembled
"Are you sure darling? No... Let's stop it or you will regret it tomorrow. Better we stop." Leeteuk tried to control himself
"Please don't Oppa, I really need you." Sora whispering 
"OMG Sora...Please don't regret it." Leeteuk finally lost his control

This night was a very memorable for both of them.. when two become one...

Leeteuk promised himself that he will protect her forever. Starting now and for the rest of his life, what ever happen, he will protect her and take a full responsible for her. Sora is his now, no doubt. 

(****to be continued***)


기다리란 말만 하면서 외면했죠 오랜시간
[i told you to wait but i ignore you long time]

조금 기다리면 그 때가 올거라고 우 Someday
[just wait little..the day will come somday...]

그대 원하는 그 말을 다 알면서
[i know what you want to say]

얼마나 오래 기다린 줄 알면서
[i know how long you wait]

이제야 말 하네요
[but i tell you now]

You don''t have to cry

울지 말아요 고개 들어봐요 이젠 웃어봐요
[dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..]

I will make you smile

행복만 줄게요 언제나 그대 곁에서 영원히
[i will give you happiness on beside you forever]

Don''t be afraid 모두 잘 될거예요
[dont be afraid everything will be alright.]

고마워요 이런 날 믿고 기다려 준 그대 My love
[thank you for waiting me... my love]

미안하단 말보다 먼저 하고픈 말 으음~ 있죠
[before i tell you sorry but i want to say this..]

그대에게만 전해주고 싶은 말
[i want to tell you this]

하지만 결국 하지 못했던 그 말
[but however i couldn't say]

나와 결혼해줘요
[would you marry me?]

You don''t have to cry

울지 말아요 고개 들어봐요 이젠 웃어봐요
[dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..]

I will make you smile

행복만 줄게요 언제나 그대 곁에서 영원히
[i will give you happiness on beside you forever]

Don''t be afraid 모두 잘 될거예요
[dont be afraid everything will be alright.]

기다림 속에 흘린 그대 눈물을 알기에
[in the waiting you cry and i know you cry]

이젠 돌려 줄거예요 그대 사랑을
[i will give to you now your love]

You don''t have to cry

울지 말아요 고개 들어봐요 이젠 웃어봐요
[dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..]

I will make you smile

행복만 줄게요 언제나 그대 곁에서 영원히
[i will give you happiness on beside you forever]

Don''t be afraid 모두 잘 될거예요
[Dont be afraid everything will go ok]


"Oppa, I am nervous..." 


"I don't know Oppa, but it become more nervous now. OMO, what to do?"

Sora can not hide her nervousness when both of them heading to the party. Actually she's not ready to face everyone, especially all SME family. This is the big night for her. She already familiar with SuJu members, but with the other from SME, seems so hard. But for her, the most person that made her nervous is Lee Soo Man, CEO of SM Entertainment. She got a bad feeling about this party, but she have to hide it, since she didn't want to make her boyfriend worry. 

"That's oke Sora, I'll be always next to you. Don't worry, I promise you darling.." Leeteuk tried to comfort her while holding her hand tight. 

"I know Oppa. I am sorry, I don't mean to make this harder for you." Sora also tried to convince Leeteuk.

In the rest of their way to the party, they don't talk each other, just hold hand tightly to give each of them strength. Leeteuk is trying so hard to hide his worried. He's afraid that Sora will feel more nervous if he show it. 

When they reach the gate of Lee So Man resident, suddenly Sora got panic attack and without she realise she squeeze Leeteuk hand... Leeteuk knew that his baby Princess afraid..

"That's oke darling.. I am here.. What ever it is, what's going to happen there, we're going to face it together. I am with you, trust me." Leeteuk convince Sora, while Sora only nodded

(***Lee So Man, CEO of SM Entertainment Resident***)

"Oppa, are you sure? I can go back now, you can come by yourself and tell to your CEO that I have another schedule." Sora really lost her confidence 

"That's oke...Trust me please... Where's my brave girlfriend? It's oke, just enjoy the party. Oke." Leeteuk told Sora, then kiss her cheek.

The part was held on Lee Soo Man resident backyard garden. A very luxury and huge party, especially for 15th birthday party.. The venue divided into two part. The first part is for the adult, for Lee Soo Man relatives, business partner, some people from the government and parliament. There is a enormous tent, with full of white and black shade. A lot of important guest with luxurious dish which made by a very famous chef in Korea. There's an orchestra accompanying the dinner. Senior singer from SME, like Kangta and BOA was sing in this part of the venue.

Meanwhile the second part, is special part for the Birthday girl... So different with the addult part, very girly and funky. The venue held in front of the swimming pool. The party theme was Lady Gaga and pulled out all the gaudy element that would put it over the top. Same like other venue, the enormous party tent, but there is a DJ, virgin cocktail bar, white draped furniture, banquets of roses, candelabra, glitz and bling..A big stage  was build above the swimming pool, where all the boy band and girl band from SME perform. 

Sora was so amaze with the party..She already came to a lot of award ceremony, before and after party, but for the luxurious private birthday party, this is the first time for her. She forgot with her worried and nervousness, really amaze with the party.

"OMO, Oppa, is this really a 15th birthday party? Wow... Daebak..." Sora told her boyfriend
"Lee Eun Hye is his youngest children whom the only one who stay here with him and his wife. The others now study in a private school in LA, so that's why he really spoiled her. From the rumor that I heard, as soon as she finish her middle school, she will go to US, and join her brother and sister there. That's why, President make this party very huge, because next year she won't be here any more. Now, let's us greet the birthday girl first, than to the President, after that let's join the rest of the member and enjoy the party." Leeteuk grab Sora hand when heading to meet the birthday girl

"Teukie Oppa... WOW, I thought you're not coming, since I saw all the members here, but I didn't see you." Eun Hye told Leeteuk happily
"Ais, Happy Birthday girl, be health, be strong and I am really wish you all very best" Leeteuk greet Eun Hye while give her a light kiss in her cheek
"Thank you Oppa... Oh, Sora unnie, you're here." Eun Hye smile to Sora. After saw Eun Hye smile, Sora nervousness slightly reduce.
"Happy sweet 15 Eun Hye. I hope all the best for you."Sora greet Eun Hye and shake her hand
"Thank you Unnie. I am your fans now, really. You catch my eyes when playing in Dream High 2. I am so glad that you are pairing with Teuk Oppa in WGM, you two are good together. So good, I am glad that you two become real. Eh, you are real right?" Eun Hye asked them while both of them didn't answer only laugh and interlock their hand 
"Ah, action louder that words than. It's oke if you guys didn't want to answer it." Eun Hye smile. 
"Btw, can I take a picture with both of you? And wait, Guys, Teuk Oppa and Sora unnie was here, come on, you said you want to see them." Eun Hye yealed to all of her best friend. Suddenly, five girls came and greet them and take a lot of picture with them.

After greet the birthday girl, Leeteuk take Sora to meet the President. That is the real test though...

Meanwhile in the part of venue, SNSD members were amaze when they realise Leeteuk bring Sora to the party. This is the first time they see Leeteuk bring a girl in front of so many people. Dispite Leeteuk was well known as a womenizer, but all of them knew that exactly Leeteuk is a very timid person. Leeteuk never bring a girl or date in front of people, during this time, he always date secretly. That's why all of people who know him, were surprised to see that he bring Sora and always hold her hand.

"OMO.. Teuk Oppa bring Sora-ssi. Are they real? Wow.. daebak... Is she his real girlfriend?" told Tiffany
"I think they are real. Can you see that he always hold Sora-ssi hand all the time? Even when they greet Eun Hye. He never let her hand go. Unnie, how's it? Are you oke?" Yuri asked Taeyeon. All of them know that there's a special relationship between the leader of the group, but there's no confirmation from both of them, but all of them know, even the fans know
"Me? I am fine, since I am not his girl friend though." Taeyeon said calmly and leave the girls.

"Seohyun, are they real?" Yoona whispering to Seohyun. She knew that Seohyun will get a lot of information, since she really close with Suju maknae, Kyu Hyun.
"Ehm, yes, they are real, but I can not told you guys, since Kyun Hyun Oppa sweared me not to talk to anyone else. They are really close right now. Teuk Oppa always with her if he didn't have a schedule. He really love her though." Seohyun whispering in Yoona ears
"Really? Wow, but she is really pretty and sexy. But, bit different with Teuk Oppa ideal type right?" Yoona and Seohyun still talking each other
"You know what unnie. I went to Suju dorm, since there's something that me and Kyu Hyun Oppa drop for them. And when I went there, all of them gathered in the leaving room because Sora unnie was there. She is so beautiful, pure and very down to earth. Everyone were around her and that made Teuk Oppa very jeleaous. I talked to her and right away I can see why Teuk Oppa fall to her." Seohyun told Yoona.

The lovely couple, finally reach the other venue. Leeteuk straight took Sora to meet his President. Lee Soo Man already saw them when they entered the venue and walk to meet them
"Kang Sora-ssi, welcome to the party. You are beautiful as always." Lee Soo Man gave a warm welcome to Sora
"Thank you so much Sir. This is wonderful party. I am really glad can join this amazing party." Sora greet her boyfriend CEO and make a bow to him
"Ah, you such a nice girl. No wonder that Jung Soo had fallen for you. You two look good together. Btw, enjoy the party then, I have to meet my other guest." Lee Soo Man talked them then leave them. 

"Oppa, honestly, I am a little bit relieved. But sometimes, I don't know, I am still worried." Sora whispering to Leeteuk in their way back to the second venue, to meet all SuJu member.
"Just enjoy the party Sora, don't think too much. Just remember, that we'll face it together. Okay." Leeteuk told Sora and smile to her


"Oh-Hyungsunim..." Dong Hae was yealing when he saw Leetuk and Sora walking to them
"Hallo everyone, long time no see." Sora greet them
"You look prettier Sora-ssi. More shine.. I am sorry that I can meet you when you came to the dorm." Siwon greet Kang Sora
"Ah, that's oke Siwon-ssi. Nice to meet you too. I heard you will have a new drama soon. Good luck then." Sora smile to Siwon
"Hyungsunim, why don't you congratulate me, since I already finish and get a huge success in my drama." Dong Hae act jealousy and tease Sora
"Aish, I sent you a gift right. Right after the drama over." Sora laugh to Dong Hae

"Dong Hae-ah. show your respect to her." Suddenly Leeteuk came after he took a drink for Sora and then hugs her tight
"Hyung, please don't show your intimacy here." Eunhyuk screamed 
"You guys envy right?" Leeteuk told to his members while still hugs Sora
"Yes, we are envy...So please, stop it Hyung or get a room." Kangin can't control his jealousy. 

Leeteuk only laugh while Sora blushed... She never expected will tease like this with his boyfriend members.

"Can I join the crowd here, you guys looks so happy. Hallo Sora-ra, nice to meet you. I am your fans since I watch Sunny." suddenly Yoona came and join them
"Ah, Hallo Yoona-ah. Nice to meet you too. We just met once right, at Baeksang Movie award. How do you do?" Sora greet Yoona
"I am fine. I am so glad I can meet you in person." Yoona seems sincere

Suddenly their manager give them a sign to prepare. Super Junior will rock the stage.

"Yoona-ah, please stay with Sora when I am perform. Okay." Leeteuk beg Yoona
"Sure, no worries Oppa, since we are in the same age, I think we'll be oke. I like her though and I can see why you like her so much. She's different Oppa." Yona told Leeteuk not to worry

"Sora-ya, it's oke right if I just call you Sora?" Yoona tried to make a warm conversation with Sora
"Sure. We're in the same age, so please talk comfortly to me." Sora smile
"You know what Sora, Teuk Oppa never bring his girlfriend in front of us. He never show us who his girlfriend is. Maybe if you watched in a lot of tv program, he seems that he was a womenizer and a player, but honestly no. He's a timid, sincere, loving brother and hard working person. His image as a player is one of his job that he have to maintain. I am glad that he found you. You're fix to him, really." Yoona is very sincere when she told this kind to Sora
"I know Yoona-ah, that's why I fell for him. Honestly, first of all, I don't believe him when he said that he like me. I thought this man must be joking. I am nothing compared to him, even when he propose me and made a great event in Super Junior concert, I thought it was only part of the show. But I don't know, I became trust him, it's a process off course, but I knew that he's sincere. I always love his hard working, I love how he handled the group and maintain the members, I am amaze to see his skill. And suddenly I realize that I love him." without realising Sora pour out his heart to Yoona. Actually she also didn't know why she can trust Yoona. They are not a good friend, but something that make Sora believe in her.
"I can feel you darling. Please take care of Tuekie Oppa. He already got a lot of pain and I think you will be a good cure for his pain." Yoona told Sora while smiling.

Suddenly, Leeteuk personal manager came and asked Sora to come with him..

"Sora-ssi. I am sorry to interupt you, but the President want to talk to you in his room. Can you come with me, please." 
"Sure." finally Sora realise, that her hunch was proove. She just hope and pray that everything going to be oke. She look at Yoona with worried look
"It's oke Sora-ra, you'll be fine." Yoona tried to comfort her new best friend

Sora followed Leeteuk manager came to a big working room and found Lee Soo Man was sitting in his big  chair. Sora feel that something bad going to happen, but she tried so hard not to show her worried

"Kang Sora-ssi, please come in. Have a seat." Lee Soo Man tried to talk comfortly
"Ne. Thank you Sir." Sora still confused what he is going to talk about.
"Kang Sora-ssi, why you like Jung Soo? Is it because he famous, rich or what?" very strong question came from Lee Soo Man

Sora was so surprised with that kind of question. 

"Why you asked me that kind of question Sir?" Sora is trying so hard not to show that she was annoyed

"Honestly, because Jung Soo is one of my asset. He's one of my source. He's a hard working person, very talented, and thanks to me, he became rich now and I became richer because of him. And I knew, before WGM, you still a rockie star. I know you're talented, very good in acting, have a bright future in industry, but you still have to struggle, you have a lot of competitor out there right?" Lee Soo Man started to give his point of view

"I know Sir, I know I have nothing compare to Oppa. I am just a newbie in this industry, but please Sir, don't treat him like his one of your asset. He's more than just an asset. He's a good one. I admire him so much. And if you asked me why I love him, I can not tell you one by one because it's too much. What I know is that I need him and love him so much. This feeling was growing Sir, without special reason, just growing. We grow together Sir, not only love on the first sight, it step by step, it's through a lot of process. And you don't have to worried that I'll make him spend all of his money on me, no.. trust me. I just love him from the bottom of my heart and if you asked me to break up, I am sorry Sir, but I think I can't, even if you force me, I think I can't. What I can promise you only I can keep this relationship secretly, out of public, I'll be very carefull in this relationship." Sora show her real feeling through her word

"Ah, I think I understand why Jung Soo is so in love with you. You're a good girl Kang Sora-ssi, not spoiled one, very independent, have a very good talent and this kind of girl is fix to my Jung Soo. Sorry for my previous word, I just have to know what kind of girl that make one of my best fall in love. I only asked something Kang Sora-ssi, please keep this relationship secretly, don't let public know. Honestly, I have to maintain Jung Soo popularity until he go for his enlistment. That's very important for us, Jung Soo image is Super Junior image. If Jung Soo leave as a single and player man, I can easyly maintain other member image. I hope you understand that Kang Sora-ssi. And once again, if there's something happend and public can found out that you two in relationship, the company will spread news for counter that things. we won't denied your relationship, but we absolutely will make another news to cover it. I hope you'll understand." Lee Soo Man talked very serious this time

"I guess I understand Sir. Thank you for letting me having a relationship with Teuk Oppa. I'll keep my promise Sir. Thank you. Can I go now Sir?" Sora is trying so hard to hold her tears. Somehow, she knew that her bad feeling will come into reality.

"Yup, I think I am done. Enjoy the party Sora-ssi and please forgive me for my previous question." Lee Soo Man told Sora and heading her to the door

Leeteuk manager uneasily waiting in front of the room. Suddenly he felt sorry when he saw Sora teary eyes.

"Kang Sora-ssi, are you oke?" He asked Sora
"Yes Oppa. Can you take me to the toilet, I think I really need to go there." Sora tried to handle her tears
"Come this way, Sora-ssi. I'll be waiting outside and I'll take you to the party again. I think Super Junior already finish their performance." Leeteuk manager can not said another word to comfort Sora. He know that this girl just through a hard talk with his President, but there's nothing he can do. One that he worried the most is Leeteuk reaction if he found out what his President just talked.


"Yoona-ah, where's Sora?" Leeteuk asked Yoona after he can not found Sora 
"President asked her to meet him. Your manager brought her to the house. I can do anything though. Sora seems so worrie Oppa, I can see from her expression." Yoona show her concern
"Ah, thank you Yoona. I'll found her." Leeteuk just finish his word when he saw Sora came with his manager

"Sora-ra... where're you from? I am trying to find you everywhere." Leeteuk came and straight away hold her waist tight
"No Oppa, your President asked me to have a little talk. You don't have to worried." Sora tried so hard to hide her sadness, smiles and looked excited.
"Ah really? Thank you Hyung, to accompany Sora back here. I just plan to found her, but you already bring her here. Thanks again Hyung." Leeteuk thanked to his manager.

"Sora-ra, something bad happened right? What the President told you" Leeteuk seems so worried to his baby Princess
"Nothing Oppa, trust me nothing. It just warm talked between us. You don't have to worried." Sora gave her smile to her boyfriend, trying so hard to forget what she just through
"Sora-ra, you are not a good liar. I know you are good in acting, but I am 100% sure, that you can not act in front of me. Something wrong right?" Leeteuk insisted to get the real answer from his girlfrind
"Oppa, Please... Just enjoy the party oke. Don't think too much." Sora smile

The rest of the night Sora really show her excitement. She looks so happy, dancing, laughing and joking with the members. She event joking with other members from other group. She acted like there's nothing, she looks like she wanted to forget and covering something.

Leeteuk know it. He know exactly that the warm talk, not only warm talk. His Baby Princess was not in herself right now, but he tried to ignore it. He will found out, soon... he promised to himself...

(***tobe continued***)