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(***On the way back from the party***)

"Are you oke darling?" Leeteuk still worried with Sora. He still curious what kind of meeting that Sora through with his President

"I am oke Oppa, really. Please, don't worry. I am oke." Sora convince her boyfriend. She really didn't want to show her feeling. He didn't want to make her boyfriend sad. 

Leeteuk will go for his enlistment soon, and before that, he still have to do a lot of schedule. His schedule really pack, no time for have fun. Sora decided to keep the conversation for herself. She didn't want to split her boyfriend consentration.

"Oke, just got home, than sleep. It's midnight tough, and we're very tired." Leeteuk smiled and squeeze Sora hand. He never let Sora hand go since Sora came from her meeting with his President. 

When they are still in the party, somehow, Leeteuk knew that he have to comfort Sora and make her enjoyed the rest of it. Leeteuk very  grateful to his member, Seohyun and Yoona. They can make his baby princess smile. Now, when it just two of them, Leeteuk can see cleary from Sora eyes, that something bothering her.

"Oppa, how if we spend this night in Dimple House. I really miss to sleep there. I have a feeling that our episode in WGM will be ended soon, and all the property that we already choose, have to got back to the sponsor, so may be it's better if we stay there tonight." Suddenly Sora asked her boyfriend. 

Dimple House is like a love nest for both them. A lot of memories there. Although Leeteuk is frequently stay in Sora apartment lately,  but Dimple House had a special meaning for them, like their own house, since Leeteuk paid the rent by himself.

"Sure, I miss dimple house too. We're going there darling. No worries." Leeteuk smile when he talked to Sora
"You don't have any schedule tomorrow right? I want to spend my time with you." Sora sulking her boyfriend
"I have a schedule at 5 pm tomorrow, but before that, my time is yours." Leeteuk gave a light kiss on Sora forehead.
"Thank you Oppa. I really need you now." Sora smiled

(***On their secret love nest, Dimple House***)

In 5 minutes, finally they arrived in their love nest. In Dimple House, Sora really different from the image that she showed in the party. She really need to be pampered. Sometimes she look like out of focus and didn't consentrate or hear what Leeteuk said. Leeteuk is so sad when seeing his other half like that. He know that something happend in the meeting and with Sora action now, he believed that it was not only small talked. His President must be say something that made Sora so sad. 

Leeteuk really sad and pissed off, but he didn't want to push her. He will found the answer by himself. He didn't want to push Sora. With Sora personality, he knew that Sora won't tell him what they talked about.

Suddenly something pop up to his mind. To comfort Sora, he decided to play a song for her. He practice this song very hard since he found out that he can not live without Sora. He planed to sing it later, but to see how Sora is right now, he think this night will be the perfect night for him to sing it.

"Sora-ra come here please, take a seat with me." Leeteuk asked Sora to sit in front of the piano with him.
"Sora, can you hear me darling?" Leeteuk called Sora once again. Sora seems like she was reading a magazine, but Leeteuk knew that she was not there
"What Oppa? Why?" Sora is so surprised when Leeteuk called her for the second time
"Come here darling. Let's play piano, or are you sleepy now?" Leeteuk asked her
"No Oppa, I am not sleepy, not yet. Let's play some song." Sora smile when heading to Leeteuk place
" I'll play a song for you. I hope you like it." Leeteuk start to prepare the piano
"What song Oppa?" Sora seems so curious
"Just hear it darling.." Leeteuk smile

Suddenly a sweet melody came. A song from Noel, "Propose". 

Leeteuk played this song once, but only the the first part of it. He sang it when they are going to their school date. This proposal song sounds very beautiful.  Leeteuk sang it very well and with all his heart. 

Without she realize, Sora was crying. She can not stop her tears. That was really a mix feeling for her. She is afraid with something that they have to face in the future related to their relationship, but in the other hand she is very happy after hearing this proposal song. She really can feel Leeteuk feeling to her through this beautiful song..

You don't have to cry
Don't cry and lift your face up and laugh
I will give you happiness on beside you forever
Don't be afraid everything will be alright
Thank you for waiting love
Before I tell you this
But however I couldn't say
Would you marry me?

After finishing the song, Leeteuk suddenly kneeling in front of her

"Will you marry me? Will you wait for me? Please." 

Sora can not answered his question, she only noded and cried. Leeteuk slowly get up and kiss her tears. 

"Don't cry and Don't be afraid darling. Please..I love you, let's get married for real. I want to be part of you, forever" Leeteuk told Sora and gave her a passionate kiss in her lips.

Leetuk carried Sora to bed room while didn't stop their kiss. Something that make Leeteuk surprised tonight, Sora didn't refused the kiss, even she replied him with same passion. They really forgot everything. They didn't need to say a word. Both them need this, they need this.

Suddenly Leeteuk pulled out himself..

"Sora, we have to stop, or you will regret it." 
"No. Don't stop Oppa, Please don't" Sora voice was trembled
"Are you sure darling? No... Let's stop it or you will regret it tomorrow. Better we stop." Leeteuk tried to control himself
"Please don't Oppa, I really need you." Sora whispering 
"OMG Sora...Please don't regret it." Leeteuk finally lost his control

This night was a very memorable for both of them.. when two become one...

Leeteuk promised himself that he will protect her forever. Starting now and for the rest of his life, what ever happen, he will protect her and take a full responsible for her. Sora is his now, no doubt. 

(****to be continued***)


기다리란 말만 하면서 외면했죠 오랜시간
[i told you to wait but i ignore you long time]

조금 기다리면 그 때가 올거라고 우 Someday
[just wait little..the day will come somday...]

그대 원하는 그 말을 다 알면서
[i know what you want to say]

얼마나 오래 기다린 줄 알면서
[i know how long you wait]

이제야 말 하네요
[but i tell you now]

You don''t have to cry

울지 말아요 고개 들어봐요 이젠 웃어봐요
[dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..]

I will make you smile

행복만 줄게요 언제나 그대 곁에서 영원히
[i will give you happiness on beside you forever]

Don''t be afraid 모두 잘 될거예요
[dont be afraid everything will be alright.]

고마워요 이런 날 믿고 기다려 준 그대 My love
[thank you for waiting me... my love]

미안하단 말보다 먼저 하고픈 말 으음~ 있죠
[before i tell you sorry but i want to say this..]

그대에게만 전해주고 싶은 말
[i want to tell you this]

하지만 결국 하지 못했던 그 말
[but however i couldn't say]

나와 결혼해줘요
[would you marry me?]

You don''t have to cry

울지 말아요 고개 들어봐요 이젠 웃어봐요
[dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..]

I will make you smile

행복만 줄게요 언제나 그대 곁에서 영원히
[i will give you happiness on beside you forever]

Don''t be afraid 모두 잘 될거예요
[dont be afraid everything will be alright.]

기다림 속에 흘린 그대 눈물을 알기에
[in the waiting you cry and i know you cry]

이젠 돌려 줄거예요 그대 사랑을
[i will give to you now your love]

You don''t have to cry

울지 말아요 고개 들어봐요 이젠 웃어봐요
[dont cry and lift your face up and laugh..]

I will make you smile

행복만 줄게요 언제나 그대 곁에서 영원히
[i will give you happiness on beside you forever]

Don''t be afraid 모두 잘 될거예요
[Dont be afraid everything will go ok]


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