Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Couple things

credit to my lovely friend @jerqu 

Isn't it obvious ?Korean love to wear Couple things like....

This jacket is obviously the same but only in diff.color....image
Oh, I guess Leeteuk become delusional also...Why buy same bag Teukie, are U delusional?
image I'm so lazy to find same bag of Leeteuk...heheh!
aws....wait! I'm so delusional that Teukso colaborated the color coding on 4th of October....
Teukso love black this days, Why do you think??..... I'm so delosional to say that they are in sad & in black mode b'coz of LT's enlistment ....2 years of being apart imageis so damn long.....image
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imageI'm really lazy to find more photos that they're wearing black,Ask, why ?? .. Don't you feel it weird since LT love to wear white......
THERE'S IS REALLY SO MANY COINCIDENCES TO BE IGNORED....I'm just sleepy to point it one by one...image
Last but not the least.....
Sora always wear this leeteuk shirt before sleeping...imageimage

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