Monday, October 1, 2012


(***Inspired by : WGM Leeteuk Surprised Birthday Dinner***)

"That's all... Let's wrap every body... It's a long day right... Have a nice rest...Thank you.." WGM PD-nim shouted to all of the crew, that this is the end of their shooting time..

"I will take u home..." Leeteuk said to Sora right after the shooting finish...
"What??? Why????" Sora is a little bit surprised that time. Although this is not the first time Leeteuk took her home, but from his tone, she knew there is something wrong
"No... I just want to spare more time with u? Can I??" Leeteuk insisted
"Oke... I'll go to the toilet first, than I will meet u at parking lot" Sora was trying to control herself.. 
"Oke, but don't take so much time please, there are a lot of things that we have to discuss.I'll wait u in the car, and I already talked to your manager and said that I'll take you home."


"What do u feel about me??" Leeteuk strongly asked Sora in the way to Sora house
"What???" Sora was very surprised with the question
"Ya.. Can u tell me, what exactly u feel about me?" Leeteuk insist
"Ehm.... Oppa (read: big brother)????" Sora was a little bit hestitated
"Only Oppa???? Ordinary Oppa, like your senior partner in all of drama???" Leeteuk asked
"Ehmmm.... Why u asked me a question like this Oppa??? U surprised me a lot." Sora still confused with Leeteuk question.. She still don't know, why Leeteuk asked her   this kind of question...
"Nothing... just want to make sure.." Leeteuk answer when they arrived at Sora apartment parking lot.."I'll take u upstairs" 
"Do u want to go upstairs?"
"Yup...I know you're tired, but this time I have to.." Leeteuk insist 


"Do u want to drink something Oppa?? Hot Chocolate??" Sora asked, the atmosphere a little bit ackward
"Hot Chocolate oke..." Leeteuk comfortably sitting in Sora couch in her living room..

Sora tried to buying time.. She took more time just to make an instant hot chocolate...

"What are u doing...? Is it take a long time just to make it?" Suddenly she felt a hand on her waist. She turned around in shock and suddenly bump into Leeteuk face
"Oppa... don't do that... It's surprised me.."
"Sora-ya....What's all about?" Leeteuk look stright to her eyes when he asked the question to Sora
"What about??? I don't understand Oppa.." Sora is trying to avoid the question
"Don't avoid my question..U know it so well what is all about. Why?"
"What?? The kiss???? That's part of your birthday present Oppa.." Sora still tried to denied the question
"No... I know it more than just a birthday present Sora-ya.. Tell me the truth..Why u do that?" Leeteuk forced Sora to tell the real answer

Sora can not answered Leeteuk question.. The confidence Sora is gone...

"Remember, the dinner, after we went to fortune teller, you said you gonna kiss a man when u feel that man is your man. Are u feel that way to me? That's why u kiss me?? " Leeteuk asked Sora and looked at her intensely
"Oppa... I don't know.. I just feel that was the right time for me.. Honestly, I don't know, it just happend Oppa..." Sora answered it hesitantly
"Listen to me Sora-ya...Listen carefully... I love you.. when I said I love you it's real, not for the show. I fall in love with you since last year.. The condition made us can not proceed that feeling as soon as possible.. I am glad when I knew that we continue to filming the show. It gave me a chance to show my feeling again.. I really love you, so please answer me.. Did u love me? Did the kiss was a sign that you're ready for taking the next step with me?"Leeteuk strongly asked her  
"Oppa... I... I...I love u too, but can we do this? Can we make it real? I am afraid...I am afraid with what everyone thinks about this relationship. Compared of u, I am nothing..." Sora answered it 
"Why??? Please, don't ever think like that..Listen to me... You're not supposed to be feeling that way..U are a very talanted person, charming, beautiful, and pure. Don't ever hear what everyone said about you. The most important things is what my feeling about you. Let's everyone speak what they want to speak. They don't know the truth that you complete me, as a person, as a man and as an entertainer. I don't know if I don't have u beside me. The day when you are with me, is a greatest day in my life...Trust me please.. and stay with me..." 

Slowly Leeteuk moved towards her face, This time he consciously looking for her riaction. Sora smiled. He can read her mind well.
A warm kiss landed on her lips. Very passionate kiss. He's been wanting to kiss that luscious lips of her. Sealing their wonderful day together...

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