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The Commotion

CHAPTER 17: The Commotion  
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Waking up, Sora stretched like a contented woman and looking around the bedroom, she noticed that Leeteuk was not around. Glancing at the side, table, she saw the note left for her by LT and on it he wrote, "Mornin' my baby princess!" She felt the heat on her face when she saw her underwear lying on the side of the bed. After their lovemaking, it become more intense, the feeling of missing each other heightening their passion. Picking up her underwear, she headed for the bathroom and filling the bathtub with hot water and pouring some scented bath oil, she immersed her body in it, resting her head on a bath pillow as she listened to relaxing music from her ipod.

Closing her eyes, Sora smiled, her happiness radiating from her face where only a few days ago was full of burden. She could not ask for more; she had only love Leeteuk, the only man in her life as well as having his kids the Vince and Vanessa. Sora was startled while soaking at the bathtub by the ringing of her phone. Groggily picking it up she answered in a sleepy voice,

LT: "Hello my sleepyhead baby princess. Did I tire you out? You were sleeping like a baby so I did not wake you up." Sora felt herself blushing when she heard LT’s voice.  
Sora: "Where are you."
LT: I’m downstairs by the pool. I just finished doing my laps and about to take a shower. I’ll be up soon.Let the twin's and Kath get ready, I called your Mom & Dad and we'll meet up with them for breakfast."
Sora: "Hmnn, okay...Sounds good to me.It's my off anyway"

Sora jumped out the tub to take a shower. She put on a blue silk halter sexy dress with an V neckline, that shows the shape line of her body. LT came in while she was applying baby pink lip gloss. He looked irresistible in a cream polo he left unbuttoned forming a deep V and showing part of his muscular chest and a pair of black jeans pants. 

Hugging her from behind he whispered, "You don’t need to put make-up, you are naturally beautiful."
Sora: "I just put on light make-up and lip gloss. See?"
LT: "Strawberry flavored….why don’t I have a taste." Tilting her head, he kissed Sora full on the lips, savoring the taste of her as he continued to kiss her slowly and sensually. After he kissed her, LT buried his face in her hair.
LT: "Sorayah, about last night, I wanted to tell you that….."
Sora: "What we had last night were two consenting adults who got carried away and had sex. Don’t worry LT, no strings attached, I wanted it as much as you do. You don’t want to be tied down with me, I don’t want to be tied down by you. As we agreed upon, we go our separate ways after a year."
LT whirling her around to face him said, "I see.  In other words it was just sex for you and nothing else." Sora: "Of course. I am not looking any permanently in our relationship. We agreed that this was just a temporary arrangement so that you can be close to Vince & Vanessa."
LT: "So, you were just a willing partner, is that it?"
Sora: "Compared to the other women you bring to your bed, I hope I did not disappoint you.Did I?"
LT with a stoic expression on his face remarked, "You are one hell of hot babe, remember? So, why would I be disappointed?" Pulling her towards him, he sneered in her ear, "Let's do it again sometime."

They were interrupted by the phone ringing. LT picked it up; it was Sora's Father.
Sora's Dad: "Where are you, son in-law Teuk. We are already at the hotel lobby, we’re waiting for you."
LT: "Mianhe Appa, the kids wake up late but We’re on our way now."
Sora: "Why don’t you wait down, while I'll check if the kids are ready.
LT: "Fine."

"Mommy," Vanessa ran up to her as soon as she entered their room.
Sora hugging and kissing Vanessa asked, "How’s my little princess. Did you miss mummy last night? you were sleeping when I came home. Is Vince ready, Kath? We have to hurry up my parent's waiting for us." Vanessa: "Uh hmnn.. mum we stay at your room and fall sleep ."
Sora:"Ahumnn,Dad tell me so..Honey go with your dad now, he's waiting down."
Kath: "So, are we going to eat breakfast outside with your parents?"
Sora: "Yes, Leeteuk reserved already in Lotte Hotel World. I’m sorry Kath, our situation’s that I….." Kath: "Say no more, I understand and I think you and Leeteuk made the right decision.It's the best for the kids, hey what’s wrong with your lips?"
Sora: "Why?"
Kath approaching at her closely replied, "It looks like its swollen." Kath suddenly gave a knowing smile, chuckling she added, "That must have been one great night hah!"
Sora extremely blushing , "Stop it Kath. Nothing happened."
KAth: "Hey, my lips are sealed....mmm."with her fingers zipping her mouth
"We need to get ready, Leeteuk already waiting for us.Vince hurry up,pls."

As soon as they came out of the door,Vince saw his father and running to him he called out,
LT lifted Vince in his arms and gave him a kiss.
Vanessa:"What about me dad." LT put down Vince and lifted Vanessa kissing her on the cheek....
LT: "Hey,Did you two sleep well?"
Vince: "Yeah,yeah.. dad."
Sora: "Shall we go now."
LT: "Yes, They’re waiting for us at the Hotel"

Reaching the hotel they headed to the buffet restaurant, La Seine Lounge the view of the Pacific Ocean from the floor to ceiling glass over-sized windows, spacious rooms offer the comfort of an armchair, and carpeted floors. As per Leeteuk's instructions, their table was segregated from the other frequently by planters that were placed around the area to give them privacy. Sora's parents were already there and were poring over the menu when they arrived. Sora approached her parents and gave them a hug while Vanessa & Vince went to his grandparent's to give kiss for respect.

Sora's: "Son in-law, Komawoyo. For inviting us having breakfast here."
LT: "Eomma, you and appa can come here anytime. Just let me know and I can have a room reserved for you."
Sora's Dad: "Komawoyo Son in-law Teuk."
LT:"It's nothing Appa, really."

After breakfast, Vanessa & Vince went for a swim while LT, Sora and Sora's parents joined them by watching while they were having fun at the kids pool. After they swim they participated in various kids games at the hotel.There were also clowns and magicians to entertain the children. In the afternoon, they went back home except for the parent's of Sora who stays three days more at the Hotel with LT's exempt.


One day after they had breakfast at the hotel, LT, Sora and the twins become headline news in the internet, newspapers and TV. There were pictures of Leeteuk carrying Vanessa with Vince and Sora walking beside him.

The headline read, "Former SJ Leader, Leeteuk has a twin Love child with former-actress turned successful Career Woman Kang Sora who is in-charge of SM's post-production for movies & tv series. Footages of LT and Sora included their pictures while they were filming in WGM as virtual husband and wife. To add to the fray, former colleague and friends were interviewed about Leeteuk & Sora. Sora's office as well Leeteuk's were busy with telephone calls from viewers and readers as well as media people who wanted to have an exclusive interview. Leeteuk had to hire security people to protect Sora and the twin's from throngs of reported who invaded the school and Sora's privacy..

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