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Chapter 18 : Predicament
Two days had passed they visited Sora's parent house, still the news is ceaseless. They've all expected this'll end in a week or two.But Sora got frustrated already because the twins can't attend their school and Sora have to endure all the news reporter who're gathered everywhere.
"Hey, that cream wouldn't be done if you wouldn't mix it." LT said then he grabbed the bowl and the mixer Sora was holding.
"Stop worrying too much."
"I just can't accept the fact that it came out like this, why it had become this sensational? I'm worried about your parents, they still don't know about our situation." Sora sighed.
"Think positive. We separated in bad terms, maybe this is God's will to start anew. Don't you think? Anyway we gonna meet them up tomorrow."LT said. Sora smiled. He surely knows how to lit up things. I'm so blessed having him like this, like a man of the family could be. And the Suju Brother's, they've been like my family since they've known I have Vanessa and Vince. Thank God I have them all.
"Hey! Back-to-Earth-baby princess." LT was now snapping his fingers in front of Sora's face.
"Your phone's ringing. Hah, what's wrong with you?"
"Sorry, something just popped up my mind." Sora excuses herself as she answered her phone. "Yes, hello?"
"Haven't you heard the latest news Sora?" That was Min Ah.
"What news?" Sora asked as she eyed LT to continue what he was doing.
"LT's parent's was mobbed by reporters at Kona Beans and I guess it was pretty bad." Min Ah said and Sora begun panicking.
"Huh? So his parents already knew, We wanted to see them personally tomorrow to explain, ah ottoeke, Leeteuk?" Sora blurted out.
"What happened? Leeteuk asked.
"Don't you have any idea what's going on, Where's your cellphone?"
"I turned it off, I want a peaceful day with my family today."LT answered
"Hey, Sora I'm still here, hello..hello Sora listen and don't panic. Hey, they were interviewed and they are really happy hearing the news about having instant grand-children. Isn't that a good news?" she delivered it exaggeratedly. That a relief then but the problem is how to explain for his mom and dad's. Sora smiled.
"It is indeed a good news."
"And oh, I'll be dropping at their house now to fetch them."
"Why? Where are you bringing them?"
"At your parent's house, aren't you staying for two days there?"
"You'll be bringing them here?" My heart suddenly skip a beat hearing that I'll get to see them at any moment. "But of course, since Leeteukssi cellphone is closed they called me ask me your whereabouts. It seems they can't wait to meet the twins. I'll see you later" .....
"Min Ah, wait...." I heard her laugh and said. "What a folly gal, Just expect us in an hour or two. See yah."
End button.
"Leeteuk what should we do now? your parents gonna come to meet the kids."
"What? how,..."
"It seems they got mobbed at Kona Beans and was ask about the news, it seems they were aware now about our situation, and the news shock them...Otteoki?...what we will do now? Your parent's been calling you... and since your cellphone been closed they ask Min Ah about it. How they got Min Ah number? Aissstt, I forgot to ask about it! Now they're heading here." Sora hissed without waiting for what LT going to say.
LT opened his phone and tried to call his parent's...
LT's mom: "Park Jung Soo, what’s this news that you have twins?"
LT: "Eomma, I will explain everything tomorrow.Don't come here today, please"
LT's mom: "What's this not telling us about the kids? Are we strangers to you?We need your explaination on what's going on, your father and I will be waiting for you then, come early as you can or else you will see us at your doorstep tomorrow."
LT:"You don’t have to do that. We will be there."
LT's mom: "Don’t tell me what to do. I want to meet my grandson and grandaughter. Here’s your father."
LT's dad : "Where’s Kang Sora and twin's?"
LT: "They’re living with me. I hope you don’t make trouble for her and my kids."
LT's dad: "I know that you still hate me for what I did in the past and I cannot blame you. I want to make up for what I did to you and your mom. I'm doing my best here, please give me chance & to my grandchildren too."
LT: "Appa, we’ll talk about this tomorrow."
That night, in Sora's old room, LT and Sora discussed their predicament. Both of them have banded together to protect their kids. Whatever personal issues they had between them was momentarily forgotten except when they’re alone, especially Leeteuk. It’s hard for him to focus when Sora is sitting across near to him so tantalizing in her white silk dressing gown. He was imagining what lies underneath that night gown. He ached so much to hold her and tell her how much he loves her. Ahhh He can't take it anymore, taking her face close to his, he stared at her, a mixture of love and desire, before kissing her lips, tasting like strawberry in her mouth, deepening the kiss, enjoying her sweetness. Leaving her face, his hands slid to her throat then her shoulder blades slightly parting her robe, exposing half her breast. His hands glided down to untie the belt of her dressing gown, LT set Sora to her feet as he continued to stroke her, his hands caressing her back slid down to her hips and her buttocks, giving them a gentle squeeze, pressing himself into her, pulling her tighter to his groin, making Sora feel his need for her. Devouring her mouth, LT explored hers while Sora strained to meet his with her own.
LT whispered, "Make love to me Sorayah."
Sora slowly unbuttoned his shirt and tiptoeing, she let the shirt slip off his shoulder and onto the floor, exposing his well toned chest and arms. She softly caressed his chest igniting a quick response from LT as he moulded her body to his.LT kissed her exposed skin, nipping and biting her flesh. Sora’s spine tingled as her breast pressed against his bare chest. Pushing the nightgown off her shoulder, He did the same with the other shoulder until the nightgown fell down. Laying her on the bed, LT made passionate love to her. Sora ran her hands over his broad muscled shoulders and the nape of his neck. She held his face as LT kissed her mouth arching to meet his thrust, drowning herself in the ecstacy of his lovemaking as their bodies shuddering as they reached the climax of their lovemaking...
The next day, Sora was changing Vanessa into her dress when LT and Vince joined them.
Sora: "Sweetheart's, mommy and daddy have something to tell you."
Vanessa: "What mummy?"
LT sat down on Vanessa’s bed and lifted Vince and made him sit on his lap.
LT: "As you know, my dad and mom are also your grandparents and they want to see and meet you."
Vanessa: "Why?"
LT: "Because they also love you and miss you."
"Vince: " I understand dad."
Sora: "Daddy, mommy, grandpa and grandma will be with you. You know having another grandpa and grandma is a good thing. Now, you have two grandpas and two grandmas who will love you."
Vince: "When are we going to see my new grandpa and grandma?"
LT: "Today, we will go to their home."
Sora and the twins were surprised to see the grand house of Leeteuk parents. Sora's parents who accompanied them were also in awe; it was the first time they were invited to such a magnificent place.
Vanessa: "Look mummy, there is a fountain."
Vince: "Mummy, just like the one we saw in Italy, do you remember?"
Sora nodding:" Hmnnn, yeah I remember."
LT: " I will show you around grandpa and grandma’s house later okay."
Leeteuk's parents were waiting for them at the living room with its golden, ornate furniture, gilded crown mouldings and crystal chandeliers. Both of them were formally dressed; LT's mom was wearing a simple black dress accentuated by a pair of pearl earrings and a strands of matching pearl necklace. As soon as they saw the twin's, they smiled. Vanessa was holding onto LT's hand and was peeping behind his daddy’s leg.
Sora: "Sweetheart's don’t by shy. Go and greet grandpa and grandma."
LT's mom, with tears in her eyes, knelt and hugged them both. LT's dad was also crying when he lifted Vince in his arms. The two of them were gushing over their grandson and grandaughter as they kissed their face, their hands, their hair.
Vince:"You can put me down grandpa, I'm too big already."
They all laugh in Vince regard.... LT's dad addressing Sora's parents said, "Please have a seat. Ah, Sorayah,you look like an angel, you look beautiful." He gave her a bear hug. Sora was indeed extra beautiful in a figure hugging off shoulder white dress with an inch sleeves that extended to the front and back. Her hair was tied in a bun held by a Swarovski crystal pin accentuating her slender neck.
As soon as they were seated, a maid entered with wine and an assortment of hors d'oeuvres served in silver trays.
LT's mom:"Sorayah, it's our second meeting.I remember when Jungsoo brought you at Kona Beans before.You look different now, more lovely." she said as she hugs & kiss Sora.
"Thank you." Sora timidly nod to LT's mom... LT's dad then turned to Vince & Vaness: " Would you like to see the house?"
When Vince nodded, LT's dad signalled one of the maids to take him around, Kath who was with them lead and guide them while touring the grand house.
"Show them his daddy’s room and if they get hungry, cook and prepare whatever they wants to eat."
LT's mom: "Jungsooyah , Sorayah, can you please explain to me why I did not get to see my grandchildren for five years?"
Sora: "Hmm….after I left for New York, I discovered I was pregnant. I did not tell him about it because we just broke up and I went to New York to study and stayed there until recently, when I moved back to Korea.
LT's dad: "I see. And what about you Park Jungsoo, what can you say about this."
LT: "I just found out about it only recently."
Sora's mom: "I advised Sora at that time to inform Leeteuk but she did not want to ruin his career."
Sora's dad: "She was distraught at that time and having hard time with an early pregnancy so we did not force her to do anything that would add to her stress."
LT's Mom: "I think what we have to discuss now is what should we do now that the truth about the twins and it's already out an open public."
LT's dad: "I agree. The kids are also our flesh and blood and I want them to be protected from this scandal. Jungsoo, your mother and I have discussed this and there is only one solution and that is for both of you to get married as soon as possible."
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