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(***Incheon Airport***)

It's still early in the morning in Korea, but all of Super Junior members already at the airport. It's not because they want to go somewhere, but for pick up their leader and their hyungsunim. It's been 5 days, after Leeteuk went to Saipan, to win Sora's heart again. When the lovely couple still in Saipan, their leader asked them secretly, to help him. He wants to make a surprised wedding party for Sora. They gonna get married two days after they arrive from Saipan, means two weeks faster than they planned before. Leeteuk asked his member to help him to register and arrange the married ceremony for them. Not a big one, but very close and private wedding party. Only about 50 people will come, including SuJu's family, Leeteuk's family, Sora's family and Sora's and Leeteuk's best friends. 

"Aish, where are they?" Kangin is very impatient waiting for them
"Just wait Hyung, I think they have to be careful since they just go by themselves. They didn't wanna catch by any media or fans right? like what we're doing now." Sungmin tried to calm Kangin
"Is that Tuekie Hyung right?" Eunhyuk saw Leeteuk came wearing a hat, masker and sun glasses. Not far behind him, finally they also saw their hyungsunim. Her hair was tied up, wearing a baseball hat to cover her face and sun glasses. Leeteuk gave a sign to his member to go out, while Sora was walking in a hurry to reach the car. Fortunately no one recognize them.

"Welcome home Hyung and you too Hyungsunim." Siwon greet them as soon as they reach the car
"So, everything fine right?" Donghae asked them and teasing his leader "Sora, you have to see him when you left him. So pitiful. Make us confused how we have to act in front of him. Everything seems so wrong"
"Ya, and you know Sora, he hit the mirror in the dressing room as soon as he arrive after tried to catch you at SBS that day." Ryewook told to his hyungsunim. All of Super Junior members tried to tell Sora how Leeteuk condition that day.
"I am sorry to make all of you guys worried. Everything fine though. And thank you for all your suport guys. It means a lot." Sora told them
"It's oke Sora-ra, just make our Hyung happy, that's your main job now." Sungmin told her


"Sora-ra, I'll drop you at your parents house. I already asked your manager about it. Thanks God, your first reading script was delayed, so we can prepare this." Leeteuk told his fiance
"What about you Oppa? Are you stay at your dorm or home?"Sora asked Leeteuk
"I don't know. I have to fix a lot of things first, I am going to my house off course, to take care something, but maybe I am gonna stay at the dorm." Leeteuk explained her
"Oke, take care Oppa. I am going.. and thanks to all of you guys." Sora greet everyone than give Leeteuk  a light kiss on his lips. Suddenly every Super Junior members are screaming to see that
"OMO, you two really make us jelaous." Eunhyuk scream
"Bye everyone." once again Sora greet them and heading to her house

"So where are we going first Hyung?" Donghae asked his leader
"Did u guys have a individual schedule for today?" Leeteuk asked them
"I have a drama shooting at 3pm, but before that I am free." Siwon told him
"Oke,  we go to my house first, I have to take the document. Btw, how about Sora's document? Did you take it?" Leeteuk asked Sungmin. 
"Don't worry Hyung. I came with Sora's father and In Young nunna to take care the document in the civil service office, so you don't have to worry. We also already talk to the church and the priest will come tomorrow. I already asked somebody to pick him up" Sungmin convince Leeteuk
"And how about the location? Is everything ready?" Leeteuk is very detail to his wedding plan
"Actually, we can not get the location around Seoul, Hyung. It's too sudden to find a place secretly Hyung. So, after talked to your mom and Sora's parents, they agree with us to hold the ceremony at my family private villa around Incheon. Not far from Seoul, and have private gate also, no one wil recognize it." Siwon told Leeteuk
"We also talked to the wedding organizer, they will build the place exactly like you told us. They will start build it tomorrow." Eunhyuk said
"The wedding dress that you choose for her, already arrived yesterday,and now save in our hand. So, dispite the preparation only in a week, but you don't have to worry Hyung. Everything is ready." Khunyun told his leader to relax
"Thanks guys. I really owe you. Sora didn't know the plan. I also told her parents not to tell her how's the plan. She just know that we're going to have a wedding in civil service office, just sign the letter and finish. But I think I have to do the right things, since this is once in a life time. I want to do it perfectly." as a leader, Leeteuk usually do everything in detail
"Araso Hyung, just relax, we take care everything, just relax Hyung." Shindong also tried to comfort his leader
"Btw, Sora and her parents also your parents will stay at my villa starting tomorrow. My parents will be there too to greet them. How about you Hyung?" Siwon asked him
"Maybe I'll come there before midnight. The ceremony will be hold at 10am right? Before lunch?" Leeteuk told the member when they are heading to the wedding organizer office. Although his member asked him to relax, but he was insisted to talk to the organizer, to make sure everything is oke.

(***Choi Siwon Family Private Villa***)

"Mom, why are we going here? Are we gonna meet someone important here?" Sora is so confused when her parents asked her to go and prepare some clothes. They said they wanna spend a special night together with their only daughter before Leeteuk took her forever
"Just relax Sora. I told you before right,we are gonna spend a night together. This is your last night to be single, tomorrow we're not responsible for you again, your husband will take that responsible. So tonight will be wonderful." Her mom told her

As soon as they reach the door, suddenly Leeteuk mother come and greet them

"Hallo in laws, we met again. Please come. You too Sora, coming darling, I miss you." She greet them than give a hugs to Sora and her mother.
"Let's meet with the owner. This private villa owned by Siwon's family. They let us to use this beautiful villa." Leeteuk mother is very happy

"Hallo, welcome, I hope you like the place."  Siwon's father greet them
"OMO, the bride is so beautiful. I am so happy I have a chance to meet you Kang Sora-ssi." Siwon's mother greet her then hugs her
"Now, let me show you the room, the room for the bride and groom. Tonight, you will stay there alone, but tomorrow both of you use it." Siwon's mother drive them to Sora's room first.

"And this is your room Sora...I hope you like it." Siwon's mother open a huge door in front of her. 

Sora was so amazed when she saw a beautiful big white bridal room. The room is a combination between white, off white and grey. Very big room with a big bed in the centre of the room. Very classy and elegant. The room has their own balcony and an access to the beach.

"OMG, is this my room? Really?" She still can not believe what just she saw. "Did all of you preapering this? Thank you very much." Sora's eyes was teary without she realize
"Your Oppa prepared this when he still with you in Saipan darling. He make sure everything is perfect. He call us and his members to make sure everything right like what he want to." Her father expalined to her.

"Now, we will leave you here. Enjoy your room and I will take your parents to their room. If you ready, we can meet at family room. All of us will be there." Siwon's mom told ger then all of them are leave Sora alone in the room. 

Sora can not help herself not to admire the room. The room is very lavish. She knew that Siwon came from very rich family and she really greatful when they allow her to use their villa for them. Suddenly her eyes was caught by a big white box with grey satin ribbon around it

 "What is this?" Sora is very curious with the box. She opened the box slowly and found out the very  simple and elegant Vera Wang white wedding dress. There's a note inside the box, she instantly knew who wrote the note

"Sora-ra, I really hope you like the dress. I know you'll look like a goddess when you wear this. Are you ready for tomorrow darling? I can not wait to have you forever in my live. I'll meet you at the altar tomorrow. I love you and I am very greatful to have you... Park Jung Su"

After seeing the beautiful dress, she call her other half

"Hallo" Leeteuk answering the phone
"Oppa...What are you doing? Why is you doing all this things? I thought it will be very simple wedding, not a wedding party like this." Sora asked him
"Listen Sora-ra, It will a very beautiful day for us tomorrow. I want you remember every single detail of the day. This is one in a life time for us darling, so let make this memorable." Leeteuk calm his fiance
"I know Oppa, I just sad, because you have to take care everything by yourself. I really hope I can help you for preapering this." Sora voice seems so sad
"Aish, that's oke darling. It's oke. Please don't be sad. I do this for you, only for you." Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora
"Thank you Oppa. Oppa, what time you will come. I miss you so much." Sora asked her boyfriend
"I'll come before midnight darling. We'll meet tomorrow at the altar. A lot of people said, the night before we got married, better we don't meet each other. It will be sweet surprised to see how beautiful you are tomorrow." Leeteuk told Sora
"Oke Oppa, see you tomorrow. Please comeback safely. I love you."
"I love you too Princess."

After settle her self, she is ready to join everybody in the living room. She didn't know that all of Super Junior parents were there. They were talked very closely, including with her parents.

"OMO, this is the beautiful bride. You look gorgeous Sora-ssi." Eunhyuk mother greet her
"Thank you. Very nice to see you all." Sora greet them and bowing them
"Jung Su is very claver to choose you as a wife. Watching you guys in the show, I knew that Jung Su really fall in love to you." Khunyun Mother told her
"Jung Su was never told me that he joining the show. I was found out from In Young because her best friends told her. I saw them started at episode 3, when they went for their first date. That time, I knew that my son like her and I became more believe that he fall in love with her, after the school date episode. Although he didn't told me, I knew my son very well. And I am glad that you are the one for him. Really.. You're different." Leeteuk mother told her tought to everyone there
"Thank you mother. I appreciate that." Sora thanked to her mother in law to be

After dinner, they went to their private room, but before she reach her room, suddenly she asked her parents

"Mom, Dad, Can I sleep with you tonight? I really want to sleep with you guys. It's been a long time right?" Sora is sulking her parents
"Sure darling.. sure..we love too." Her mom guide her to their room

"Sora-ya wake up darling. It's 6 o clock now. You have to go back to your room now. This is your big day darling" Sora's mother tried to wake her only daughter up
"Mom, 6 o clock already? OMG, we talked a lot last night. I think I still need a sleep. But oke, I'll come back to my room and prepare myself before breakfast." Sora wake up and run to her room.

When she came back to her room after taking a bath, everything is ready. There's her breakfast on the table in the corner of the room. The hair and make up stylist already there. Her wedding dress is ready.

"Good morning Kang Sora-ssi. We're from the wedding stylish. My name is Ji Hyun and this all are my assistant. I think you better have a breakfast first, after that we're gonna start with you." the stylist intruduce herself
"Oke then. I am gonna have my breakfast now." Sora is so surprised with all the preparation, She never suspect that Leeteuk will prepare this very detail. Suddenly the door open and In Young come to the room

"Good morning sister in law, feeling good today?" She asked Leeteuk while gave her a light kiss in her cheek
"I am very nervous unnie. I never thought that Oppa will prepare all of this, especially we just go back from Saipan. I am wondering when he prepare this since we always together there." Sora told her
"You know what, my little brother is always bothering me since he said he already win your heart again. He call me every day just to order me to do something.. ah, he really annoying. But I am very happy that he choose you. Really.. You changed him a lot Sora. He is a different person now,a better person. That's why I like you. You are the only women who can change him. Thank you for that sister." In Young told her
"Thank you unnie.. thank you for accepted me." Sora's eyes was teary again
"Ais, don't cry. This is your big day though.  I think I have to go now, I have to prepare myself. Btw, Jung Su is here. He came last night around 11. He asked for you and you know he also asked me this morning to see you, that's why I am here. Bye sister, see you soon"  In Young told her while get out from the room

When Sora doing her make up and her hair, Leeteuk mother come 

"OMG, you look gorgeous darling. Jung su must be really happy to see you. You look different." Leeteuk mom praise her daughter in law to be
"Thank you Mom. Thank you for letting me being a part of Oppa life. And thank you for accept me to the family." Sora told Leeteuk mother and start teary
"Don't cry darling. It will ruin your beautiful face. Sora, I want you to accept and wear this. This is not a big present, but I want you to have it." Leeteuk Mom, opened a box that she brought. A simple and beautiful pearl and diamond necklece and earings showed.

"Mom, this is so beautiful.. Thank you." Sora can not help herself not to hugs her soon mother in law
"It fix you darling. And I hope it suit with your dress also." Leeteuk Mom help her to use it. "It's perfect. Sora, can I have you a favor. Please take care of Jung Su. He had a lot of trauma since he was kid and teenagers. You are the one who can help him through all of this. I leave him to you Sora. And once again, please take care of him. I know you could. Ah, I am not supposed to be crying in this happy day. Ah, I am going now. I haveto prepare myself." Leeteuk mother tried so hard to hold her tears
"Thank you Mom, I'll keep my promised to you." Sora talk to herself after her mother in law out from the room

45 minutes later, suddenly her bestfriends from her movies Sunny came to the room. All of them wearing a beautiful sabrina a line bridesmaids dress.

"OMG Sora-ya, you look so beautiful." Min Hyo Rin told her bestfriend
"Thank you guys for coming. Your dress also very beautiful." Sora praised her bestfriend
"Your fiance call us one by one and tell us the plan. He told us to come to one of bridal shop and choose the dress. He also send us the picture of your wedding dress and let us to choose which dress suitable with your dress. And we choose this." Kim Min Yeong told Sora
"He really love you. I am really envy you Sora. You got the best men. Handsome, Hardworking, Famous and Rich." Park Jin Joo told Sora her 
"Ah guys. Honestly, I never imagine that I will have this kind of wedding. This is not our plan though. I think we just sign a document in civil service office to legalize our wedding, since this must be secret and he will go to his enlistment soon. This is so surprised for me. Really." Sora told her bestfriend how she feel right now
"Before we come here, we met him outside. He's in living room with all of his members. He looks so nervous. He keep smiling, but not talk to much." Nam Bo Ra told her
"Guys, I think we have to go now. The party will start soon right?" Shim Eun Kyung asked all of her friend to leave the room. Before they leave the room, Sora's parents coming.

"Hallo Uncle and Aunty. Nice to see you again." all of them greet Sora's parents and bowing them
"Hallo guys, all of you look so beautiful." Sora's Mom smile and hugs them one by one to show her gratitude
"We're leaving Sora... Uncle, Aunty, We're going to wait at the venue." They greet them once again and leave the room

"Look at our beautiful daughter. She's grown up now and ready to be a wife. I never imagine this." Sora's father told his wife. His eyes was teary
"Sora-ya, now it's a new step in your life. You already choose your own path darling. Please be careful and take care of this road. When you do the show, that was only the happy moment of married, but now, you have to ready for the worst. Just hangin there even though you feel tired, you have to maintain it. Be a good wife and be a good example for your children." Sora's Mother gave her last advice to her only daughter
"Thanks Mom, Dad. Thank you so much to make me like this, thank you so much for being a wonderful parents to me. I love you. Please always be there when I need you." Sora's crying when she said that
"We always be here for you darling. Always." Sora's father told her and kiss her temple.

"Everyone ready? We'll start in 5 minutes." A wedding orginezer told them
"Oke We're ready. Are you ready darling?" Sora's father asked her and drive her to the wedding vanue.


Surprised form Leeteuk is not finished. Sora looks so amazed when she saw the venue. It's so beautiful. Held in the Siwon's villa backyard, the venue is facing the sea. All vanue is full of white flowers.  The aisle made from flower peral in lieu of an aisle runner. So beautiful, elegant and expensive. She really amazed with all the preparation that Leeteuk made. Around 50 guests are here to witnesses their wedding. Her best friend from Sunny movies are ready in front of her, being her bridesmaids

"Ready darling?" Her father told her
"Yes Dad." Sora nodded and squeeeze her father hand

Wedding march is playing from the small orchestra in the corner of the venue. All of Super Junior members, including Kibum and Heechul are there. Leeteuk seems so handsome with white shirt and his black tuxedo. He looks so tense, but he smiled when he saw his other half coming

Sora is here... Leeteuk can not help himself not to smile when he saw her.. She with her father now, look stunning and beautiful
Sora come with her beautiful  white dress, bringing a very simple white rose bouquet which is suit with her dress, necklece and earings.  She really looks like goddess.

As soon as she arrive in fornt of him, he took her hand from her father, and bring her in front of the priest.

"Did you Park Jung Su, accepted this woman, Kang Sora as your lovely wife, take care of her. Be with her in a good and bad time?" the priest asked Leeteuk
"Yes I do." Leeteuk answered it 
"Did you Kang Sora, accepted this man, Park Jung Su, as your husband, take care of him, be with him in a good and bad time?" now the priest asked Sora
"Yes I do." Sora answered
"Now, I pronounce you as a husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." the priest told Leeteuk.

After all the promise that they take, now Leeteuk really feel complete, as a man. He's very satisfied now. She is him now, no one can deny it. 

It's officially their first night. Everyone is back to Seoul. Siwon's father asked them to stay for one or two night in the villa, he said as a gift for them. Sora is in the balcony, enjoying  night wind and the sound of the waves. Suddenly Leeteuk came and hold her from her back.

"I am sorry darling. I can not make a huge party for our wedding." he whispering in Sora's ears
"Oppa, today is so beautiful. I never imagine a wedding party more beautiful than that. It's enough. Good enough. What I need is not a big party, what I need is you." Sora answered it and turned her body so she can face her husband, then give a passionate kiss to him.
"OMO, you are a good kisser now, Mrs Park Jung Su." Leeteuk teasing his new wife
"I learn it from you though, Mr Park Jung Su." Sora teased her husband back.
"Wait, I have a present for you. To complete our small family." Leetuk go inside and comeback with a box "This is Gomi...Say hello to Gomi, Sora-ra. He will be your guardian started now. He will protect you when I am not around." 
"OMG... a puppies.. he's so cute. Come to me Gomi.." Sora is so excited when Leeteuk gave her a new puppies
"This is one of my wedding gift to you. Everytime you saw him, you will remember me." Leeteuk smiled when he saw Sora excitement
"I always remember you Oppa. With or without Gomi, I always remember you." once again Sora give a kiss in her husband lips
"Let's put Gomi is his box again and I'll bring him inside, he need to sleep though, and we need to sleep also." Leeteuk told her while winking to his wife.

After put Gomi inside, Leeteuk back to his wife. He can not help himself not to kiss his wife back. He started to kiss her from nape and slowly turned her and kiss her lips passionately. Leeteuk pulled her in for a deeper kiss while his hands gliding over her back and hips. Leaving her mouth he trailed kissed down her neck to the pulse at the base of her throat. 

"We have to go inside darling, I can not help myself now. If not, we can be ended by making love here." Suddenly he lifted her off the floor and walked slowly inside the room while kissing her mouth passionately. He put her down and pinned her against him.

Leeteuk kiss her so intensely, his hand wason the brink of ripping her clothes off. His hand was exploring Sora's body and enjoyed every inch of it. Sora wrapped her arms around his neck, reveling in the total contact with his flesh. His tongue plunging in deeply, mercilessly and full force of his passion released in an explosion of longing. Her hips were thrusting wildly against him, firing his passion. He rolled on the top of her, his long upper arm keeping the massive width of his chest well above her. He released her lips and move into position. He cupping her face between his large hand and watch again as she received her pleasure, to see ecstacy reflected in her eyes. Finally, he entered her and found heaven on her. Their bodies following the rhythm of their lovemaking and shacking the climax. When they breathing returned to normal while later, Leeteuk told her
"You, Kang Sora, Please never leave me... What ever it takes don't leave me. I love you Sora. Love you so much." then he gave her a kiss on her forehead, a promise kiss to sail the new yatch together..

(***to be continued***)

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