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(***Sora's apartment 4:00 am in the morning***)

Leeteuk came to Sora's apartment very early in the morning. It's been ten days after their last WGM episode on air. A lot of happend after his confession through gift, letter and kiss in the lips. 

His CEO was very angry with him because he reneged his promise to keep the relationship secretly. After the acclamation, suddenly Leeteuk and Super Junior schedule were very busy. Leeteuk can not see Sora for almost two weeks. They just communicate through phone and texting each other. 

After finishing his schedule last night, he can not sleep. He went for exercise since 1 until 3 am in the morning, just to prevent him to come to Sora's apartment. After exercise, he walk near Han River. Since the final episode in WGM, his office remind him to stay calm, to remove all of the attention between he and Sora.

Because of the kiss, now most of media attention came to them. Sora's management choosed to keep silent, while SME choosed to splash a news about Super Junior activity. Not only media, but a lot of fans also give attention to them, most of them supported, but not least who hate it. Leeteuk realize that he have to protect Sora, that's why he choosed not to see her for more than a week. But today is different.. he really need her.. he miss her desperately...he really miss his other half...

All room was dark, only a dim light from her bed room.. Leeteuk come slowly, he saw Sora is sleeping..she really looks like sleeping beauty princess...

"Omo.. I miss you so much.. Sora-ra." Leeteuk whispering in Sora ears then give her a back hug. Can not help himself, Leeteuk kiss her neck and his lips continued to explore his girlfriends back.. He really miss this woman...

"Sora I am sorry... I love you so much..." Once again Leeteuk whispering in Sora's ears. It's only 4 am in the morning, but he feel complete after seeing her.. 

Sora didn't wake up.. She is smiling in her sleep. She was dreaming Leeetuk came, hugs her and give her a kiss.. 

Sora open up her eyes in the morning and found out Leeteuk sleep beside her. She smile to see him and give him a warm kiss in his cheek...

"Oh.. so this is not a dream, he really come..." Sora told herself and smiling

"I miss you Oppa.." Sora whispering in his ears and kiss his  cheek again

Watching Leeteuk sleeping, Sora can not help herself not to touch him. Her hand was exploring his face, she touched his eyes, eyebrow, nose, and lips..Until she can not refrain herself not to wake him up

"Morning Oppa.." She whispering in Leetuk ears
"Ehm..Morning princess... Sleep well? " Leeteuk finally wake up and immediately hugs her and give her a light kiss
"I miss you so much. What time did you come Oppa?" Sora asked him while her hand didn't stop exploring his body
"Me? I think it's around 4. I miss you so much Sora. This week feel like a hell when I can not meet you." Leeteuk answered and suddenly he give her a passionate kiss that she already miss for almost two weeks.
"Oppa...Make love to me Please... I need you.." Sora whispering between their kiss

He look at her for a moment, his breathing equally heavy and his thought terrifying. He kiss her hardly while his hand quickly stripped her clothing. She looked up at him, naked and beautiful. Leeteuk stroke her skin, smooth and perfect to his touch. He felt every shiver and shudder, every sigh and gasp as he put all his considerable knowladge to use, wanting so badly to make this the most enjoyable experience of her. He watched himself slide inside her, seeing her expression, so open and wanting. He shuddered as she closed around him, once again he pushed in farther and sweet. She tightened around him, squeezing in a welcoming embrace.  Leeteuk pulled back out, and watched between their bodies as he slid in again, disappearing into her heat. Little shudders gripped him, inside her, flowing out, over her stomach and up. He pulled back and shifted  his hips, trying to figure out how not to look at her, and at the same time how to make the entire act last forever.  Sora seemed to have other plans, as she arched up into him, seeking, pushing and wrapping her ankles around to pull him back. They fit together so perfectly, like her body was a hand tailored glove just for his fingers, his palm. Each finger covered and cared for. This was what people call was love. There reflected in Sora's eyes like a shining beacons in the storm.. Leteuk slowly pulled him out and kiss Sora gently after they reached the climax of their lovemaking..

"Sora.. I love you so much.. Please, never say goodbye to me. I don't know if I have to live without you." Leeteuk whispering
"I love you too Oppa.." that was the only word that Sora can tell

After the long love making, Sora's head laying in his boyfriend chest..

"Oppa, is everything oke? I am really worried.You can not see me for almost two weeks. I know you told me the situation. I can accepted Oppa, really. I know, it was my risk when I decided to have a relationship with you. Did we have to through this way forever Oppa?" Sora told her worried
"Everything is not that oke darling. Did I told you that my CEO got angry because of our last episode? My schedule is really pack, sometimes I am really tired on it. but like you said, it was the things that we have to past. Just hanging for two years darling, hanging there for two years. I hope you can endure it. Right after I finish my enlistment, I will tell to everyone, that you are mine, we got married for real, and we are ready to start a family, real family. Can you wait darling?" Leeteuk asked Sora
"I'll try so hard Oppa.. The day when I say I do to you, is the day that I give my whole life to you. I know it's hard, but I'll try my best Oppa." Sora told and smile to him "Now, what's your schedule for today Oppa?" 
"Ehm, doing a photo shoot after lunch and exercise for Indonesia SM town concert after the photo shoot. Why? What about you?" 
"Ehm, my schedule for today is being your shadow for a whole day." Sora answered while smiling to Leeteuk "Can I accompany you today Oppa? I miss you so much and today, I got my day off, so I have a time to do everything what I wanna do. But if you think that too risky, I think I just go tho the Spa and pamper myself all day." 
"Anieo.. Come with me.. I think members also happy to see you again. Don't worry to much, I'll protect you and I'll responsible for all the things that come if people found out that we're together." Leeteuk ensured Sora
"Thank you Oppa.."

(***SME Office training room,  a week later***)

"What's is this Jung Su? Can you tell your girlfriend not too loud to say in media. This is not the first time Jung Su. Everyone will found out that you guys dating if she always do this in her interview." Suddenly Kang Ta as a number two in a company gave Leeteuk a new magazine about Sora's interview, when Super Junior doing their practice for their 7th Birthday.

Leeteuk grab the magazine and read it fast.

[NEWS] Kang Sora’s Interview on Daily Sport

-Recently your couple life with Leeteuk in We Got Married has ended:
“It was such a bittersweet thing to me to be involved for almost a year in the programme. Even I didn’t do that much filming with Leeteuk but lately we’ve been receiving and sending (exchanging) text messages to say hello and ask each other’s well-being. As Oppa will be enlisted in army next month, I’m going to visit him once around next year. If I go find (visit) him too early, the senior military soldiers who notice this might rather be uncomfortable with it.”
-Any differences dating with a real boyfriend (compared to couple life in We Got Married):
“Leeteuk Oppa is a very caring and mature person much more than you think he is. Honestly, you can’t say that 100% of our appearances in We Got Married are all acting. Within the broadcast (during filming), it was at least same/equal as the actual dating. From my personal experience, it (the show) brings out my inner femininity.”
-Filming ‘My Pavarotti’ movie together with actor Lee Je Hoon:
“Almost all of my scenes from the movie, I had to film/shoot together with Je Hoon Oppa. Because I’m his fan originally, it was a pleasant/fun filming for me. At first, I used to think that he was my peers but then it occured to me that there were lots of differences more than I thought/expected.”

"Hyung, There's nothing wrong with her answered. Why? She didn't give something strange answer though." Leeteuk tried to defend his girlfriend.
"You know Jung Su, every one now is very curious about your relationship, You ruined it. You promise to keep it secretly, but what you guys doing in your final episode? A huge acclamation from both of you. You already knew, how the company tried so hard to handle it right? Now, see what your girlfriend do, she clearly said that your enlistment will be next month, she clearly said that she will visit you at army camp. Please. just tell her to refrain herself. Btw, don't blame us if something coming, to save your image, it will be hurt for both of you." Kangta warned him while leaving him in training room.

"Hyung, are you oke?" SungMin came to confort Leeteuk after seeing what just happen in front of their eyes"I am fine SungMin-ah, thank you." Leeteuk still refrain his anger

"We all know that you're not oke Hyung. I know you so well, just release it." Kangin also tried to comfort Leeteuk. He know Leeteuk very well and he also know that right now, his leader is very angry.

"Sorry guys, I think I really need to think. Just continue the practice. I need to be alone. Just give me 15 minutes, and I'll be back." Leeteuk leave his member and going to the top of the building, to calm himself. He grab his phone and dialed his other half number

"Hallo Oppa.." Sora's voice really a good cure for him now
"Hallo darling. What are you doing? Everything is fine right?" Leeteuk tride to hide his anger and worried
"Everything fine Oppa. I am in the middle of break now, just have lunch. Why? Something bad happened Oppa?" Sora started to get worried
"Everything fine darling, no worries, I just miss you so much, that's why I call you."
"Oppa, why I feel there's something wrong? I know you well Oppa, that's why, I feel like there's something. Is it about my interview? Answer me, Oppa" Sora asked Leeteuk
"Nothing wrong with your interviews Princess, please don't worry too much. I am fine. I told you that I miss you right? Btw, I have to go, I am in the middle of practice now, but I can not help myself not to call you. I love you beautiful. Bye." Leeteuk endup the phone. He didn't want Sora found out that something wrong. He really want to protect her.

(***Sora's shooting location, two days later***)

"OMO, why that kind of news coming in the middle of their new relationship?" Lee Yung, Sora's personal assistant told Min Ah, Sora's personal make up artist, when thir reading a new story about Leeteuk in the internet
"Sora might be very sad if she read this." Min Ah said
"But, our Sora is a strong one, I think she can handle it." Lee Yung answered. Both of them didn't realise that Sora was standing behind them
"What are guys talking about? What is it Unnie?" Sora asked them and grab Lee Yung tablet.     She read it. 

Super Junior Leeteuk's Casanova Side Gets Revealed

Leeteuk's casanova personality was revealed.

September 21, 2012 9:36 PM EDT |0EMAILPRINT
Leeteuk didn't know how to respond on SBS "Strong Heart" that was aired on Tuesday by Dasom and Kang Yesol's 'casanova' story of Leeteuk.
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Kang Yesol said "I knew Leetuek from cable programs but he texts me whenever I change my phone number." Dasom also said that he texts her often.
Leeteuk didn't know how to respond. Kang Yesol added on saying that he texts her three in the morning, and dasom added on saying that he sends it to all of the members and asks how they are doing, not only for me.
Eunhyuk said "he's like that. Don't be surprised." Lee Jihyun said that Leeteuk is very lonely and trying hard with everyone. Leeteuk explained saying that he texted all the people on his contact list when he was in China. Dasom created a laughter saying that there's a rumor to watch out for Leetuek within the girl groups.
Sora didn't realise that her expression change for a while, but she hide it quicly. Honestly, she want to cry that time, but she know she will look so immature and childish.

"Unnie, I don't have another schedule right? Can we go home now? I feel so tired today." Sora asked her personal assitant to go home
"Yes Sora. It finish. I already talk to your manager. You can go home now. We will pick you up tomorrow." Lee Yung told Sora
"Oke, let's go Unnie. I think I need to sleep." Sora told her while heading to the car. As soon as she reach the car, she open her bag, take her phone and switch it off. She didn't want anyone to bother her, including Leeteuk. She need to be alone, she need to think.

"Unnie, can you drop me in my parents house. I am missing them very much. Just pick me up there tomorrow." Sora asked Lee Yung in their way back home.
"Oke Sora, no worries." 

(***Sora's parents house***)

They drop Sora in her parents house. As soon as she entered the door, her mom greet her.

"Sora-ra..What a surprised..  Are you have your day off?" Her mom is so surprised when she saw Sora come
"No Mom, I just miss you. They are gonna pick me up tomorrow here." Sora kiss her mom cheek while heading to her parents room "Where's father Mom?" 
"Your father is going out of town darling, he had some work. Why?" Sora's mom follow her to the room. She started to realise that something wrong with her daughter. She knew Sora so well
"Mom, can I sleep here with you tonight? I miss you." Suddenly Sora's eyes was teary
"Off course darling.. Off course.. What's wrong darling? You can tell me everything..You know that I always be here right?" Sora's mom gave a warm hug to her. 
"Nothing Mom..Nothing... I just need you to hugs me. I need it Mom." Now Sora can not handle her tears.
Sora was crying all night, in her mother lap.. She didn't tell her what's going on, but she knew this must be about her relationship. 

(***to be continued***)

this story inspired by video posted by @shymaldita28 at forum.soompi. Love this song very much and so touching when seeing Park Jung So sing this song with all his heart. I beat he thought about Sora when he sing this song, since Sora is a model of this beautiful MV and this is one of Sora's favorite song.. I hope you guys like it


by Huo Gak

We can't be apart
It's too soon for us to say goodbye
You just can't leave me like this
There are so many things that I haven't said yet
Please don't leave me like this

Because of you, I
Because of you, I really
Like this, I can't go on like this
You're the only reason I am living for
Please don't leave me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

Because I love you, I'm
Because I really love you, I'm
Suffering to the point of death, to th epoint of death
Do you see that I can't live because I'm dying?
Please comeback to me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

If  it was going to be like this
If this is really the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

If this is really the end
If this is the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

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