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He already tried to send her a massage, still no responed. He tried again and again to call her. After 2 hours, he can not help himself. He grab his car keys and planned for heading somewhere. His mom see him and asked him where he want to go.

"Where are you going? Your hand is still hurt right? Just take a rest first, don't go anywhere." His mom asked him to stay
"I can't Mom. I have to see Sora. I can not called her since yesterday and it makes me worried. I have to find her Mom." Leeteuk told her his worried
"Did you guys fight? Just tell me Jung Su, I like her and I think she is the one." His mom tried to convince him. She knew that something happend and her feeling said Sora is the reason. 
"He saw a girl hugs me yesterday. I already explained to her what exactly going on Mom, but I think she was really upset. She even call me Leeteuk-ssi." Leeteuk pour out his heart
"Ah, that's why you hit the big mirror in the dressing room right? Don't ever think that I don't know what's happend to your hand Jung Su. No one told me, but I know it and I can feel it." Leeteuk Mom told her lovely son
"I can not loose her Mom. I really can't. I'm dying without her Mom. If this is really end, I want to go back to the time when I didn't know her." Leeteuk didn't realize that he start crying
"Araso Jung Su, just find her and tell her how much you love her. This is the real test for you two. This is the reality of one relationship. You will find a lot of obstacles next, bigger than this. Just see me and your father. I know you well, now,  just convince her, tell her that you really need her. Good luck son." Leeteuk mom gave a kiss in his cheek to comfort him
"Thanks Mom, I am going." Leeteuk told his mom then dissapear

(***Kang Sora management office***)

"Excuse me, can I see Kwan Jun Hyun-ssi?" Leeteuk asked the receptionist in Sora's management office
"Who are you and why you want to see him" The receptionist can not recognize Leeteuk, since he use hat and glasses to disguised himself
"Just tell him Park Jung Su want to meet him. Say it is really important." Leeteuk told the lady then sit in the coach

"Jung Su-ah, nice to see you. What's wrong? You can just call me though."  Kwan Jun Hyun greet Leetuk as soon as he saw him
"Hyung, where is she? I just came back from her apartment.It's empty. I am looking to her bed room and opened her closet, she brought her passport. Where's going Hyung. Is she going abroad?" Leeteuk seem so impatient
"Jung Su-ah, I really don't know where she's going. Yesterday, after we droped her at the apartment, she called me. She asked me to clear up her schedule until  next week. She said she really need a vacation. When I asked her where to go, she refused it. I even asked her to go with Lee Yung, but she refused it also. She just said that don't worry and she will be back safely before the first reading of her new drama, next week." Sora's manager told him
"Oke Hyung, but can I asked you a favor? Can you call Lee Yung nunna and asked her where Sora is? Maybe she know. I got a feeling that she won't told me since she was there where the accident happend." He beg to him
"Oke, wait." Sora's manager call Sora's personal assistant

"Lee Yung-ah.. It's me. Did you know where Sora is? I tried to call her but her phone was off. I really need to send something to her, maybe if I can contact her, I can send her the material to her." Sora's manager lied
"I don't know Oppa. She didn't tell me. I also tried to contact her, but her phone was switch off since yesterday. I think she went aboard, but I don't know. I am sure her parents know where she is. Just asked them Oppa, I think he will give you the answered." Lee Yung doesn't have any idea that Leeteuk heard their conversation
"Oke, thank you Lee Yung-ah. I am going to call her mother." Jun Hyun ended his phone conversation

"You heard by yourself right? We don't have any idea where she is. Do you want me to call her mother?" Jun Hyun asked Leeteuk. He like this man, and he is one of the witnesses how the love is growing between them
"No, don't. I think I have to go to meet them and beg them to give the answer Hyung, but thanks for the offer." Leeteuk tried to smile, bow him, then leave Sora's management office.

(***Kang Sora house***)

Leeteuk was so nervous when he rang Sora's house bell door.

"Who is it?" He heard Sora's mother voice from the intercom
"It's me Mother, Jung Su." he heard the door opened and Sora's mom greet him and take him in
"What a surprised Jung Su. Why you come here?" She asked him as soon as they reach the living room
"Ah Tukie son in law, how are you?" Sora's father greet him. He always called Leetuk, Teukie husband
"Hallo Father, long time no see. I came here last month, but I think you are out of town." Leeteuk greet him and bowing him
"What's wrong Teukie? Why you come here? Are you trying to find Sora again?" He stright to the point
"She is not here Jung Su-ah, she went aboard. I think she need a time." Sora's mother gave an answer before Leeteuk answering Sora's father question
"I know Mother, I know she was abroad. I already met her manager and he told me so, but I really want to meet her Mother, can I know where she is?" Leeteuk asked her
"Honestly Jung Su, I know where she is, but I think it's better if you don't find her. She need a time to think Jung Su-ah. I know my daughter, she need a time alone when she have to decide something important." Sora's mother didn't want to tell her where she is
"Please Mother, Father.. I beg you.. Tell me where she is, I really need to see her. I really need to meet her. Please.." Leeteuk is begging them
"I think it's better if you just wait her here Jung Su. I am sure she will meet you right after she come back. Don't worry about it. Btw, what's wrong to your hand?" Sora's mother suddenly realise Leeteuk wound
"Nothing Mother, just a small accident." Leeteuk answered
"Just go home Teukie. You need a rest and she need a time. I am sure everything will going well." Sora's father tried to comfort Leeteuk
"Oke then. I think I have to go. Thank you Father, Mother, I am going. Now, let's hope everything going to be fine." Leeteuk said goodbye to them then bowing them. Sora's father even hugs him

Right after she get out from Sora's house, he called someone

"Donghae-ah, are you at the dorm? I really need your favor." Leeteuk call Dong Hae
"Yes Hyung. I am at the dorm right now. What can I do for you?" said Dong Hae 
"Please help me to pack my clothes and my toiletries. I will arrive at the dorm in 20 minutes." Leeteuk asked him
"Where are you going Hyung? How's your hand?" Dong Hae still worried
"I am explaining to you as soon as I am arrive. Bye." Leeteuk ended his phone conversation

On the way to his dorm, a massage coming to his phone

"Teukie Son inlaw, Sora in Saipan right now. She is fine, so stop to worried. If you want to see her, just come to her hotel at Hyatt Regency Saipan. She stayed there. Sorry I can not tell you in front of my wife. She knew that soon or later you will come to find our Sora, but she insisted not tell you, since she think Sora really need a time to think. Btw, I trust you a lot Tuekie. Please don't dissapoint me."

Leeteuk reply the massage directly

"Thank you so much Father. I understand, no worries. Something that you have to believe me. I promised you, with all my life that I won't dissapoint you. Once gain, thank you so much for giving me a chance to win your daughter heart again."

(***On the way to airport***)

"Honestly Hyung, Where are you going? Are you oke, I mean your hand still hurt right?" Donghae still worried to his leader
"I am going to find Sora. She is abroad right now." Leeteuk answered
"Really? Why don't you just wait for her. I know her, she will  find you right after she came back" Donghae is still worried 
"It's oke Donghae. I have to find her. Have to, this kind of things will come over and over again. I have to convince her." Leeteuk explained to Dong Hae
"Hyung, you know when you run to catch Sora yesterday, Siwon and Khunyun was cast out Jisu-ssi with all her member and manager from our dressing room." Donghae told his leader


"Who's that woman? Why Teuk Oppa was running and cathing her?" Jisu is very annoyed to see what in front of her eyes
"Do you want to know who she is, Jisu-ssi? She is Kang Sora, the beautiful model and talanted actress. She is our hyungsunim. All of us are really love and respect her so much." Kangin told Jisu coldly
"Hyungsunim? What the meaning of Hyungsunim?" Jisu get more annoyed now. She can not accepted the reality that Leeteuk really have a relationship with Sora
"Yes, hyungsunim. She is our lovely hyungsunim, she is our first lady. She is the one who always make Teukie hyung smile. She is the one who understand our leader so well, she is the one who really care to him. So, Jisu-ssi, please look at yourself, or look at the mirror, you are nothing for him, nothing. Please don't take it wrong." Siwon can not help himself. He already refrain himself not to make a comment, but he became annoyed when Jisu tried to underestimate Sora
"So Jisu-ssi, I think you better leave now before all of us here disgusted with you. You make a chaos here. We can not forgive you if there's something bad happend to them. Just leave now." Khunyun the evil maknae was very upset
"Jisu-ah, let's go. C'mon." Her group member asked her to go while drag her out of the room

(***back to Donghae and Leeteuk***)

"Really?" Leeteuk is really surprised after hearing the story "Thank you guys, for supporting us. It's why I have to meet her now. I really have to make her believe that she is the only one." 
"Hyung, please comeback safely and bring her with you. I really hope that you guys doing well." Donghae helped his hyung
"Thank you Donghae-ah. I owe you." Leeteuk thanked to his dongsaeng

(***Hyatt Regency Saipan***)

It just one day, she is here just one day, but she feel boring. She is doing everything that she thinks fun, but after all were done, she feel empty.

"I think I have to see my phone, maybe something important coming." Sora turn on her phone for a while, just to see if there's something important. Alot of massage came to her phone, from her parents, her friends, her manager and so on, but only one massage catch her attention, from her other one.

"Sora-ra, please turn on your phone, where are you darling? Please don't do this to me, don't leave me Sora, I really can not live without you"

After seeing Leeteuk massage, without realize, she start crying. She miss him so much, but she still don't have any decison for her future relationship with Leeteuk. She love him so much, she also believe him, but she's not sure whether she is ready or not to walk with him forever. The obstacle seems so big. She was afraid to herself. She finally turn her phone off again and decided to walk to the beach. She really need a fresh air to clear up her mind.

She walk in a seaside, looking to the beautiful dark sea in front her while enjoying the sound of waves. The wind trying to blow all her problem away.

"I miss him so much. OMO, what I have to do?" her eyes was teary again and this time is unstoppable. She really can't make up her mind

Sora didn't realize that someone watching her since she walk to the sea. Slowly he was walking towards Sora, who is sitting in the sea sands while hugging her knee.

"Why is a beautiful lady, sit in the sea sands alone and crying. Something bothering you Princess?" Leeteuk greet her, kiss her temple and sit beside her.
"Oppa??? Why you're here? How come you come here?" Sora is so surprised seeing him in Saipan. This is something that she can't imagine
"I miss you. You just leave me yesterday, without a word. Don't do this to me again please." Leeteuk told her.
"Oppa.. I'm sorry... I really need to think... I am afraid Oppa.." Sora can't continue her word, she was speechless
"Don't talk darling. I am the one who supposed to say sorry. Please forgive me. I love you..please trust me, no one beside you, no one. I know it must be so hard for you to walk with a jerk like me, but please don't leave me, I need you." Leeteuk told her sincerely. Sudenlly he took something from her pocket.

"I bought this, one day after I proposed you at Dimple House." Leeteuk open the box, a simple solitaire diamond ring was shown. Leetuk slowly took the ring and put it in Sora's ring finger. 

"Oppa, this is..." Sora can not finish her word, she was speechless again
"This ring is really fix for you. Simple, beautiful and elegant. I choose this as soon as I saw it and your image suddenly came when I see it." Leeteuk smile. Suddenly Sora saw Leeteuk right hand
"Oppa, what's wrong with your hand. Why Oppa?" Sora can not hide her worried.
"Just a small incident darling, it's worth it tough." Leeteuk smile
"Oppa..." she really lost of word
"Sora-ra,listen to me carefully. We can't be apart, no way. It's too soon for us to say goodbye. There are so many things that I have't said and showed you. Please don't leave me. I am suffering and dying when I thought you leave me. If we really end, if this is really the end, I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other. So Sora-ra, please, never say goodbye to me." Leeteuk told her.

She didn't answered it, she just crying. Now, she know what is the answer. Now, she realize what decision that she have to take for this relationship. She love this man and she knew that  she can not live without him. He's the one, her other half.

Sora slowly give a kiss in her boyfriend lips. Not a passionate kiss, but a promise kiss that she   always be there for him.. always support him and be a good partner for him, whatever it takes...

(***to be continued***)

this story inspired by video posted by @shymaldita28 at forum.soompi. Love this song very much and so touching when seeing Park Jung So sing this song with all his heart. I beat he thought about Sora when he sing this song, since Sora is a model of this beautiful MV and this is one of Sora's favorite song.. I hope you guys like it


by Huo Gak

We can't be apart
It's too soon for us to say goodbye
You just can't leave me like this
There are so many things that I haven't said yet
Please don't leave me like this

Because of you, I
Because of you, I really
Like this, I can't go on like this
You're the only reason I am living for
Please don't leave me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

Because I love you, I'm
Because I really love you, I'm
Suffering to the point of death, to the point of death
Do you see that I can't live because I'm dying?
Please comeback to me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

If  it was going to be like this
If this is really the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

If this is really the end
If this is the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

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