Wednesday, November 14, 2012


(***1 pm ,at SBS Inkygayo back stage, a month later,***)

"Hyung, Tahiti is here. I just met Jisu-ssi in the corridor and she asked about you. She even said that she really miss you and want to see you soon. I think you better be carefull Hyung. This can be a new way from her management to rise their popularity." Suddenly Sungmin told Leeteuk when he entered the dressing room
"Really. I think I have to dissapeared for a while. What time is our performance?" Leeteuk asked his manager. All of Super Junior members and their managers are in the dressing room right now
"In one hour I think. And where are you going Teukie? Just wait here. Don't be too nervous." His manager told him
"I don't know Hyung, I got a bad feeling. I hope everything oke." Leeteuk answered then laying and closed his all body with blanket.

Then the door opened and all of the Tahiti member are coming. Jisu was stright to hugs Leeteuk before Leeteuk can do something.

"Oppa. I miss you, You say you wanna call me, but you never call me." Jisu said 
"OMO, Jisu-ssi. What are you doing? We know that only for publicity, not more." Leeteuk tried to release Jisu hand who draping around his neck
"Oppa, why you do this to me?" Jisu still didn't want to release her hand


"Hallo everyone... Did I bothering you guys?" Sora came to Super Junior dressing room. She clearly saw what happend in front of her eyes, but she tried so hard to hide it

"Ah..Hyungsunim.. Long time no see, we miss you." Donghae come and shake Sora hand to release the tention
"Ehm, I just stop bye, since I have a meeting upstairs, so I take my time to see you guys. Long time no see."Sora smile while bowing to them.

"Sora-ra.. What a surprised." Leeteuk come to her after he finally can get out from Jisu
"Yes, like I said before Leeteuk-ssi, I just stop by after the meeting upstair. Ehm, since you guys are busy,  I think I have to go now. Bye everyone." Sora said goodbye to them. She knew if she stay there a little longer, she can not control herself.

"Sora-ra. Wait..." Leeteuk run and grab her arm
"Leeteuk-ssi, it's hurt." Sora still use a formal language. Leeteuk knew that she was upset
"Sora, listen to me. There's nothing between me and her. She suddenly come and hugs me. Please believe me. All of the people there were my witness, they saw everything." Leeteuk tried so hard to explain the situation to Sora.

After one minutes, Sora finally said "It's oke Oppa. I believe you. I think I have to go now, give your best performance. Bye." Sora leave Leeteuk in the corridor. 

Leeteuk turn back with limp. He really don't know what to do. When he arrive at the dressing room, Tahiti member and their manager were gone. Leeteuk is very angry, as soon as he closed the door, he hit the mirror until it's broken. All of them are surprised and don't know what to do. After  a minutes, Siwon run to the SBS clinic asking for doctor to take care of his leader. A little bit chaos inside the dressing room, but they tried to keep it secret.

"Hyung, you don't have to perform. Your hand was bleeding." Yesung told Leeteuk when the doctor was tried to clear his hand from the mirror glass
"I think I have to send you to the hospital Leeteuk-ssi. There's a huge scar and you need to take care of it immadiately. I just give you an antiseptic and let the hospital doing the rest." the doctor told Leeteuk
"Can I perform first, then go to the hospital? I mean it will be chaos if I am not perform, everyone will get curious." Leeteuk still thinking his responsibility
"It's oke Hyung, just go to the hospital, it's oke, no worries, we gonna have our vacation after this right, this is our last performance, so don't worry, we can handle it." Eunhyuk tried to calm Leeteuk
"Hyung, your face became pale. Just go Hyung, I don't wanna you get more hurt." Khunyun the maknae told him
"Just go Teukie. I am going with you. Doctor, please keep this silent. And you, please take care of others, I am going to take Teukie to the hospital, then back to the dorm." Leeteuk personal manager told to his friend 

(***2:30 pm at Kang Sora apartment***)

"Oppa, can you help me? Please clear up all my schedule for a week. I really need a vacation." Sora called her manager 
"What? For a week? Are you sure? You will start your new drama soon, and if I am not mistaken, you have to come for first reading 5 days from now." Sora's manager got panic attack. He heard what happend in the Super Junior dressing room from Lee Yung, and he knew Sora annoyed by that
"Oke, I'll comeback before first reading Oppa. No worries. But, please clear up my schedule until that day." Sora is begging to her manager.
"Where are you going Sora-ya?" Her manager asked her
"Somewhere Oppa... I just need a little time to think. I'll be oke." Sora ensured her manager
"Let's Lee Yung come with you. You need someone to take care." Her manager tried to persuade her
"It's oke Oppa. I am fine. I really need to be alone. Don't worry to much, I'll be fine." Sora insisted
"Oke. If that what you want. Please be careful and comeback safely." Her manager finally give up

After finish talking to her manager, she is calling a taxi and doing a quick packing. She have to go somewhere. She need it. She still don't know where to go, but she have to go. Finally after 30 minutes of packing, she goes down to the lobby wher her taxi already wait.

(***Incheon airport, 3:30pm***)

She went to the airline counter.

"Can I help you miss?" ticketing officer greet her
"Yes, can you give me a ticket to the place where the plane depart most quickly and didn't need a visa." Sora asked the ticketing lady
"Wait a minutes miss." after 2 minutes checking, finally the lady said "There's a flight to Saipan in an hour. Do you want to go there miss? But only business class left."
"That's oke Miss. Give me that ticket and thank you." Sora quicly left the counter as soon as she get the ticket.

Before boarding, she made a call to her mother. She didn't want her parents worried

"Mom, it's me Sora."
"Yes darling, I know, What happend? Why you call me?" Her mother was curious. Sora just came home yesterday, why she have to make a call after their meeting
"Mom, I am going somewhere, alone. I need a time to think Mom." Sora told her mom
"Where are you going? Are you have a fight with Jung Su?" Her mom started to have a bda feeling about it
"Not fight, just need a time to think. I am going to Saipan Mom, just for relax. I think I need it. Don't worry, it's fine. Bye mom, I have to boarding now. I love you." Sora ended her conversation and turn her phone off. She really need it, she have to found out what exactly that she want. Did she really want to be with him forever? Did she ready to spend her life with him? She need to make sure about it, that's why she need to be alone...

(***On the way back from hospital, 3 pm***)

"Hyung, just drop me in my house. My family house. I think I need to get rest there. If there's a schedule tomorrow, please pick me up there." Leeteuk told his manager. He really tired, physicaly and mentaly. He need Sora and his family now
"Oke, just take a rest Teuk. Don't think too much, just take a rest. We have our last schedule tomorrow, but just relax, nothing to worry about. You don't have to join them tomorrow, just take a rest at home, you need it." His manager told him
"Thank you Hyung. Btw, can I asked you a favor? Please bring my personal car to my house. I am afraid that I have to go somewhere." Leeteuk asked his manager before he get off from car.

(***Leeteuk house, 3:30 pm***)

"Jung Su, is that you?" His mom was coming after hearing the door opened
"It's me Mom." 
"OMO, what happend to your hand? Why you look so pale?" Leeteuk's mother is very worry after seeing her son
"It's oke mom, only small accident. I think I need to sleep Mom, so tired." Leeteuk got sulky to his mom
"Do you want to eat first? I'll make you a good food before I am going to Kona Bean." his mom still worried with his condition
"It's oke Mom, just go. I think I really need to sleep." Leeteuk is so sleepy because of the influence of  anaesthetic when he do a small operation in the hospital     
"Oke sleep well darling. I'll bring a good food when I am arrive." His mom told him and give a kiss in his cheek

Leeteuk didn't have any energy left. He was so tired and fall a sleep as soon as he reach his bed

(***Hyatt Regency Saipan, 11:30 pm***)

Almost midnight in Saipan. Sora was laying in her hotel room after 4 hours flight from Seoul to Saipan. She already text her mother to tell her that she arrived safely and now is resting in her hotel room. She turn her phone off again, she don't want anybody distrub her. 

She tried so hard to sleep, but she failed. Part of her heart still embittered, but the other part is worrying something that she didn't know. She felt that there's something wrong with her other half, but her emotion said, she can not call him. She even didn't realize that she start crying..She is hasitated now, either she have to continue the relationship and get married like they already planned or cancelled it. 

After two hours of crying, she finally fell a sleep. In her sleep she dreamed about Leeteuk.

(***Leeteuk House, 8:30 pm***)

"Jung Su-ah, wake up. Dinner time now." his sister In Young tried to wake up her little brother
"Ah nunna, what time is it?" 
"It's 8:30, you sleep like a babies for five hours" In Young  told him and pinching his cheek.
"Did I? Slept for 5 hours? This morphine is doing good." Leeteuk smiled
"Btw Jung Su, I think you have to pay for the broken mirror in the SBS dressing room. What's wrong Jung Su? Don't be too emotional, that was not your fault though." In Young tried to comfort him and smile to him
"Who told you the story?" Leeteuk asked his sister, he didn't want his mother worried because of it
"Your manager told me, when he take your car here." In Yong told him
"Ah, did mom know what happend?" Leeteuk still worry
"No, she didn't know. I just told her that you got a scar because you broke a glass." In Young support her brother "Now, wake up, Mom wait for you at the dining room for dinner."

Right after washing his face, before ghe went to dining room,  he take his phone and dialed Sora's number, but Sora's phone was switch off again.

"Ah, maybe she need a time." Leeteuk calm himself

(***Leeteuk House, the next morning***)

It's still 8 o clock in the morning, but Leeteuk already 100% wake up. His hand was hurt since last night. The efect of the drugs is gone, now he can feel his wound is painful. He took one of the painkiller to comfort him. He miss Sora, miss her very much. Last night he tried to contact her again and again, but her phone still switch off. He knew this going to be happend after Sora called him Leeteuk-ssi in SBS. He got a feeling this time is worse than the first time. He didn't want to blame Sora. Sora is the one who really hurt because of him. All of this scandal, his image as a lady man, Sora can handle it so far, that's why he love her so much. He just hope, Sora still can handle it after  she saw what happended yesterday. 

He tried to contact Sora several time again, but still failed. Finally he decided to send her a massage, hoping that she will read it when she turn on her phone

"Sora-ra, please turn on your phone, where are you darling? Please don't do this to me, don't leave me Sora, I really can not live without you"

(***to be continued***)

this story inspired by video posted by @shymaldita28 at forum.soompi. Love this song very much and so touching when seeing Park Jung So sing this song with all his heart. I beat he thought about Sora when he sing this song, since Sora is a model of this beautiful MV and this is one of Sora's favorite song.. I hope you guys like it


by Huo Gak

We can't be apart
It's too soon for us to say goodbye
You just can't leave me like this
There are so many things that I haven't said yet
Please don't leave me like this

Because of you, I
Because of you, I really
Like this, I can't go on like this
You're the only reason I am living for
Please don't leave me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

Because I love you, I'm
Because I really love you, I'm
Suffering to the point of death, to the point of death
Do you see that I can't live because I'm dying?
Please comeback to me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

If  it was going to be like this
If this is really the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

If this is really the end
If this is the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

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