Tuesday, November 13, 2012


(***Super Junior dorm***)

"Sora-ra...Where are you? Why your phone off? I tried to call, but your phone is not active." 

Leeteuk talked to himself. Right after he found out about the article this afternoon, he tried to call Sora, but her phone is  switch off. He have to explain to Sora what really happend. He didn't want Sora missunderstand about the news.

After failed to contact Sora, he finally dialed Lee Yung number

"Lee Yung nunna, it's me Leeteuk. Do you know where Sora is?" Leeteuk asked Lee Yung as soon as she answer the phone
"Why you asked me?Why don't you call her and asked her where she is." Lee Yung didn't want to tell Leeteuk where Sora is. She still a little bit up set with him since she read a news about him in the internet
"I tried to call herso many times, nunna, but her phone was off. Are you with her this afternoon?" Leeteuk insisted to found out
"Yes, but as soon as she finished her schedule, she asked to go home, she said that she was tired." Lee Yung lied to Leeteuk. 
"Ah oke Nunna, thank you." Leeteuk ended the conversation

He grab his jacket and hat, then running to the door when Shin Dong asked him
"Where are you going Hyung? Something wrong?" 
"I have to find Sora, Shin Dong-ah. I have a bad feeling about the news." all SuJu's member know how worried Leeteuk since this afternoon when he found out about the article
"Don't worry too much Hyung. Sora-ssi is a strong woman. I believe she completely understand about this." Shin Dong tried to comfort him
"I knew her, Shin Dong. She must be annoyed with the news. She never turn off her phone, never, but today, different. Wondering why...I have to meet her. Bye." Leeteuk said goodbye while running to the parking lot

(***Sora's apartment***)

Leeteuk came to Sora's apartment. All room still dark, even her bed room.

"Where are you Sora???" He tried to call Sora again, but failed, her phone still off

He wait for Sora there for an hour. 10 pm already, but there's no sign that she will come back. Leeteuk grab his phone again. He dialed Sora's mother number. He knew it's late and maybe his phone will suprise her, but he really don't have a choice.

"Hallo." Sora's mom answered his phone
"Mother, it's me Leeteuk, ehm Jung Su. Sorry to bothering you, but is Sora with you right now?" Leeteuk is very careful when asked her. He was afraid that Sora's mother will get shock.
"Yes, she is with me Jung Su-ah. Is that something wrong between you two?" Sora's mother aske her son in law to be
"Ehm, I think there's a huge missunderstanding Mom.. Can I met her now. I'll be there in 30 minutes." Leeteuk asked permission to see Sora
"She's sleeping now, Jung Su. I think she's very tired. If you want to see her, meet her tomorrow, just give her a little space." Sora's mom told him
"Thank you Mother. At least now I am relieved. I know where she is. I am sorry for bothering you tonight Mother." 
"Jung Su, you'll promise me to take care of her right? Sora's is still very young, and I think now she face a truth of the relationship. She need to learn though, but as a mother, I trusted you, so please don't make her cried so much, take care of her." Sora's mother told him her true feeling
"I know Mother and I will. I promised you to take care of her, to cherish her and always to make her happy. I promised you. I will come to pick her up tomorrow morning Mother, but please don't tell her. There's something important that I have to tell to her." Leeteuk is begging now
"I know Jung Su, just come here at 8, I think her schedule start at 9:30." Sora's mom told him. He always love and support Leeteuk from the beginning
"Thank you Mother.." Leeteuk ended his phone conversation.

Leeteuk stay a little bit longer in Sora's apartment, then went for exercise. He decided to go for exercise to eliminate his anxiety. 

(***Sora's House***)

"Sora-ra, wake up darling. It's 7 o clock now, you have to go at 8 right?" Sora's mother tried to wake her up
"Give me another 30 minutes Mom, Please..." Sora spoiled her mom
"Oke, 30 minutes." Her mom said while go out from bed room. 

Sora's mother is going to go to the groceries shop, when she saw Leeteuk car was parking outside the house. She walked closer and saw Leeteuk sleep in the car.

"OMO, how long has he been here?" Sora's mother mumbled

"Jung So-ah, wake up." She knock Leeteuk's car window several time, until finally Leeteuk wake.

"OMO, Good morning Mom." Leeteuk greet her and get off from the car
"What time did you arrive Jung Su-ah? How long have you been there?" Sora's mother seems so worried
"I came at 4 Mom. I straight from the gym and come here, because I am afraid that I will late if I went back to my dorm." Leeteuk said
"Oke, let's go inside. You need to wash and I give you a breakfast. Cmon, go inside." Sora's mom guided Leeteuk come to the house

"Where's Sora Mom? Is she still sleeping?" Leeteuk asked Sora's mom after he finish wash his face
"That girl is a sleepyhead since kid. This is your hot chocolate. I prepared a rice and some chicken here. Eat it with her. Wake her up now. She's in my room. I will go to groceries shop for a while." Sora's mother told Leeteuk what to do while she's heading to the door.
"Oke Mom and thank you very much." Leeteuk told then bow her.

Leeteuk come slowly to Sora's parents room. He feel a little bit burden, but there's no choice, since Sora was sleep there.

"Wake up sleepyhead. It's already 7:30." Leeteuk whispering in Sora's ear
"Oppa??? Is that really you?" Sora wake up and so surprised when she found Leeteuk 
"Yes Baby Princess, this is me." Leeteuk gave her his best smile
"OMO, why you are here? When did you come?" Sora was still surprised with Leeteuk apparance
"I stay outside since 4 until your mom saw me and asked me to come to wake you up." Leeteuk smile while pinching her nose
"Ah, you must be cold outside. What are you doing early in the morning in front of my house Oppa? You can call me and see me later." Sora showed her worries
"If I can call you.. If... Your phone was switch off right since yesterday afternoon and I think until now." Leeteuk is teasing his girlfriend
"Ah, I am sorry Oppa, my phone is out of battery, I forgot to charge it." Sora lied to him
"Really? So, just because out of battery? I guess you also forgot to bring your phone charger right?" Once again Leeteuk teased her
"Ehm ya..." Sora nodded
"So, you didn't avoid me right? Your phone is switch off, not because you avoid me?" Leeteuk asked Sora and Sora not answered it just nodded
"But, why your eyes are swollen Sora-ra? Are you crying all night long?" Leeteuk asked him softly. Suddenly her eyes was teary "Aish.. Please don't cry darling, don't cry.. I am sorry.. Really I am sorry... You believe me right?" Leeteuk asked Sora while hugs her. Sora still didn't say a word, she just cried. All of her emotion was spilled out. 

They didn't realise that Sora's mother was watching them outside the room. She was so happy, seeing both of them can solve their problem.

(***Super Junior Dorm, a week after the first problem***)

"Hyung...Hyung... where are you?" Ryeowook was yealing looking for Leeteuk
"Aish.. Wookie, lower your voice. What's going on." Eunhyuk was annoyed because of Ryeowook
"Teukie Hyung have to see this. I don't want he and hyungsunim got misunderstanding again because of this kind of news." Ryeowook showed the newest article in the internet.
"What's up Wookie? Why are you yealing?" Leeteuk come to the living room.
"Hyung, you have to see this." Ryeowook give his tablet to Leeteuk

Who Is Jisu Of TAHITI That Lee Teuk Of Super Junior Picked To See Before Going To The Army?

Lee Teuk of Super Junior picked Jisu of TAHITI as the idol that he wants to meet before going to the army.

September 28, 2012 9:20 AM EDT |0EMAILPRINT

Tahiti Jisu
Leeteuk appeared on MBC Music's "Hybrid Chart Show, All the K-Pop" with Jisu of TAHITI last 18th. It is because Leeteuk picked her to be the entertainer that he wants to see again before going to the army.
Their first meeting took place on SBS "Star King." Leeteuk took an interest in Jisu who appeared with other members of TAHITI, and this meeting continued on to "All the K-Pop."
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It is said that Leeteuk recognized Jisu right away, who appeared in mask and danced to "Tonight."
A person related to TAHITI management said, "She goes to the same salon as Leeteuk, and they ran into each other often in music programs. I was surprised that he picked her to be the entertainer to see." He also said, "I heard that he is going to the army. TAHITI will definitely visit him in the army to support him as an older member of the industry, given the opportunity."
Leeteuk is so surprised to see the news. This story was coming after they recording at MBC. He told Sora about this, but he never expect that Tahiti management tried to make this big. He knew that Tahiti management and his management collaborate to make this happend. 

"Shit !!!! What is this?" Leeteuk can not hide his anger after reading the news
"Calm Hyung..Calm.. Just explain this to Sora, she must be understand." Donghae try to calm his hyung
"This is too much Donghae-ah. Just one week after Sora was suffering because this kind of news. Now, this happened again. What I have to tell to her parents. You have to see her last week, how she was suffer from this kind of news." Leeteuk still angry

He took his phone and dialed his manager number

"Hyung, what is this? Why you do this to me?" Leeteuk yealing to his manager. He still can not handle his emotion
"Teukie-ah.. I am sorry. I really didn't know about it. It's not me, really, but someone higher than me." Leeteuk's manager tried to explained to him
"What??? You know exactly what happened last week right? Why this kind of thing come and come again? Both of us are doing nothing, why? Let me make it clear. When I have to come with Jisu at MBC that because you said the management asked me to do that. Fine, I am doing it, but why the article come like this? Like I was crazy in love this girl. You know Hyung, I don't want anyone get hurt because of this. I love Sora, you know about it, and I don't want any scandal come because of this. I asked you to talk to their manager to clear up this." Leeteuk suddenly closed his phone and grab his car keys.

"Where're you going Hyung?" Donghae asked his leader
"To meet Sora. She is in fansigning at Ilsan right now." Leeteuk told Donghae when he already reach the door
"But Hyung, a lot of people in the fansigning. It will be huge if you come." Eunhyuk tried to remind Leeteuk
"It will be great if a lot of people can see us. I don't care anymore, this is too much already." Leeteuk answered while leaving the dorm.

(***Kang Sora fansigning at Ilsan***)
"Thank you everyone.. Thank you for coming..." Sora greet her fans and bowing them after the fansigning finish.

Sora just off from the stage when suddenly a man grab her arm.

"OMO.. Oppa? Is that you?" Sora recognize Leteuk directly
"Sst.. Sora-ra. I talked to your manager and he allow me to bring you home. Now, just keep silent. I am going to be one of your body guard now. Just follow me." Leeteuk whispering in Sora's ear
"Oke.." Sora just follow him until they went with Leeteuk car

"Where are we going Oppa?" Sora asked her boyfriend as soon as they reach the street
"No where... Are you tired?" Leeteuk asked Sora
"No.. why? You seems so weird Oppa. Something coming right? Another breaking news?" Sora already understand about a lot of news coming lately related to Leeteuk image.
"Ehm.. Can be... But please don't take it seriously." Leeteuk tried to comfort her
"It's about Jisu-ssi from Tahiti right? I saw the news this morning. Did you know that I always searching about you every morning? So that's not a shocking news then." Sora tried to elimate his worries
"So you already see it? Is it oke for you?" Leeteuk asked her then squeezing her habd
"It's oke Oppa, as long as that was not true, it's oke." Sora smiled
"Off course it's not true, you know that darling." now Leeteuk can smile, but something he didn't realize that the problem is not the end

(***to be continued***)

this story inspired by video posted by @shymaldita28 at forum.soompi. Love this song very much and so touching when seeing Park Jung So sing this song with all his heart. I beat he thought about Sora when he sing this song, since Sora is a model of this beautiful MV and this is one of Sora's favorite song.. I hope you guys like it


by Huo Gak

We can't be apart
It's too soon for us to say goodbye
You just can't leave me like this
There are so many things that I haven't said yet
Please don't leave me like this

Because of you, I
Because of you, I really
Like this, I can't go on like this
You're the only reason I am living for
Please don't leave me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

Because I love you, I'm
Because I really love you, I'm
Suffering to the point of death, to th epoint of death
Do you see that I can't live because I'm dying?
Please comeback to me

You're my love, my love that I long for
You're the person that used to love me
Now I can't touch you, but
Will you long for me, as much as I long for you?
To the person I love crazy, to that person "hello"

If  it was going to be like this
If this is really the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

If this is really the end
If this is the end
I want to go back to the time when we didn't know each other
If it's too late, If it's too late
I'll no longer live, because living is too hard for me

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