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Cr: My best friend @jerqu for story and @playerkbd for giving a permission

The condo house that Sora rented sits on a hill overlooking the beach. It’s modern and feminine like. Black and white is the main theme and the style is minimalist. The black leather furniture contrasted with the white walls and granite floors. The house was designed with the magnificent view in mind. Wall of windows ran the width of the living room laying out the green lawn and the breathtaking view of the ocean. Looking at herself in the mirror, Sora saw the result of her crying the previous night; her eyes are swollen and no amount of make-up will help to cover the damage. Picking up the phone from the side table, she called Kath.
Sora: “Kath, how are the twins?”
Kath: “They’re fine. Where are you now, I’m so worried about you.”
Sora: “I’m ok. What did you tell them?”
Kath: “I just told them that you went on a business trip.”
Sora: “Thank you Kath. I don’t want them to know that there is something going on between me and their dad. Can I talk to them please?”
Kath: “Vince…Vanessa, your mum wants to talk to you.”
Vince: “Hi mummy, where are you.”
Sora: “Mummy is working. How are you my sweethearts. Mummy misses you & Vanessa very much.”
Vanessa:” Hey, let me talk to Mummy please…hello mum when are you coming back.”
Sora: “Soon baby. I just have to finish my work here and I will go home to be with you. Mummy will call you everyday. Give mum a kiss.” 
The twins made a smacking sound on the phone.
Sora: “I love you , my babies.”
~~ “I love you too, mummy.” Both replied.
Sora: “Can you please put Nanny on the phone.” 
Kath: “When are you coming back home?”
Sora: “Kath I am so confused, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want them to see me crying or looking like wretched.”
Kath: “I understand. Just take your time and come home when you’re ready. But please talk to Leeteuk, I heard him cry at night. He’s been drinking since you left. The kids are in good hands you know that. It was just the three of us in New York and we survived.So don’t worry about them.”
Sora: “Thanks Kath. Big hug.”
Kath: “Take care, okay, be careful.”
Leeteuk woke up with a splitting headache. Opening his eyes he saw  Vince sitting on the bed staring at him.
Vince: “Daddy, mummy called us.” 
Leeteuk immediately sat up and asked him, “What did mummy say? Did she tell you anything?”
Vince: “She said she is working, and will not go home yet dad .”
LT: “What else did mum say to you.”
Vince: “That’s all, dad.”
LT put on his dressing gown and taking hold of  Vince’s hand he said, “Come, let’s go find Nanny and your sister.”
Finding Kath in the kitchen, LT requested if he could talk to her alone. They proceeded to LT’s office in the house.
LT: “Kath, please tell me where Sora is?”
Kath: “I don’t know where she is. She called but did not tell me where she’s staying.”
LT: “What do you think I should do? I already lost her five years ago and I am not going to lose her again this time. I love her Kath. Please help me.”
Kath: “What happened between the two of you? When you left the house, you were like two kids going out on their date. But then suddenly it come out like this”
LT: “It’s some stupid misunderstanding. This girl that I went out with once came up to us when we were dancing and kissed me and Sora must have thought that I was still dating her so she ran out.”
Kath: “Well, that’s our Sora alright. She’s far too classy to make a scene. If I were her I would have pulled the girl’s hair and slapped your face before leaving. She’ll come around don’t worry. Right now, she must be terribly hurt with what happened. I know Sora. She cannot stay away for long without her kids.Just give her time and some space.”
LT: “What if she refuses to marry me now, what if I can’t win her back?”
Kath: “Then you have do everything to work out between the two of you. You have to ran after her until she says yes.”
There was a knock on the door and  maid entered.
M: “Sir, your parents are here.”
LT went to see his parents who were in the living room making a fuss over Vanessa & Vince.
LT: “What brings you here early in the morning?”
Kath: “Come kiddo’s, why don’t you have breakfast first and you can go back and talk to grandpa and grandma.” After his grandparents kissed them, they left with Kath.
LT’s mom: “Sora’s mom called to tell us that Sora left the house. What really happened?”
LT: “Nothing ommoeni. It was just a misunderstanding.”
LT’s dad: “What kind of misunderstanding?”
LT: “Do I have to tell you everything that happens between me and Sora?”
LT’s mom: “If you don’t want to tell us, fine. Just fix it as soon as possible Jungsoo, that girl is worth fighting for. If you have to crawl on your knees just to get her back, do it. I love her like she’s my own daughter. By the way, I want the kids stay with us for a few days? We miss them so much.”
LT: “I know the two of you will not stop until I give in. Why don’t we go ask the kids then.” 
They headed the dining room where the twins were eating breakfast.
LT: “Why don’t you join us for breakfast?
LT’s dad: “Okay, we’ll join you for breakfast.”
While they were eating breakfast LT asked Vince & Vanessa, “Sweethearts, would you like to stay with grandpa and grandma at their house?” 
LT’s dad: “We can go picnic and you can play in the park. Would you like that?” 
The twin’s eyes lit up at the thought  about going out the house and play in the park.They have been staying inside the house for quite some time.”
Vanessa: “Daddy can We go with grandpa and grandma?”
LT: “Do you want to? Okay, I’ll bring you there myself after breakfast.”
At the Park’s grand house. They  headed to the house where LT’s mom had lunch set up at the terrace overlooking the luxuriant garden, gazebo and big sized imperishability pool and spa.  The twins was excitedly relating to their grandma and Kath about  what they will do in the park.
LT’s dad: “Grandpa will also show you  your dad’s toys collection when he was still a kid.”
Vince: “Grandpa, I have car collection too and I have a big airplane in my bedroom.”
LT’s dad referring to Leeteuk’s collection of vintage toy car remarked, “Your dad have some vintage sports car toy collection too Vince.” Vince’s eyes widen with delight.
Kath’s phone rang. It was Sora checking on the Twin’s. Kath then  called out to Vince & Vanessa that his mum is on the phone.
Vanessa: “Hello mummy. We are at grandma’s dad’s house and We are going out  to the park tomorrow.”
Sora: “Are you having fun? where’s your brother?”
Vanessa : “Uh huh, wait up mum he’s talking to grandpa…Vince!!! mum wanna talk to you…”
Vince: “Hello mum, how are you? miss you, We are staying at grandpa and grandma’s house with nanny.”
LT: “Vince, can I talk to mummy?”
Vince: “Mummy, dad wants to talk to you.” Vince gave the phone to his dad. LT was about to greet Sora but the line went dead. She hang up on him.
LT pretended that he was still talking to Sora. He did not want his son to know that his mum don’t like to talk to him.
LT: “ honey, I’ll talk to you later then.”
Leaving  the twins and Kath at his parent’s house, LT called the head of the security for an update. They still can’t find her. 
Security: “Sir, it would have been easy if we can trace her cell phone and the car but Miss Kang Sora  must have disabled the GPS in her car and removed the battery from her cell phone.
LT: “Continue with your search. Don’t stop until you find her.” 
Siwon  and Donghae received a call from LT to meet him at a club. When they arrived, LT was already drunk and was peering at them through misted eyes.
LT: “Yah yah yaaa, what took you so long?”
Siwon: “Hyung, you better pull yourself together. My father’s men and your security are coordinating their efforts looking  24/7 and it’s just a matter of time and we’ll find Sora.”
LT: “I can’t man. If I don’t drink, I feel like I’m going to be crazy. I still can see the look of disappointment on Sora’s face after Jisu kissed me. Man, do you know how that makes me feel? I feel so rotten hurting her. We were so happy that evening before Jisu came along.”
Donghae: “Hyung, you have to think of Vanessa & Vince. You don’t want them to see you drunk, do you?”
LT: “I know man. That’s why I stay sober whenever I’m with them.”
It’s been  a week and Siwon and Donghae are clearly concerned about Leeteuk. In those seven days, he has been drinking. He spends his days in the office and goes to his parent’s home to see the twin’s and stays with them until bedtime. He then heads to a bar and drinks himself until he’s intoxicated. They made sure that LT was never left alone and coordinated with one manager for round the clock to accompany him.
On the 8th day, both the head of LT’s security and one of  Siwon’s father men came to see LT at his office.
Head Security: “Sir, we found Miss Kang sora. She is staying in one of the new condo unit. This is the address sir.”
LT: “Thank you. Just keep an eye on the place until I got there.”
As soon as they left, LT called Siwon and his father to thank him for their help.
After an hour of working out, Sora showered and put on a printed silk off shoulder blouse with  short jeans. She didn’t go out of the condominium if it’s not important, She called Lee Jin to accommodate all the clients and give instructions to cancel some of  her not so important engagement but when she had to meet an important client for meeting , she had to chose a restaurant that caters to dinners served in private rooms. Her face has been plastered all over the newspapers and internet and she was concerned that she may be recognized. At this point, she just wants to stay nameless. She worked from the condominium, thanks to an efficient network web system, it’s like she never left her office. She also arranged with Lee Jin  to have her groceries delivered to her condo unit…. 
This past days have been a blessing for her. The quietness of her surroundings helped her to clear her mind that have been filled with so many things; adjusting to living in LT’s home with the twin’s, establishing her career in Korea, the scandal, the impending marriage and most importantly, her relationship with LT, that she somehow lost herself along the way. Lately, she had been overly sensitive and emotional especially where LT was concerned. LT so much as say anything to her, and she becomes all defensive, she’s always  full alert. She’s still hopelessly in love with him yet, her fear of being hurt by him is so overwhelming that it dictates her words and actions toward him. The night Jisu kissed Leeteuk was also the night he told her that he loved her. Could she have been wrong, judging him without giving him a chance to explain? She wanted to go back home and talk to him, did he really meant what he said that he loved her. Her reverie was interrupted when her phone rang. 
Kath: “Hello Sora. How are you coping, are you okay?”
Sora: “I’m fine Kath. The past few days helped clear my mind. How’s my babies?”
Kath: “They’re  with  grandparents in the swimming pool. Vince tricks the oldies that he hurt his little finger and his grandpa and grandma come running for his aid. They took over my job. And LT is such a great daddy to Vince & Vanessa. Everyday, he’s here to eat dinner with them and does not leave until the twins is asleep. Listen, there is something else I want to tell you.”
Sora: “Hmnn…What is it?”
Kath: “I just had a conversation with the maids in the house. I called to check how they  we’re doing and the maid relayed her concerns about their Boss Leeteuk. They told me that after you left, LT has been drinking heavily and is drunk every night. Hello? Sora are you still there?”
Sora: “I’m sorry, yeah, I’m still with you.”
Kath: “Listen, I’m concerned that if Leeteuk continues to be like this, he’s going to get sick. He hardly eats and is drinking every night. Please, promise me you’ll come back soon.”
Sora: “Okay Kath, I promise.” 
Sora was just hanging up the phone when the elevator door opened and Leeteuk walks in. He has definitely lost weight, his eyes are florid like he’s not been sleeping for days and there’s a stricken look on his face. Seeing him in such a pitiful state made Sora’s eyes fill with tears.
Sora: “You found me.” 
LT with tears in his eyes answered: “Yes, I did.”
LT slowly walked up to her and took her in his arms. 
LT: “Soraya, I’m so sorry, I did not mean to hurt you. Jisu and I have ended our relationship  a very long time ago. Come back to me, please don’t leave me again. I cannot survive without you. Tell me what I must do to prove to you how much I love you and I’ll do it.”
Sora putting her arms around Leeteuk’s neck answered, “I just want you to love me, that’s all.”
LT: “I’ve always loved you Soraya. I thought I could forget you but I just realized that I was just fooling myself. I have never been happy until you and our kids came back into my life.”
Sora: “Why did you not tell me about this? Do you know how insecure I was about your feelings for me? I thought that you no longer loved me because I lied and kept my pregnancy a secret. Every time I see your picture with different women, I was sure that you have forgotten about me, us.”
LT: “At first I was angry that you lied and kept the twins a secret from me for five years. But then I realized that it was nothing compared to the sacrifice you made for our kids. I could not tell you that I never stopped loving you because I was not sure about how you felt about me. I thought that you were in love with Sungmin. You were always so close to him that I suspected that both of you were having a relationship.” 
Sora: “The only relationship I have with Sungmin is close friendship, like a brother. There is only one man for me and that is you Park Jungsu. I love you.”
LT: “Say it again.”
Sora: “I love you, I love you.”
LT: “Now, you can show me just how much you love me.” 
Sora nibbling his chin teased him, “Leeteuk-ssi, is that all you think about?” Sora pulling LT’s head towards her for a kiss whispered, “Come here.” While stroking the nape of his neck Sora kissed him with a soft and supple kiss parting her mouth as she continued the lingering kiss and slowly, deliberately, she pulled away gently dragging his lower lip with her. Aroused by her teasing, Leeteuk pulled her in for a deeper kiss, his hands gliding over her back and hips as he continued kissing her with intensity. Leaving her mouth LT trailed kisses down her neck to the pulse at the base of her throat. His hands slipped inside her blouse and roamed freely over her bare skin, pausing briefly on her breasts. Circling his arms around her and without breaking the embrace, Leeteuk lifted her off the floor and walked slowly to the bedroom while kissing her mouth passionately.
LT, with his mouth on hers, his arms around her, and closing the door behind them, he then put her down and pinned her against it. Sora wanted to push LT away but her longing for him was like an uncontrollable tidal wave, her mouth parting on its own volition to accept his kiss as his tongue met hers, hungrily exploring and teasing inside and nibbling her lips. They kissed with the pent-up yearning from the weeks of separation. LT buried his fingers through hair and tugging gently on it to arched her head and deepened the kiss while his other hand roamed her back, pressing her hips against him. Sora clung to him, her arms around his neck, her fingers caressing his nape. LT whispered, his voice almost inaudible with the passion that was taking hold of his mind and body, “Sora, I want to make love to you right now, you’re driving me insane.” She clung to his shoulder, feeling the hardness of his muscle letting out a sigh when he felt his hand glide down carressingly along her thigh . She could not utter even a tiny protest when LT slid his hand on her leaving hot trails on her skin. Leaving her mouth, he nibbled his way along her jaws as his tongue tasted her skin. 
LT devoured Sora’s mouth, his raging need for her was like wildfire burning through a forest, his teeth grazing her lips demanding access. She responded by parting her mouth, allowing his tongue to meet hers giving him full rein to slowly explore inside, to savor and taste. His kiss swept aside any objections rising within her, all caution and rationale she had bottled in her brain turning to mush. She felt LT’s arms holding her tightly against him. His right arm around her waist, his hand squeezing her left buttock while his other hand was roaming her bare back, making her weak in the knees. Sora’s body was on fire when LT yanked her blouse and slipped these off  her shoulder. “You drive me wild,” Leeteuk mumbled thickly, savoring the lushness of her body. He unzipped her short letting it fall around her ankle. 
Dizzy with desire Sora, her lips wet, her mouth open, tilted her head, inviting Leeteuk to kiss her. “You are a ravishing witch, you’ve bewitched me,” LT whispered before capturing her mouth, their tongues meeting and mating in a red-hot kiss. She turned around, her hands skimmed his hard as rock chest and reached for his shoulder to push his open shirt away from his shoulder. She slid her hands underneath his silk top making LT groan as her hands glided up pushing the top up, stroking him along the way. LT pulled his top over his head, unfastened his pants, pushing it downs his hips to join her clothes on the floor. Clasping her waist, he pulled her towards him, dropping his hands to her the round curves of her buttocks squeezing lightly, rubbing his groin against her. Sora arched her back giving LT more access to her body. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. She felt the waves coming like the pounding of the surf to the shore. Sora was capable of taking her into a continuous ecstasy as he took her, their bodies following the rhythm of their lovemaking. They shook and gasp in the throes of pleasure as they reached the crest, throwing them in an earth-shaking climax. Leeteuk and Sora spent the night floating in their intense lovemaking…..

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