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Cr: My talented friends @Jerqu

Chapter 19 “Are we for REAL or REEL?”
Staring at the view from her office window, Sora was reflecting on how complicated her situation has been eversince their scandal broke out. Her thoughts were interrupted by Lee jin.
Lee Jin: “You know Sora, your mom called me to talk to you. She is concerned that you do not want to get married. Aside from being your assistant I am also your friend and you know that I am always on your side but I think your mom, Leeteuk and his parents are right.”
Sora: “You too Lee Jin? I thought that you would be at my side.”
Lee Jin: “Sora, you and Leeteuk should be given a hit on the head. Obviously both of you are crazy about each other so why are you hesitating? If you are worried because of the women, I can honestly tell you that Leeteuk was never serious with any of them. And in case you think I hadn’t noticed, your lips were pretty swollen the day I saw you on Lotte Hotel. You were in a hurry so you didn’t see me gawking at you on the Hotel lobby. So that only means that you and Leeteuk probably spent a wild night together. You are not the type to sleep around Sora and if ever you go to bed with a man, it’s because you’re still in love with him.”
She was about to reply when they were interrupted by ringing of the phone….

Sora: “Yes, Hello.”
LT’s dad: “Ah Soraya, are you by any chance free this afternoon?”
Sora: “Please,
May I know why?”
LT’s dad: “I’d like to invite you for lunch. Just the two of us.”
Sora: “Can you wait for a while please I’ll just check my daily schedule.” Going over her calendar, she only had one in the afternoon. “I have one appointment in the afternoon but I’m free at lunch time around twelve-thirty maybe?”
LT’s dad: “So, I’ll send the driver to pick you up from your office then.”
Sora: “I have to go home to change so can you please have the driver pick me up at the house instead?”
Lt’s dad: “Okay, I’ll do that. See you then.”
Sora: “Bye.” She was curious why LT’s father wanted to see her alone.

The driver was already waiting for Sora when she arrived home. Sora hurriedly put on a white skirt with off sleeve blouse, she wants to wear simple dress this time. The driver brought her to the exclusive Country Club owned by the Park family where one has to be a member of the club to use the facilities. Sora found LT’s dad, sipping iced tea at the terrace lounge.

LT’s dad: “Ah, Soraya, you’re here. Shall we order while we talk?
Sora: “I’m so curious why you wanted to see me.”
LT’s dad: “How are you holding up with this scandal and the hounds of reporters sniffing around you?”
Sora: “I’m trying my best but sometimes it’s difficult especially with persistent reporters who are always secretly following us around. It’s a good thing that the security men Leeteuk hired are very good at spotting and scaring them away.
LT’s dad: “Soraya, the reason I wanted you to meet is that I’d like to talk to you about Leeteuk. Did he ever tell you what happened five years ago when you left?”
Sora: “No we have not really talked in details about ourselves although I did give him a brief history of my life during the five years we were apart. What I know about him is mostly from what I read in the papers, web and on TV.”
LT’s dad: “Let me fill you in on what you don’t know. When he broke up with you, he was regretful but he couldn’t do something about it because he had to enter the army camp for his enlistment.After two years when he was released from army camp he hired a private investigator to look for you but he was unsuccessful. He tried to pursue your friends to tell him about your where about but to no avail he failed. You left without a trace. Leeteuk was so devastated that he was drunk every night and could not concentrate on his duties as a leader of Suju. He may tell you the opposite story but he was in that state for about four months. Gradually he stopped drinking and became a workaholic when he was appointed out to be the SM’s overall in-charge of the group idols . He was so driven that he singlehandedly brought back SM’s Idol group to more success. As he became more successful, Leeteuk also started dating different kind of women, socialites, actresses. I know my son. They may call him a player but he is not the type who would have a many girlfriends. Even if we have rift when he was growing up, I knew all his moves because it was reported to me. Before you, he never paid much attention to girls. You changed him for the better and in the process stole his heart when you were acting as virtual married couple. Why am I telling you all this? I’m telling you this because I want you to give him a chance. You were not the only one who had it rough; he suffered too. Please marry him Soraya. Unlike me, Leeteuk is very loving father and I am sure that he’ll be a good husband as well.

Sora was surprised with the revelation. She never expected Leeteuk to be drunk every night. Because he don’t drink at all, He always seemed to be so sure of himself and never gave any indication of what he went through. His pictures in the internet, TV and on magazines showed a smiling Leeteuk having a great time with all those women. Does he hate me now? What if Leeteuk is going through the motions of marrying her and then dumping her at the last minute?

Sora: “I understand what you’re saying, however, people do change. He may be on his thirties but he was childish and I was still inexperienced at that time.”
LT’s dad: “I agree but still, don’t you think he didn’t love you enough at that time?”
Sora: “Leeteuk and I are just absorbed of our Twin’s life so that we don’t have time to get to know each other again.
LT’s dad: “Please, I suggest that both of you should also focus on each other especially now that you are getting married.Listen to me it’s good for the twin’s and for both of you.”

When they’re about to leave , Sora was astonished to see Leeteuk was waiting for them at the lobby.

Sora: “What are you doing here?”
LT: “I came to pick you up. I drop at your office, Lee Jin told me that you’re meeting my father here at the clubhouse.”
LT’s dad: “Park Jungsoo when can I see my grandchildren again. I’d like to ask if the twins can stay with us even for a few days. Soraya, you can have Kath accompany the twins.”
LT: “Appa, we’ll ask Vince & Vanessa if they want to. They may still need to get used to you a little bit more before they agree to stay in your house.But I’ll ask them.”

On the ride home Leeteuk asked, “Why did Appa call you? What did you two talk about?”
Sora: “He asked me how I’m coping with the scandal but mostly he talked about you.”
LT: “What did he say about me?”
Sora: “You don’t have to know about it, It’s supposed to be a secret between us.”
LT: “As long as my dad is on my side, you two can keep a secret about me. Soraya, how about going out for dinner tonight. We have been so engrossed with our twin’s and we never really went out on a date.”
Sora: “Didn’t we have an agreement before that we’ll stay away from each other and lead separate lives?”
LT: “That was before but now that we are getting married, it’s high time that we become exclusive and that means, you and me, as a couple. No more dating other people.”
Sora: “What about Jisu and other woman. I can’t believe you’ll give them up to playhouse with me. Leeteuk, you are really confusing me. You told me before that our arrangment is just temporary and then we go our separate ways; all of sudden you are so eager to get married. And don’t tell me that you are doing this for the twins.”
Leeteuk: “I think I am going to save this conversation later. I am driving and I don’t want to get distracted.”

With LT’s dad plea for Sora to give LT a chance ringing in her ears, She decided that it was childish of her not to give LT the benefit of the doubt. She knew that if she refused to marry LT would hurt not only her parents but the twin’s as well. She have to accept LT’s invitation for them to go out for dinner. 

She wore a sexy, figure hugging dress with an empire waist and a sweetheart neckline. The skirt is seafoam blue while the color from the empire waist up is taupe. Two inch metallic gold straps extend to the neck line and around the empire waist. A strapless high heels complemented the dress. Leeteuk, looking very handsome in a dark suit and white dress shirt, let out a wolf whistle when he saw Sora coming down the stairs. He don’t know where to look.

LT: “Vince, isn’t mommy beautiful?”
Vince: “Yes dad. Where are you going daddy?”
LT: “Dad is going out for dinner with Mum.”
Vanessa: “Can we go with you dad?”
Kath: “No Vanessa, little kids are not allowed there.”
Sora: “Kath, you can call us anytime okay.”
Kath: “Stop worrying will you? You two should also have quality time.”
Leeteuk turning to Kath said, “I entrust these two cute kids like dad to your care.”winking at her.
Kath: “Yes, you don’t have to worry, I will take care of them.”

As soon as they were in the car, Leeteuk handed Sora a small jewelry box.
Sora: “What is this?”
LT: “Why don’t you open it and see.”
Inside the box is an exquisite necklace with a diamond pendant.
Sora could not speak and stared at the necklace that must have cost a fortune.
LT: “I figured that the mother of my twins deserves the best.” Leeteuk put it on Sora’s neck. “You look absolutely ravishing as always.” Cupping her face, he kissed her.
Sora: ” I’m so overwhelmed, you really are such class act. What do I have to do to repay your generosity.”
LT: “Hmmm…I can think of one or two which I’ll save for later when we get back home. But let me give you a taste of what’s to come.” He pulled her again for a searing kiss that left Sora’s breathless.

He brought her to a Arabic restaurant called Batriq Bistro where each table are enclosed by half opened tents of silver and gold silk. Instead of a chair they sat on cushions over a Persian rug, so that they had to remove their shoes and ate with their hands. They feasted on smoked lamb’s meat, mix kabab and chicken biryani .
Sora: “Everything is so delicious. I have never eaten Arabic food before.”
LT: “Actually I discovered Arabic food when we have an event in Dubai. The Sheikh of Dubai send us invitation when they opened one of the biggest Dome in Arab World, They let SNSD & Suju perform there and ask me to perform with SJ.”

After dinner they were entertained by belly dancers who gyrated in a sensous dance, their colorful veils, costumes, and chimes around their hips and ankles in tune with the exotic rhythm of the music. One of the belly dancers approached Sora and pulled her to join them. Sora, not wanting to embarrass the dancer obliged and started her own version of the belly dance. Leeteuk could not tear his eyes off Sora as she writhed and swiveled her hips provocatively.She was amazingly dancing like a pro.
After the dance Sora remarked, “That was a great exercise. Maybe I should take up belly dancing.”
LT: “And I can buy you those costumes so you can always give me a private performance.”
Sora: “Then you have to pay me. I don’t come cheap you know.”
LT: “Soraya, are you flirting with me?”
Sora: “Of course. I’m having a wonderful time so that I don’t mind flirting with you.”
LT: “I’m liking this. The evening isn’t over yet. We’ll have to dance.”

They went to a club and after ordering their drinks, LT and Sora joined the other dancers on the dance floor. After a series of fast music, the pace changed when a lady singer came onstage and started singing. LT took Sora in his arms and held her tightly as they followed the beat of the music.

Leeteuk touching her ear with his lips whispered: “Soraya, I love you. I have never loved anyone else but you.”
Both of them were startled when a loud voice called out “Leeteuk” and turning they saw Jisu approaching them. Squeezing in between Leeteuk and Sora she put her arms around Leeteuk’s neck and kissed him full on the lips.

Jisu: “Why have you not called me. I have been waiting for your call.”

Sora was taken aback and turning her back, she left LT on the dance floor with Jisu whose arms were still draped around Leeteuk’s neck. Picking up her purse in their table, Sora ran out of the club and hailed a taxi. She called Kath.
Sora: “Kath, can you pack some clothes for me and put the luggage in my car and bring the car in front of the house.” As tears flowed down her cheeks, Sora muttered to herself, “You stupid, fool. Baboo…You should have known better than allow yourself to be played again by a player.”
As soon as she arrived home, she saw Kath waiting for her beside the car. Taking the keys from her, she reached for the car door.
Kath: “May I ask where you’re going. I am concerned that Leeteuk will be upset.”
Sora: “Tell to that player that I don’t care if he’s upset or not. And I don’t want to see him ever again.” She entered her car and drove away.


Leeteuk called after Sora but she did not hear him. In a panic he wrench Jisu’s arms off his neck and ran after Sora. Walking outside the club, he scanned the area to see if Sora’s among the people milling around but to no avail. He dialed Sora’s number but she would not pick up the phone. LT signaled the valet to bring around his car and immediately drove home where he was positive Sora would be heading to. On the way home he called Sora over and over again but she did not answer his calls. He rushed to their bedroom; it was empty. Next, he checked the bathroom; she was not there either. Going down the stairs, he met Kath.

LT: “Have you seen Sora?”
Kath: “I was just about to see you. She left.”
LT: “Where’s Vince & Vanessa?”
Kath: “They’re in their room sleeping. “

LT went to his twin’s bedroom and softly Vince was fast asleep in his bed. Jung Soo bent over his son and kissed him and also went to Vanessa room and kissed her.He called Kath and talk to her. When they were outside the kids bedroom, LT again asked Kath about Sora.
LT: “Kath, do you have any idea where Sora is going?”
Kath: “No. She called me to pack some clothes and put the luggage inside her car. I never got to talk to her. What’s going on leeteuk?”
LT: “Wait, I’ll call Sora’s parents first.”

Leeteuk called Sora’s parents. Her mom sounded like she was roused from sleep when she answered.”
Sora’s mom: “Yeoboseyo.”
LT: “Eomma, is Sora there?”
Sora’s mom: “No. Why?”
LT: “She left the house.”
LT heard Sora’s mother talking to her husband, “Hey, wake up, your daughter is missing again.”
Sora’s dad took the telephone and asked LT, “What happened to both of you, did you fight? Why is she missing?”
LT: “I can’t explain right now Appa, Please call me if she contacts you.”

After he talked to Soras parents LT called the head of the security and instructed him to have his men look for Sora. Then he called Siwon.
Siwon: “Hello.”
LT: “I need your help. Sora left the house. Your Father have a lot of connections and I’d like to ask your help me in finding her.”
Siwon: “Man, what happened? Did you two quarrel again?”
LT: “We were at a club when Jisu appeared and kissed me right in front of her. She bolted out of the club, went home, got the car and left. I don’t know what to do Siwon, I’m at my wit’s end right now. What if something happens to her?”
Siwon: “Calm down. Sora survived five years alone, she can survive one night. Did she bring the twins with her?”
LT: “No, she didn’t.”
Siwon: “That’s good. She will not go far without the kids. Relax man. She’s obviously upset and probably wants to be alone. Ok, I’m going to alert some of my dad’s men to look for her.”
LT: “Thanks man.”
Siwon: “Anytime. Don’t worry, I’ll call Sungmin as well maybe he have idea where Sora is.”
LT went out again and drove around hoping that he could find Sora. He called Min Ah if she knows where Sora but Min Ah just said Sora didn’t call her and she had no idea. The security called to report that they’ve check all the possible places hotels, hospitals, precincts but they could not find her. He instructed them to continue with their search.


Sora drove around Seoul trying to clear her mind. Her cell rang continuously but she did not answer all calls. She can’t go to her parents home neither can she call her friends. There will be lots of questions asked and right now she just wants to be alone. She did not need the condition of trying to explain herself. Sora knows that she cannot hide indefinitely because of the twin’s.Vince & Vanessa will surely ask too many questions about her being temporarily gone but as long as Kath is with them it will be fine because it’s always been Kath who took care of them while she was away.

Sora thought, “I can’t let my kids see me all weepy and miserable. Damn you Leeteuk. Why do I always have to cry and be miserable over you?”
Sora decided to stay in one of the new luxury condominium buildings for which the sale and lease of the units is handled to her by one client. She’ll lease one of the units with a private elevator so no one can see her go in and out of the premises. She parked her car right by the elevator. She took out her luggage and opening the lockbox by the entrance she took a card key and swiped it through the card reader to open the elevator. The elevator went directly to her unit, a one bedroom corner suite. Sora entered the bedroom and occupied herself with unpacking her things. Bless Kath, she can pack everything Sora needs at a moment’s notice. After taking a shower and changing into a light pink nightgown, Sora went to bed. She could not sleep, the incident that happened earlier made her cry again, the sound of her sobs filling the bedroom. The image of Jisu kissing Leeteuk played over and over again in her mind like a movie. Finally, exhausted from crying, she fell asleep.


Leeteuk staggered to his bedroom. He’s been drinking all night so that he could barely walk. He tried to go to the bathroom. Fumbling with his clothes, he tried to undress himself but could hardly open the buttons. After several tries, LT managed to take off his clothes and went straight to the shower.Leeteuk in a slurred voice muttered, “I messed up again didn’t I? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? I can’t lose her again. He started sobbing uncontrollably.”

Kath who has been hiding, listen’s outside the masters bedroom door and heard LT’s cries. What really happened? with pity in her eyes.She have to make sure that he will not harm himself. This is not Leeteuk, it’s diffirent from what she read in the web and newspaper.She don’t like to see LT in this kind of state. Gently she pushed the door to see what happened to LT after she don’t hear any sound from the bedroom…..Kath sigh in relief when she saw LT already fell asleep.

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