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"Mom, where are you? Are you at home? I'll be there in 15 minutes." Leeteuk gave a call to his mom on the way to meet his mother, right after they met Lee So Man. He decided to meet her mom and her sister first, before he talk to Sora's parents about their plan.

(***Park Jung So House***)
"Who's on phone Mom?" Park In Young, Leeteuk sister asked her mother
"Jung So, he said he will be here in 15 minutes. He looks like in hury In Young, I don't know why. This is not him, I know him well. Something happend to him, I can feel it." Leeteuk mother seems a little bit worried
"Aish, don't worry to much Mom. Maybe he really miss you, that's why he seems like in a hurry." In Young tried to comfort her mom
"Maybe... I hope so.. But I know, something gonna happend. Maybe something big." Leeteuk mom said...


15 minutes later, Leeteuk and Sora arrived in his house. A beautiful and simple house, in a quite neighbourhood. 

"Oppa... I am nervous. Is your Mom gonna like me? Is she gonna give us her blessing?" Sora is so worried. This is their first meeting since they became a real couple.
"Don't worried. I talked to her about you, and she said she knew that I am crazy for you. So, please, no worries.." Leeteuk calmed Sora while squeezing her hand.

"Mom... Where are you?" Leeteuk yealing when he entered the house
"Aish Jung So, can you lower your voice?" Leeteuk's mom came from her room
"Sorry Mom, but I just have a little time. I want you to meet someone." Leeteuk greet her mom and gave a kiss in her cheek
"Mom, this is Sora, Kang Sora... She is a woman that I want to married with." Leeteuk introduce Sora to his mom. 

"Hallo Aunty, I am Kang Sora." Sora intruduce herself while bowing to Leeteuk Mom
"Sora-ya.. I am glad I am finally meet you. From the first time I saw you pairing with Jung So, I knew that you're the right woman for him. Welcome.. and please.. don't call me Aunty, call me Mom, like Jung So called me. " Leeteuk mom gave her a very welcome greet then hugs her like her own daughter.

"Mom, since I don't have much time, because I have to go somewhere else, I am asking your permission and blessing to marry her." Leeteuk asked her mother
"Sure... I give my bless to you guys, why you have to come just for asking me that. You should come here and intruduce her to me in proper way, so I can make a special dinner for you.." Leeteuk Mom still didn't get why Leeteuk asking for marry Sora.
"Mom... What I want to say is I'll marry her as soon as possible, before my enlist. It will be a very secret wedding. Just a close family, you, In Young nunna, Sora's parents and SuJu members, no one else will know about it. I'll make my married legally before my enlistment." Leeteuk tried to explain his plan to his mother

"OMO.. You mean before your enlist? Why? Why just make it after your enlist. You can make it your dream party after enlistment and give Sora a chance to expand her carrier. Sora is just 23 right? I mean she need a lot of things to do before you tied her in a merried life." Leeteuk mom tried to give another point of view to her beloved son.

"Every one told me about this Mom, but I think I have to marry her now. There are two biggest reason why I should marry her now. One, I'll be gone for two years and Sora will be very busy with her drama and modelling activity. Honestly, I always feel insecure about this relationship. When I am in the army, I think that insecure feeling will going stronger. You know Mom, I am not the only person who crazy in love with Sora, a lot of man there who was  in love with her too. I am very greatful when she choose me to be her lover. If I leave her as my legal wife, I will feel relieve if I know that she is mine." Leeteuk tried to explain his reason to his mom

"So, it means that you don't trust her? So You have to tied her now? Cmon Jung So, she won't go anywhere. There are her parents, me, and your sister who will be next to her and take care of her when you are gone. So, please, back to your sense." Leeteuk Mom still tried to convince her son

"Mom... Not that easy.. It didn't mean that I am not trusting her. I trust her, alot, but I want to spend my day before I go to my enlistment with her. I want to stay with her, 24 hours. I want to feel that there's someone who wait for me after I went for work. I want to feel something that called home, and I think she is my home Mom. Please understand me." Leeteuk still tried so hard to convinced his mom

"Is Sora's parents know about it? Do you think they will agree with your crazy plan? I am sorry, but I still hesitant with your plan Jung So." Leeteuk Mom still hesitated

"I will convince them too Mom, like I convince you now. By the way Mom, there is another things that you have to know. When I am in the army and Sora got pregnant, I want everyone know that it was mine and I want that child born as a legal child which came in the legal merried." Leeteuk finally said his last weapon to convince his mom

"What??? Pregnant??? Are you pregnant Sora-ya?" Leeteuk Mom is surprised when she heard what her son just told her
"I am not pregnant Mom. No...but I think Oppa just wanna take a full responsibility at me." Sora finally have a courage to speak
"Sora is not pregnant Mom, not yet, but it possible if she got pregnant, remembering that we are very close right now. Please Mom, I love her and you said by yourself that Sora is a right girl for me." Leeteuk beg to his mom


"Mom...Is Jung So here?" Park In Young, Leeteuk's sister just came 
"Jung So-ah, you're here. I saw your car outside. Oh.. I think we have a special guest.." In Young greet Sora when she saw who is the girl sat next to her brother "Welcome Sora-ya.. It's Oke if I just call you Sora, right? Since my brother is so crazy in love with you." 
"Thank you, Unnie.. Can I call you In Young unnie?" Sora is a little bit hasitated
"Off course.. call me Unnie.. You're my sister though." In Young gave her warm smile to Sora
"Thank you Unnie." 
"So, what's up Mom. Why it looks a little bit tense here?" In Young read the situation

"Jung So want to marry Sora." Leeteuk Mom told In Young
"I know, he told me last week. When I have a lunch with him" In Young told her Mom
"He want to marry her as soon as possible, before the enlistment." Leeteuk Mom told her
"Ah...Is that true Jung So? Are you going to marry Sora before your enlist?  I think it was the efect after you guys spending every night together right? Is she pregnant Jung So?" In Young didn't seems so surprised hearing the plan
"No...not yet.. But she is 100% mine." Leeteuk told her sister
"Ah...Congratulation then... What is Lee So Man said about your plan?" In Young said calmly
"Finally he said oke, as loong as I can keep it secretly." 

"See Mom.. nothing to worried about. You like Sora right? And we know Jung So so well. If he said he want to do something, although we said no, he will do it. The hardest person is Lee Soo Man and he can convince him." In Young tried to convince her Mom and helping Leeteuk
"Oke.. I am agree, but please take care of everything well. I promised you that me and In Young will protect Sora. Don't worry." Leeteuk Mom finally agree and give her smile to the two love bird "Let me hug you guys." Leeteuk Mom grab her arm and hugs both of them

"Be a responsible husband Jung So, treat her well, don't cheat with anyone else and Please, be a good father for your children. And Sora... Welcome to the family.." Leeteuk Mom told them while her eyes is teary
"Thank you Mom... I love You and I promise You, I'll be a good husband for her and a good father for my children." Leeteuk eyes also teary
"Thank you Mom, for trusting me to take care Jung So Oppa.. I won't let you down.." Sora answered her while bowing to her once again

"Welcome to the family Sora... and you Jung So, don't be a bad husband. You already choose your way. Don't embarrass us." In Young said to them
"Off course Nunna.. Thank you for giving me your permission for marrying her." Leeteuk give a kiss to In Young cheek
"Thank you Unnie. I'll take care of Oppa." Sora said ernestly

"Jung So, better you go to Sora's parents now. They are the one who should you asked permission. You steal their daughter. Asked a blessing from them. And don't forget to tell your father that you'll get married soon." Leeteuk Mom remind him

"Yup Mom, I think me and Sora have to go now. I have to talk to Sora's parents now. Btw, I don't have a chance to find a new house for us, so after we got married, I will redecorate my room here, so it fix for both of us. I'll do the same way with Sora's room in her parents house. After the enlistment, we'll find a new house for us. I am going Mom, thank you so much. I love you." Leeteuk said good bye to his Mom and gave a light kiss in her cheek

"Thank you Mom, In Young unnie. I am going first." Sora also said good bye to them and hugs them one by one
"Take care both of you and Jung So, please arrange the meeting between me and Sora's parents. We need to discuss it before your married." Leeteuk Mom remind him when they left the house


"Still one left, your parents." Leeteuk told Sora in their way to Sora's house
"I think the one that you have to make sure is my dad. My mom is a simple one, she always agree and follow what my wish is, but not my father. He's the one who teach me to be a tough girl, he treat me like a boy." Sora told her boyfriend
"I am gonna have man to man talk with him. Btw Sora, I think I have to leave you at your parents house. Is it oke? I have a schedule after this, and I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." Leeteuk remind his baby princess that he had a schedule today
"No problem Oppa. I'll back to my apartment by myself. I can take a taxi or asked my father to drive me off." 

(***Sora's House***)

"Mom... Dad.. Where are you?" Sora yealing looking for her parents
"Sora-ya.. Don't yealing..." Her mother suddenly came from the kitchen
"Mom... Teuk Oppa is here.. He wants to talk to you and dad." Sora came to her mother and gave her a kiss in her cheek
"Ah... son in law.. long time no see. What's bring you here?" Sora mother greet him and give him a warm hug
"I have something important to tell you." Leeteuk start to talk very serious
"Wait. I call Sora's father first. He's around the corner, meet his friends." Sora's mom make a call to her husband.. Only 5 minutes later, Sora's father came

"Teuk husband. Long time no see." Sora's father gave a warm hugs to his son in laws
"Mother.. Father... there's something important that I have to tell you." Leeteuk turn to serious now
"What's all about Tuekie? Did you want to tell me that you two in a real relationship? We know about it." Sora's Mom tried to tease Leeteuk
"Ehm... Mother... Father... I asked your permission and blessing for marrying Sora as soon as possible. Before my enlistment." Leeteuk told to Sora's parents bravely

"What??? Married?? For sure??? For real??? Omona...Is it possible?" Sora's mother was so surprised with Leeteuk statement
"Yes Mother. I will marry her for sure, no doubt. I want her beside me until the day I died and I want her to be a mother for my children." Leeteuk said to Sora's mother
"But, is that to early? You guys just know each other for one year. Sora is just 23 years old, and you will leave to your enlistment for tow years. Is is possible?" Sora's mother is still surprised

"Can you give me and Teuk husband a time? I need to talk to him privately." Suddenly Sora's father talked to Sora and her mom to leave them.
"But..." Sora's mother is still insisted to hear the conversation.
"I said.. give me a time. I'll talk to you after I finish talked to him. Trust me." Sora's father said strongly to his wife and daughter

"Let's walk to the shop around the corner, we can talk and drink there." Sora's father asked his son in law to be to talk privately

"Teuk husband... What's the meaning of this? Married?? You'll marry Sora before your enlist? C'mon, don't be joking with me." Sora's father straight to give Leeteuk storong question as soon as they arrive at the small cafe

"Father, I am sorry, but I am not joking this time. I want to marry her soon. One thing that you have know. We love each other and we also live together now, not officially, but I spent almost everynight with her. I can not leave her, I think if I didn't see her for one day it will be empty, that's why I spent almost every night with her. I stay in her apartment. So, that's why I think it's better for us to marry soon. I can't life without her." Leeteuk told everything that he feel to Sora's father

"Is she pregnant?" Sora's father asked Leeteuk "Did you try to say that I am gonna have a grandchildren soon?"
"No father, not yet. That's not my point. I know we supposed to be not doing that kind of things, but I can't help it. I love her so much. One thing that You have to know that I am not the only man who crazy in love to her. I just want to make sure that she is mine, not only with make love to her, but also I need a legal status about our relationship. Call me egois, but I really need assurance that no one can take her from me. I hope you understand." Leeteuk told Sora's father sincerely

"I see.. oke Teukie... no answer my question. Did you really love my daughter? You know she is the only one that I have. She's my life." Sora's father asked Leeteuk seriously
"Yes father. I love him so much and I promised you that I won't let you down. I'll take care of her with all my life." Leeteuk give his best promise to her father in law
"Teukie or I think I'll start to call you Jung So. How about other women. Can you promise me that you won't cheat at her?"
"Yes father. I promise you. Everything that you see and hear in tv or news only about my job. Honestly, I am not that kind of person. I guarentee you about it, I won't cheat over her." Leeteuk said

"There's another things that I asked to you. Please give Sora a chance to finish her study. That was her dream, not only being an artist, but also develop become a writter and a director. So as her husband, I asked you to support her carrier and her dream. As a parents, there is nothing, if our child didn't happy with her life or didn't get what her dreaming of. I hope you understand that. And one more thing, don't let her starve, now she is become your responsibility, not mine nor her mother. Now, she is in your hand Jung So." Sora's father told Leeteuk seriously
"I know Father. I took a responsibility to her. 100 percent she is one of my biggest responsibility now. Please give us your blessing." Leetuk told his father in law and bowing him

"Oke...I trust you Jung So. But please remember, once you hurt her, You will face me. I am the one who will kick your ass. Trust me." Sora's father told him
"I got it father... I got it... I'll keep my promise. Believe me." Leeteuk once again bowing to his father in law.
"Fine. When you two gonna get married? In two months?" Sora's father asked Leeteuk
"I hope before two months Father. My enlistment will be on October 30, I hope one or one and half month before that, we already got married." Leeteuk told his plan
"Oke. You got my permission and blessing to marry her, but remember everything that you already promised me. Once you broke your promise, it's so hard for me to believe you Jung So." Sora's father remind Leeteuk
"Yes Father, noted. Now, please excuse me. I have to go because I have a schedule at 5. I will leave Sora here. Once again, thank you very much."Leeteuk greet his father in law then bowing.

"Mother, I have to go. I have a schedule today. I leave Sora here. And Please, give us your permission and blessing. We really need it." Leeteuk greet his mother in law as soon as they were arrive at Sora's house
"Sora already told me everything, and I think my husband already talked to you also. One thing that I want to tell you, Jung So and you two Sora, married is not that simple. What you guys doing this time through the show and everything is a happiness of married. You have to remember there are a lot of sadness there. Married is not that easy, so please take care of that carefully. I believe in both you. Please don't dissapoint us." Sora's mother told them and then give them a hug
"I understand Mother. I think I really have to go now." Leeteuk said goodbye to Sora and her parents.
"I'll take you outside Oppa." Sora told Leeteuk. She need a time with her boyfriend

"What's up Sora-ya. What do you want to tell me?" Leeteuk already know Sora well. He knew that Sora want to tell him something
"Nothing, just want to take you before you leave." Sora gave her best smile to her boyfriend
"Araso. Are you stay here tonight? I am gonna pick you up tomorrow morning." Leeteuk asked Sora
"No, I think I'll back to my apartment tonight, but I'll spend my time now with my parents. I think a lot of thing to discuss with them." Sora told him her plan
"Oke... Call me if you wanna back home. I'll pick you up." 
"No... don't.. I know you are busy. Just meet if you have spare time. I'll text you as soon as I am arrive at my appartment tonight." Sora didn't want to bother her boyfriend schedule
"Oke.. give me a kiss." Leeteuk asked Sora just before he went to his schedule
"Bye darling... I love you." Sora whisperring in Leeteuk ears just before he went with his white audi
"Love you too beautiful..."

(***Super Junior fans signing at Gangnam distric***)

"Hyung... Why you are so late. Our schedule will start in 5 minutes." Eunhyuk yealing right after he saw Leeteuk come
"Aish, I am not late, still five minutes right?" Leeteuk smile to his member
"Where have you been Hyung. You're gone since the party over and didn't come back to the dorm. Where are you Hyung?" Kyuh Hyun asked his leader
"Ehm there are a lot of things to do. Btw, can all of us gathered tonight? After the fans signing? There's something important that I have to tell you guys, really important, and I hope all of you will support my decision." Leeteuk told his member
"Wow, I am curious Hyung. What is all about?" Ryeowook asked his leader
"After the fans signing. I'll call Siwon and Dong Hae to come with us. I am sure they already finish with their individual schedule." Leteuk told them right before he entered the fans signing stage

(***Super Junior dinner meeting***)
"Did all of you finish?" Suddenly Leeteuk asked his members
"Yup.. So Hyung, what's the news? Don't tell me that you're gonna get married." Eunhyuk tease Leeteuk
"Wah, you're right Hyuk-ah. How do you know that? Yes, I am going to marry Sora before my enlistment. Maybe within two months from now. And I really need your support guys, for me and for Sora." Leeteuk gave his announcement. 

For one minutes, there's no reaction from all Super Junior members. They still don't believe what they just heard, especially Eunhyuk. He just want to tease Leeteuk, after he found out that Leeteuk often spent his night with Kang Sora lately. Finally, Sungmin make a voice

"Really Hyung? Congratulation then. I know you guys will be ended this way. Btw, did you tell the CEO about this? What about your mom and Sora's parents?"
"I told him already and he said it was up to me, but he asked me to keep this secretly. And if there's some news about my relationship with Sora, office won't denied, but they will spread the another news to cover it and to keep my image as a womenizer. That's why I also asked all of you for helping me. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of things coming before my enlistment. So please, protect me and Sora, especially Sora. I don't want her to get hurt." Leeteuk beg to his member
"We will protect you Hyung, no worries. I am glad you finally found a girl who really fit you. Kang Sora-ssi is the best one. Congratulation Hyung." Eunhyuk congratulate his leader then hugs him

One by one Super Junior member congratulate him and promised him that they will protect their leader secret. Leeteuk already doing a lot of things to them, and they think this is the time to replay their Hyung.

(***to be continued***)


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