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***20 December 2012***

"Park Jung Su, the commander call you at the office now." his bestfriends in the army, Ji Hyun Wo call him, right after they finish The Promise rehearsal.

"Salute, soldier Park Jung Su  asked permission for coming." Leeteuk greet his commander when he entered the room
"Jung Su coming... Take a seat. I have some news for you." his commander in the army told him 
"Yes Sir. Is that something wrong?" he start worried of something
"No.. there's nothing wrong Jung Su. This is a very good news though. I just got a phone call from MBC. They said you and your  virtual wife won a popularity award at MBC Entertainment Award 2012. Congratulation then." his Commander congratulated him "Oh ya Jung Su.. Before I forgot. Two days from now, there will be MBC crew coming to record your message and give the award to you. Good luck again. You can leave now."
"Thank you Sir. I'll give my best." Leeteuk greet his Commander while leaving the room.

"Hyung.. What's up? Is that something wrong? A new task for you?" Hyun Wo asked him as soon as he returned 
"Nope.. The commander just told me, that me and Sora win a popularity award at MBC and there will be a MBC crew who are coming to record my greeting." Leeteuk told his best friend
"But, why don't you look so happy. You should happy Hyung, although you're in the army, your fans is still love you, and your relationship, at least a lot of people love and support your virtual married with her." Hyun Wo didn't get the point why he look sad.
"You know what, I miss her so much. Everyone only think that the only relationship between me and her just because we are virtual married couple, but you know right? I married her in real life, that's why.. I know I was greedy, but when I knew that I won this award with her, I really hope that I got a permission to take this award by myself, so I can take this award with her, but yeah.. I think, I have to satisfied with greeting through video message." Leeteuk tried to reveals his saddness. In the army life, his closest friends are Hyun Wo and Lee Hyun, one of the balad music group 8Eight. Only two of them knew that he actually married, the others, didn't know at all.
"I feel you Hyung, really.." Hyun Wo tried to comfort his best friend

**22 December 2012**

"Jung Su, the MBC crew is here. We have to gathering at the hall." His senior at the army Kim Moo Yeol told him
"Oke.. I'll be right there." Leeteuk told him and with Hyun Wo and Lee Hyun they went to the hall where all the MBC crew and some of the Promise cast gather.

"Hallo PD-nim.. long time no see." Leeteuk greet the PD once he saw him. This PD is one of the WGM PD assistant when he doing the show with Sora
"Ah.. long time no see, Leeteuk-ssi. How's your doing. I thought you're doing good in the army." He greet Leeteuk
"Army life is not bad at all, but one thing that I miss so much is Sora, my family and my members." He told him. This PD knew that Leeteuk and Sora is in relationship since they're doing their WGM
"I know it, you must be miss her so much. Btw, you must be proud of her. She will be the MC for this show with Kang Ho Dong and ZeA Kwanghee. This is the second time we choosed her as a live MC after last year she was MC-ing with you." PD nim told him
"Really? Whoa... Daebak.. Why she didn't told me at all about it?" Leeteuk seems  a little bit dissapointed
"I think she wants to give you a surprised. Btw, she didn't know that she win this popularity award with you. She has no clue at all about this." PD-nim tol him
"Wow.. this must be also a good surprised for her." Leeteuk finally smile.. Suddenly something pop up in his mind.
"PD-nim, everything ready. Leeteuk-ssi, are you ready to have a record now?" one of the crew asked him
"Yup.. I'm ready." Leeteuk answered with a big smile on his face

"Ais. Hyung... What're you doing?? That's not a thank you message, that was a love message Hyung." Lee Hyun asked him right after the MBC crew left
"I miss her Hyun, and I am sure the MBC will cut all of the message in the broadcast. I already talked to PD-nim and planned about this.I told him to give the original version to Sora, at least she knew how much I miss her." Leeteuk smile
"OMO Hyung, that was a declaration. It will be chaos Hyung." Lee Hyun still worried
"No worries Hyun, there will be different news come to cover it, let's use someone for covering it. I'm well trained when it related this kind of things, trust me. Sora also well trained about this. She knew what she have to do. That's the risk when we choose this path." Leeteuk tried to convince his best frien
"Yup, don't worry to much about it Lee Hyun. Just see what he will do to cover it. Who is the girls band member now that you gonna use Hyung?" suddenly Hyun Wo come and interupt their conversation.
"Hahahahaha.. you know me well Hyun Wo. Let see.. Who is she, at least my Sora was protected. That's the most important things." Leeteuk convince his best friends and smile

***29 December 2012***

"Jung Su, what're you doing? You always look at your watch." Kim Mao Yeol asked him in the middle of their musical rehearsal
"Aniea, just make sure that I won't miss the show." he told his senior 
"Ah, your award. I see.. your partner in the show, Kang Sora-ssi is a beautiful woman. Sexy though. Btw, I have a question. During the show, did you feel something to her? I mean you know, your acted like husband and wife, doing a lot of things together. Didn't u feel something special to her? " Kim Mao Yeol didn't have any clue that Leeteuk is Sora's real husband
"Ehm.. honestly Hyung, I love her. But we the condition made us have to choose not to exposed our relationship openly. Sora is still young and rookie star. I want her to have a stable carrier first. She is also the one who asked me not to exposed it. She said she didn't want people recognize her as Leeteuks' girl, but she wants  people recognize her as a good actress and model." Leeteuk told his little secret to his senior.
"Ah I see, that's why you send her a love video message last week right? I am a little bit curious that time, but I think it just because you already get used to her. Don't you realise that you're using banmal when you talked with her? That's a little bit obvious actually." Kim Mao Yeol asked him
"We never said that we're not in relationship, I mean to public. But we also never said that we are in relationship. Our closest people knew about this relationship, but like I said, she still didn't want it openly. For me, better if I make announcement that she is mine, but it will be hard for her if I do it now, especially when I am in the army." Leeteuk tried to explain their condition to him
"I understand.. It so hard to date a halluyu star like you, compared with an actor like me or Hyun Wo. That's why sometime it was easier for us, as an actor to make announcement about our relationship. Good luck for your relationship Jung Su-ah. Because I knew about this, I am sure I'm gonna watch the show with you tonight." Kim Mao Yeol told him before he leave

"Hyung, the red carpet started." Lee Hyun shouted 

"Hyung, that's her. Kang Sora-ssi." Hyun Wo told him
"OMO, she is beautiful. You're really lucky to have a partner like her in the show. Look at her, she is beautiful, gorgeous and so sexy.." Kim Mao Yeol told them
"That dress fit her very well. Look, this dress is a killer dress. Hyung, look at that, it show her beautiful long legs and curve body. I think most the actress have a skiny body, but look at her, different,  so sexy. " Yoon Hak told them. He didn't know the relationship between Leeteuk and Sora. Hyung Wo, Lee Hyun and Kim Mao Yeol just smile when hearing what Yoon Hak said.  Meanwhile Leeteuk didn't make a comment at all. His mind was busy and annoyed because Sora's dress.

"Why she have to use that kind of dress when I'm not around?" Leeteuk talked to himself. He really got jealous seeing her other half pose beautifully in front a lot of people. He realize 100 percent that a lot of guys will be point their attention to her. "Is she lost a lot of weight? She look so skiny, but that made her more sexy of course." Leeteuk told to himself once again.

All of them watched the show together and made a lot of comment, especially when they saw a beautiful actress came to read nomination. After several time, finally their announcement. Leeteuk anticipated a lot when he saw this.

"Wah Jung Su, this is your time I think." Kim Mao Yeol told him

"Kang Sora-ssi is goddess. Look at her now. Wearing that kind of dress, showing her other beauty, so different with the other one. She had a lot of charm. Jung Su Hyung, I am envy you couse you have a chance to know her through the show. I am gonna tried to find a way to get to know her after I release from here. Hyung, can u give me her phone number?" Yoon Hak asked Leeteuk after he saw Sora's speech after receiving her award.
"Be quite Yoon Hak, now it's time for Jung Su Hyung speech." Lee Hyun tried to distract Yoon Hak attention from Sora. All of them silently listen to Leeteuk video.

"Sora-ya? You call her in front of national tv broadcast Sora-ya? WOW.. You also asked her to come in banmal?" Yoon Hak so surprissed when he heard Leeteuk message to Sora
"Why? I used to call her Sora-ya, and we always use banmal when talking each other. Is that wrong?" Leeteuk still pretend that there is nothing between him and Sora
"Hyung, is she your girlfriend? I mean your real girlfriend? You look so comfortable when you send message for her." Yoon Hak is still curious with the relationship between Leeteuk and Sora. If Sora is Leeteuk girlfriend, he will feel a little bit guilty because he showing him his interest to Sora.
"We're very close Yoon Hak-ah. We'll see how this is going. But for now, she is the only woman who close to me." Leeteuk finally give him an answer, not a 100 persen true, but at least Yoon Hak knew that Sora is important person to him.
"Aish, sorry Hyung, really. I didn't mean to tell a bad thing about her. Just forget what I told you before. No heart feeling, oke Hyung? Btw, if you wanna stay with her, please take of her carefully. I bet a lot of men tried to catch her now. She is absolutely hot and sexy." Yoon Hak told him while wink on him
"Araso... Noted Yoon Hak." Leeteuk answered him


After they finish watched the show, all of them was sleeping because thay have to wake up early tomorrow. But not for Leeteuk. He can not sleep. He miss Sora very much. He got a mix feeling right now. He was very happy to see Sora can doing her job very well and got an award, but in the other hand, he feel so jealous when seeing Sora wore that killing dress. When BIFF last September, he was not to worry when he saw Sora sexy blue dress, because he was around her, but now, he was not. That really annoyed him. In the other hand, he also feel so sad when he heard that Sora won't come to see him before he become a copral or sergant. Cople weeks before, he also read somewhere that Sora told to media that she won't see Leeteuk performance in his musical. His logical mind understood the reason why his Sora told every body this kind of answered, but he really miss her and hope to see her soon.

Suddenly without he realise, he started to text her a message

"Sora-ya, are u happy? I am glad you can do your job very well. I miss you so much. I am dying here because I can not meet you. Can you come to visit me soon? Please... I really want to see you darling. I miss you and I really wish you are here with me. Please come..I love you so much"

(*** to be continued***)

Hi guys, it almost two months that I didn't post anything here. I am so happy with all of your support to encourage me to write the Dimple Series again. Honestly, this is not the story that I planned before, but because I am so busy with a lot of things, especially my daily work, I changed the plot and tried to make it from Leeteuk poin of view based on recent news about our beloved DC. 
I hope you guys enjoy and like the story. Please feel free to comment and give an advice. Thanks

Love u all  
DC hugs


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