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(***In the middle of The Promise rehearsal, 8 Januari 2013***)

 "Every body, please gather now and make a line. We gonna have a special guest soon." Their commander suddenly asked all the cast of  The Promise to gathered when they practice in their real stage at The Korean Musical Theater Association.
"Hyung, what do you think? Who's the guest?" Lee Hyun whispering in his ears
"I don't know either." Leeteuk answered

Suddenly some member of Military General come to the theater and one of them is General Kim Kwan Jin, The South Korean Defence Minister. All of them, including their commander and supervisor salute to the guest.

"Salute..." all of the cast and the army member there gave their salute to the minister
"Thanks. I came here to see the preparation. This is the first project of South Korean Defence Ministry, so I really hope all you can give your best. This is very important to us, not only to promote the ministry, but also to maintain the image of the ministry. So once again I hope all of you here, can show to the public your best effort for this show." The minister told them
"We're ready for this Sir." all of the cast answered him
"Btw, I want to know, which one is soldier Park Jung Su?" Suddenly the minister was looking for Leeteuk
"Soldier Park Jung Su. Salute." Leeteuk come forward and greet the minister
"Ah, so you are the famous Super Junior leader? My grand daughter is a big fans of you and Super Junior. I heard you just win some awards last months, Congratulation then." the minister congratulate him
"Thank You Sir, It's a honour for me." Leeteuk answered
"Ya, Please give us your best and send your love sign to all of your fans, so they will come to see this performance, Oke? Let make this success. And for all of the cast, I am so proud of you guys, I'll watch the performance. I don't know when exactly I have time, but I definitely will come to watch you guys with all of my family." The minister told of the cast and greet them one by one before he leave

"Wah.. I can't believe myself that the minister want to meet and greet us like this. Really, Daebak." Yoon Hak said
"Yah, I never think that this performance took a lot of attention from the government." Lee Hyun answered Yoon Hak said
"Realize guys, this is their first project and as long as I know, the Defence Ministry never so open to public, this is the first time, that's why they prepared it very well." Kim Mao Yeol told his junior
"Araso Hyung. Btw, Jung Su Hyung, congratulation, the Minister gave his personal attention to you." Yoon Hak said
"Aish, it's nothing. It's only because his grand daughter is a Super Junior fans." Leeteuk answered. He look not to excited
"Jung Su-ah, why you look not happy? Something wrong?" Kim Mao Yeol asked him. Although Leeteuk always gave his best during the practice, but he knew something bothering his dongsaeng
"Nope, nothing wrong Hyung.I'm fine. Excuse me, I'll go to rest room first." Leeteuk tried to avoid his friends. He really feels bad to his dongsaeng and best friend in military, but now, he really not in a good mood. He really miss his Sora. After the text message last week, Sora only gave one answered and it hurt him so much. He check his phone again and once again read Sora's message

"Oppa, thank you for all of your love and support. I miss you so much, I really want to see you, but I think I have to choose the right time. I don't want to create a scandal. I don't want you to get  trouble and problem because of my visit. I love you Oppa, forever and it will never change.. Miss You."

"Hyung, ready to practice again? Now, all the guest and journalist are here to take a picture of our rehearsal." Suddenly Hyun Wo is beside him asked him to come to practice room
"Yup, I'm ready, come on." Before he went to the theater, suddenly his phone rang. "Hallo, Omma?" Leeteuk was surprissed when found out his mother called him
"JungSu-ah, I am here to watch your rehearsal. I got an invitation from Defence Ministry to see it. So here I am. Btw, a lot of your fans are here too. Really crowded. Where are you now?" His mom asked him
"I am backstage Mom. Btw, are u alone? Is there some one else came with you?" Leeteuk really hope that Sora is coming with his mother.
"Don't you miss me, JungSu-ah? Why you asked some body else coming except me?" His mother tried to tease him "Are you looking for your wife? She can not come, anyways she said she didn't want to make a trouble for you if she come today." His mother explained to him
"Oke, I understand. See you soon Mom, hope you enjoyed the show." Leeteuk finished his phone call and ready to the show.

During the show, he secretly looking for his mother. Finally, before the show ended, he found his mother smile so proud to him. He also got a big suprissed when seeing a lot of fans there, some of them are DC fans. Without thinking, he suddenly made a V-sign in front of so many people, to show how happy he was and to send a message to his baby princess. He really hope that Sora will come someday, to see his performence. 

"Hyung, what's that? When everyone look so serious, you smile and made that sign? Is that a secret sign Hyung?" Lee Hyun asked him after the rehearsal finish
"I just want to send another message to Sora, just hope she will come. I miss her so much." Leeteuk can not hide his sadness
"Araso Hyung, I understand." Lee Hyun told him
"Jung Su-ah, you have a visitor." Suddenly his supervisor come to back stage with his mother
"Ah, thank you so much Sir." Leeteuk thanked to his supervisor and gave him salute "Mom, it's been so long. I miss you." Leeteuk came to his mom and hugs her tightly
"I miss you too Jung Su-ah. How're you? Are you doing well in the army." His mother asked him
"I'm doing well Mom, but I miss you all." He tried to smile
"Thanks God.I'm happy after seeing you in a good condition like this." His mom told him while tapped his cheek.
"Mom, how's my wife?" Leeteuk can not help himself not asking about his Baby Princess.
"She's doing fine. Once a week, in weekend, she came to our house, just to talk with me, learn how to cook your favorite food, sometimes went somewhere with your nonna. She is good, a good wife though. I am proud of her. Did you hear that she just refused one of the drama, because she was thinking about us, our family?" Her mom told him
"Really? She refused the drama that was offered to her because of us? But why Mom?" Leeteuk was surprissed hearing the news from his Mom
"Yes, she told me, in the drama that was offered to her, she have to do a lot of adult sceen. She didn't want to. She was afraid what she did will hurt me, her parents, especially hurt you." His mother told him
"OMO.. That's why I love her so much Mom. You know Mom, the big problem for me being here is I always miss him. Honestly, It feels like hell Mom, being a far away from her." Leeteuk spilled his sadness
"I know Son.. I know. Btw, I think I have to go now." His Mom really have to go. Leeteuk supervisor only gave her 10 minutes to see his son
"Oke Mom, but wait a minute. I want you to give something to Sora. Wait." Leeteuk suddenly run and take a letter from his bag " Please give this to my Sora. Tell her how I miss her so much."
"Oke..I'll give it to her. I'll drop this to her apartment right after this. Be good JungSu-ah, just come home when you got your vacation next month." His Mother told him and kiss him in a cheek before leave
"Bye Mom, take care." Leeteuk wave his mother

(***The Promise Performance, Saturday 12 January 2013***)
"Ready to rock Hyung?" Hyun Wo gave him a strength. This is the fourth night of their show. A lot of people come to see the musical. Leeteuk appearance in the show is one of the attraction for people
"Yup. I am ready." Leeteuk prepared himself for opening of the show while Kim Mao Yeol came and give him a small note to him
"Someone asked me to give this to you." he told Leeteuk

"Oppa, I am here, but maybe I can not meet you personally. Please give your best Oppa. I am proud of you, I love you so much. Sora"

After read the news the note, Leeteuk can not stop smiling. During the show, he tried to find where his Baby Princess sit. Suddenly he saw her. Wearing casual clothes, tied her long hair and wore a sunglasess like a high school student, Sora succesfuly not attrack attention from other audience.  

As usual before the show ended, he made the sign, but today, because it is a special day, he decided to made a special sign, a sign that his Baby Princess asked him to do more than a year ago. A batman sign... He really want to show to his other half, he remember all the memory that they already made.

"You looked so happy Hyung. Why? You also made another sign. Wow, you are bolder now. Still missing your Sora?" Yoon Hak tease him
"Aneo Yoon Hak. Just want to make audience happy." Leeteuk answered Yoon Hak question. He knew that the possibility to see Sora is very small, but he really happy to know that his Baby Princess was there and saw him. Although he only can only glimpsed at her, but he was so happy.
"Oke everyone, lets go back to barrack. Don't forget your belonging." His supervisor asked all the cast for gather and back to their barrack

While headed to their car, a lot of fans already waiting for him. He greet all the fans and immediately get into car. 

Leeteuk was preapering himself to sleep when Lee Hyun told him that their supervisor waited for him in his office
" Why the commander want to see me?It's already 11 o clock, a little bit weird." Leeteuk told to himself while walking to his commander office.

He tried to knock the door, as soon as he arrive to his commander office, but there is no answer. He opened the door, but the room was dark.

"Where's he? Why Lee Hyun told me that he wants to see me here?" Leeteuk really confused with the situation. Suddenly someone tapped his shoulder and the light is on

"OMO. Sora-ya? Is this really you?" He was so surprissed to see beautiful lady standing in front of him. He can not believed with what he saw now. His Baby Princess, his other half, now standing in front of him and smilling.

"I miss you so much Oppa. After the show, I tried to talk to your supervisor and asked his permission to see you. He's so kind Oppa, he said I can come here to see you, he said he'll give me 30 minutes to talk to you. And here I am Oppa." Sora smiles to see her other half, meanwhile Leeteuk was speechless, he really surprissed with what just happened to him.

"Sora, this is really you right? OMG, I miss you." Leeteuk was so happy and didn't realize that his eyes was teary " Come here darling, let me hugs you." 

He held her hand and pulled her closer into hugs. He saw her face then look at her eyes and lips. Slowly he kiss Sora in her lips, soft and sweet kiss. Their eyes were closed, but two of them can feel it. They were kissing until they can not breathe. After the kiss, he lifts his head, touched her forehead with his.

"What make you come here darling? I know you miss me, like I miss you, but you take a risk to come here right? I am very happy to see you at the show, but now I am the happiest man in the world." He told her and give her a light kiss in her lips
"I miss you so much Oppa. Honestly I really want to come with your Mom when you're doing your rehaersal, but I am afraid there will be a scandal." Sora told him while lay her head to his shoulder.
"So, what make you come? What make you dares to come?" Leeteuk was very curious
"What made me come? This one, this made me dares to come here, just to see you." Sora answered her husband while taking Leeteuk letter from her bag "Your Mom come to my parents house that night, after seeing your rehearsal. I stayed with them that night. She gave me this sweet letter, and after read this, I know I should come, whatever will happend, I should come to see you." Sora smile
"Thank you darling, it means a lot. I love you." Once again he kiss her again. This time was passionate kiss.
"Oppa, I think we have to stop." Sora told him, after finally they finished their kiss
"I know.. I Know... We have to stop. If not, I can not help myself, not to make love with you here. Better you go now darling. It's late though." Leeteuk pulled out himself and asked her to go
"I know. I am so proud of you and I love you so much. I am going now Oppa, please be health, I'll be waiting for you at home." Sora said goodbye and give him a smack in his cheek.
"Be carefull darling. You're not driving by yourself, right?"Leeteuk was a little bit worried
"No, I am with the driver and cordy unnie, Oppa. She is waiting for me at the car. I am going, send my thanks and honor to your commander. Without him, I can not meet you." Sora told him right after they came to her car.
"Oke, take care darling.I'll be home next month, please wait for me." Leeteuk told her before her car goes.

"Hyung, happy?" Suddenly Lee Hyun and Hyun Wo already stand beside him
"Heh? Yup.. I am very happy. Thanks guys, I think you guys knew, that she came." Leeteuk can not hold his smile
"We knew how it feels Hyung. Trust me." Hyun Wo told him
"Btw Hyung, before you come in, please remove that love sign in your cheek first. Don't make other people envious." Lee Hyun smiled and told him while gave him a hanky to remove Sora's lipstick smudge in his cheek


(***Leeteuk letter for his Baby Princess, writing by my FD sister @kulot***)

My Baby Princess Soraya,
      It's been awhile since we spent time together, and i really really miss you my baby-ya..i can't stop my self not to wish that i can hug and kiss you for real again.But i know we need to endure the longitude of waiting because i need to fulfill my duty as a good citizen of our know what babe, whenever i missing you especially during my bedtime and it feels so alone so i will just thought of all our sweet moments during our WGM days and our Han River moments and that can ease all the tiredness i feel after a long day of my duty..thinking of you is my best stress reliever..your aegyo's and skinship always pop's up in my mind..How can i forget the time that i need to say goodbye for awhile our last dating moment before my enlistment,even though we shed tears but those are the moments that you never failed to show to me how much you love me and promised me that no matter how long would it take you are willing to wait for me, it gives me more strength to do my best while i'm still in the such assurance makes me feel so fluttered and i will do all the best i can do so that you will be more proud of me and i can feel the confidence that i can be deserving for all your understanding and love..
       my baby soraya, i just have a little complains about what you said during MBC entertainment award, isn't it so cruel?? you will only visit me when i become a colporal?? ohh do you have any idea how much i long to see you my beautiful baby princess?? can i do some amendments here?? but anyway i know and i can understand your intention its all for my own good..i'm so proud of you for being such a considerate and understanding pretty wife..i may sound possessive here but i always consider you as my wife ..about what i said to boom hyung when he will visit me, i want you to join him even just for once even if i'm still not a can do it right?? anyway its more safe, nobody will doubt ..we will just keep it as a secret..let's be more cautious i don't want to drag you in the situation facing the consequence of my carelessness..i wan't you to have a peac
eful and harmonious life while waiting for me and we can enjoy our privacy ..another thing my baby-ya, please don't get affected of all the rumors about me, as what i told you what ever i said in my interviews or in any TV shows its just a part of my job as an entertainer..i need to play the rules which they expected me to know the real me better than the others..i know it feels no good hearing some news like that,no matter how strong you are, and also your anti fans can add such a burden in your part and i felt so bad for not being there to protect you and defend you against all the bashing tweets of those people who only did such a crazy thing to my lovely baby-ya..hope my 100% love can make you strong to face the challenge of our relationship..
            How about my musical? i'm still hoping you do have a change of mind then you can decide to watch me, your presence can give me enough courage all i need from you is your moral support..i want to see the sparkling eyes of my baby just like my concert before where i gave you my proposal..but as what we had agreed in our last conversation during my short phone call to you that to avoid some issues you will just watching me from afar..and i understand that..i assure you that i can do all the mission you had given me, the double v signs and the batman pose and i can still do more if only for the happiness of my princess..i wan't you to know that you are always in my mind..i'm looking forward for my rewards on that will grant me right?? keke i'm just curious how you had felt when you watched my VCR on MBC awards?? am i doing a good job there?? i hope buddy HyunWoo-shii can be a big help on that, he always encourage me and give plenty of advise to be a better i wish i can do more and i can tell the world how much i love and proud of you..but i need to limit my words to avoid another issues..the press will love to published scandals about me..they are used to do it ever since and i don't want to give them such satisfaction..i don't want to give a hard time to my one and only baby princess..
         Lastly, how's our Gomi's doing now?? he's growing up so know, i once had a chanced to used internet so a spent my time scanning your tweets, as i expected you follow what i told you before..what i made me happy is that after seeing your aegyo to Gomi-ya i can't stop not to think that you think of me while doing i right?? keke because Gomi is just like my projection you can see me in him..kekeke before i forget how's appa and eomma?? please extend my regards to them..i miss them a lot..i miss those time that we did a family bonding..they give me the joy of having a happy family, they made me realized the essence of a family where i never think of before..i promise to be a much better man when i come back..i can be a good and loving appa to our twins..and i will do my best to make all our dreams come healthy, happy and safe my you meals all the time, don't get sick because i will be more worried..thank you for you love all this time..please don't get tired of loving me..i need to sleep now, tomorrow is our last rehearsal and i just give this letter to my eomma she will be the one responsible in sending this to you..i will wait for you reply..
           I will always love you my Baby Princess Soraya..
                                                                                                   from the bottom of my heart,
                                                                                                            ^^JungSu oppa^^

(***to be continued***)

Thank you so much for my FD sister @kulot to give her permission for me, to add this wonderful letter at my fanfic. I just feel this is like real PJS feel right now. When he really desperate want to see his other half. Thanks again sis, hope you'll make another beautiful letter... Love it...


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