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(***Leeteuk House, 6 February 2013***)

Ting.. tong... ting... suddenly Leeteuk Mother house door bell rang

"Who is it?" Leeteuk Mom heading to open the door
"Omma, it's me Sora." Sora answering
"OMG.. wait a minutes darling.." she run into the door to let her daughter in laws come
"Omma.. How're you? I miss you so much." Sora asked her mother in law and kiss her cheek
"I'm fine darling.. I miss you too. Are you eat well? You look so skinny. Are you oke darling? I am very worried about you." Leeteuk mother seem so worry after she saw Sora was getting thinner every time she met her
"I'm fine Mom.. Nothing to worried about. I have to diet though, to keep my body shape." Sora answered while winking to her mother in laws and made her smile
"Coming.. I just finished making Jung Su favorite food." Leeteuk mom hugs Sora while walking in
"Are you alone Omma? Where's unnie?" 
"She went out of town with her best friends. She will coming tomorrow. Do you know when will Jung Su come? Omo, I miss this kid so much." Leeteuk Mom eyes teary when she talked about her only son
"I know what it feel Omma.. By the way I don't know what time he will be come. He just said that he will come back today, that was his last message. Just wait and hope he will come back soon Omma. I miss him a lot also." Sora told her
"You will stay here not only for tonight right Sora? I mean if he can not come back tonight, you will stay here right? I miss you darling. I am so greetful that you come to his life. He changed a lot after with he is being with you. Thanks." Leeteuk mom eyes was teary again. She love Sora very much. Because of her, Leeteuk relationship with his father get better. She gave a positive energy and cure his trauma especially his relationship with his father.
"Of course I will stay here. I got my dayoff until new year, so I'll stay here for 2 nights Omma, whether Oppa come or not. I miss you and Unnie also." Sora smiled while wipe her tears then hugs her
"Thank you Sora-ya. Thank you. Now, take a rest. It's already 10 o clock, I think Jung Su will come tomorrow. You have to look fresh to welcome your Oppa right?" Leeteuk mother smiled to her
"You too Omma, take a rest. See you tomorrow morning." Sora hugs and kiss her cheeck before went to her room

It's 2 am in the morning, Sora suddenly wake up and feel something heavy around her waist. She looked behind and saw her other half sleep peacefully while hugs her tight.
"Oppa you are here. I miss you." she whispering in his ears and gently kiss his cheeck
"Sleep Princess. We still have more nights together. Just sleep, I wanna hold you like this." Suddenly Leeteuk answered her while his eyes still closed. He pulled her closer and hugs her tighter. Sora smiled, hugs him back and sleep again, no she feels joys and secure with her Prince already with her.

"Sora-ya, where are you? Why you left me in bed alone?" Leeteuk yealing from their bed room right after he wake up
"Oppa, don't yealing like a little boy. Just come here, breakfast is ready." Sora answering him 
"I am a little boy when I am with you Princess. Good morning." Leeteuk hugs her tight from behind when he reached dining room and kiss her cheeck "OMG, I miss your smell very much darling. This is what I want everytime I woke up."
"Oppa, don't do this. Greet your Mom first." Sora is blushing when Leeteuk do that kind of things in front of his mother
"Be polite Jung Su. Give me a kiss first." His mother asked him when she came to dining room
"Off course I miss you also. Good morning, how are you Mom." Leeteuk kiss her cheeck then hugs here
"Don't lie to me Jung Su-ah. I know you miss her much than you miss me." Leeteuk mom tried to teasing him.
"Off course you are the first woman in my life. So don't be jealous Omma." Leeteuk answered and wink to her
"Liar.." his mom smiled "What is your plan for today?" she asked them
"We're just stay home. No where. Just spend the quality time together, that's it or is there something you have to do Sora-ya?" Leeteuk asked his wife
"Nope, nothing. My schedule until new year only follow and accompany you Oppa." Sora smiled
"Good girl, just spend the day at home oke? As long as with me, I promised you, you will never get bored." Leeteuk smile and give a short kiss to her lips
"Ais, you two, can you wait until I'm gone?" his mother pretended yealing to them
"Mom, we're newly wed couple and we seperated right after the married, please understand." Leeteuk is teasing his Mom
"Oke-oke, better I am going now. Don't forget to clean the house. I'm going to Kona Bean after that to my best friend house." His Mom told them when she's heading to the door. "And don't forget to lock your door room, just in case your sister come home earlier."
"Araso Omma.. Bye.."Leeteuk yealing from inside

They are finishing their food without a word after Leeteuk Mom gone. Sora feel a little bit ackward and shy, like their first met. This is the first day they really met each other in a long time after Leeteuk do his duty to the country. After finished with their food Sora is quickly clean the table and run to the kitchen. When she made herself busy with washing the dishes, Leeteuk slowly came and hugs her tight from behind
"Why are you avoiding me darling? I don't like it. Don't you happy to see me? You said you miss me so much, but why are you acting like this?" He whispering in her ears and start to kiss her neck slowly, turned her head and kiss her in her lips passionately. They're kissing like there no other day left. Suddenly Sora pulled herself
"Oppa, I'm still cleaning the dishes. Let me finish it first."
"Just leave it. We can do that later, there are more important things to do." He kiss her again, lifted and brought her to their bed room "I miss you so much. I tell you so many times that I miss you." he slowly put Sora in bed and started to kiss her again.

He started slowly, enjoying every inch of her lips and their kiss. His hand slowly opened Sora's shirt, but didn't open her bra. He slowly kiss her from neck and his and enjoying every inch of Sora's body.
"You know why I do it o slowly? Because I want to feel you Princess. I want to feel every inch of you, from head to toe. So Please, be patient." Leeteuk whispering in her ears again. Sora didn't answered, she just nodded and enjoying what her husband give to her. Leeteuk continued to kiss her slowly, put her lips slowly through her body. He past her breast and continue to her flat belly, played there a little while, and back again to her neck.
"Oppa..." Sora can not help herself not to moaning
"Patient Princess, I said be patient." Leeteuk told her and give a very depp passionate kiss in her lips.
His lips revaged her face, and when he kiss her again, his tongue plunging in deeply, mercilessly and full force of his passion released in exlosion of longing. His hand move slowly went down and open her bra. After satisfied kiss her lips, he move to her chest, and slowly kiss her breast. He played with her nipples and left the sign there.
"I made this sign, so at least every time you taking a bath, you will remember what we are doing today, although I will leave you in couple of days. This sign will stay at least for 10 days ahead, so you will always remember that you are mine." Leeteuk told her possessively
"Oppa, please.." that's the only word that Sora can said
He was back to Sora breast again. His mouth was playing with with Sora breast, while his hand slowly opened Sora's pants and lingerie. He can feel Sora was ready for him, but he chose to play with it first. His lips slowly move to explore Sora's belly, and keep move down. He move his hand and put his mounth down there and played with it. He can see Sora satisfaction and reach her first climax.
"Oppa.. Please.. Don't do this to me." She scream when she reached her first climax
"Like I said before darling, I want to give you pleasure and enjoying every inch of you. Patient darling. I miss you desperately also." He opened his shirt and his pants fastly. Sora's hand tried to take his dick, but he refused it.
"No.. this time is my time, what you have to do just enjoy it, oke? Don't argue." Leeteuk talked to her and kiss her lips again passionately. He rolled on the top of her, resting his elbows. His long upper arms keeping the massive widht of his chest well above her. He released her lips to move into position while watched again as she received her pleasure and seeing an ecstacy reflected in her eyes. He entered her second later, and thrust depp. Their bodies following the rhythm of their lovemaking and shacking the climax.
"OMG Sora-ya.. Thank you.. I never imagine if I don't have you in my life. Thank you sweety, thank you for always be with me and be patient with me." He kiss her again, this time light and thank you kiss, then he hugs her. They fell a sleep, wake up only for having a lunch and dinner, quick clean the dishes and and do it again and again until both of them tired.

"Is anybody home? Omma, are you at home?" It was 10 o clock in the evening when In Young came home. No one answered her. She went to her mother room,but she was not there. She take her phone and just realize that there was a message from her mother

"In Young-ah, I'm not coming home tonight. My best friends are gathering in Yeoun Jo house, so I think I'll stay here and came home tomorrow morning. Just look at the house and don't forget to locked the door. Love you"

"Aish, means I am alone tonight." She came to her room, taking a bath, then go to her mother room and locked it. She move to his brother room, open it and got shock.
"Jung Su-ah.. Please lock the door when you guys here." She was so surprissed to see Leeteuk and Sora in bed. They are doing nothing just sleep, but that already made her shock.
"Nonna? Is that you? what time is it?" Leeteuk opened his eyes and seeing his sister is in the room
"10:30 now and please lock the door. Thanks God I didn't see when you guys doing it." In Young half yealing to her brother
"Sst, don't yealing nonna, Sora just fall a sleep. I keep her busy today, so she need to rest. Now, better you go to your room and sleep. See you tomorrow." Leeteuk teasing her sister and smile
"Don't forget to lock the door. And don't get up from bed until I am out." In Young told him and leave the two love bird nest

She was annoyed but she was very happy when seeing how happy her brother is, especially after he found Sora. She smiled, turn off the light and sleep while hoping that her brother will feel this way forever...

(***to be continued***)

1.This is not exactly date when PJS got his first holiday, I just tried to fix it from what I read, but don't know it was true or not..basically this is only my imagination :)

2. I am not too satisfied with the ending of this chapter, because I have to go somewhere, so I promised to make it better in other chapter

3. I love this song a lot, that's why I share it here. Sometimes I feel this songs fits with PJS feeling when he found Sora and bring her to his life :)

I loved you, the first time I saw you

Now my heart will for always stay true
The beauty of your smile, it brings tears into my eyes
So grateful for the days we shared
You saved me, the first time I kissed you
You showed me, a world that was brand new
You brightened up my day, there's so much I want to say
I don't know, just where I am to begin
I believe I dreamed you into life
I waited here for you to shine a light
My heart painted a picture
A beautiful design, of you and I
When I see my love reflected in your smile
It's so magical that words cannot describe
I feel like a child looking at the sky
For the first time

For all the joy, you've opened my eyes to
You're the one, whom always see me through
Your little hand in mine, we both stand the test of time
Together, I'll never leave your side

I believe I dreamed you into life
I waited here for you to shine a light
My heart painted a picture
A beautiful design, of you and I

When I see my love reflected in your smile
It's so magical that words cannot describe
and I feel like a child looking at the sky
The first time, Oh first time

So innocent and beautiful
You're everything I could wish for

I believe I dreamed you into life
I waited here for you to shine a light
My heart painted a picture
A beautiful design, of you and I

When I see my love reflected in your smile
It's so magical that words cannot describe
I feel like a child looking at the sky

Baby you're the reason why

In your love I cannot lie
For the first time

Credit: Romanized Songs


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