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(***Leeteuk Army Base camp ***)

It's been almost three months after he didn't meet his Baby Princess. Tension between North and South Korean made the situation worse. They cut some plan for The Promise performance. All soldiers have to ready when country need them.  Meanwhile, Sora is also busy with her movie promotion and she have a new movie project. It started shooting around a months ago.

Their last meeting was when Sora and his mother came to see Leeteuk performance right after he get out from the hospital because of the fever. That was a beautiful meeting and his mother in law also gave him a lot of foods to maintain his health. He missed her so much as usual. In the middle of tension, it's so hard to keep in touch with Sora. Usually he can contacted Sora everyday from his cellphone, after the show or after the finished their duty, but since the tension getting heat up, the army gave them limited access to outside, including to the family. They blocked the cellular signal, and the only way to keep in touch is from public phone at the base camp. 

This morning, he had a chance to contact Sora after being on waiting list for three days. He love to hear Sora's voice who was so excited talking about her daily life and her shooting planned. 
"Oppa.. I'm so glad finally you can contact me" Sora happily answering his phone this morning
"How're you Princess? I'm sorry I just can contact you today, since cellphone was prohibited and we have to get in the line, this is the only chance for contacting you." Leeteuk said
"That's oke Oppa. I understand, compleatly understand. I hope the situation getting better Oppa. I am worried about you." Sora voice turned to be sad
"I'm fine darling. So, what are you gonna do today? How's the shooting, everything fine right?" Leeteuk tried to distract Sora worries with the question
"Everything was great Oppa. Ths story was great, everything fine. It's the first time I got a big role as an adult in the movie. Wish me luck oke.." Sora voice turn to happy voice again
"Fighting darling.. I know you can do it well. And always be carefull oke. Take care of yourself and don't skip meal. I hope I can call you in one or two days, but if there's something important do not hasitated to call my base. I already give the number to you right?" Leeteuk told her
"Yes Oppa. I know. I already give the number to your Mom and my parents also. Btw Oppa, I have to go, I think my manager is already downstairs. Bye Oppa, take care of yourself too, I miss you, I just hope we can meet soon." Sora told him
"I miss you too and I love you." He said 
"I love you more.." Sora told him right before she hang up the phone.


When lunch time every soldier were gathered in dining room, including Leeteuk and his best friend
"Hyung, something in your mind? You don't look like yourself. Something bothering you?" Yoon Hak asked him
"Nothing Yoon Hak, I don't know, somehow I just feeling uneasy. I don't know why, but I hope there's nothing wrong." Leeteuk also feel weird today. Since morning something bothering him, but he didn't know what is it.
"Take it easy Hyung. The condition made everyone here feeling uneasy.Hope United Nation can fix the problem with the North." Lee Hyun tried to comfort him.
"I hope.." Suddenly Leetuk nudging his glass until it's broken and made a little scar in his palm "Shit, why am I so careless." He said while trying to clean the broken glass.

Suddenly one of his seniors came to the dining room and called out Leeteuk name

"Soldier Park Jung Su, please come to Commander office." his yealing in the middle of the dining room
"Soldier Park Jung Su, salute." Leeteuk gave a greeting to him
"Just follow me to Commander office, there's something really important." He lower his voice so only Leeteuk can hear it

Leeteuk follow him to his commander office. He is getting worried now. 
"What's wrong?? Did I make something wrong?? Are they gonna give me another special task?"he talked to himself


As soon as he came to his Commander office, his Commander asked him to come
"Jung Su. Please wait a moment, there is a phone call from your father in law, but since we have to call you first, so I told him to call here again in 10 minutes. Just wait he will call you soon." His commander said
"Is that something wrong Sir?" Leeteuk got more worried now
"Just wait Jung Su. I think it's better if you talked to him directly." right after his Commander said, the phone rang "It must be him, better you answered it." his Commander told him and leave him at the office

"Hallo.." Leeteuk answered the phone with a big question in his mind
"Jung Su ah, it's me." He heard her mother voice
"Mom? My Commander said Sora's father is the one who called me." Leeteuk felt horrified
"Listen to me Jung Su. Sora got an accident in her shooting location. There's a big lamps fell and hit her. She was unconcious and have to go to surgery room. Just leave the base camp quitely and come here. Don't be panic. According to Sora's father, he already told to your Commander and asked for his permission, at least you can stay beside her for one or two days." His mother told him carefully
"How's she now Mom? Is she gonna be oke? And why her father didn't told me directly now and asked you to talked to me?" Leeteuk lost his voice, he didn't realize that he started crying
"The Doctor asked him to get more blood to her, she lost a lot of blood, she need a blood donor, that's why I was the one who talked to you. I got a call right after Sora's cordy called them. Let's pray she will be oke, now just come here, she will need you a lot." His mother told him
"Thanks Mom, I'll be there soon, just give me a called everytime there's a news about her condition." Leeteuk close the phone slowly, fell to the floor and cried

He didn't realize when his Commander came back to the room

"Jung Su-ah, just go. Just prepare yourself. Take a break for one or two days, or you can told me if you need more time. Your wife needs you. Just go, I already asked a car and driver to take you to the hospital. Your manager and some members will wait for you at the hospital. I already asked Lee Hyun and Yoon Hak to take care of your belonging. Just go now, you are running with the time." his Commander tap his shoulder
"Thank you Sir, thank you so much. I will give you the news about it. Once again thank you." He bow to his Commander and leave the room quickly


Outside the building Hyun Woo and Yoon Hak was ready with his belonging. The car and the driver also ready

"Hyung, take care. I hope there's nothing wrong with Kang Sora-ssi." Hyun Woo told him and hugged him
"Thank you guys. I don't how's her condition. My Mother only told me that she is unconcious. I hope her condition is not severe." Leeteuk tried to be strong but his eyes still teary
"Just go Hyung. She needs you know." Yoon Hak also gave him a warm hug
"Once again thank you again guys, Bye. Please pray for her." He told them before he get into car


On the way to the hospital, his phone was rang. That's from Kang In

"Hyung, where are you? Are you already leave the base camp?" Kang In asked him
"Yes, what's wrong Kang In, There's nothing bad happened right?" Leeteuk got more nervous
"No Hyung, she's already in the right hand, so please not to worry, let's pray she can pass this. I just want to tell you, that Manager Hyung, me, Hyukjae, Sungmin and Donghae are outside the hospital waiting for you. Please take the back door. We already told to the hospital management to open the back door so you won't draw attention from public. Right now a lot of journalist are here, the news about Hyungsunim accident already spread out. All of them is curious with her condition." Kang In tried to calm Leeteuk
"Oke, I'll be there at ten minutes. I used a mask and will take a back door, just wait for me." Leeteuk end up the conversation and begged the driver "Sorry Sir, can you make it faster. I have to arrive there as soon as possible." 

(***Seoul National University Hospital***)

"Hyung, this way.." Kang In told him right after Leeteuk step down from the car
"Guys, please take care of my belongings and everything, I wanna come inside soon" Leeteuk told his other memebers while running inside with Kang In

Right after he arrived in front of Surgery Room, he saw his mom, hugging Sora's mother who was crying in her shoulder, his sisters who just cry and pray, Sora's father who just keep silent, Sora's manager and cordy and some of the film crew and the producers.

"Jung su-ah." Sora's father looks so relieve after he saw Leeteuk
"Father, what's exactly going on? What's wrong. I still talked to her this morning, she seems fine and happy." Leeteuk nervously asked him
"It was happened in the shooting location. I don't know how exactly this happened, but Lee Young called us and cried. As soon as possible we came here and found Sora unconcious in Emergency Room and lost a lot of blood." Her father told him
"So how come it can be happened?" Leeteuk still can not believe that his other half now in a serious condition and battling for her life.
"I am sorry Leeteuk-ssi. We're the one who should blame for this accident. The staff didn't place the big lamp very well, so when it fell down, Kang Sora-ssi was right under it. It broke and befalled to her head, meanwhile iron gallow fell to her body." The film producer tried to give him an explanation
"So, you are the one who made my wife like this??? I am sure I will sue you guys, if there is something bad in her. Trust me, I will do that." Leeteuk told him in anger
"We will fully responsible for this accident Leeteuk-sii. We're gonna take care of the cost and everything." The producer tried to calm him
"What??? Do you think it can be paid with all of your money?? I don't need your money, I can take care of my wife by myself." Leeteuk was still angry and yealing at him
"Hyung, calm down, just pray for her. Please.." Kang In tried to calm him
"How can I calm down if I know Sora is suffering now?" Leeteuk still yealing while cry
"Hyung, this is hospital, please calm down. We are very sad also.. Let's hope there is nothing wrong with her." Eunhyuk also tried to calm him, while Leeteuk only can cried and fell down to the floor


Suddenly the doctor came from the surgery room

"Who's the one who responsible for Kang Sora-ssi? I need a permission to do certain action to the patient." the Doctor asked every one there
"I am.. I am the one who responsible for her. I am her husband." Leeteuk told him and hurried get up from the floor and tried to remove his tears
"So you are her husband? Good, can you follow me inside." the doctor asked him and bring him inside the surgery room

"What's do you want me to call you, Leeteuk-ssi or??" the doctor asked him
"Call me Jung Su. I am Park Jung Su." Leeteuk told him
"Oke Jung Su-ssi, here is the situation. The iron gallow which is fell down to her body, suddenly fell right on her stomach. And it was hit her ovarium, and she also lost the baby. So frankly speaking, I have to take one of her ovarium now, and it needs your permission ofcourse as her husband. What the effect of this, I will tell you latter, after the surgery, honestly that is not a good one, but this is something that you have to decide as soon as possible to stop her bleeding. She lost a lot of blood because of this. We already gave her  blood transfusions, but the bleeding isn't stop, except we take that damage ovarium. So, how is it?" the doctor asked him
"Please do what ever you think the best for her. As long as she survive and still beside me, I'll take all risk. What I need is just save her, don't let her go." Leeteuk told him while crying
"Oke Jung Su-ssi, we will do the best for her. We can talked after the surgery. Now, you have to sign the letter first, then wait outside. I promise you, We will do the best we can to save her." the doctor told him and tap his shoulder
"Thank you Doc, I appreciate it. Please save her, that's the only things that I beg to you." Leeteuk told him and go back to waiting room.


After waiting for two hours, the surgery finished and the doctor said Sora's is in stable condition. They brought her to Intensive Care Unit to take care of her more carefully. Right after Sora was placed in the room, the doctor came and told Leeteuk to follow him to his room

"Jung Su-ssi, can you come with me? There's a lot of things that I have to tell you about your wife condition." He asked him
"Oke Sir." Leeteuk then follow him to his room, meanwhile all of the family members, his members and others were waiting outside the Intensive Unit

"Please sit down Jung Su-ssi. This is my colleague, he's a neurologist, meanwhile I am the Obsgyn Specialist. So, this is the condition Jung Su-ssi. Did you know that your wife was pregnant?" He asked Leeteuk
"Pregnant? Really? How long?" Leeteuk was shocked with the news
"9 weeks old pregnancy and from the result that we see, that was twins actually. But because of the accident, she lost them. Her womb is fine, but because of the hit, she lost them and made one of her ovarium damage. The damage ovarioum made her lost a lot of blood and I am sorry to said that we have to take it, for the shake of your wife. Look at your wife condition, actually the ovarium that we took is the best one, the other ovarium not in the good condition. So I am sorry but I have to say this, your wife only have 30 percent possibility to have a child again. I didn't said she can not, but the possibility is so small. But I believe because both of you still young, there is still opportunity to have a child again. We never know what God's plan for us. I hope you can accepted her condition now. The one that she need is support from her closest people, especially you, as her husband." The doctor said
"We also monitoring her head trauma. From our observation she got mild concussion, hope she didn't get amnesia. We will place her at ordinary room, right after We think she is stable enough." the neurologist.
"Jung Su-ssi, are you oke? I am really hope that you can support your wife through this. Her physical injury maybe can be recover soon, but please take care of mental injury. It will be hard for her when she found out that her possibility to have another child is small." the Doctor tried to incourage him
"Thank you Doc. Thank you very much because you can save my wife life. I will be the happy man if I can have a child of my own, but the happiest things in my life is she's next to me until the day I die. Once again thank you. I know this is shocked, but I'll try to be strong, so I can support her. If there's nothing else, can I excude myself?" Leeteuk tried so hard to hold his tears and smiled to them
"Yes, Jung Su-ssi. I think it's all. Once again, please support her, she needs support now, especially from you as her husband." the doctor tried to smile while opened the door for him


After hearing what the Doctors said, Leeteuk walked slowly to the Intensive Room. He needs time to think and cry. He blamed himself for can not taking care of her well.

Their family were still waiting outside the Intensive Room. Without talked to anyone, Leeteuk walked into the Intensive room, and sat beside Sora's bad

"Princess, please wake up..Princess.. You hear me right...Please wake up..Please.. don't leave me..I need you so much.." Leeteuk cried and kiss her palm
"You know, even We're on the worst condition, please hang up, don't give up. Oke, promise?" Leeteuk still talked to Sora although he knews she can not responed, but he hope Sora still can hear what he said
"I will be the happiest man in the world if you are stay beside me until one of us die. I promised you, I will never let you go and I will never leave you, so please my Baby Princess wake up soon. I need you." Leeteuk whispering in her ears
"I know you can hear me darling.. Please trust me Oke. And I am so sorry if I can understand you well during this time. I swear.. I will try to more understand you started now. Just stay darling.. stay with me." He keeps talking while crying
Leeteuk was inside around 30 minutes. He finally go out after the nurse asked him to go and let Sora take same rest.

"Can I hold a family meeting now? Where's the best place, so I can talk freely?" Leeteuk asked his members
"Just took an east hospital park Hyung. It's quite there and there is a small cafe, so you can talk there. Me and Dong Hae will guarding the access to that cafe." Eunhyuk told him
"Yes Hyung, the rest of us will stay here. Just take your time. I will call all of you if there's something important." Kang In told him
"Thanks guys. I really owe you all a lot. Now, let's go Moms, Father and you too Nunna. There's something so important that I have to tell you." Leeteuk asked all of his family members

"I will tell you guys, straight to the points." Leeteuk told them right after they sit at the hospital cafe
"The Doctor already told me Sora's condition. This is not a good condition, but for me, I am still thankful."
"What's wrong Jung Su-ah. You made me worried" Sora's father told him
"Because of this accident, she lost the babies. And not only the babies, but she also lost one of her ovarium. The chance for her to have another child is small, let say only 30 percent, but I will not let her go. I won't leave her, although maybe one of you will asked me to do that, so I can have children of my own. I love her so much, she is the only one that I need until the day I die. So I beg all of you, never asked me to leave her. She needs me, like I need her. I hope you guys understand." Leeteuk told them clearly
"Oh My Good Sora-ya.. Why this is happened to you." Sora's mother can not hide her tears, after hearing what happened to her only daughter
"Jung Su-ah, I am so proud of you. Thank you for being you my son. I am oke with the condition. Sora is the one who made you better, so for me, as long as you became a better person I will be happy." His mother smiled, hugs him and remove the tears from his cheeck
"Jung Su-ah, just support her oke. She needs you a lot now." In Young also hugs him
"I think, we have to come back to Sora now." Leeteuk told them. Suddenly Sora's father called him

"Park Jung Su, can we talk privately? Just you and me." Sora's father asked them to stay
"Oke Father. Moms, I think it will be better if both of you back to waiting room, I am afraid when Sora needs something, there's no family members there. Leeteuk tried to persuade them

"Jung Su-ah, are you sure with what you just said? Honestly, I am happy to hear that, but as a man, a normal man who get merried to build his own family, did you really oke with this condition? I just don't want to see Sora suffering after you realize that you need a child, especially to be your successor, then leave her when she really depend on you. You know that she is my everything, my only daughter. I just don't wanna see her hurt." Sora's father told him and he also cry. 
"Father, you know me right? I am the one who made the decision to take one of her ovarium. I took that risk because I can not loose her, I can't father. I can't live without her. About children, that is oke. I will be happy if God still gave us a chance to have our own children, but I am the happiest man in the world If I can spend the rest of my life with her. Please trust me Father. Please trust me." Leeteuk told while holding his father in law's hand.
"Thank you Jung Su.. Thank you very much..Please take care of her. The only things she need right now only you, no one else. Once again thank you Jung Su." Sora's father told him then hugs him tight.

(**to be continued**)

by Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner

If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the color of the evening sun
Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay

Perhaps this final act was meant
To clinch a lifetime's argument
That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could

For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star
Like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are
How fragile we are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star
Like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say

How fragile we are
How fragile we are
How fragile we are
How fragile we are


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