Tuesday, March 5, 2013


(***Sora's apartment 17 and 18 February 2013***)

It's almost midnight when Sora arrived at her apartment after doing her schedule. Right after New Year break, she had a lot of schedule. She just came from her first official fun meeting rehearsal today. She is tired, but happy. She actually miss Leeteuk a lot, but that feeling was gone when she was doing her job, but when she came home, she feel empty. She wants him here now, especilly when her birthday coming. 

Last year, her husband only gave her a video message, and send her a very expensive bag. Like last year, she actually didn't need that kind of things, she just want to celebrate her birthday with him.

Her mind was flawn to their short holiday together.. It's been a week after she and Leeteuk spent their short holiday together. It was short but very meaningful to her. They spent 2 nights in Leeteuk's mom house. Having a quality time with his mom and his sister, then spent another 2 nights in Sora's parents house and one last night, they spent in Sora's apartment. 

Before Lunar New Year, they carried out their crazy plan to went to Myeongdong as a common people. They disguised as a student, wearing ordinary clothes. Leeteuk went out with t-shirt, jacket, cap and glasses, meanwhile Sora tight her hair, wearing nerd glasses and cap. They walked a long Myeongdong, like they dream before. They look at the clothes, shoes, going to book store, choose Sora's favorite books, really like a common people had a common date. Thay have a lunch at fast food restaurant and they were so happy because no one recognize them. 
"Do you like it darling?" Leeteuk asked his other half when they had their lunch that time
"I love it Oppa, this is what I always want to. I'm so glad no one recognise us. Thanks to your member who were abroad, so people didn't realize that the famous Super Junior leader is here." Sora told him and smile..

Back to reality, she was surprised when her phone rang. She look at the screen, it's not a cellular number, but a local number. She was hasitated for answering the phone
"Who is it? Why calling me in the middle of the night?" She talked to herself. It 12 o clock now..

"Hallo.." she hasitated, but she choose to answered it
"Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday to you.." suddenly she heard the voice that she missed a lot, singing a Birthday song for her through the phone.. 
"Sora-ya, Happy Birthday darling.. Please stay health, stay beautiful, stay humble and stay with me..I love you and I'm sorry that I can not be with you." Leeteuk told to her, but there's no answer from her. 
"Sora-ya, are you still with me?" Leeteuk suddenly panic.

"Oppa.. thank you.." that's the only answer that she can give and her voice was trembling. She was crying..
"Sora-ya, are you crying darling? Please don't.. I'll be sad if you sad." Leeteuk tried to comfort her.  "Now tell me how's the rehearsal doing? You must be very happy now for your first official fan meeting." 
"It's good Oppa, really.. Oppa.. I miss you so much.. I wish you are here, but I know I can't be selfish right?" Sora tried so hard to cheer up her voice so Leeteuk can not found out that she was crying.
"I'm sorry that we can't celebrate Birthday together. I really want to, but I can't.. I just hope you're doing fine and wait for me ya. I'll get my other holiday soon, so make sure you clear up your schedule when I'm home." he tried to entertain his other half.
"Oppa, how's your Musical? You're the centre of it Oppa. A lot of people watching it because of you. I'm so proud of you." Sora told him
"Musical is fine.. I think I get used to it right now. It's fun though. Btw, what time is your fan meeting tomorrow?" He asked her
"Started at 3 and finished at 5. I am telling you everything when you have a time to call me again." Sora turn to be happy when she told him about the fan meeting.
"Araso.. doing it well my Princess, you know that I always support you right? I have to go..It's almost 30 minutes.. Btw, you know why I call you now? Because I want to be the first person to greet you at your Birthday.. I love you and I always do..Bye darling."Leeteuk told her
"Bye Oppa.. Thank you. I love you too and always do.." Sora answered him before he closed the phone

(***Sora's apartment 18 February 2013, 7 pm***)

"Sora-ya, where I have to put all of these gifts?" Lee Young, Sora's personal assistant asked her
"Just put there Unnie.. Let's allign them, so I can capture it and twitt it. That's the way I thanked to my great fans." Sora smiled and take a picture of it and twitt it
"I am glad everything going very well today. A lot of people come and they love you so much Sora-ya. Btw, you have to know that some of the fans who came today are ELF. I talked to them and they said they became your big fans because you can made Teukie happy. He was born to be a better man since he was with you. Some of them even named you as First Lady.. is that great Sora? You're accepted by Super Junior fans, so need to worry too much." Lee Young told her.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

"Who's it Sora? Are you ordering something or waiting for someone?" She asked Sora right after the door bell rang
"No.. I didn't order anything. Wait here Unnie..I am going to look at first." sora told her assistant when heading to the door "Who is it?" Sora asked the guest via intercom
"It's me darling.. Please open the door, very cold here." Leeteuk answering
"Oppa?? Is it really you?" Sora shouted while opened the door. She was really happy to see her other half was standing in front of her when her birthday come
"Happy Birthday darling. I am here to you." Leeteuk told her and hugs her then give her a kiss on her tample.
"Thank you so much Oppa. It's mean a lot to me. You came...I can not believe myself that you are here." Sora hugs him tighter "But Oppa..are you oke? You're so hot. I think you got a fever Oppa." Sora suddenly realize that her husband temprature is not normal.
"I am fine, just need a little bit rest. Are you alone?" right after he stopped asked her, Lee Young coming to the living room
"Leeteuk-ssi, ais no Park Jung Su-ssi long time no see. It's a good surprised to see you here. Btw, why you looked so pale?" Lee Young so surprised to see Leeteuk face
"I'm fine nonna, just tired." Leeteuk still tried to smile when he answered Lee Young
"Oppa, better you sit first. What do you want to drink? Hot Chinese tea or Hot chocolate?" Sora tried to comfort him
"Tea please. I already drink chocolate at Kona Bean." Leeteuk told her
"So, the news that said someone seeing you this afternoon at Kona Bean was true. First I think that's only a rumor." Lee Young told him
"I have to wait until Sora finished her fans meeting nonna, that's why I stayed at Kona Bean." Leeteuk answered
"Oppa, take this. Just open your jacket. I already heat up the room temprature." Sora helped him opened his jacket. Right after his jacket put off, she got shocked again when feeling his temprature "Oppa, your faver is not kidding. Let me measure your temprature first, if it's too high, let's go the hospital. Don't argue." Sora told him
"No need darling.. I just want to be with you." Leeteuk tried to persuade her
"Listen big boy. I'll be with you, so don't argue, even if you have to stay at the hospital, I guarentee I'll be stay next to you.Okay? Now, let me measure you first, then we will decided." Sora told him "OMO, it almost 40 degree. Unnie, can you prepare my car, we have to take him to the hospital" Sora yealing to her assistant after measured him
"Oke darling, let me drive. You take care of him oke." Lee Young told her while heading to garage preparing the car
"Let's go Oppa. No need to argue.I'll asked your manager, which hospital did I have to take you." Leeteuk is so surprised when seeing Sora act like this. He was the one who always take the lead and decision in their relationship. Sora is always a good follower to him. He know she do that because she respect him so much, He also know that his wife is a very smart and independent woman, but it feels very good when she acted like this, as his guardian.

(***Sora's apartment 18 February 2013, 10pm***)

"Oppa, please eat it first, then take your pils. It will make you better." Sora came to bed room with a tray, bring him a bowl of porridge, water and his medicine. "Eat this Oppa, it will make you better. Please.." Sora softly spoke and feed him
"I can't darling. My tongue feel bitter." Leeteuk refused it
"Please.. just 5 spoon. I promised you. Not much. Oke? Please Oppa." Sora tried to persuade him again. Leeteuk finally eat it, but he really just want to eat 5 spoon, not more. 

After taking his pils, Sora came with bown and towel. She started to wipe his face and neck.

"I think you have to change your shirt Oppa. It's wet, and it's not good for you." Sora took a new shirt from closet and pulled of his wet shirt. After changinghis shirt, Sora took a blanket and covered him. She was a little bit relieved now, because the faver seems going down little by little. 

After she cleaned up everything, she came back to bed and placed herself next to him. Right after she laid down, suddenly Leeteuk grab her waist and hugs her tight from behind
"I am sorry darling. I came here to celebrate your birthday, but it ended up like this. I didn't bring a gift for you, but I made you busy have to take care of me." Leeteuk whispering in Sora ears. Sora turn her body then kiss his lips lightly
"Listen to me Park Jung Su, your presence here is the most beautiful gift for my birthday today. I don't need any gift from you, all I need is you. So now don't say a meaningless word. Just take a rest and get well soon. Your health is the most important things now. Araso? I love you Park Jung Su." Sora kiss his lips again after saying that kind
"I love you more Mrs Park Jung Su. Someday, you have to come out with that name. Now. let me hugs you and thank you for what have you done for me today. Once again, Happy Birthday darling. I love You and always do.."

(***to be continued***)

This song is one of my favorite ever lasting love song


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