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(***Sora's apartment 18 February 2013, 6 am***)

"Good Morning Oppa.. Are you oke now.It's 6 o clock, you said you wanna came back to the army at 7." Sora tried to waking up her husband since she knew that he has to comeback to his base soon after got his one day holiday.
"I don't want to.. I still want to hold you." Leeteuk whispering while pulled her in and holding her waist tighter
"Are you still sick? I can call your supervisor and tell him that you are still sick, Oppa." Sora is stil worried since he got a fever last night.
"No, that's oke. I think I have to come back, but before that, let me hugs you first." Leeteuk finally wake up and kiss Sora lips lightly. "What time is your film promotion? Is it today right?" Leeteuk whispering
"Ehm, yes Oppa, today, around 11. Why? Is somebody will pick you up? If not, I am going to take you to the base, then preparing myself." Sora smiled and give a light kiss in his lips.
"My manager will pick me up and take me there, no worries. I think I have to take a bath." Leeteuk finally get up from bed.
"Are you sure you're oke? You just pass out your fever Oppa." Sora still worried
"I am compleatly fine, but do you want to take care of me now? I think I need someone to help me taking a bath." Leeteuk talked to her and wink to her
"Oppa.." Sora can not hold her smile
"So it means you're agree right darling??" Leeteuk smiled and suddenly lifted her up and bring her to the bathroom
"Oppa, take me down. You just get rid off from your fever." Sora laugh when she said that
"Ssst, I need you though." Leeteuk smiled and closed the bathroom door behind him

(***Sora's appartment around 9 am***)

"Sora-ssi, it's me." Her film producer suddenly called her
"Eh yes sir. What can I do for you?" Sora asked him nicely
"Can I asked you a favor? Since today is our first official press briefing and Je Hoon is in the army, can you promote him also. I mean, like if you have your picture together, maybe you can share it to your fans, maybe through twitter or some social media." Her producer asked her.
"Oke sir, I have one selca with Je Hoon Oppa, I will share it on twitter. See you at the briefing." Sora ended the conversation and search her picture with Je Hoon

Right after she finished her phone, she search the picture and without hasitated she tweet it

"I fell for ChangHo at press briefing.. Have you eaten well ~~?"

That time she think nothing, she just thinking that she have to do that for movie promotion, nothing else. A good publicity would be good for the movie, since her partner at the movie, Lee Je Hoon now in the army, same like her other half.

15 minutes later, when she doing her make up, her phone rang again. Sora was excited, her Prince number was there

"Hallo.. Oppa, did you arrive safely?" Sora is answering the phone happily
"Why you do this Sora-ya?" Suddenly she heard her husband anger voice in phone
"Oppa?? What's wrong? Do I did something wrong?" Sora was still confused
"When was the picture taken? So you enjoying yourself, taking an intimate picture with your partner at the movie? You seems so happy with him Sora-ya." Leeteuk can not hold himself not to angry with her
"Oppa.." Sora was speechless for a while "Oppa, listen to me. It was taken in the middle of our break. Long time ago, You're still here when I took that picture. Honestly, Je Hoon Oppa asked me to take a picture together, did I have to say no? It's not polite Oppa." Sora tried to explain it to her husband
"You never showed me that picture. Why?? Why you have to keep it and hide it from me? Why?? And why suddenly you have to show it to everyone and twit it? Don't you considered my feeling?" without realize he was yealing at her. 
"Oppa.." Sora really lost her word, she didn't realize that she was crying 
"Why? Lost of word? We made love this morning Sora-ya, right before I leave you, how come you do this to me?" Leeteuk still in his anger
"Oppa, this is just a part of promotion. Please.. believe me.. My producer asked me to do it. Je Hoon Oppa is in the army now, so he can not come, that's why I do this. Nothing else.. Please believe me. " Sora tried so hard to calm her husband. 
"But still.. I don't like the picture and I don't like your twit, too intimate. I know you can not twit about us, but this is too much for me and I don't like it." Leeteuk finally lower his voice, but without giving Sora chance, he end up the conversation 

Sora is still confused and blanked. She knew that her husband is very jealous with every man around her, but she never see him like this. Everything was perfect until this morning. Although he was sick, he came and spent a night with her in her birthday. They even made love before he leave her just couple hours ago. She knew she think nothing when she twit it, but simply it because of work. 

"Sora-ya, are you oke?" Lee Young finally speak up. She knew that this love birds had their fight. It shown from Sora answered and tears. She can not hear what Leeteuk said, but she knew it hurt Sora so much. She knew Sora for four years, she can feel her without she have to say a word.
"I'm fine Unnie, just a little missunderstanding." Sora is trying to hide it
"OMO Sora-ya, I knew your husband is a jealous guy, but he have to start to recieve everything related to your job. He can't do this." Lee Young a little bit annoyed
"It's oke Unnie. It's oke. I think I still can handle it. Just fresh up my make up Unnie, I don't want people know that I just crying." Sora tried to smile

Right before she went to the press briefing, she message her other half

"Oppa, I'm sorry that I made you mad, but please believe me. I love you always and I know you knew..Miss you already"

In her press briefing, one reporter suddenly asked her out of context

"Kang Sora-ssi, did you watch or have plan to watch The Promise?" she asked Sora
"Yes, off course.I'll watch it before March 3rd." Sora gave her answered with smile. She hope her husband will read it and believe her that she love him so much..

(***Sora apartment, 6 pm***)

Sora is preparing herself after take a rest for a while. She still wait for her Prince message, but she didn't expect a lot. She knew that Leeteuk need a time to release his anger. Tonight she planned to come to her parents house to celebrate her birthday. Her mom told her that she already prepared Sora's favorite food. 

Right before she open the door and ready to go, her cell phone rang, now, she didn't know the number.

"Hallo.." Sora asnwered it
"Is this Kang Sora-ssi? I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm Ji Hyun Wo, Jung Su Hyung friend in the army. I just want you to know that Hyung now in the hospital. He's at ER Seoul National University Hospital. Suddenly he fell and unconcious for a while when we were practicing. He got a fever, his temprature was very high and he called your name when he delirious." Hyun Wo told the situation
"OMO. Is he concious now?" Sora very worried to his condition
"He is now. He already wake up, but his temprature still high and some time he still delirious. I already called SME, I think his manager and some members on their way here." Hyun Wo told her
"Thanks for calling me. I am on my way now. Thanks again Ji Hyun Wo-ssi." Sora ended the phone conversation and hiding to her car

(***Seoul National University Hospital***)

Right after she arrived at the hospital, she run to the ER, and found Hyun Wo, Leeteuk manager, Kangin and Eunhyuk there. They are around Leeteuk bed, but he was sleeping.
"Ah, Hyungsunim." Kangin greet Sora first
"How's he? He just sleep or he's unconcious?" Sora was very worried
"He's sleeping. I think the doctor have to give a sleeping pills, just to make him sleep because he always delirious because of the high fever." Hyun Wo tried to explain Leeteuk condition to Sora.

Suddenly her phone was rang, now from her mother
"Omma, I'm sorry, I can't make it. Oppa is in the hospital now. He got a very high fever. I think I have to accompany him here. I'm so sorry Omma." Sora told her mother
"Oke, no problem darling, just take care of your Oppa. I will send all the food here to you later. Call me if you need help. Btw, Happy Birthday my dear. Please stay as you are, don't change and serve your husband well oke. I'll come to see Jung Su if there is a time. Your Appa wants to talk to you." Her mother gave the phone to her husband
"Sora-ya, Is Jung Su oke? Just take care of him, Don't leave him, take care of him until he's oke. And Sora darling.. Happy Birthday, we miss you a lot.." her father told her
"Thanks Appa, sorry I can not come. I think Oppa need me now." Sora told her father
"That's oke darling.I love you and send my love to Jung Su-ah." her father told her then hang up the phone

"Btw Hyungsunim, Happy Birthday. I saw your fan meeting yesterday." Eunhyuk give her a birthday wishes, right after Sora finished talking to her parents
"Thank you Eunhyuk-ssi. This is not a good present actually, but I am greatful I can spent my Birthday with him. He actually got his fever since last night, but the fever gone this morning." Sora seem so sad when she talked to Eunhyuk. Her hand never leave her Prince hand.  She always grabbed his hand tightly

Suddenly the doctor come
"Who's responsible for this patient?" the Doctor asked
"I am. I am his wife. How's is he, Doc? Something wrong with him? Actually he already got a fever since last night, but this morning everything is fine." Sora told him 
"Basically he's fine, maybe he just too tired. We already exemined and tested him, to find maybe something wrong in him, but the result is fine, nothings wrong. He seems have some problems in his mind, that's why he always delirious. I have to give him a sleeping pills just to make him rest and calm. The last temprature is better than the first one, but maybe he have to stay, at least for tonight. If he got a good rest tonight, hopefully everything going to be oke tomorrow. So, maybe somebody have to take care for the room soon. The letter is at admission desk. " The doctor told them then left . When Sora wants to take care of it, suddenly Leeteuk had delirious again.
"Sora-ya please don't leave me..I'm sorry, but please stay." He whispering when his eyes closed
"Oppa, I'm here. I'm going no where, trust me. I'll be with you." Sora talked at his ears to calm him

"Hyungsunim, just stay here with Hyung. We'll take care of the admission, no wories. Just stay here. Hyung need you so much." Kangin told her to stay
"Yes, we'll take care of everything. Better you stay here until we got a room Kang Sora-ssi." Leeteuk manager told her
"Thank you all. I appreciate it." Sora told them and smile

After getting the room for him, every one are excused themselves

"Hyungsunim, are you stay here tonight?" Kangin asked her
"Yes off course. I can't leave him now. Why?" 
"Do you need someone to accompany you here? If yes, maybe me or Hyukjae will stay, just to help you if there's something." Kangin told her
"No that's oke. I know you guys tired. Just go home. I'll be fine, really." Sora tried to convince them
"Hyungsunim, if you need help, even in the middle of the night, please call us. Do not hasitated to call us. We'll come. Promise?" Eunhyuk asked her
"Ya.. I promise guys. Trust me." Sora tried to smile
"So, if there's nothing else, Please allow me to excused myself. I think I have to go back to base." Hyun Wo told them
"Thank you so much Hyun Wo-ssi, thank you for take care of him. I owe you a lot." Sora told him and bowed him
"Ais, nothing Sora-ssi. That was friends are for." He told her than leave the room
"Hyungsunim, now it's our time to go. Please take care of him, no one can take care of him like you do." Kangin said goodbye to her
"Please if you need help, just call us, oke? Promise?" Eunhyuk told her once again before he leave
"Thank you guys. Thanks alot." Sora smiled to them when all of them leave the room

When finally just the two of them, Sora check her husband temprature, and slowly kiss his forehead

"Oppa, please get well soon. I am so worried seeing you like this. I am sorry for making you very angry today, I promise I won't do that again. Get well soon, please." She whispering in Leeteuk ears while her tears come.

Tired physically and mentally, Sora finally got a sleep on the Leeteuk bedside while holding his hand tightly.


It's around 2 am, when Leeteuk finally awakened, and realize Sora was holding his hand. She fell a sleep right on his bedside

"OMO, Sora-ya, why are you sleep here darling." He talked to himself .
"Sora-ya..Sora-ya..wake up darling. Don't sleep here, you will hurt your back. Sora-ya.. Princess please wake up..Sleep at the coach." Leeteuk tried to wake her up
"Oppa? Are you wake? Just go back to sleep, you need rest though." Sora tried to smile when she saw Leeteuk already fresher now
"What time is it darling?" Leeteuk asked her
"It's 2 am Oppa, just get back to sleep. You need a rest, don't think too much." Sora calmed him 
"Sora-ya..I'm sorry.."
"For what Oppa? For this morning? That's oke, please just forget it, oke. I'm sorry too." She smiled to him
"No.. I am the one who should beg for your forgiven. I was yealing at you, I didn't give you a chance to explain everything.. I am really act such a jerk this morning. I am supposed to be not to do that, especially at your birthday." He told her while kiss her palm
"Oppa, it's oke, trust me. Now, Your health is the priority, let's forget what happened oke. Back to sleep now. You need a rest."  Sora told him and kiss his lips lightly
"Thank you Princess, thank you for being you. Thank you for understand me. I promise, Iwill hold myself and control my jealousy. I just feel insecure, that's it. Don't leave me oke? Promise?" 
"I promise.. You're the only one. You know that you always be my first and I hope my last. So, trust me oke? Can you promised me, that you will trust and believe in me? Everything I done, I must be thinking about you, so just throw out your insecurity and learning to believe me. I love you Oppa. Now, back to sleep, you need it. Don't argue." 
"You know Sora-ya, I love when see you like this, act like my mother and take care of me. Just stay beside me oke." He smiled to her then squeeze her hand
"I am going nowhere, Park Jung Su-ssi. I am here for you. That is my promise." Sora answered him and give him a kiss
"Thank you.." Leeteuk smiled and finally fall a sleep again..

(***to be continued***)

This song keep coming to my mind when I write this story.. Thinking about how jealous PJS is when related to his Baby Princess
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Sorry for long chap and the story might be getting boring.... 


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