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Chapter 13: Shine After the rain

my talented friends fanfic cr: @jerqu

Chapter 13: Shine After the rain
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How will I forget that goodbyes will always hurt?
Those memories whether good or bad will bring tears and aches, longing and craving, loving and hating and words can never replace those feelings.
Can tears vanish all the pain and ache?
Can tears at least ease the pain?
Or the longing or even at least the craving?
Let go and go on..............
"Mom how long would we have to wait for the car?" That was Vanessa who's now impatiently pulling my coat.
"Let's just wait 10 minutes or more sweetie." I wish I called Sungmin's earlier so that we don't have to wait for so long.
Yes, we've been planning to have a three days vacation at Simon's grandparent beach house with all the SJ members and hopefully I'll got a chance to visit my parents place if time allows it.
"I'm so tired mum." Vanessa added and then yawns.
Vince was just silently listening to his I-pod. This kid act like a real man, a very old man that sometimes I felt like I am not talking to a 5 yrs.old anymore but to an adult. Hope his father was just around by my son's presence.
"Mum, I will just buy a candy, can I?" all of a sudden Vince said.
I smiled and nodded. "Just don't take too long. Kath just go with him please."
"Ok Mum.let's go nanny." With an American accent.
There he ran through the candy store while Vanessa sat on one of the seats while playing with her hands. This kids sometimes unpredictably cute and sometimes a headache.
"Mom." Vince shouted as he catch for his breath while heading at our direction.
"Yeah? Have you bought a candy?"
"I've seen Dad."
What? He'd seen his father?
"Vince? What are you saying ,He's here ?"
"I've seen one man that looks like my dad. I even had a chance to hold him but he just smiled. He's in Korea now Mommy why He's not coming for us?"
Before I could uttered a word suddenly Vanessa shouted. "Uncle Sungmin!"
"Uncle SungminUncle Sungmin?" That was Vince who also run towards Sungmin.
"Anneyonghasseyo!" I said.
"Oh Vanessa Vince, Uncle misses you."
"Uncle, I just saw dad in the convenient store." Vince said.
He then looked at my kids. "Really? Well, be a good kid and I'll give you surprise later....c'mon Uncle Hae's and Uncle Kyu's waiting for us in the van. Let's go?"
The kids hold Sungmin's hand and started to walk. I followed them silently as I processed the sentences Vince had just said earlier.
"I've seen this man that looks like my daddy I even had a chance to hold him but he just smiled at me." What are you doing Leeteuk? I ask myself..
Maybe this kid just hallucinating or maybe it was just a wrong person.
Right. Maybe it was just a wrong person....
"Mummy, make it fast come on." Vanessa shouted while Vince run through me and then intertwined his hands on me.
"I'll walk with you mummy." He said then smiled at me. "Don't worry, I guess that wasn't our daddy because if it's him he will come to us and wouldn't hide from us, right mum?"
I smiled and nodded then bend a little to level my face on my son. I cupped his cheeks on my hand. "Sweetie, always remember Mum and Dad loves you no matter what, okay?"
He smiled and kissed me. "Yes mum."
"Mummy, Vince hurry up." Vanessa shouted again.
"Let's go mum, Vanessa's being so stubborn again." That made me laugh as we hurry up to catch on them.
"Who wants to come with me?" I asked my kids as soon as we are done eating.
"I'll just stay here with the Uncle's Mum, I'm so tired ." That was Vanessa pouting. "Later, nanny would come and tour me at the beach, right nanny?"
"How about you Vince ?"
"I'll go with Uncle Sungmin mummy, We're gonna play and fly a kite later."
I pinched their noses. "Okay then, the two of you should behave. Okay?"
They both nodded and kissed me on the cheeks. "We love you Mum."
"I love you too."
"We love you more."
"I love you more and more."   Finally got the chance to stroll with my own, no naughty kids to take care of.
She spent her time alone and had a good time just watching the beach and the sunset......  
Sora was so tired, and really wanted to rest now or hmnn... guess not, someone suddenly knocked on the door of her room.
"Mummy." That was Vanessa who looks really stunned.
"Yeah Princess? Where's Vince?"
"Still with Uncle Sungmin." She said and then sit with me in the bed. "You won't believe who I saw mum."
"Who is it?"
"I saw daddy." She said as she exaggeratedly motioned her hand. "But when I called him daddy he just said, 'Hi little princess, are you an angel? and then he pinches my nose."
Who's that guy? earlier it was Vince and now Vanessa. I wonder if Leeteuk's here.
"Sweetie, maybe it was just your dad's look a like, someone who resembles him a lot. Okay? Daddy won't do that if he's really your daddy, get what mommy's saying to you?" she nodded. "Daddy's not in Korea now, okay?"
"Okay Mum."
"Anyway sweetie, where did you see this man anyway?"
"at the beach."
I stood up and decided to see it for myself. "Where are you going Mummy?"
"At the beach, sweetie. I wanted to see the man for myself."
She took my hand and said. "Can I go with you mum."
"No sweetie, We don't know who is this man. Better for you to stay at Nanny." As I headed through the door and headed to the beach straight ahead.
It's now or never. That man's giving me creeps. I wanted to see it for myself why my kids acted that way. I need to know if it's Leeteuk and what He really wants....  
Then Sora saw a man standing near the coast looking at the sunset...His back seems so familiar...

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