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(***MBC Building, 9th Fl***)

"PD-nim...It's me, Kang Sora...For next shooting I'll be Teuk Oppa one day manager. I promised him to be his manager for a day, and I'll Take care of all his schedule for that day. I talked to Teuk Oppa manager about it and he already say yes. I just follow what already planned for that day." Sora gave a phone to PD-nim, in the beginning of a week.
"Oke then, I'll arrange everything. Ill talk to Leetuk manager also, whether we can put an extra activity on that day. See u on wednesday." PD-nim finish his phone call with Sora

Not until a minutes, his phone rang again, now, from the husband

"Ya Leeteuk-ssi. What's wrong? Sora-ssi just called me to tell the plan for wednesday." PD-nim told Leeteuk
"Oh ya? What did she said? How's the plan?" Leeteuk a little bit curious
"Ehm, she will be your one day manager since morning until midnight." PD-nim explained
"Oke, but I need to put extra person for Wednesday shooting. Can I?" Leeteuk a little bit hesitate
"Who is it? Why? " PD-nim a little bit confused with Leeteuk plan
"I'll take Sungmin. There's something that we have to clarify between us." Leeteuk said
"Oke, so do you want to have a three person meeting with Sungmin? Where's the location? So I can talk to the owner or manager in charge in that place to prepare everything." PD-nim finally agree
"Let's do at Paul Bistro. It's in Yeouido, at Ritz Carlton apartment complex. It's Sora's favorite place, near her office. Can you manage it Hyung?" Letteuk seems so serious when talk
"Oke, I can take care of it. Btw, Why Sungmin-ssi. Sora already told you that there was nothing between them right? Are u still feel insecure about it?" PD-nim confused with the way Leeteuk thinks, especially after he met them spend a night together last week.
"Ehm, I just need to make sure Hyung. I know it's not fair for Sora and Sungmin, but I have to make sure. Sungmin is Sora's number one fans between my members, and Sora always feel that Sungmin is like her own brother since she is the only child. Honestly, I don't like it. Call me possisive, but Sora is mine, so I am supposed to be the only Oppa for her, not anyone else." Leeteuk jealousy exploded
"Oke, I got it. But you're the one who told Sungmin and your manager about it. I just doing the preparation."PD-nim finally agree with Leeteuk plan
"Sure.. Thank you very much Hyung. Sorry for bothering you.." Leeteuk said while ended the conversation

"OMO, this two really..."PD-nim talked to his team
"Leeteuk jealousy is always exploded. He's the one who very possesive with his belonging and Sora is now the most precious belonging that he had" WGM writer tried to understand the way of Leeteuk thinking
"I know.. But if you guys meet them outside the filming, you will feel very jealous. You can see sparkle in their eyes. You can see that they are really depp fall in love. Why Leeteuk need to do this. Why he still feel insecure. I don't got it." PD-nim still confused
"But Hyung, let's take an advantage on this situation. The episode wil be great. Leeteuk jealousy will be all over the scene, and we still don't know how's Sora reaction in this. I thinks it will be great episode." his assistant tried to convinved him
"Oke, let's do this. Just hope that they can control theirselves in front of the camera." finally PD-nim agree

(***On shooting day***)
"Oppa, are you finish with your first schedule?" Sora called her boyfriend
"Yup, just change my clothes and I'll be with you in a minutes. Now, I am still preapering. You're outside the building right?" Leeteuk said
"Yes, see u soon Oppa. I miss you though.." Sora is very happy 
"Yup, see u soon darling. Love you." Leeteuk ended their phone conversation

"Sora-ra..." Leeteuk seems so happy to see Sora again.
"Oppa, today I am your one day manager." Sora said when started their shooting
"One day manager? Is manager wear that kind of skirt?" Leeteuk totaly forgot that a lot of camera around them when he saw Sora with her clothes today. For him, the skirt is too short. Actually he love to see Sora in shoort clothes, but not when he's not around

In the car, on the way to the restaurant when the camera off, Leeteuk can not control his jealousy

"Why you wear that kind of skirt? It's too short. You wear that when I am not around." Leeteuk start rambling
"But I am with you Oppa." Sora a little bit confused
"But you already wore that when I am not around.." Leeteuk can not control of his jealousy
"Oke...oke...I won't do that next time." Sora tried to calm her possesive boy friend
"I miss you so much.. So tired, because we have to promote a new single every where, so there's no days that we are not having a schedule." Leeteuk told
"I miss you too.. sometimes I am so worried that you're gonna sick Oppa, since your schedule are really pack and busy."
"Btw, someone will join our lunch time." Leetauk said
"Yup, you already talked to me when camera still on. Who's he Oppa? Will he be comfortable with us, since we are filming and we are in real relationship now?" Sora said
"He will be oke. He's the one who supposed to know that we're a couple now, so don't worry." Leeteuk said without saying who is the guest

"Let's go inside, I think they already preparing our place inside." Leeteuk told Sora, right away when they arrived at the restaurant
"Who's he Oppa? I am really corious."Sora said before the camera rolling.
"Just wait and see darling."

Right after the camera on, Leeteuk phone was ringing

"Hallo.. Ya, I sent you a message. Just come here now." Leeteuk talked to his mysterious friend

Suddenly Sungmin come and that make Sora a little bit surprised. She sent a dissapointed glance to his boyfriend, but Leeteuk still didn't realize that. That time Sora is trying so hard to control her anger. She felt that Leeteuk didn't trust everything that she explained before.

After Sungmin came, Leeteuk tried to steal a glance to her. Suddenly he felt regreted. He can see Sora's dissapointed eyes. Her eyes a little bit watery, and he knew that she tried to control it. But what ever it is the show must go on. The camera was there, and it was his own fault to planned this kind of plot. Just because her stuppid jealousy, he make his other half upset.

Leeteuk tried to control the situation and tried to make joke on it, but he knew that he fail. Suddenly he have a pop up plan in his mind and tried to tease Sungmin.

"I will introduce you with someone. Please prepare to be next couple on WGM." suddenly Leetuk told Sungmin to tease him
"Really?" Sungmin a little bit excited
"She is a beautiful pale lady." Leeteuk still rambling without realize that Sora really pay attention to all what he said

Suddenly the male employee come to serve them. Leeteuk can not hide his smile and said to Sungmin
"I really don't know that this person will appear.That's not the person I am refering to" Leeteuk said while laughing
"Is it a different person?" Sora asked Leeteuk, without Leeteuk realize there is something behind her question
"Yup. There is different person.." Leeteuk still laughing
"Does that mean you looking for another woman just now?" strong question came from Sora. It's surprised Leeteuk a lot. He never think that his baby princess will asked that kind of question. For a second Leeteuk can not breath after he heard what Sora question

"Looking for another woman that you met. You really did not miss that chance and find a woman who has a pale face." Sora continued her strong word. That time she didn't realize at all that they were in the middle of shooting. Her heart already a little bit dissapointed when she found out Leeteuk trap her to be in three person  conversation with Sungmin, and now she can hide her jealousy.
Leeteuk is so surprised when he see Sora being like this. This is the first time Sora's jealousy exploded. Actually he really happy to see how Sora's jealousy finally exploded, but in the other hand he really regreting to make this situation came between them.

"It's not like that.." Leeteuk lost all of his word
"Oke, I got it." Sora expression is so different from usual Sora
"Could it be you purposely said that, so you can see that women too?" Sora can not stop to make a strong question to Leeteuk. She really angry that time, but she still can manege her attitude that time.

In the other hand, Sungmin is so amazing with Sora. He never see his leader lost his word, especially in front of a woman. To see the situation, Sungmin suddenly realize that this woman is really something for the leader. That time Sungmin knew that they are a real couple. Leeteuk expression, Sora expression, all of that explained everything. Not only Sungmin, all the crew there was really surprised with what just happened. They never expected that the famous calm Sora will show her anger and her jealousy.

"Please Sora, it's not like that. It's missunderstanding." Leeteuk trying so hard to calm Sora anger. He knew. although Sora tone is not to high, but he 100% believe that Sora was angry
"You're avoiding my eyes." Sora continued attack Leeteuk
"It's not like that. Why are you doing this to me." Leeteuk really lost his word
"Seems that the woman you like is outside." Sora really can not stop it
"No, there's no one else." Leeteuk tried to defense himself
"Is he usually doing that?" Sungmin tried to get a revenge from Leeteuk after what Leeteuk already done to him
"He can not stop to find a pale woman. He likes that" Sora answered Sungmin question
"Oh, you still can not manage it?" Sungmin tried to tease Leeteuk. He really happy can see his Hyung in trouble this time
"Please stop. She will think it's true." Leeteuk told Sungmin
"Because you're blushing, that's no way for you to hide that." Sora still can not control her jealousy
"It's not like that. Not because I like it. I am also blushing when I feel ackward." Leeteuk tried to explained to Sora. He really afraid that Sora will miss understand what he said
"So, You feel ackward when you see me? Are you also feel ackward when you kiss me?" Sora can not hide her dissapointed
"Not like that. Off course not. It's different with you. The first kiss, yes, it's a little bit ackward, but not for the second and the third." Leeteuk told Sora in his panic expression
"Oke. I understand." Sora finally said while she feed him, to told him to shut up.

Sungmin who realize that he was trap between two lover quarel feels that he have to go right away..

"I think I have to go now." Sungmin finally said good bye to both of them
"Sorry for what happened." Sora really feel sory for Sungmin since Sungmin is one of her respectful brother in law.
"No worries Sora-ssi. Hyung, I am going." Sungmin said

After Sungmin gone, Leeteuk see how's Sora expression. He's  really regret for what he saw. Sora seems very dissapointed with what just happened. Suddenly Leeteuk make a sign to cut the scene. He went to go to Sungmin and PD-nim

"Sungmin-ah, I am so sorry. I didn't mean it, really. It's my fault not to trust you both. I am really sorry for that. Please, don't get mad at me, but if you really want to hit me, please do it when I am arrived at dorm tonight." Leeteuk really regreted what he just done
"It's oke Hyung. I know how it feel when you really fall in love to someone. Just keep that girl Hyung, she is really special, not like other girl that I know. She's beautiful, smart, down to earth and can understand you very well Hyung. Please keep her. I am really happy when I realize that both of you in real relationship now. So now, I understand who is the girl that you mention before in Strong Heart. That's her right? So congratulation Hyung. Now, just comfort your girlfriend. You have to do that." Sungmin told Leeteuk sincerelly
"Thank you Sungmin-ah." Leeteuk hugs Sungmin
"Btw, PD-nim, I need a time to comfort Sora. Please leave us. I need a time to clarify everything. Sory if this episode turned like this."
"It's oke Leeteuk-ssi. Honestly, we got a good sceen today. We never see Sora-ssi like that, so it's good. Very good, like showing different side of Kang Sora." PD-nim said
"Oke. give me 30 minutes." Leeteuk told them while he came back to Sora place

After Leeteuk left, PD-nim talk to Sungmin
"Sungmin-ssi, after this we gonna have a swimming pool scene. Please came with us. I will told Leeteuk that you gonna join us there." PD-nim told Sungmin
"Why I have to come Hyung? I will bothering them though." Sungmin tried to refused it
"I don't think so. With you arethere you can help me to control them. Actually I am a little bit worried with them. They are now too real. The jealous expression from both of them is real. Good for the show, but I think now, it's hard for us to hide their real feeling to viewer." PD-nim tried to explain the situation to Sungmin
"If I am there. Is it gonna help? Since Teukie Hyung was very jealous at me." Sungmin a little bit worried
"We'll see, but I have a feeling that we need a balancing for the next scene, so they won't out of control. It will be too much intimate moment there, since it is a swimming pool scene." PD-nim said
"Oke. I'll help you Hyung. Where's the location. I will go first." said Sungmin

Meanwile, When Leetuk come to Sora place, he's really surprised and feeling guilty when he found out Sora  was crying

"Sora-ra..Sorry. I am really sorry..I didn't mean it." Leeteuk tried to calm Sora
"Why you do this Oppa? Don't you trust me? I told you before, there's nothing between me and Sungmin Oppa. Nothing. Why you do this?" Sora told Leeteuk while she cried
"Sorry..." that's the only word that Leeteuk can answer
"You know, First, you don't trust me, second, I really don't like when I heard you are half naked hanging around to greet other women. I know you have a better body now, but can you keep it? I can understand if you do that for the show, for the fans, but in front of other female idol? Please Oppa.." Sora tried to spilled her anger
"Sorry Sora...I won't do that again. Take my word, I won't do that again in front of other woman, but maybe I still do that for the sake of our show or concert." Leeteuk promised her
"You trust me don't you?" Leeteuk asked Sora when he saw distrasted expression from Sora
"Oke I believe you Oppa, but Please be honest to me..Don't ever do this again. I really hate it." Sora tried to smile
"Ah... that's my girl. I love you..And once again, I am sorry darling. Sorry to make you mad, sorry to make you cry. I promise I won't do that, and I promise I'll control my jealousy..But, are you really jealous with all that women?" Leeteuk told while trying to tease Sora
"Yes Oppa... I am really jealous...Satisfied? I am jealous with all the beauty female idol around you.." Sora answered it slyly.

Suddenly Leeteuk kiss Sora lips. Only light kiss, but that was a happy and promise kiss.. Happy because now he was sure with what Sora feel about him and promise that he won't let his girl dissapointed..

***to be continued***

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