Friday, October 5, 2012


"Good morning darling...Time to wake up..." Leeteuk kiss Sora forehead to wake her up
"Oppa.. What's time is it? Sorry, I woke up late.." Sora feel a little bit embrased
"No problem... I loved to see you sleep. You look so pure.. I just love it." Leeteuk landed a slight kiss in Sora lips, than said "Let's go for breakfast, after that let's fun..."
"Give me 10 minutes. I am ready then."

"Eat again...You'll need a lot of energy today..." Leeteuk told Sora
"What are we gonna do today Oppa???" Sora told Leeteuk ceriously
"What do you want to try? What about we try practice golf first, after that swimming, and couple spa..It sound great right? Agree??"
"Sounds great. I always want to try playing golf. I never do that, but seems interesting. Swimming off course, love it..." Sora can hide her happy face
"Good, now eat well..." Leeteuk told while feeding Sora...

"OMO. It's really fun Oppa.. Thank you.." Sora told Leeteuk and right away gave a cheek kiss to him after they finish their couple Spa and on the way for lunch
"Only cheek????" Leeteuk tease Sora

Suddenly, Leetuk phone rang

"Hallo..." Leeteuk talked to someone on phone
"I am already at Banyan.. Where we gonna meet?"
"Let's have lunch at Granum dining room, than we talk..." told Leeteuk to mysterious man on the phone
"Oke, I'll be there soon.."
"Thanks Hyung..." Leeteuk close the phone

"Who is it Oppa?" Sora a little bit curious
"Just wait for him oke, now where we gonna sit?"

Three minutes later....

"Good afternoon Sora-ssi, Leeteuk-ssi... Nice to see you two here.." Someone great them in the restaurant
"OMO. Good afternoon PD-nim" Sora greet the person
"Have a sit Hyung. I intentionally invite you here. We need to discuss our last shooting. When is it gonna be on air? This Saturday right? The first episode will be the photoshoot scene, meanwhile the second episode will be with Sora parents. Is it right? " Leeteuk opened the discussion
"Yup, we will divided the film into two episode. We only have you guys and Eenjeung couple for the show, so each of you will get around 30 minutes duration." PD-nim explained to them

"Oke... now, we come to the real problem.We'll be honest to you Hyung. We're a couple now, real couple. I love Sora and Sora love me. We're not virtual anymore and I will not hide it in front of camera, no...It will be so hard for us if you asked us acting and pretend that we are not fall in love each other. I can not. I don't know for Sora, but I am not good in acting. I can't act Hyung, you know about it. So, if you asked me to act that there's no love between us, I can not do that." Leeteuk tried to be honest
"I got it. What about you Sora-ssi?" PD-nim asked Sora
"Ehm, every time I do for filming something, I can act well, but when it's not involving the feeling that I have. But now, same like Teuk Oppa, I think it will be hard for me to act that we're not a real couple." Sora answered with hesitations.

After a minute,  finally PD-nim said something

"Oke, now, I got what's the problem is. I already have a feeling that you two have something when we went to Nami Island. And I believe that you two have a real relationship since that. Actually the problem is you two are too obvious in screen. I can feel real love there. There's no ackward between you, so natural. The way you two holding hand, the way you hug her is too natural. To be honest, a lot of couple in WGM also go natural when they are doing a skinship, but you two is different. That's why I asked both of your manager to talked to you guys. What I asked is don't be too obvious. I just want to keep the mysteries between you guy, I have to keep the curiosity of viewers." PD-nim tried to give them his point of view
"So, what we have to do Hyung. Give us a choice." Leeteuk said
"I'll offer you two options. One, we will strict to the first plan, to have you guys, until the enlistment, but we will cut off your duration, maybe only 8-15 minutes every episode. Second, let's give up and make a preparation for final episode. I'll try to get a new couple as soon as possible. Btw, I'll be honest to you guys, I have to cut off Eeunjung couple. Next week will be their last shooting. We have to do this because the T-ara controversies. I don't wanna cut them, but the management want it and I can't refuse it. Right now, we are in the hurry for preparing the new season for WGM. I already got a new couple. Actually I am not satisfied with this, but this is the best that we can got and I just hope they can build a good chemistry. Back to you guys, so which one that you're gonna choose?It's up to you. Btw, did both of your manager knew that you guys come here together and talk to me?" PD-nim explained the situation

"No. our manager didn't know. I have an initiative to talked to you. They already talked to us separately yesterday and we fell very depressed  after that. You know what I feel Hyung? I fell that there will be a lot of obstacle in front of us. It's a rocky road in front of us. It's really tiring Hyung. That's why I need to talk to you to find out what you really want from us. For me, and I think it's also for Sora, WGM is the only way for us to openly date. Honestly, I can not openly date outside of WGM. I have to get an approval from my company and I think Sora's company also. In WGM, I can show my real feeling with WGM shooting as an excuse. I choose the first option, let's do it until my enlistment, but make it short. We can cut all the sceene that you guys think too obvious for viewers. I really hope that we still continue this." Leeteuk begged to PD-nim
"Oke. I'll considered it. Actually, I already have another new couple. Their first episode will be show in the next three weeks, so with three couples, I can devided three of you, but you two get a shortest duration. Good.. I am glad we solved our problems. But remember, please try to be not to obvious. Btw, congratulation for both of you. You're the second couple who really date because of WGM, and I am glad that my choice was right." PD-nim said
"Thank you Hyung. We'll tried our best." Leeteuk said
"Thank you PD-nim, sorry to give you a trouble. Sorry.." Sora also said thanks to PD-nim
"Oke, I'll think I have to go. Both of you, enjoy your day..See you next week when we filming. I'll tell the schedule and the location. If you guys had an idea, give me in the beginning of the week. See U."
"See you Hyung." Leeteuk told him while shake his hand


"Oppa...Can we do that?" Sora sounds so worried about their plan
"We can do it darling, trust me. We can do it. I thought our fans will be very happy if they know that we became a real couple, but I know we have to keep the curiosity of viewers." suddenly Leeteuk feel a little bit tired after their meeting with WGM PD-nim
"Oke, lets do this.. Fighting..." Sora tried to cheers up Leeteuk
"Fighting... Now, forget about that. We still have 3 hours before we back to reality. What you gonna do now?" Leeteuk tried to forget the problem right in front of his eyes
"Honestly... I am so tired Oppa. After learned golf, swimming and relaxing in Spa, I think I am sleepy now.." Sora said while yawning
"Oke, let's go back to our room and take a nap. I miss to hold you though." Leeteuk said with smilling


They just tried to forget the problem that shows in front of them. They know the real separation is in front of their eyes. What they want to do is just enjoying every little time that they have, to show their feeling each other..

****to be continued****


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