Thursday, October 25, 2012


It's 6 am Sunday Morning.... Sora woke up a little after she can hear Leeteuk heart beating in her ears. Leeteuk's arm around her, holding her tight close to him, was warm and secure.

Sora's memories suddenly came to the night that they just spent together. The greatest and sweetest night in her entire life. That was the first time for her. She gave the most precious things in her life and she didn't regret it. She love this man a lot, she wants to spend her life with him.

She still remember every detail of it. 

After hearing Leeteuk proposal song, she knew that she really need this man. When Leeteuk kiss her gently, she love it, and when the gently kiss suddenly change to be a passionate kiss, Sora can not help herself, she replied the kiss with the same passion. When Leeteuk carried her to the bed room, she knew what she want. She want to give full of her heart and her body to him, only him. She knew this night is the night, she was ready for it.

Leetauk kiss her so intensely, so thoroughly. Leetauk hand was on the brink of ripping her clothes off. He continued kissing fiercely, his hand was exploring Sora's body and enjoyed every inch of it. Sora felt warmed all over from the sheer joy of realizing that this powerful, handsome and strong man, wanted her so much. Her moan was caught in his mouth and trapped with his.

When it was getting hotter, suddenly Leeteuk pulled out himself and stop it. For a moment Sora feel lost.

"What's wrong Oppa? Please don't stop." Sora so confused. She touched his shoulder, letting her fingers trail down his arm. Leeteuk caught her wrist instantly, tightly and held away from him
"Don't! Stop it!" Leeteuk tried to control himself
"But, why Oppa? Did I do something wrong?" Unexperience Sora still didn't get it
"Sora, I don't want you to hate me and regret it." Leeteuk explained her
"But I don't," she said with some surprised. "I couldn't."

Leeteuk gathered her tightly into his arms. "Oh God, Sora, forgive me. I thought.."
"You think too much Oppa." she whispered as she wrapped her arms about his neck, reveling in the total contact with his flesh.

His lips ravaged her face, and then he was kissing her, his tongue plunging in deeply, mercilessly and full force of his passion released in an explosion of longing. 

He could wait no longer. Her hips were thrusting wildly against him, firing his passion to an alarming height. He rolled on the top of her, resting on his elbows, his long upper arms keeping the massive width of his chest well above her. He released her lips to move into position, cupping her face between his large hand. He wanted to watch again as she received her pleasure, to see ecstacy reflected in her eyes. 

When he entered her second later, he thrust deep and she screamed. 
"Sorry Sora, I love you." he whispered.  
She didn't answered. She closed her eyes, and a single tear slid from the corner of one. Not a sad tears, but happy one. 
It was bliss, purest bliss as he quenched the fire. It was what they needed, to be completely possessed. And the sweet throbbing that followed was all the sweeter because he came with her.

"Thank you darling, thank you.. Thank for letting me the first for you and I hope I'll be the last too. " Leeteuk told her than kiss her forehead 

Back to reality, Sora enjoyed watching him sleep, enjoy her tight arm around her. Sora was in no hurry to distrub the intimacy of the moment. She lay half on the bad, half on Leeteuk. Once again, she touched his shoulder, letting her fingers trail down his arm, than enjoying her finger exploring her boyfriend body.

"If you don't stop darling, I am going to make love to you again." Suddenly Leeteuk starled her with his husky voice
"Me? What am I doing?" Sora is teasing him
"Looking a me with those sensuous eyes of yours. That's really all it takes, you know."
"Nonsense Oppa." Sora scoffed, but she couldn't help smiling
"Do you need a proof?" Now, Leeteuk turn for teasing his other half
"Oppa..." She giggled as he roled her beneath him. But she found he wasn't teasing as he entered her, quickly and deeply..."Oppa.." his name was asigh now, just before she reached up to capture his kiss.

When Sora's breathing returned to normal awhile later, she was about to make a comment on Leeteuk's insatiability, but he beat her to it.
"OMO Sora-ra, you are going to be the death of me. " Leeteuk told her while still hold her tight.

This two love bird finally leave the bed after the made love for several time.

"Let's get out from this bed. I want to take you somewhere. I have to go at 5, so we have to hurry. A lot of things that we have to do darling. I have to settle a lot of things now." Leeteuk told Sora when he get up
"Where are we going Oppa?" Sora 
"Just follow me and trust me. I'll protect you." 


When Sora was in the bathroom, Leeteuk called someone

"Good morning Sir. I really need to talk to you. Do you have a time, Sir?" Leeteuk asked his President

"I am in a club now, let's meet 30 minutes from now. I'll be waiting for you at the coffee shop." 

Lee Soo Man agreed to meet him. He knew there's something important that Leeteuk want to tell. This time is the second time, Leeteuk asked him to meet him privately. Once, when Hanggeng decided to leave SME. As a leader of Super Junior, he asked a share of company to all the SuJu member. According to him, this company share will make Super Junior stronger and there's none of the member will leave the group. And now, Lee Soo Man quite believe that this meeting had a connection with Kang Sora.


"Where're we going Oppa?" Sora asked Leeteuk on the way to the meeting
"We'll go somewhere, but before that, you will marry me right? You want to spend your life with me right?" Leeteuk asked Sora
"Why you asked me that kind of question Oppa. I said it so many times since last night, Yes, I am gonna marry you, I'll be waiting for you, so trust me." Sora answered
"I trust you darling, really, no doubt on it. What I asked from you is just follow me and believe me, okay." Leeteuk told Sora and kiss her hand.


"Oppa..." Sora is turning pale when she knew that they are gonna meet his President again. She still remember every single word that her boyfriend President told her last night
"Sora, easy.. I'll protect you, so trust me please." Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora when he saw how his girlfriend turning white.

"Good morning Sir, sorry to interupt your day. I have an important decision that I have to tell you." Leeteuk stright express his thought 
"Sit down first Jung Soo, Kang Sora-ssi, nice to meet you again." Lee Soo Man told them
"Thank you Sir. I know my decison won't make you happy or may be you will against this. I come here not to asked your permission, but to inform you what my decision is." Leetuk turn into man when he talk this time. 

Lee Soo Man is a little bit surprised when he saw the way Leeteuk talk today. This is not Park Jung Soo that he know.

"What's it Jung Soo?" Lee Soo Man asked him calmly

"I'll marry Sora as soon as possible, before my enlist. I know it sound ridiculous and hasty, but I already think deeply about this Sir. You don't have to afraid that I'll take a stupid step on this. This is not a big wedding party or something, no, just a small one, very private one. I just registered the wedding at civil office and postpone the official ceremony until I finish my enlistment. I promise to keep this married secretly. But this is not for me, more for other members and the sake of Sora's carrier. I've got enough from my carrier Sir, but Sora still have a long way to go." Leeteuk told his President

Lee Soo Man can not hide his surprised hearing his decison, but he know, although he say no, Leeteuk won't listen.

"WOW, Jung Soo, it's surprised me, really. I can not say a word. Even if I told you not to do this, I knew that it won't stop you right? Oke, now my turn. I talked to Kang Sora-ssi last night. I asked her that she can have a relationship with you, but with one condition, she have to keep this secretly. Once, there's a rumor spread, as a company, SME won't denied it, but we absolutly will spread other news related to you, related to maintain your image to cover it. Kang Sora-ssi already agree, she knew the consequence, and she say yes. Are you know this plan Kang Sora-ssi, if you know about it, you should told me last night." Suddenly Lee So Man asked Sora, who also looks surprised with her boyfriend decision

"She know nothing Sir. This is 100 percent my plan. I proposed her last night, after the party and she said yes. But, she didn't understand that I've planed to marry her as soon as possible. So if you wanna blame someone over this, I am the one who responsible." Leeteuk said it bravely while squeezing Sora hand. Sora didn't say a word.

"So, what do you expect me to say Jung So. Like you said, even I said no, you'll do it right? Now it's up to you. I think I can not say no to you, but something that you have to remember when people know that you got married secretly. One, not only you will lost the love of your fans, but also other members of Super Junior. Two, Haters will attack your wife when you are at the army, this is not only for one or two days Jung Soo, but for two years, think about it. Third, think about her carrier. She still not reach her top, will you stop her bright carrier? Cmon Jung Soo, think clearly please. How about your family, How about Kona Beans, if you are married, how it will be? This is not because I against your decision, I just tried to keep your eyes open for the possibility that will come in the future, related to your decision."

"I know Sir. I think about it also. But, if we keep it secretly, I think everything gonna be all right Sir, I can feel it Sir. One thing that you have to know Sir. Since I was trained in this company tweleve years ago, I respect you not only as a President of the company, but also as a father. That's why you are the first person who knows about it. After this I'll meet Sora's parents and mine. Later, I'll told my decision to all Super Junior members and my manager. When I start to fall in love to Sora, I know, that I can life without her Sir. She is my everything, even when we just met then separate, I already miss her. She understand me so well Sir, she support me, even when I feel failed, she always said you are the best. She's not the kind of girl who spoiled, she understand me. She always put herself after Suju members, after my family,  even after my fans. That's why I love her so much. And I honestly Sir, I always feel insecure when I am with her. I am not the only man who got crazy over her, alot of men out there who tried to get her love Sir, I saw it by myself. With this married when I am gone for two years, I'll feel secure, not because I don't trust her, but more because I know that she is mine. The other things Sir, if something happened to her when I am gone, I want everyone know that I took a responsilibility for this woman. I am the one who responsible for it." Leeteuk told his President. Without she realise, the tears is coming from her eyes. She was so proud to her boyfriend and make her more sure that he's the man that she want to share her life with.

"Oke Jung Soo. If it's your final decision, I won't against it. But, if something coming, just remember that company will splash a lot of news to maintain your image, especially connected to your image as a womanizer. This image will be maintain, at least until you finish your enlistment." Lee Soo Man finally give up " And congratulation to both you. I wish all the best for you guys. Remember, married is not only a happiness, but also sadness. A lot of things will come in the way Jung Soo, Kang Sora-ssi, but I am sincere to wish you all the best in your married. Oh ya, although you guys get married, didn't mean that you got a day off Jung So. You'll get a day off after the promotion done, and we'll keep your busy schedule, at least until a week before your enlistment. Got it?" 

"Yes Sir. Thank you very much.. Sorry to bothering your plesure time." Leeteuk said good bye while bowing to his President..
"Thank you Sir." Sora also said thank you to Lee Soo Man and bowing him also


"Oppa...are you serious? Are we ready for this Oppa? This is not a game. Real married is not a game Oppa.." Sora seem so worried. She want to marry him, but in the other hand what his President said is true

"Sora-ra, let me asked you once again. Will you marry me? Will you wait for me and being faitful to me? Will you spend a whole life with me? Being beside me and being a mother of my children?" Leeteuk asked Sora seriously... "If you don't want to spend your life with me, better you told me now, before it's too late. After we sign and got a certificate means that there's no way for retreat. Are you ready for that? Because I am ready for that. It need two tango to make this happend darling." 

After a minute, Sora finally said

"Yes Oppa.. I will." Sora answered his question without hesitation then give him a light kiss in his lips

"Thanks darling.. Now, let's meet your parents and my parents.. We need to settle this. Soon.."

Now, Leeteuk believe that his decision is a right decision. From now on until the day he died He will take a responsibility for the woman that he love.. Kang Sora..

(***tobe continued***)


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