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CHAPTER 11: THE TRUTH              image 
Leeteuk stared at the note. Somehow, he understood the the contents but his brain did not seem to absorb the implication of what he just read. The only things that were registering in his brain. Is it the truth? Why did she even try to hide it? he need to know the truth. He had to get to the bottom of this and he can’t wait for daylight to have the answer. He looked at his watch; it’s almost 1am in the morning and there’s no way he’d be able to contact Sora. He does not even know her phone number or where she’s staying. He tried Sungmin’s mobile phone.

Sungmin: "hello."

Leeteuk: "Are you and Donghae still there?

Sungmin: "We’re just leaving. Why?"

Leeteuk: "Can you guys come over to my place? I need to see you right away."

Sungmin" "Hold on." LT heard Sungmin call out to Donghae relaying that LT want them right away. After a few seconds Sungmin was back on line, "OK, we’re on our way."

Leeteuk went downstairs to wait for the boys. He could not stay still so he kept pacing back and forth at the door. As soon as he heard the doorbell, he hurriedly opened the gate and led them inside.

Sungmin: "What’s so important that you had to see us at 1:30 in the morning."

Leeteuk held the envelope up and asked. "Do you guys know anything about this." He handed the envelope to Sungmin who read it.

Leeteuk: "Does it mean that Sora Twin's is mine?"

Donghae was shock who just listening uttered.."What's going on?"

Sungmin: "Yes, hyung."

Leeteuk: "When did you find out?"

Sungmin: "second and a half month after it was confirmed she was pregnant. Sora called Min Ah & Lee Jin and they told me she was carrying your baby.

Leeteuk: "And why you did not tell me about it? huh?" He lunged at Sungmin, grabbed his collar and was about to hit him when Donghae stop him and pulled him away.

Leeteuk started screaming at Sungmin, "How could you do this to me? I treated you like a brother, what I am to you haaa... How could you do this to me?"

Donghae: "I understand that you’re upset but you need to calm down so we can discuss this properly"

Leeteuk: "You were both on it too? huh? So the two of you just decided to stab me in the back?"

Sungmin: "hae didn't know, it's his first time knowing it...Min Ah broke her silence when Sora gave her the permission to let me know about the pregnancy since she needed my help to tell her parents about the situation she was in . Sora said after they were born she will let you know about them. However, Sora got scared that you will take them away from her to get even for not informing you about her pregnancy."

Sungmin:" And the reason why Sora did not want to tell you was that she wanted to pursue her dream. Also, with the problems you have for her.didn't you told her to get lost? you were having an affair with Jisu, and of course you were in the camp for two years...she thought that a child would be an added burden to you and she did not want that."

Donghae: "Look Hyung, we kind of understood what she was afraid off. She was very young then and not prepared to have a family plus you broke her heart,remember? If any good came out of it, just look how successful she is."

Sungmin: "And also at that time, I was not sure about you either. The moment you met her, you pursued Sora like she was the last woman on earth. But then, when she's with you , you treated her like dirt, got an affair. Do you know how many tears Sora shed for you? Inspite of everything, Sora loved you so much that she willingly accepted you back unconditionally if you just came to her.

Leeteuk: " But this is different. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?"

Sungmin:, "Hyung, we were sworn to secrecy by Sora and we promised her. She had nobody to turn to at that time and if she loses her trust in us, who will help her? At least, we were there to protect and take care of her.

Leeteuk: "What’s hurting me right now is that Sora didn't trust me enough to let me know about it and that’s one thing I can’t forgive her for. My own kids, how could she do this to me? She’s going to answer for me this time."

Donghae: "Before you say or do anything, I think you should talk to her. Right now, it’s not about you two anymore but your Kids. That is what you have think carefully and don't do anything harsh to her, she suffers a lot already I don't think she deserves more heartaches."

Sungmin: "Sora realized that she made a mistake and she admitted that to us but she had good intentions in doing so. She want to fulfill her dreams so she wanted to gave space for you,since you ask for it."

Leeteuk with bitterness in his voice answered, "What Sora parents will think of me now, Do you think I have guts to face them?."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After her business meeting, Sora hailed to her car and about to be headed to her parents’ home. The twins stays with them last night after they had their dinner out with her parents as she was in the party that her friends throw for her....

Without any warning Leeteuk barged and heading directly towards Sora took hold of her hand, pulling her out of her car.
LT: "We need to talk."

KS: "Wait a minute, you cannot just drag me out of here, I have to take the kids from my parents house,They're expecting me within 30 mins," Jun Pyo addressing her to call that she will be late....
Once inside the car, Sora, with a mocking voice, "You have not changed, you’re still as arrogant as ever."

Leeteuk: "Well, it’s not everyday that you find out you have a twin. You’re lucky that I did not know where you lived, otherwise, I would have been knocking at your door at early in the morning."

KS: "Well, I was trying to talk to you and tell you last night but you ignored me so the only way to get your attention was to leave you a note. Where are you taking me?"

Leeteuk drove in silence until they reached their destination.

KS: Where are we, why did you bring me here?

LT: "This is my house and this is the only place I can think of that we can talk in private. In case you forgot, We are not exactly unrecognizable in public. I just sneeze and it’s immediately reported on TV or the tabloids. Are you getting out or do I have to carry you myself?"

Sora had no choice,however getting out of a Ferrari from a low slung position was hard, especially if one is wearing a low cut blouse and a super mini skirt. Sora did not know whether to cover her chest with her hand or hold her skirt to prevent her from tripping. Leeteuk did not even help her. He was just only holding onto the door of the car waiting for her to get out."oh, what a jerk."she thought. She did not want to show him that she was clearly uncomfortable going out the car so she shifted her weight and swung both feet on the ground, Placing the palm of her hands on the seat, she pushed herself to stand up. Sora knew she was showing too much cleavage but she did not care. She’ll be damned before she gives Leeteuk the satisfaction of knowing that she became self-conscious because of him. Giving him a meaningful and flirtatious glance, she walked ahead and didn't wait for him.

Leeteuk house is located at Sung Buk-dong, a wealthy place somewhere south of Seoul. Leeteuk’s house was accessible from the built-in 4-car garage located at the back. This affords him more privacy since he can go in and out of his house without being noticed. Art collection is apparently in the large, entrance hall. A vintage ceramic jar from the late Choson Dynasty sits atop a massive bookcase. The white tone of the walls and the antique Korean furnishings and hanging ceiling lamp, blend of modern Western and traditional Korean elements. Leeteuk led Sora in the living room, the modern furniture upholstered in a suede fabric is Italian, but the bamboo and gravel in the garden, clearly visible through the windows. Sora sat on the sofa facing Leeteuk.

Leeteuk take the note at his pocket and pulled it out to Sora.

Leeteuk: "I thought there is nothing that would surprise me about you Sora, now you owe me an explaination?"

Sora looking at him answered: "I thought the word daddy was more or less self-explanatory since you ask me who's the father of my kids."

LT: "Why don’t you explain it to me anyway and why lie to me?."

Sora, fiddling with her hands replied, "Well, two months after I left for New York, I discovered that I was pregnant. I did not know what to do, I was thinking of my goals and dreams and that’s when I decided not to tell you and since you want me out of your life I made a decision to keep them and hide it from you."

LT: ‘In other words, you made the decision for both us. Is that correct?"

Sora looked at Leeteuk and said, "What do you expect. We just had broken up, you want space from me 'coz as you said I'm gagging you up and I was so terrified, how you will like to have baby to add up it's a twin when you want me out of your were inside the camp, I did not know what to do. I admit that it was a bad decision but at that time it made a lot sense to me."
Opening her briefcase, Sora took out a baby leather scrapbook and handed it to Leetek. It was her diary, the chronicle of her life from the time she left for New York, pictures of her in various stages of pregnancy, twin’s sonogram pictures, their pictures celebrating their birthdays and other special events. She brought them up to speed on the last five years of her and the twin’s life. After Leeteuk finished flipping through the scrapbook, he looked at her with a cold, piercing gaze.

LT: "Why did you wait five years to come to me about this? I didn’t even hear from you for five years?"

Sora: "I had my reason, and that reason is partly your fault as well. So let's stop this and compromise. I need to go, my kids needs me can you call taxi for me? I really need to go"

LT: "Don’t worry I’ll drive you to your parents house."   KS: "thanks, I need to go bathroom first..."   LT point out to Sora where the bathroom is......
"Whoaa." Sora exclaimed silently. Even the bathroom is elegantly designed, with a deuce floor and a large tub offering views of the mountains. The window glass can look down at the whole view outside without being seen. Sora wondered how many ladies have enjoyed that view while soaking in the bath tub. She thought, "Oh I'm sure, Leeteuk knows how to seduce them." She tied her long hair into a ponytail and with a touch up of mascara and pale lipstick, she was ready.

LT was deep in thought while waiting for Sora. The picture of his son and daughter had his insides twisted into knots. He still can’t believe he’s a father of a twin; the last 24 hours felt unreal to him. He saw Sora emerging from the bathroom. She looked very seductive... his favorite, the super mini skirt, he avoided looking at her for fear that he may not be able to control himself, even her simplist attire make her cool and elegant. No doubt about it, he still wanted her more than ever.

In the car, they did not speak to each other. LT dropped Sora off to her parents house...

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