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"Where are you darling?"

It's 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon, when Leeteuk called his other half preparing for the party that they have to attend. The party that make his heart beating faster, because of his CEO want to see his real girlfriend. Sora is the first and he think we'll be the only girlfriend that he will announce openly for everyone, including his CEO. Most of the time, he always do a secret date, but now, his mind is changing. Now, it's time for release and tell everyone that he has a wonderful girlfriend.

"Oppa... I am still at my beauty salon. Now, they're done with my make up and now doing my hair. Where are you?" Sora answer her boyfriend happily. She didn't know where Leeteuk will take her, but as long as with her boyfriend, she always happy.

Leeteuk made a chaos yesterday when he came to her photo shoot, even Won Bin and Kim Hyun Joong were so surprised when they saw Leeteuk in location.

(***Flash back on Basic House Photo Shoot Location***)

"Oppa, can you wait here when I am doing my photo shoot? I have to leave you now for make up and hair do first, so when Won Bin Oppa coming, we can start as soon as possible." Sora told her boyfriend and hope he will be patient when he wait for her doing her job
"Sure, no problem. I'll wait, just do your job well, I am gonna looking for you from here." Leeteuk convince his girlfriend

"Leeteuk-ssi, What a surprised seeing you here. What're you doing?" Suddenly someone poke his shoulder
"Ah, Won Bin sunbenim. Nice to see you. I am waiting for Sora photo shoot." Leeteuk answered while bowing to his senior
"Sora? You mean Kang Sora-ssi? My photo shoot partner?" Won Bin didn't believe what he just heard
"Yup." Leeteuk answered shortly
"Ah.. Is she your girlfriend? As loong as I know she just your virtual wife, but now, she became your real girlfriend?" Won Bin still didn't believe what he heard
"Yes Hyung. She's my everything now." Leeteuk answered it proudly
"Congratulation then. You two, looking good together." 

(***Another flash back in Conter-Pole Photo Shoot Location***)
"Hallo Leeteuk Hyung. Long time no see." Kim Hyun Joong also surprised to see Leeteuk in location
"Ah, hallo Hyun Joong-ssi. Long time no see." Leeteuk answering with smile
"What are you doing here Hyung?" Hyun Joong seems so curious to see Leeteuk 
"I am with Sora." Leeteuk answered shortly
"OMO, I thought it was only a rumor, but I think I was wrong..." Hyun Joong smile
"Ehm..WGM make us, so thanks to them, finally I found the right one." Leeteuk so proud when talking about his other half
"Aish, I completely understand Hyung. I've been there before.." Hyun Joong answered, than leave Leeteuk for the photo shoot

(***Dimple House, Saturday afternoon***)

"Oppa, is that you?" Sora run to the door when she heard someone tried to open the door

"Yup, it's me darling.. Sorry I can not pick you up at the beauty salon. I thought there's no other schedule, but sudennly manager Hyung call me to tried some clothes for tonight performance." Leeteuk explain to his girlfriend while giving her a light kiss in her lips

"That's oke Oppa, I understand. Do you like my style today?" Sora asked Leeteuk while Leeteuk seeing her whole apperance
"I always love your style, though without make up, I still love it." Leeteuk smile to her
"Btw Oppa, are you gonna take me to watch your performance tonight?" Sora asked Leeteuk while doing her aeogyo
"ehm yes, kind of, but not only that. I'll bring you to the party darling, really important party, and I hope you will not nervous about it. Supposed to be this is a surprised party, but I think you better know right now, before we go." Leeteuk gave a clue to Sora

"What kind of party Oppa?" Sora very curious and suddenly worried about it
"Birthday Party..." Leeteuk answered shortly
"Whose birthday?" Sora seems still curious 
"My President youngest daughter Birthday Party. She asked you to come." Leeteuk finally reveal the information

"Ah... But why she asked me to go? Isn't it a private party for SME artist only?" Sora confused
"You are invited because she know that we're in love. She really love us. Her best friend also really love us. That's why she asked her father to invite you, because she want to see you in person. Beside that, my CEO also really curious on you. He want to see you also." Leeteuk gave an explanation to her
"OMO. What should I do Oppa? I am really worried. I think your CEO didn't approve our relationship. That's why he invite me right?" Sora really seems so worried
"No, that's not like that. I told you before, that his youngest daughter is a fans of us. That's why she want to see us as a couple." Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora
"Really? But I don't know why, I have a bad feeling about this Oppa." Sora still worried about this invatation.  
"That's oke. Trust me, that's oke. I'll always next to you. All members also will protect you. No worries." Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora since he can see Sora's worried from her eyes
"Really? Promise?" Sora still can not hide his worried
"Promise. I'll do anything to protect you Sora, I'll do anything to protect this relationship. Just trust me, Okay?" Leeteuk told her and give a light kiss in her cheek

"So, what kind of dress that I have to wear Oppa?" Sora finally tried to forget her worried and tried to gain her confidence back
"How many choice? I am curious. Now, just try all the dress that you have, and let me decide, which one that you have to wear." Leeteuk told Sora 

"What about this one Oppa?" Sora came with her first dress. The short white dress, exactly same like she used in dream high 2 and one of the event at Busan Film Festival last year.

"OMO, your such an angel. Very beautiful, but I think it's too short. I don't like anyone else seing your beautiful legs. No... There're another choices right?" Leeteuk can hide his jealousy

"Oke, I'll tried another." Sora answering while heading to bed room for change
"What color now Sora-ra?" Leeteuk asked her 
"Still white Oppa, since you love white right?" Sora answering while get out from bed room, wearing another beautiful white dress. Showing her pure beauty. Not too short, but with a little bit low cut v-neck dress.

"OMO, beautiful. but I think the v-neck is too low. Is there another dress? If there are another dress, let me see first. If there's none, let use this one." Possesive boyfriend talked. Leeteuk a little got a headache with Sora dress. All of the dress that he already saw is showing her beautiful long legs and her sexy body without she realizing.

"I still have another two Oppa. Do I have to try?" Sora asked her possesive boyfriend. 
"Yup, try it and I'll decided later." 
"Okay.. I'll change." Sora answering and heading to their bed room for another changing

"What color is the dress now Sora?" Leeteuk a little bit yealing outside the room
"Green Oppa."
"Okay, let me see it first."

Finally, Sora get out with sweet jade green short dress. She really looks like the girls next door

"Ehm, this is nice... You look so young in this dress, like a girl next door. But, is there other dress?" Leeteuk still not satisfied with Sora dress.

"Ehm, yes, there's another one. And I am quite sure, that you will choose this one Oppa." Sora told Leeteuk with light smile
"Why? Why did you think I am gonna choose the last one?" Leeteuk a little bit confused
"Because you won't feel insecure when I am wearing that dress. It's not too short and it's not too open. I am sure you will love it" Sora answered her boyfriend while pinching his cheeks

"Really. I am curious. Now, change and let me see the dress"
"Oke, wait here." Sora run to the bed room and changing

"Sora-ra. I think I like this." Leeteuk suddenly told to Sora
"Like? Like what Oppa?"
"I like when I have to see you choose the dress and appeared in front of me with different kind of dress. I really love it. Now, everytime we go together, please let me choose your dress. Don't wear anykind of dress that I don't like, except your management already choose it, for an official event, like award ceremony." Leeteuk can not hide his possesiveness

"Oppa, are you ready for the last one?"Sora shouting from the room
"Yup, can wait to see it Sora-ra..."
"Tada...." Sora came with beautiful Red dress, not too short, not too open, but she really look so sexy in that dress. Without he realize he can not control his mouth...

"OMO, you look so sexy... Who said that I'll feel secure when I saw you with this dress. I don't know, this dress is not that sexy, but I don't know, with this dress, I think you became a female fatale. Your sex appeal are shining. Georgeous, elegant and sexy. Simple but sexy." Leeteuk can not take his eyes over Sora

"So Oppa, which one that I have to use?" Sora is confused. Every dress that she take seems wrong...

After one minutes, Leeteuk finally said

"Oke, use the last one. It fit on you, with your make up, your hair style, it's really fix on you. But remember, don't play around. Don't get too close to other members or other group. Don't talk too much with Changmin TVXQ, since you are his ideal type. Stay close to me. When I am perform, stay with other female member. I'll asked Yona to accompany you, since you two in the same age." 

"Oke Oppa, don't be to worried. You believe me right?" Told Sora while kissing his cheek "Now, I think we have to prepare Oppa. Let's do it.. Let's face everything in front of us. This party is a test for us right?" Sora said wisely

"Yup. Let's face it together. If you hear something bad, just remember that I love you so much. Don't ever think what everyone said, just trust me. everything that you might be hear, even it is a bad things, please trust me. I'll protect you..Okay?" Leetauk convince Sora while pinching her noose.

In front of him, now standing a very beautiful, pure, sexy lady, which is his. And he never regret it to choose her as his other half.. 

For him, he will fight until the end to maintain this relationship, although he knows that time is againts them..

(***to be continued***)

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