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Chapter 12: A Burden


The twins drowsily snuggled with their Mom in the den watching the Disney movie "Brave" when her cell phone rang. It was Sungmin.
SM:"Anneong Sora , how are you and the kids?."
Sora:"oh, hello Sungmin we're good.heheh! how are you?"
SM: "Can I invite you tomorrow? I know you love watching musical plays, I got invited and have two tickets for "The Phantom of the Opera." Please, I really need one beautiful lady to boast my ego."
Sora has heard so much about this musical play. The Phantom of the Opera is a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux. It is considered by many to be the most successful musical of all time and is also the longest running show in Broadway history. She was actually invited by the organiser but she declined due to her hectic schedules. And of course She can't just leave her twins alone at night with the nanny.Well, since it's Sungmin.......!
Sora: "Tomorrow it is right? hmmnn, you know that I don't usually go out after office hours but then..........okay, What time you gonna pick me up?"
SM: "Around 7 pm, thank you for granting my request Sorayah...I'll see you tomorrow then, Goodnight and sweet dreams ..hahah!"
Sora:" heheh, okay Goodnight see you tomorrow.."
Sungmin picked up Sora at 7 since the play will start at 9. They had dinner first.
Sora: ", don’t we look extra handsome tonight." SM was wearing an expensive suit, white dress shirt and a black bow tie.

SM: "You’re not bad yourself, stunning as always." Sora was wearing a short, black, sleeveless, crinkled chiffon dress with a scooped neckline and an S waistline. She tied her hair in a knot with some tendrills framing her face. Silver high heeled LV shoes accentuated her long legs.

He brought her to a French restaurant known for its perfect ambiance and excellent cuisine. While they were having dinner, Sora informed Sungmin that Leeteuk bring her to his house and ask her about the twins.
SM: "Hyung can really be scary, especially if you crossed him. If not for hae intervening, he would have probably beaten me like a pulp. That’s how angry he was when he found out that I kept your pregnancy a secret. First time I saw him angry like that.Thanks God Hae was with me." SILENCE....... SM: "What about you, how do you feel about it?"

Sora: "It’s going to be a challenge but I would do anything for my kids. I don’t think Leeteuk will ever forgive me for what I did but I really hope we could stay away from each other so as not to cause any more friction." SM:" I am here no matter what, you know that right?"

Sora: "I’m sorry, because of me, you got into trouble with your best friend."

SM: "Don’t apologize. I’m glad that you did, you had no one to turn to at that time. You should know by now that I care about you, a lot."

Sora: "I care about you too."

Sungmin: "But not in the way that I would have wanted to. I wanted to be more than just a friend to you."

Sora: "C’mon. there must be someone more deserving than me; someone who will love you with all her heart. Look what happened to me and your hyung. We were so in love but then, fate broke us apart. That goes to show that we were never meant to be together."

SM: "I envy hyung for having been loved by you, I wish I was the one who was paired by you in WGM."


They were just in time for the opening curtain of "The Phantom of the Opera" . As Sora sat enraptured by the story of the play, she looked back at her relationship with LT. She asked herself, "What went wrong ? where did all that love go?"

When it was time for the intermission, Sora excused herself and goes to the ladies room. Sungmin suggested that they meet at the bar down for some refreshments before the next act. As they stood up to leave, they came face to face with Leeteuk with lady companion who were seated one row behind them. Leeteuk was wearing a black suit similar to Sungmin's except that he did not wear any bow tie and left the collar of his white dress shirt open. His date looked eye catching in a strapless dress and silver hooped earrings.

SM: "Hyung , this is a surprise."

LT: "I know. I did not expect to see both of you either."

Sora and Leeteuk were locked in a staring match. While SM and LT's date were exchanging pleasantries,Sora averted her eyes from Leeteuk's stare and turned to Sungmin."

Sora: ‘See you later." Turning to Leeteuk and the lady she said, "I’m just going to the ladies room"

LT's Date: "I’ll go with you."

On their way to the ladies room, the lady introduced herself," Hello, I'm Ae young.I've heard a lot about you." Sora:" Oh, really? well, don't believe everything you heard dear."

Ae-Young: "What about you being his Girlfriend before, is it true?" Sora: " You have to ask Leeteuksshi about that, not me....I'm not entitled to answer your question."
When they rejoined Sungmin and Leeteuk, it was almost time for the show so they went back to their seats. As the lead actor bowed to a standing ovation at the end of the show, Sungmin received a message that he was needed by his mother who was having a mild heart attack.
Sungmin: "Sora, I’m sorry about this. I will send our driver to pick you up, just wait for him alright. Will you be Ok?"

Sora: "Of course, just go your mom needs you."

Giving Sora a quick hug and a peck on the check, Sungmin rushed out of the theatre.

Leeteuk came to her side and said, "Come with us, I’ll bring you home."

Sora: "You don’t have to. Sungmin is sending their driver to pick me up."

Leeteuk: "I’ll send a message to Sungmin that you’re coming with me. Why wait when I can give you a lift?

Ae-young: "Oppa....."

Sora: "Oh, alright." Sora cut her out.

Leeteuk brought Ae-Young home first. On the way to her parent’s house, Leeteuk asked Sora about Sungmin.

LT: "Are you and Sungmin lovers?"

Sora: "Leeteuksshi, I don’t think it’s any of your business whether Sungmin and I are lovers."

LT: "Well, I’ve been thinking now that is the reason why he did not tell me about your pregnancy was because he wanted you by himself."

Sora: "How could you talk like that about your friend? He has always been a perfect gentleman to me, mind you!"

LT: "Oh sure, that’s why you ran to him instead of informing me, the father of your child, about your pregnancy."

Sora: "Can we just live Sungmin out of this discussion? If you are looking for someone to blame, blame me 'coz I was the one who told Sungmin not to tell you."

LT: "Of course, why not; let's just leave your lover boy alone."

Sora: "Leeteuk, I’m sorry if I hurt you without telling you about our kids, but I cannot undo what I’ve done."

LT: "You have not answered my question. Is he your lover?"

Sora: "No matter what I say to you, you will never believe me anyway so what’s the point? I will not even enthrone your question with an answer."

When they reached her house Leeteuk got out of the car and opened her door. He took hold of her hands to assist her out of the car, however, the heel of Sora shoes got caught on the strap of the seatbelt so that she almost tripped over had leeteuk not caught her.

Sora trying to steady herself said, "I’m ok now, thanks." Leeteuk whispered her name, "Sorayah" and then he kissed her slowly, gradually intensifying into a deep,lingeringly, searing kiss. Leeteuk's fingers parted her lips to receive his kiss. Sora did not move as she allowed Leeteuk to kiss her passionately, breaking down her defenses, her resolve to stay away from him, all the reasons why she should not be involved with him. After the kiss Leeteuk did not let go of her, holding her in a tight embrace, while his hand was gently kneading at her back .Sora jolted back. "No, it can't be happening again." 


Leeteuk whispered: "Sora,.... ?" He slowly then let her go, got in his car and drove fast away.

Sora following Leeteuk's car with her gaze.......................

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