Friday, October 19, 2012


(***Kang Sora Apartment, Thursday Night***)

"Where are you Oppa, I miss you so much.." Sora whispered. She really miss her boyfriend. Last conversation was on Tuesday. Wednesday she got 7 miss call from him and end up with his message in her phone

"Sora-ra.. I love you so much. I really do. I am glad to have you by myside. Love U...."

She really felt that there was something wrong with his boy friend.After 7 miss call and a confusing message, there's no news from him. Sora was tried to contact him, but he never answered. She also tried to sent him some message, told him that she really miss him, but also no respond.

"OMO, almost midnight already.. I have to sleep..." Sora talking to herself. 

Tired waiting for his call, she finally decided to go to sleep, since she has a busy schedule tomorrow. After prepared herself for sleep, not until 5 minutes later, she really fall a sleep. 

After push Sora secret password, Leeteuk came to Sora's apartment. All room already dark, only dim light came from Sora's bed room.

"She slept already?" Leeteuk whispered while entering Sora's room. Sora looks like pure angel when she slept, make Leeteuk fell more to her. 

"Hi beautiful, sorry... I am not calling you these days.. I really need to think..So sorry darling, I love you." Leeteuk whispering on Sora ears, then hug her tight when she slept.

Sora feel someone whispering in her ears... shortly, she fell someone hug her tightly.. Suddenly she feel very secure.. She knew that her other half is at home now...

"Oppa???" she tried to open her eyes

"Yes, Princess.. Just sleep... I know you are so tired.. Just sleep, we'll talk tomorrow..Now, let me hug you when you sleep.. I miss you so much..Just sleep darling. I am here.." Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora...

(***Kang Sora Apartment, Friday Morning***)   

"Wake up darling... Breakfast is ready.." Sora whispering on Leeteuk ears.. 

Every time Leeteuk slept in her apartment, he always wake up early and made a breakfast for them, but today, Sora wanted something different. She was intentionally wake up earlier, and made a breakfast. She knew that was not a perfect breakfast, but she tried so hard.

Every time she saw him, she always fell more for him. It's making every thing so hard, because they still have to act in front of a camera as a virtual married couple. Every one around them already know that they are real couple. Suju brothers, Sora best friend in Sunny and Dream High 2, Leeteuk MC partners, like Boom, Mi sun nonna, Lee Dong Wok etc, but they remind to keep silent. That's make hard, but they have to accepted.

"Hi, wake up sleepy head... 8 o clock already. Don't you have any schedule today?" Sora tried to wake Leeteuk while tickling him. Leeteuk didn't open his eyes, but suddenly he pulled her in to bed, and tickling her.
"Oppa..." Sora can not stop laughing when Leeteuk tickled her..
 "Say sorry first... Say sorry because you leave me in this bad so early.. Sorry for disturbing my wonderful dream and Sorry for wake me up this early in the morning..." Leeteuk told while smiling 
 "Oppa.. this is not too early. Already 8 o clock, and I have a schedule at 10. I don't want to leave you without talking to you first." Sora told Leeteuk while holding his face...
"Oke...oke.but first, give me a kiss. I miss you so much. Let me hugs you tight first, and then give me a morning kiss." Leeteuk said and then gave Sora light kiss...
 "I'll be waiting at dining room Oppa...I made a French toast and Fruit Salad for you. Btw, do you want hot chocolate or milk?" Sora asked Leeteuk
 "Hot chocolate..." Leeteuk answered while heading to bath room

"What's your schedule for today Sora-ra?" Leeteuk asked his girlfriend while eating his breakfast
 "I have a photo shoot for Mozak at 10." Sora answered it 
"After Mozak? Is it finish? Or do you have another schedule after that?" Leeteuk seems a little bit curious
"After Mozak? I have a photo shoot with Won Bin Oppa for Basic House after lunch, around 2 o clock"
"After Basic House, do you still have another schedule?" 
"Ya, I have another photo shoot with Kim Hyun Joong Oppa for Center-Pole. It's around 5 o clock." Sora answered it, but a little bit curious because Leeteuk seems different, not like his habit. He never asked her detail about her schedule.
"What time you are gonna finish your schedule today?"
"May be around 7 or 8. Why Oppa?"
"Tomorrow, please clear up all of your schedule.I'll take you somewhere. Tell to your manager to clear up your schedule." Leeteuk suddenly asked Sora
"I don't have any schedule tomorrow Oppa, so there's nothing to worried about. Where are we going to go tomorrow Oppa?" Sora curious
"Ehm, secret, but please dress well and be beautiful. I want to introduce you with someone very important." 

"Btw, what is your schedule for today Oppa?" Sora asked Leeteuk
"Today, I'll be on practice room from 10 until lunch. Just a light practice for tomorrow performance. After that, I'll be your guardian until you finish your schedule today. Have lunch with me. I'll be at your photo shoot location before lunch." Leeteuk told Sora
"What? You'll be with me until I finish my schedule. What about everyone think? I mean everyone will know that we're couple right?" Sora disagree with Leeteuk plan
"Why? Are you feel shame if everyone know that we're in relationship? Why? Am I not good enough for you?" Suddenly Leeteuk jealousy exploded

Sora was really surprised with Leeteuk. She never think that her boy friend will exploding like that. The one that in her mind only that they have to keep their relationship secretly. She just didn't want to make a trouble for him. Her eyes was teary.. without she realize it.. Leeteuk feel guilty when he saw Sora eyes...

"Sora-ra. I am sorry darling. I don't mean that. Really.. I just want to be with you. I want everyone know that you are mine. No one else can take you from me. That's it. I didn't mean to hurt you.. Really.. I am sorry.." Leeteuk told her while kissing her tears.

"Oppa, I just want the best for us. Remember that a lot of people asked us to be secretly dating? For your own good Oppa. I don't care for me, I just care about you Oppa." Sora told Leeteuk while crying
"I know darling.. I know, but now, honestly I don't care. I'll go with you as long there's no camera there. I'll go with you as long as there's no reporter around us. I want everyone know, we are in love. That's it. We don't have to say a word to the journalist, just keep silent, but in the other hand, I want to show to all people around us, that I love you so much." Leeteuk tried to comfort his girlfriend
"But Oppa... What about your company? Actually my company is a little bit loose for this issued. The one that I concerned about is your company. Your carrier and all of Super Junior member." Sora tried to make Leeteuk understand this situation
"Honestly.. I don't care with my company anymore. The one that I really care is you." 
"But Oppa, don't be so stubborn.We have to think about others too Oppa.." Sora think wisely
"OMO. That's why I love you so much. You are so deep thinker, so wise..." Leeteuk answering and suddenly gave her a kiss. Now, not just a light kiss, but passionate one..

(***to be continued***)

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  1. I already choosen this chapter as the best chapter for me.. To be honest, this story line is so romantic n showing that they are loving n caring each other.
    Simple, not too much..
    I really enjoy reading this fan fics.. Thank you so much dee..