Monday, October 1, 2012


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October 30...OMG, time is flying so fast... Sora can't help herself when her Prince told her that the schedule is release. She still remember second by second when Leeteuk called her after his concert in Guangzhou finished.


"Sora ya, my company just receive the schedule" told Leeteuk
"What schedule oppa? Is it another concert?" Sora is trying to calm herself.
"My enlistment, its wrap up. October 30, that's the day" Leeteuk said

For couple second, there's no answer, just quite....
"Sora ya? Are u still with me?"
"Yes Oppa... I am still with u..ehm...It's so fast, I don't know how to react. I thought it will in the end of year, not this fast" Sora is trying so hard to hold her tears
"I know, its surprised me also...You're gonna send me at my enlistment day, right? Like u promise me before?" Leeteuk said
"I don't know Oppa, I don't know, I don't know whether I can see u go or not, it must be very hard for me. I don't know...OMG, I can't tell u right now." Sora can not control herself. She didn't realize that her voice was trembling
"Sora, are u crying darling? Please don't.. It's also very hard for me.. to leave you when I am really need u next by my side. But I really need u that day, Please... come with me on that day..." Leeteuk is trying so hard to hold his tears also
"I'll do my best Oppa, I promise u, I'll do my best..Let's forget about that first, Plese, just pretend that we still have a lot of time together okay... Btw, I miss u so much..When will you come back. There's a storm right?" 
"Ahh... I miss u also.. I hope u can join me here...I'll send u tommorow, if based on our schedule, we'll comeback tomorrow morning, so I still can send you to the airport before you leave to US. The schedule is in the afternoon right?" 
"Really, I really hope I can meet you before I am flight to San Francisco Oppa...I'll be waiting for u for sure..."


"Attention please, for the Korean Air passenger flight to San Francisco please boarding from gate A1"
Suddenly the airport announcement wake her up... ah, 30 minutes to go... Sorra suddenly take her cellphone, and text to her boyfriend
"Oppa, I have to flight to US now, please comeback safely and I will text u when I am arrive. I love U"
Just a second after she send it, an sms came
"Sorry darling, I can't send u off. You too ..Baby Princess, please come back safely. Don't worry about me,have a nice flight to San Fransisco. I'll text you too when I'm arrive. I love u too.. Miss u so much"


Meanwhile, at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Leeteuk only stared to his Iphone...Because of the typhoon, his flight was cancelled. He tried to cheers up his mood by tweet some word, for his ELF and off course for his Sora...
"Hyung, what's wrong? Something bothering you?" Suddenly Kangin was behind him
"Nope, nothing.." Leetuek tried to hide his feeling...
"Aya..You're not a good lieyer hyung. U upset with this condition right? eh, Sorra-ssi is going to US today right? So, you can not meet her...ah.. That's why you upset... I got it.." Kangin keep talking to himself...
"Let's go back to the Hotel. We can not back home until further information" suddenly their manager came and told them to came back to their hotel


It's sunny bright day in San Francisco International Airport...
Right after touch down San Francisco, Sora immediately take her cell phone and text to her boy friend
"Oppa, I just touch down now, miss u already..Let's meet right after I come back to Korea..Love u so much" Sorra also tweet to her fans, whose worried to her departure related to the weather condition...


Almost one hour later, her phone is ringing. She can't see the number, but she knew exactly whose on the phone
"Oppa..." she answered happily
"Hi Princess.. Sorry, I just can make a call right now. I am just arrive at Incheon, now we're heading to our dorm. We have a schedule tonight..How's San Francisco. Are u happy?"
"It's full sunny day here Oppa, and I going to Disney studio right now, tomorrow we're going to the premier of Merida, in Korean excited Oppa.." 
"I know, take a good time dear, and have fun, you deserve it.."
"off course Oppa, I'll going home right after the schedule here finish"
"Yup, don't ever dare to extent your visit there, not even a day.. I miss u desperately." Leeteuk said
"Okay Oppa, I miss u also...Love U" Sora finallt finish her phone talk...


Both of them is trying so hard to forget that they are against the time... In their heart, they always remember, one of the lyric from Only U, the song that Leeteuk composed only for her...

" My heart only has you, your heart only has me.
Similar sentiments, the proof of our love
The same sky, different place.
We’re separated for now
for this instant, something to never forget
Please remember"

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