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My Ideal girl, now a Super Woman

once again, my talented best friend @jerqu write this fantastic fanfic
Love it and I hope you guys, enjoy it...
cr: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/370394/official-leeteuk-suju-sora-couple-we-got-married/

Chapter 6: "My ideal girl, now a superwoman"
While most of the people at the inauguration are all eyes on Sora on center stage, Choi Min has his eyes set on Leeteuk. Choi, knowing how Sora suffered when she was in a relationship with LT, says to himself, "yeah serves you right Leeteuk, you had your chance and blew it big time."
Choi and Sora remained friends after they did their drama. He was attracted to her but did not pursue her intensely as he knows KS was madly in love with LT at that time. He still cares for her though and is so happy to see her on stage. He finds her very pretty, inside and out and will remain as his ideal girl.
He has not spoken nor met with KS personally since she arrived in Korea. He does not have her phone number, assuming that she already has a new phone. He wants to meet her but this may not be the appropriate time as she is busy presenting and might have other plans afterwards.
He wants to take her out badly but what should he do first? How should he get in touch with her? Then, he remembers something, he reaches out for his phone and dialed a number but it went through the voice mail so he just left a message. "Hi, noona, please call me when you get this."
The following day, Tuesday, Choi was off from filming his latest drama. He exactly knows what to do with his free time so he got up early, bathed and dressed as if he is going to attend a board meeting. He puts on his best Armani suit with matching Armani shoes. The image on the mirror looks so sharp that he could pass for a corporate executive.
Driving his red Porsche, he proceeds to SM building, parks his car along the visitor’s lane and proceeds to the penthouse suites. Of course, it is easy to find Sora’s office along the rows of offices. He reaches his destination and greets Sora’s executive assistant, Lee Jin. "Good morning, noona, says Choi with his eyes smiling."
"Oh my, Choi, what do I owe this pleasure?" "Okay, do not even start talking, I know why you are here and the answer is no".
Lee Jin is two years older than Choi but they grew up together and treated each other as siblings. Lee Jin is nearly as tall as Choi with a slender figure, high cheek bones, almond-shaped eyes, pointed nose and lips that are similar to those of Choi’s, she even has the same trademark smile as Choi’s. She wears her hair in a bun, and today she chose to wear a mid-knee length pencil cut black skirt, an inner silk white sleeveless blouse matched with a double breasted pin-striped black and white blazer and a two-inch pump black shoes, looking every inch a reliable and no-nonsense executive assistant.
"Noona, you did not return my call last night so I was kind of worried and said to myself that I should check on you and pay you a visit so here I am, taaa daaa, with matching bouquet of flowers for you".
"Choi, you have not changed a bit!" "And do you think you can bribe me with those flowers?" "Are those really mine or Sora’s?"
"He he he, is my effort to bribe you working noona?" "I know I am your favorite cousin!" "These flowers are yours; I have sent Sora’s to her home delivered yesterday, he he he." "I just realized how lucky I am having you as Sora’s executive assistant, noona!" He drops the flowers on her desk, she then retrieves the vase and puts the flowers in.
"Oh, shut up, I will get into trouble if I give in to your request!" "Thank you for the flowers though."
"What have I gotten into?, I think I should have thought long and hard before I applied for this position huh, knowing that my boss is the ever popular Kang Sora?" "This day is so crazy; the phone has not stopped ringing. I am nearing my boiling point, perhaps I should just put it into voice mail but I will get into trouble if President CEO or other board executives phone. Why all these personal calls for KS get into the main switchboard is beyond me!"
"Well, maybe there are people who really missed Sora and since they do not have her personal phone number yet, they thought of phoning here, right noona?"
"Yes, yes, I understand but sometimes I just cannot keep up with the personalities. Aigoo, a while ago, I had an encounter with a language line interpreter, she was calling on behalf of Mike He and I could just not understand her Hangul, I asked if she speaks English but she does not so there you go, no clear communication between the two of us but I could sense her frustration because perhaps Mike was also bugging her to get through so that he could speak to KS."
"Oh my, noona, your boss is really a much sought person now, ha ha ha!" "But why would Mike He call her? Do you have any idea? ask Choi.
"Sorry dear cousin, We couldn't understand each other , how could I ask her? " Lee jin said.
"Not only that, earlier I had a call from Changmin, actually had several calls from him and when I told him that Sora’s schedule is booked solid today, he just snapped back at me insinuating that I am a lousy executive assistant! What can I do, I can just take messages and pass them on to KS when she comes back from her Executive committee (EXCOM) meeting, and that my dear cousin by the way is the truth. For today, she won’t be back until before noon and if you wish to see her, then be my guest, sit on the couch and rot while waiting because she will just have an hour of break before she gets into three more meetings that will run until the end of the day."
"Noona, might you be exaggerating?" "However, I am willing to wait since I did not book an appointment today. Do you know if she has an open spot tomorrow or the following day though? It might be wise to just book an appointment?"
"Let me check her electronic scheduler on my computer, here, let me have a look. Hmmm, tomorrow, Wednesday, is tight because she has a half-day talk at SKKS for incoming junior students majoring in Film post-production, then later in the afternoon she has a performance appraisal meeting with Human Resources, it is the time of the year for staff performance appraisal and she has to discuss and approve recommendations for each staff in her department so that will take a lot of her time as she has to negotiate with HR involving departmental budget/payroll increments. On Thursday, she has to run through the draft of contract proposal for SBS with the legal department, hmm, knowing how meticulous our corporate lawyers are, that will take much of her time in the morning already. In the afternoon, she has to review her presentation materials for the director’s guild conference to be held in Busan on Friday and Saturday. She leaves for Busan on Friday morning then come back on Saturday evening, Sunday is her day off."
"Whew, noona, just running through her schedule makes me feel so dizzy, can she do all of those stuff?, Well, I know her to be very good in multi-tasking since back then but her schedule is just crazy."
"Yes, my dear cousin, that is her life in our company, hectic right?"
"Noona, I was just thinking, since she is so busy in the day, can you book me for a dinner appointment with her (now smiling nervously with head bowed down)?"
"I am afraid you have to talk to her about that Choi. She does not work beyond 4pm, when she is here in the office, as she wants to dedicate that time after work to her family."
"Hmmm, fair enough! So I guess it might be worthwhile waiting here now, I might just get a chance to talk………….. (He does not have the chance to finish his words as he sees Choi walks down the aisle towards her office and again he is in awe of her radiant beauty).
He realizes she is prettier than ever but more confident now. She is wearing a pair of charcoal grey dress pants topped with a chiffon pink salmon sleeveless inner blouse and matching cropped blazer of the same material as the dress pants she is wearing. To finish the perfect look, she wears a pair of Jimmy Choo black leather pumps and a single strand of black pearls, her hair loosely worn.
With a stack of file folders in her arm, Sora waves and greets Choi Min ( Choi and Sora become close friend when they're doing their drama, but she don't have idea that he likes her) "Choi, it is so nice to see you again. Do you have a meeting in the building? Are you here for business?" she asks smiling.
"Hi, Sora, no I am not here for business reasons. I have been negotiating with your strict executive assistant here, (winks at Lee Jin) to book me an appointment to see you but it seems that we cannot find an open spot, you are booked solid!"
"Oh, there is no need for that, you are embarrassing me Choi", she said blushing. "You are a dear friend; you should have called me on my personal number!"
"Yeah, I have thought about that but I realized I do not have your new number ha ha ha, and I have not had the chance to get it from you so here I am in the flesh."
"You are half an hour early, Sora, is your EXCOM done?" Lee Jin asks as she gets the folders from KS.
"Yes, thank goodness it is done, the flow of discussion went smoothly, no arguments ensued and lesser time was spent on deliberating on each item on the agenda so I am so happy it went fast ha ha ha."
"Come to my office Choi." She opens the door to her room and Choi Min follows.
"You’ve got two persistent callers, Mike He and Changmin." "Let me remind you Sora, you have an hour and a half to rest, have lunch before your string of meetings begin," says Lee Jin while KS and Choi Min enter her office.
"Really, Changminsshi, that’s nice he still know me, hmmm when he call again kindly get his numbers and I will just call him back, thanks lee Jin and I know I only have an hour and a half left to catch up with my friend here, Choi." KS answered back.
"I have Mike He's number"says lee jin
"Oh,ok I'll just call him back later." Sora said .(Sora meet Mike He in New York and become an avid admirer)
Both are now seated on the couch at the receiving area of KS’s office.
"So what brings you here today Mr. Choi Min Sung? I am so happy to see you again. I just realized we have not been in touch while I was in New York right?"
"I missed you Sora! I was really surprised of your decision to leave for New York back then but I knew the compelling reason behind that decision and I respected it, but I really missed you. So, the minute I heard you are back, I really wanted to see you, so here I am."
"Oh, dear friend, I missed you too, I have fond memories of us doing our drama, and I will always treasure those memories."
"By the way, you look incredibly smart, sexy and stylish in your suit today, is that by Armani?, You’ve got elegant taste my friend!"
"Thank you for the compliments, you look gorgeous yourself in your corporate suit!"
"By the way, where are you having lunch? Can I buy you lunch? Let us go somewhere near to eat."
"Ok, I love that, I need to get some fresh air before I attend my meetings in the afternoon. Sure, let me get my purse (her phone rings as she was plucking her black Chanel caviar purse from the drawer of her desk).
The caller ID says "home" and she answers it.
"Hello, yes Kath, what is up?"
"Ma’am Sora, your parents are here picking us up, they said we are going to the mall."
"What? Can’t they wait until Sunday?"
Aware that Choi may hear her conversation, she excuses herself and goes to the private meeting room adjacent to her office, closes the door behind her and continues talking to Kath.
"They said they were within the vicinity of our pad and decided to drop by and take us to the mall." "So are you allowing us to go with them?"
With a deep sigh and knowing that she will not win if she decides to argue with her parents, "Yes, you may Kath but please remember do not feed them nuts because they are allergic to those, no chocolates because those are too sweet, They will get a sore throat and no candies because they might choke ok? Remind my parents also to take you home early, before 5pm should be good because I will be home by that time."
"Okay, ma’am I heard you loud and clear. We will be home before 5pm, no nuts, chocolates and candies!"
"Kath, please guard them with your life."
"Yes, I will."
She turns off her phone, goes out of the meeting room and proceeds to where choi Min is, waiting for her.
"Let us go, I am starving", she said, smiling.
"Hmm, who was that, your boyfriend?" Choi Min asks with a serious look on his face.
Smiling, she said, "Stop it Choi, I do not have a boyfriend!"
"That is so hard to believe!" but deep inside, he felt relieved and happy that he still has a chance.
"Sadly, but it is the truth he he he!"
"Ok, let us go have lunch; what do you want to eat?" "Before I forget, please give me your phone number."
"Of course, I would go for Korean dish this time, I miss it while in New York so I have been feasting on Korean cuisine since I came back." "Ok, give me your phone and I will enter my number."
"Then, Korean fine dining it is!" "Here is my phone, gladly!" as he flashes his close-up smile.

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