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  CHAPTER 8: MyBaby Angels

There are a lot of Angels and Devils today. I smiled as I saw Kath holding Vince's little hand while they were running towards my direction.

"There's your mommy." said while pointing at me. Vince rushed towards me and give me a kiss the moment I bended to meet him.

"Mommy." My son said smiling.

"My sweet little devil." I ruffled my son's hair and pinch his nose which made him giggle and that made me smile.

"His been a good boy today, huh?" That was Kath laughing while pinching Vince's cheeks softly.

I smiled. "But of course he's my son." I looked at my son and then lift him up. "Oh, your heavy now my dear. Where's your sister?"

"She's playing with her barbie mom." He said as he raise his two little fingers and that made me chuckle.

Kath took Vince from me and said. "The twins are growing faster and heavier."

"They are." I simply answered.

They really are. How I wish .....???
"Mommy, mommy !" Vanessa shouted while running towards me.

"Aish, don't run you little sweetheart." Sora shouted while running towards my daughter.

I opened my arms to catch my daughter running towards me. "Hi little angel." She kissed my lips and smiled.

"How do I look mommy?"

"You look like a little angel my dear." My daughter’s wearing a white long dress with an angel wings and a halo opposite to his brother who's wearing a devil outfit.

"Mommy, grandma gave me this halo hairband, is it cute?" I nodded. She turned her head immediately as her eyes glowed with excitement.

"Always as you are, my Princess."Sora said with pride to her daughter. "Princess I'll take a rest for awhile okay, pls. be good to Nanny." "K mommy." nodding to her Mom. "I'm going to my room for awhile Kath, I guess I'm having a headache.I'll just take a nap." Sora said as she walks towards her room.

                                                   Fragments : 2012-2013

New York.....It was on the second month when Sora discovered she was pregnant, she felt confused. On the other hand, she was happy that she was carrying Leeteuk’s baby she still can't get over him. But on the other side, she did not know what to do. After deliberating about it for a week, she decided not to tell Leeteuk. She called Min Ah & Lee Jin about her situation and tell them not to tell anyone especially Leeteuk but they reason out that at least tell Sungmin who become her dearest friend as well. She gave in with her friends request and tell them to talk with him and let him swear not to tell LT no matter what.She informed her parents about her situation with the help of Sungmin. At first they were upset; they wanted Leeteuk to take responsibility for what happened. But Sora was adamant not to tell Leeteuk, since it was Sora's decision they gave in with a heavy heart. Sora tried very best but no matter how hard it was. She have to be strong....needed to be strong!!! From a young, pregnant woman who barely don't know anybody in the US, she’d come a long way indeed, . Sora got her first job as a data entry operator of a real estate broker. All she had to do was enter all the homes for sale listings brought in by the agents onto a multiple listing system website where all properties for sale are displayed. Thank God she knows English very well.Within 3 months, she learned a lot about real estate. She become real estate broker in New York. Sora truly believed in the saying that "The big lessons that we learn in life are usually from the struggle, not the victory or loss.." Arriving in New York alone, her future was really bleak and uncertain. Her condition made it impossible at first for her to continue with her studies, crushing her dream of becoming a Film Director. However, she still considered herself lucky to find a job and because she had a place to stay and she did not have to pay a penny in rent...With the encouragement of the broker, a kindly middle aged divorcee lady who treats her like her own daughter, she decided to continue her dream and study again...She figured that if she worked really hard she could earn more than what a PhD's makes. She have to be successful thinking about herself and her dream and the future of her unborn children.   As if coming out of a fog, Sora was jolted back to reality. She just realized that no matter what, she cannot completely erase what Leeteuk said out of her mind.".....DNA TEST."

"Sungmin I need to call Sungmin."....................

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