Tuesday, October 2, 2012


"Sora-ra...everything ready?" Leeteuk stright asked Sora as soon as Sora picked up her phone
"Yes Oppa.. Where're you?" 
"I'm down stairs, waiting in the lobby. Just go down now." Leeteuk said before he end up the phone


"Where are we going Oppa?" Sora asked Leeteuk as soon as she get in the car
"Secret, I am kidnapping you now, like you kidnapped me when we do the school date. " Leeteuk asnwering with smile.
"Ae.. don't joke Oppa. You make me nervous." Sora tried to guess where they are going to.
"Sora-ra, we need to relax and release from all the stressing that we got today. So, just trust me oke." Leeteuk tried to convince his baby princess
"Oke... I trust u...I really need to relax after what happened today. Did your manager told you what happened today?" Sora asked Leeteuk
"Don't talk about it, not now.. Now is our time to get relax and rejuvenete. Don't think too much, just relax." Once again Leeteuk tried to comfort Sora


"Oke, here we are..." Suddenly the car stoped in a very luxurious club and spa around Namsan area. The spa is a very famous among Korean socialite and celebrities now days.
"What's it Oppa???? Why we are here? Isn't it too much?" Sora can not believe when she realize where she is now.
"Nope. We need this. We need an escape from our hectic schedule and we need an escape from all pressure that we got." Leeteuk insisted
"But as I know, we have to be a member if we want to come here, right?" Sora a little bit hasitated. She knew how much that they have to pay if they want to be a member in this club
"Don't worry, I am a member though." Leeteuk said calmly


"And this is our room..." Leeteuk took Sora to a very beautiful room, with wraparound views of Seoul, the limpid Han River and the lush greenery of Namsan Park.
"OMO... This is so beautiful Oppa..Thank You." Sora was very excited

"I just want you to be happy Sora-ra and I think, we don't have a time to do our honeymoon right, so this is our light honeymoon." Leeteuk said smilingly and tried to tease Sora

For one second Leeteuk can see the panic looks in Sora face

"But Oppa, where are you going to sleep, It's only one bed though." suddenly Sora can not hide her worries
"Off Coure I am going to sleep in the same bed with you. U trust me don't you?" Once again Leeteuk tried to tease Sora
"Ahm...." Sora can not say a word
"Araso Sora-ra. If you are not comfortable I am sleeping in the same bed with you, I'll sleep in the couch." Leetuk said
"No, just sleep there, that's oke. I am trusting you though."  after a minutes, Sora finally responed Leeteuk words

"Btw, did you want to try that big jacuzi? I am curious to tried that." Leeteuk pointing a private jacuzi pool inside the room
"I think that's a good idea Oppa. But Oppa... can u promise me something..." Sora said without realize her cheek is blushing
"Promise? What kind of promise Sora-ra?" actually he knows what Sora means, but he want to know stright from Sora
"What promise Sora-ra?" Leeteuk repeated his question

After thinking about 5 minutes, finally Sora answered
"Promise me that you're gonna stop when I ask you to stop."
Leeteuk just smile when he heard what Sora just said
"Promise. I'll stop when you asking me to stop." Leeteuk nodded


"Finished? Just came here if you're ready" Leeteuk asked Sora when she change her clothes to comfortable clothes for their jacuzy time. 
When Sora came out from the dressing room, Leeteuk can not take his eyes from her. She was so sexy with her yellow strip bikini. For one second, Leeteuk really forget to breath

"Oppa, are u oke? You look so pale. Are you sick Oppa?" Sora still didn't know what exactly happened in her boyfriend
"Ehm??? I am fine...Let me carrying into the pool.." without permission Leetuk carried Sora 
"Oppa..."Sora was surprised with what Leeteuk just done
"Ssst.. don't talk, just trust me..."

Without a word they are going into the pool and finally end up with their passionate kiss. Not just a light kiss, this one is different,more passionate and more intimate. 

There's no word come between them. They don't need that. They just really need to comfort each other, need to complete each other. Until finally Sora pulled herself in.

"I think we have to stop Oppa...I am not ready, not now, not yet..."
"I got it, just change your bikini with comfort one. It's almost midnight now, let's sleep."
"Thank you Oppa, I really appreciate it.." Sora answered while move away from the pool...but suddenly Leeteuk graped her hand
"Thanks Sora, thank you for trusting me. I really love you.." finally he release Sora hand


"Oppa... where are you?" Sora call Leeteuk when she can not find him after she finished change her clothes. The room is empty. That made her panic for a second..
"I am down stairs for a while. There's something that I have to take care. Just wait for me. I'll be there in 5 minutes. " Leeteuk tried to calm Sora
"Oke Oppa, I'll wait..."


"Hyung, can we meet tomorrow? Lunch or maybe after lunch? There's something that I want to discuss with you." Leeteuk calling someone
"Oke.. Where we gonna meet tomorrow?" said that man
"Ehm, I am in Banyan Tree Club and Spa. Just meet in the restorant here, lunch time, oke Hyung?"
"Oke, I'll be there about 1 pm tomorrow."
"Oke, thank you Hyung." Leeteuk finally close the phone and run to his baby princess who wait for him upstairs


"Sora-ra, are you sleeping?" Leeteuk whispering when he saw Sora already lying in the bed
"Oppa, is that you? Where are you going Oppa? Is that something important? I thought you leave here.."Sora answering. Her voice is so sad...
"Off course not, How can I leave you here. I just have take care of something. Not to important, but I have to...Sorry, to make you a little bit panic...Sorry..." Leeteuk comfort Sora and give her back hugging
"I love you... Promise me that you never leave me..." Leeteuk whispering in Sora ears..
"I promise you Oppa...I won't leave you. But Oppa, can you promise me too? Promise me that we're gonna take this relationship seriously, promise me that we're gonna learn each other.Promise me that you will stay beside me.. I love you too."  Sora answering while she facing toward Leeteuk

Once again without a word they fall to their passionate and intimate kiss. That feeling came again... The feeling that they need to comfort each other, the feeling that they need to complete each other. This time, Leeteuk finally pulled himself in...

"Just sleep Sora-ra. I'll always be here for you. This... I promise you.."Leeteuk kiss her forehead before Sora fell a sleep

Looking how Sora sleep in his arm made him fall again. Now, he can feel how good if you finally found someone to love, someone to share life with, some one who support and be there for you when you need her. This night is a greatest night in his live. With Sora in his arm, he finally feel that he's going home now.

*****to be continued*****


  1. omo,, great story......
    i am waiting for next part....:)