Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Truce (part2)

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At 6pm, Sora decides she will order room service as she is still busy rehearsing for her presentation. Her dinner arrives and is now eating while reading her cue cards and reviewing her power point materials.

She proceeds to the venue of her presentation at 7pm. Upon arrival, she sets up her materials and checks other logistics that may contribute to the success or failure of her presentation, the technicalities she thought.

She sees a lot of familiar places and mingles with them. At 7:30, the conference resumes and she is the first speaker to present.

Her presentation went good, no technical problems encountered and questions from the viewers were addressed. She did a good job once again. After gathering her materials, she proceeded back to her room.

It is 10 pm and she cannot sleep. The summer heat is on and it is warm inside her room in spite of the fact that it is equipped with a ceiling fan. She decides to talk a walk along the dormitory pathways leading to the landscaped lawns.

Oh, the cool summer breeze is so refreshing, she thought while walking along the pathway. She reaches a curb where a bench is nestled under an arc of perennial flowers, she sits and relaxes for the meantime.

"Welcome back," she heard a familiar voice that made her want to stand up fast and run away but this feeling vanished quickly, she remained seated.

LT sits by her side, about an arm’s length away. They remained silent for a long time, it seems like eternity but someone had to break the silence.

"How are you doing, Sora, are you happy?"

KS does not answer, she does not know what to say.

LT continues talking. "Life is not fair, I believe you are happy now, I wish I could say the same for myself."

"I have to thank you for what I have now, Leeteuk. When you said that you wanted me out of your life, I almost died, but come to think of it I made the right decision to leave Korea for a while. My experience in New York had made me feel more confident; it raised my self-esteem and taught me things that I never imagined I could do."

"Good for you. Just for the record, I did not want you out of my life, I may have insinuated it but I never wanted you out of my life." "I regretted saying those lines and still regret it to date and will remain regretting it for my entire life I guess."

"I think it is too late for us to debate on semantics, Leeteuk."

"I meant to see you after the night of our talk but I was too ashamed of myself that I did not have the nerve to see you. Then, I learned that you were off to New York as an exchange student, I was so happy for you then and thought that I might as well let you go to fulfill your longtime dream of pursuing a degree. I thought that there will be plenty of time to reconcile with you after your New York stint, when you come back to Korea, thus I was convinced that we needed that space apart." "I sent you off when you left, I was at the airport looking at you from afar."

"You were confident that I will come back and we will get together again? Is my understanding correct?, You are one cheeky guy! You are too sure of everything!!"

"Please do not get me wrong, I was being confident but at the same time I prayed a lot that you will still be available when you come back."

Sora does not know what to say. She is assessing herself wanting to find out if she still feels something for LT but the symptoms are still there, her hands are sweaty, her knees feeling weak and heart, her heart racing fast. Oh my God, please no.. I can't think like this, I have to be firm... Yes, she may still finds him still very attractive but she does not want to be with him.

"Yes, I was hoping that you would come back still available but perhaps karma is catching up with me now. I am too late to ask you for a fresh start, right?"

Sora remains silent, she is starting to get confused as to where this conversation is leading.

"My mom and sister bumped into your parents last Tuesday at the mall."

Oh no, said Sora to herself, now she knows where this is leading to and she better brace herself and should think of a smart answer to LT's incoming questions.

"Twins, with their nanny, was with your parents at that time and they said that they are yours. My mom said that they looks so adorable."

Sora does not want to say anything as yet, she allows LT to talk.

"It is my dream to have a family of my own, years ago I would have wanted you to be the mother of my children."

"Then, what is keeping you Leeteuk, go build your own family, I think you are stable enough now to do it."

"But I want you in it and I want that little twins to be a part of my family too."

"Wait, leeteuk, is this why we are having this conversation? You think they are yours? You are hilarious! May I remind you, oh my God, this too embarrassing for me but gee, let me jog your memory a bit, yes you maybe the first but are you sure there's nobody after you?"

Stunned, Leeteuk realizes the truth and starts sobbing unabashedly.

"The mere thought that another man had made love to you, Sora, is tearing my heart into pieces. With that little twins as a living proof that you had consummated your love for someone else other than me makes me feel jealous as hell! If I could only bring back the hands of time, I would! Perhaps, we would have ended up together as a family had I not allowed you to leave for New York!"

Sensing the remorse in Leeteuk’s voice, Sora felt sorry for him.

"Leeteuk, I have a lot on my plate right now. My work demands a lot of time as well as my parenting chores. However, I thrive in this busy atmosphere and I love multi-tasking. I feel so complete now with my kids by my side and my passion at work serves as the driving force to achieve something that makes me feel fulfilled. Honestly, I do not need a man right now to satisfy my needs." "Our ship, had sailed, sunk even!"

"If I am not her father, then who is?"

"You do not know him."

"Then, introduce me to him."

"You will meet him, in due time but honestly, I do not know how meeting him would help you."

"I need closure, Sora! I need to see the guy who deserves your love more than me."

Sora was speechless, She don't know what to say.....

"One more thing, I want DNA Test"..........................

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