Monday, October 8, 2012


(***Saturday, Lee So Man, CEO of SM Entertainment resident***)

"Appa, Is Leeteuk Oppa have a real relationship with Kang Sora unnie?" Suddenly Lee So Man youngest daughter asked him
"As long as I know, they don't have that kind of relationship. They just act as husband and wife for the show. Why you asked me that question?" Lee So Man is a little bit curious with his teenage daughter
"I just watched their show. They went to swimming pool and play around there. There's Sungmin Oppa there, but I don't know Appa, they are too comfortable each other. The skinship is so natural. Like they are leaving in their own world." Lee So Man daughter told him
"Really? Ah, may be you're wrong. You just turn 15 years old, how come you can conclude that kind of things, Cmon darling, you are too young too understand that kind of things." Lee So Man is trying to avoid what his daughter said
"Eis Appa. I am maybe 15 years old, but I know that they are in love. But honestly, I am happy Appa. I saw Leeteuk Oppa is very happy when Kang Sora unnie around him." Lee So Man daughter keep talking without realizing that what she said was bothering her father
"You're still number one fans of SuJu right? If they are really in relationship. are you still being an ELF?" Lee So Man a little bit hasitated
"Off course Appa. SuJu is my number one bias. If Teuk Oppa really have that kind of relationship, it will be great. I think Sora unnie will be great being ELF First Lady." Lee So Man daughter keep rambling
"Oh..good then. I am happy if you feel that way. Btw, your upcoming birthday, next Saturday, everything oke? How's the preparation?" Lee So Man tried to divert the conversation
"Everything good Appa. Thanks for giving a permission to arrange my dream party."
"Good. I am at my room then. If your mom asked me where am I, just told her I am in my work room." Lee So Man said to his daughter

(***Saturday, Sora's appartment***)

"Do you have a schedule tonight?" Sora asked Leeteuk while lying in his lap
"Yup." Leeteuk said
"Ah.. What's time you really have to go?" Sora voice is a litlle bit sad, when he found out that Leeteuk had another schedule tonight
"Go? My private schedule is with you Sora-ra. I am not leaving anywhere." Leeteuk calm Sora. He's really happy when he saw Sora smile and can not hold to kiss Sora. Suddenly his phone rang and his President numbers was in screen

"Yes Sir." Leeteuk is so surprised when he found out the CEO of the company called him. He suddenly went to the balcony to have a serrious conversation with his boss
"Jung Soo, where are you?Are you had a schedule now?" Lee So Man stright asking Leeteuk
"No Sir. All of us had a private schedule tonight, so I am out with my friend." Leeteuk still hide his love relationship in front of his boss
"Ah I see. Btw, you know that next Saturday will be my daughter birthday party. I already talked to your manager and all of you guys, will perform in my daughter birthday party. My daughter and her best friends asked me about it. You guys better have a good preparation for the party. Not only my daughter friends, but my relatives, my business partner from Korea or abroad, and a lot of important guest will be there." Lee So Man said
"Oke Sir. We'll be doing our best." Leeteuk promised to his president
"Btw, my daughter also asked me, to invite Kang Sora-ssi. She is a fans of her now, so she asked me to told you, that she wants Sora-ssi come to her party." Leeteuk is very surprised after hearing what his boss just said
"What? Kang Sora-ssi? You want me to bring her to the party?" Leeteuk is very confused about it. He didn't realize that his tone was change, but his boss 100% realize about that
"Yup. Is it weird? I don't think so. My daughter is a big fans of you, one of the ELF, so she always watched everything related to SuJu, including your show with Kang Sora-ssi. She became Sora-ssi fans since she was pairing with you." Lee So Man told Leeteuk. Actually, he tried to find out how's Leeteuk reaction after what he just said.
"Ehm, are you sure about it Sir?" Leeteuk still hasitated
"Sure about what?"
"Invite Sora to your daughter birthday party?" Once again Leeteuk didn't realize that he just called Sora only with her name
"Yup. I am sure about it. She is a good girl though and have a promissing future.And my lovely daughter wants to see her, so yes, I am sure about it. Btw Park Jung Soo, why are you seems not happy and blocking me to invite her?"  Lee So Man tried to tease Leeteuk.
"No, it's not like that Sir. I'll take her to the party then." Leeteuk finally give up.
"Sure.. See you next Saturday and don't forget for giving your best performance." Lee So Man ended their phone conversation

Suddenly Leeteuk got a bad feeling about it. He wasn't sure what is that, but he started thinking that his President smell something between he and Sora. It's not his boss style asking someone outside SM Entertainment coming to his private party, except his business relation. Inviting Sora to the party is really something weird. Now, he is really courious what going to happend next

"Who is it Oppa? Is it your President?" Sora asked him while Leeteuk came back to living room
"Yup. He is asking me where am I." Leeteuk seems a little bit tired after the long conversation
"What's wrong Oppa? Is it something wrong? Did you have to go now?" Sora was worried when she saw Leeteuk expression
"No, there is no a bad news. He just to remind me that Super Junior have to perform at her daughter birthday party next Saturday." Leeteuk tried to hiding his real feeling in front of Sora
"Oh.. I am glad if there is nothing wrong. I am worried that there's something wrong Oppa." Sora realease her worried
"Don't think about it. Come here darling. I really need to hold you now." Leeteuk asked Sora to come and hug her tightly as soon as she sat next to him " I love you. You will stay beside me whatever happend right? Good thing or bad things?" Leeteuk whispering
"Yup. off course Oppa." Sora answered but curious something happend, but to comfort her boyfriend, she choose not to talk about it and enjoying her time with him

(***Saturday, Lee So Man resident***)

To satisfied his curiosity, Lee So Man start to watch Leeteuk WGM episode, starting after the strike episode       until the last one. After watching about 3 hours, he made a call to someone
"Do you have all Jung Soo recording for WGM with Kang Sora-ssi?" Lee So Man asked Leeteuk personal manager
"Yes Sir." 
"Can you copy that to DVD format and bring it to me on Monday. All episode, from first episode until the last one." he ordered
"Oke Sir. I'll do it and give it to you on Monday."
"Oke, thanks." Lee So Man hang up the phone

(***Wednesday, SME Building***)

"Donghae, where's Jung Soo?" Lee So Man suddenly came to practice room, when Donghae and other SuJu members are practicing
"He went to SBS Sir, Strong Heart shooting time right now." Donghae explained 
"Ehm, is he still doing WGM filming?" 
"Yes Sir, but from I know, today there is no schedule for WGM. According Teukie Hyung, they still have a stock for the next episode." Donghae started to confused why his President very concern with Leeteuk schedule
"Ah, oke then. You guys are practicing for next Saturday performance right?" Lee So Man tried to divert the topic
"Yes Sir."
"Good.. keep practice then." He said while leaving the practice room

In his office, he called Leeteuk personal manager

"Where are you? Are you with Jung Soo?" he asked Leeteuk personal manager
"No Sir, I am not with him, right now I am with Siwon, negotiating for his next drama. I will join Leeteuk if I am finish with this negotiation." Leeteuk manager tried to give an explanation
"One thing that I want to know. Be honest with me. Is Jung Soo have a love relationship? I mean a real relationship with his virtual wife?" Lee So Man stright asking his manager
"I don't know Sir." he still tried to cover Leeteuk relationship
"Don't lie to me. I knew it. One thing that you have to do now. After you finish with Siwon, please hold a meeting with WGM PD-nim. Make a plan to make a final episode. Soon as possible. No excuse for that. Don't tell everything to Jung Soo. I'll tell him by myself. We have to keep Jung So image as a single man. Period, no excuse." a strong command came from Lee So Man
"Oke Sir. I'll do it right after this." Leeteuk manager can not force anymore

After he called Leeteuk manager, he called Leeteuk 

"Jung Soo, where are you?" Lee So Man asked Leeteuk
"Preparing for the next recording for Strong Heart Sir." suddenly a bad feeling come again
"After that, do you still have another schedule?" 
"No Sir, I'll finish it around 4 pm."
"Oke, right after you finish the schedule, come to my office. There's something that I have to discuss with you. Just come by yourself, not with other members." Lee So Man remind Leeteuk

Leeteuk come to his President office with a big question in his mind. He's really worried that something bad going to be heppened. His bad feeling already start on last Saturday.

"Jung Soo, come in, nice to meet you. I am not seeing you for a long time." Lee So Man tried to greet Leeteuk as soon as he entered the room
"Yes Sir. Is that something wrong?"
"No.. Just want to have a discussion with you. Btw, did you already talked to Kang Sora-ssi, to come to my daughter birthday party next Saturday?" Lee So Man tried to read the situation
"Yes Sir, but apparently she can not come. She already had a schedule that day." Leeteuk lied to his boss. Actually he never told Sora about it. He just want to protect Sora. He knew exactly, if Sora come with him, his boss eagle eyes can see that there's something between them and he didn;t want Sora got trouble because of that

"Ah, I understand... So you tried to protect your girlfriend from me right?" Lee So Man stright to the point. Leeteuk is very surprised when he heard it. His face suddenly blushing and he can not hide it
"So, it's true right? That she is your real girl friend now. When you two started to have a relationship? Wait, let me guess, when both of you went for light trip to Nami Island right?" Lee So Man continued his strong question

After a minutes, finally Leeteuk have a guts to answer it

"Yes Sir, she is my real girlfriend. I need her so much. So I asked for your permission now, to have an open relationship with her." Leeteuk tried to said it bravely
"You got my permission Jung Soo, but not to openly dating. You got my permission to dating her and continue your relationship. She is a good girl, really fix you. You both had the chemestry. She is beautiful, smart, down to earth, understand you a lot and sexy in her way. Really fix for you. She will be a good supporter for you, as a man and as a entertainer, BUT not for your career, at least not for now." Lee So Man told him his decision
"You have to keep your relationship secretly. As a leader of a very famous group, I think you can understand my decision. Don't think only about youself, but please think about Super Junior, think about other members, think about your fans. I know a lot of ELF agree you dating her, but don't forget still we can got a lot of haters. And don't forget also, think about her future career. She is a rocky star Jung Soo, still very young and still have a long way to go. She still need to prove herself, so give her a chance." Lee So Man tried to explain his point of view

"Oke Sir, I understand. Can I go now?" Leeteuk have no strength after hearing what his President just said
"Yup, you can go now. Don't forget to bring Sora-ssi next Saturday. I really want to know her.Oh ya, before I forgot, I already asked to your manager, to negotiate with WGM PD-nim for your last episode. I hope next week will be your last shooting time." Lee So Man said calmly
"What Sir? Last episode? Isn't it too much? We agree to have a last episode in my enlistment day." Leeteuk tried to negotiate with his big boss
"No.. I don't think so. This is my final decision. You guys is too obvious now. Every one can clearly see that you two in real relationship. No.. There's no room for negotiation for that decision. It final Jung Soo.. Final..You understand me right? It final..Now, you can leave." Lee So Man ended their conversation

Leeteuk really faltered. He knew that there are a lot of obstacle in front of him, but he never expected that it came so fast. He clearly can understand his CEO way of thinking, but he didn't expected that it will be this hard...

Without realize he took his phone and dialed Sora's number, but Sora didn't answered that. After tried several time, he finaaly give up and ended up with texting her

"Sora-ra.. I love you so much. I really do. I am glad to have you by myside. Love U...."

(***to be continued***)


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