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"Oppa, I am nervous..." 


"I don't know Oppa, but it become more nervous now. OMO, what to do?"

Sora can not hide her nervousness when both of them heading to the party. Actually she's not ready to face everyone, especially all SME family. This is the big night for her. She already familiar with SuJu members, but with the other from SME, seems so hard. But for her, the most person that made her nervous is Lee Soo Man, CEO of SM Entertainment. She got a bad feeling about this party, but she have to hide it, since she didn't want to make her boyfriend worry. 

"That's oke Sora, I'll be always next to you. Don't worry, I promise you darling.." Leeteuk tried to comfort her while holding her hand tight. 

"I know Oppa. I am sorry, I don't mean to make this harder for you." Sora also tried to convince Leeteuk.

In the rest of their way to the party, they don't talk each other, just hold hand tightly to give each of them strength. Leeteuk is trying so hard to hide his worried. He's afraid that Sora will feel more nervous if he show it. 

When they reach the gate of Lee So Man resident, suddenly Sora got panic attack and without she realise she squeeze Leeteuk hand... Leeteuk knew that his baby Princess afraid..

"That's oke darling.. I am here.. What ever it is, what's going to happen there, we're going to face it together. I am with you, trust me." Leeteuk convince Sora, while Sora only nodded

(***Lee So Man, CEO of SM Entertainment Resident***)

"Oppa, are you sure? I can go back now, you can come by yourself and tell to your CEO that I have another schedule." Sora really lost her confidence 

"That's oke...Trust me please... Where's my brave girlfriend? It's oke, just enjoy the party. Oke." Leeteuk told Sora, then kiss her cheek.

The part was held on Lee Soo Man resident backyard garden. A very luxury and huge party, especially for 15th birthday party.. The venue divided into two part. The first part is for the adult, for Lee Soo Man relatives, business partner, some people from the government and parliament. There is a enormous tent, with full of white and black shade. A lot of important guest with luxurious dish which made by a very famous chef in Korea. There's an orchestra accompanying the dinner. Senior singer from SME, like Kangta and BOA was sing in this part of the venue.

Meanwhile the second part, is special part for the Birthday girl... So different with the addult part, very girly and funky. The venue held in front of the swimming pool. The party theme was Lady Gaga and pulled out all the gaudy element that would put it over the top. Same like other venue, the enormous party tent, but there is a DJ, virgin cocktail bar, white draped furniture, banquets of roses, candelabra, glitz and bling..A big stage  was build above the swimming pool, where all the boy band and girl band from SME perform. 

Sora was so amaze with the party..She already came to a lot of award ceremony, before and after party, but for the luxurious private birthday party, this is the first time for her. She forgot with her worried and nervousness, really amaze with the party.

"OMO, Oppa, is this really a 15th birthday party? Wow... Daebak..." Sora told her boyfriend
"Lee Eun Hye is his youngest children whom the only one who stay here with him and his wife. The others now study in a private school in LA, so that's why he really spoiled her. From the rumor that I heard, as soon as she finish her middle school, she will go to US, and join her brother and sister there. That's why, President make this party very huge, because next year she won't be here any more. Now, let's us greet the birthday girl first, than to the President, after that let's join the rest of the member and enjoy the party." Leeteuk grab Sora hand when heading to meet the birthday girl

"Teukie Oppa... WOW, I thought you're not coming, since I saw all the members here, but I didn't see you." Eun Hye told Leeteuk happily
"Ais, Happy Birthday girl, be health, be strong and I am really wish you all very best" Leeteuk greet Eun Hye while give her a light kiss in her cheek
"Thank you Oppa... Oh, Sora unnie, you're here." Eun Hye smile to Sora. After saw Eun Hye smile, Sora nervousness slightly reduce.
"Happy sweet 15 Eun Hye. I hope all the best for you."Sora greet Eun Hye and shake her hand
"Thank you Unnie. I am your fans now, really. You catch my eyes when playing in Dream High 2. I am so glad that you are pairing with Teuk Oppa in WGM, you two are good together. So good, I am glad that you two become real. Eh, you are real right?" Eun Hye asked them while both of them didn't answer only laugh and interlock their hand 
"Ah, action louder that words than. It's oke if you guys didn't want to answer it." Eun Hye smile. 
"Btw, can I take a picture with both of you? And wait, Guys, Teuk Oppa and Sora unnie was here, come on, you said you want to see them." Eun Hye yealed to all of her best friend. Suddenly, five girls came and greet them and take a lot of picture with them.

After greet the birthday girl, Leeteuk take Sora to meet the President. That is the real test though...

Meanwhile in the part of venue, SNSD members were amaze when they realise Leeteuk bring Sora to the party. This is the first time they see Leeteuk bring a girl in front of so many people. Dispite Leeteuk was well known as a womenizer, but all of them knew that exactly Leeteuk is a very timid person. Leeteuk never bring a girl or date in front of people, during this time, he always date secretly. That's why all of people who know him, were surprised to see that he bring Sora and always hold her hand.

"OMO.. Teuk Oppa bring Sora-ssi. Are they real? Wow.. daebak... Is she his real girlfriend?" told Tiffany
"I think they are real. Can you see that he always hold Sora-ssi hand all the time? Even when they greet Eun Hye. He never let her hand go. Unnie, how's it? Are you oke?" Yuri asked Taeyeon. All of them know that there's a special relationship between the leader of the group, but there's no confirmation from both of them, but all of them know, even the fans know
"Me? I am fine, since I am not his girl friend though." Taeyeon said calmly and leave the girls.

"Seohyun, are they real?" Yoona whispering to Seohyun. She knew that Seohyun will get a lot of information, since she really close with Suju maknae, Kyu Hyun.
"Ehm, yes, they are real, but I can not told you guys, since Kyun Hyun Oppa sweared me not to talk to anyone else. They are really close right now. Teuk Oppa always with her if he didn't have a schedule. He really love her though." Seohyun whispering in Yoona ears
"Really? Wow, but she is really pretty and sexy. But, bit different with Teuk Oppa ideal type right?" Yoona and Seohyun still talking each other
"You know what unnie. I went to Suju dorm, since there's something that me and Kyu Hyun Oppa drop for them. And when I went there, all of them gathered in the leaving room because Sora unnie was there. She is so beautiful, pure and very down to earth. Everyone were around her and that made Teuk Oppa very jeleaous. I talked to her and right away I can see why Teuk Oppa fall to her." Seohyun told Yoona.

The lovely couple, finally reach the other venue. Leeteuk straight took Sora to meet his President. Lee Soo Man already saw them when they entered the venue and walk to meet them
"Kang Sora-ssi, welcome to the party. You are beautiful as always." Lee Soo Man gave a warm welcome to Sora
"Thank you so much Sir. This is wonderful party. I am really glad can join this amazing party." Sora greet her boyfriend CEO and make a bow to him
"Ah, you such a nice girl. No wonder that Jung Soo had fallen for you. You two look good together. Btw, enjoy the party then, I have to meet my other guest." Lee Soo Man talked them then leave them. 

"Oppa, honestly, I am a little bit relieved. But sometimes, I don't know, I am still worried." Sora whispering to Leeteuk in their way back to the second venue, to meet all SuJu member.
"Just enjoy the party Sora, don't think too much. Just remember, that we'll face it together. Okay." Leeteuk told Sora and smile to her


"Oh-Hyungsunim..." Dong Hae was yealing when he saw Leetuk and Sora walking to them
"Hallo everyone, long time no see." Sora greet them
"You look prettier Sora-ssi. More shine.. I am sorry that I can meet you when you came to the dorm." Siwon greet Kang Sora
"Ah, that's oke Siwon-ssi. Nice to meet you too. I heard you will have a new drama soon. Good luck then." Sora smile to Siwon
"Hyungsunim, why don't you congratulate me, since I already finish and get a huge success in my drama." Dong Hae act jealousy and tease Sora
"Aish, I sent you a gift right. Right after the drama over." Sora laugh to Dong Hae

"Dong Hae-ah. show your respect to her." Suddenly Leeteuk came after he took a drink for Sora and then hugs her tight
"Hyung, please don't show your intimacy here." Eunhyuk screamed 
"You guys envy right?" Leeteuk told to his members while still hugs Sora
"Yes, we are envy...So please, stop it Hyung or get a room." Kangin can't control his jealousy. 

Leeteuk only laugh while Sora blushed... She never expected will tease like this with his boyfriend members.

"Can I join the crowd here, you guys looks so happy. Hallo Sora-ra, nice to meet you. I am your fans since I watch Sunny." suddenly Yoona came and join them
"Ah, Hallo Yoona-ah. Nice to meet you too. We just met once right, at Baeksang Movie award. How do you do?" Sora greet Yoona
"I am fine. I am so glad I can meet you in person." Yoona seems sincere

Suddenly their manager give them a sign to prepare. Super Junior will rock the stage.

"Yoona-ah, please stay with Sora when I am perform. Okay." Leeteuk beg Yoona
"Sure, no worries Oppa, since we are in the same age, I think we'll be oke. I like her though and I can see why you like her so much. She's different Oppa." Yona told Leeteuk not to worry

"Sora-ya, it's oke right if I just call you Sora?" Yoona tried to make a warm conversation with Sora
"Sure. We're in the same age, so please talk comfortly to me." Sora smile
"You know what Sora, Teuk Oppa never bring his girlfriend in front of us. He never show us who his girlfriend is. Maybe if you watched in a lot of tv program, he seems that he was a womenizer and a player, but honestly no. He's a timid, sincere, loving brother and hard working person. His image as a player is one of his job that he have to maintain. I am glad that he found you. You're fix to him, really." Yoona is very sincere when she told this kind to Sora
"I know Yoona-ah, that's why I fell for him. Honestly, first of all, I don't believe him when he said that he like me. I thought this man must be joking. I am nothing compared to him, even when he propose me and made a great event in Super Junior concert, I thought it was only part of the show. But I don't know, I became trust him, it's a process off course, but I knew that he's sincere. I always love his hard working, I love how he handled the group and maintain the members, I am amaze to see his skill. And suddenly I realize that I love him." without realising Sora pour out his heart to Yoona. Actually she also didn't know why she can trust Yoona. They are not a good friend, but something that make Sora believe in her.
"I can feel you darling. Please take care of Tuekie Oppa. He already got a lot of pain and I think you will be a good cure for his pain." Yoona told Sora while smiling.

Suddenly, Leeteuk personal manager came and asked Sora to come with him..

"Sora-ssi. I am sorry to interupt you, but the President want to talk to you in his room. Can you come with me, please." 
"Sure." finally Sora realise, that her hunch was proove. She just hope and pray that everything going to be oke. She look at Yoona with worried look
"It's oke Sora-ra, you'll be fine." Yoona tried to comfort her new best friend

Sora followed Leeteuk manager came to a big working room and found Lee Soo Man was sitting in his big  chair. Sora feel that something bad going to happen, but she tried so hard not to show her worried

"Kang Sora-ssi, please come in. Have a seat." Lee Soo Man tried to talk comfortly
"Ne. Thank you Sir." Sora still confused what he is going to talk about.
"Kang Sora-ssi, why you like Jung Soo? Is it because he famous, rich or what?" very strong question came from Lee Soo Man

Sora was so surprised with that kind of question. 

"Why you asked me that kind of question Sir?" Sora is trying so hard not to show that she was annoyed

"Honestly, because Jung Soo is one of my asset. He's one of my source. He's a hard working person, very talented, and thanks to me, he became rich now and I became richer because of him. And I knew, before WGM, you still a rockie star. I know you're talented, very good in acting, have a bright future in industry, but you still have to struggle, you have a lot of competitor out there right?" Lee Soo Man started to give his point of view

"I know Sir, I know I have nothing compare to Oppa. I am just a newbie in this industry, but please Sir, don't treat him like his one of your asset. He's more than just an asset. He's a good one. I admire him so much. And if you asked me why I love him, I can not tell you one by one because it's too much. What I know is that I need him and love him so much. This feeling was growing Sir, without special reason, just growing. We grow together Sir, not only love on the first sight, it step by step, it's through a lot of process. And you don't have to worried that I'll make him spend all of his money on me, no.. trust me. I just love him from the bottom of my heart and if you asked me to break up, I am sorry Sir, but I think I can't, even if you force me, I think I can't. What I can promise you only I can keep this relationship secretly, out of public, I'll be very carefull in this relationship." Sora show her real feeling through her word

"Ah, I think I understand why Jung Soo is so in love with you. You're a good girl Kang Sora-ssi, not spoiled one, very independent, have a very good talent and this kind of girl is fix to my Jung Soo. Sorry for my previous word, I just have to know what kind of girl that make one of my best fall in love. I only asked something Kang Sora-ssi, please keep this relationship secretly, don't let public know. Honestly, I have to maintain Jung Soo popularity until he go for his enlistment. That's very important for us, Jung Soo image is Super Junior image. If Jung Soo leave as a single and player man, I can easyly maintain other member image. I hope you understand that Kang Sora-ssi. And once again, if there's something happend and public can found out that you two in relationship, the company will spread news for counter that things. we won't denied your relationship, but we absolutely will make another news to cover it. I hope you'll understand." Lee Soo Man talked very serious this time

"I guess I understand Sir. Thank you for letting me having a relationship with Teuk Oppa. I'll keep my promise Sir. Thank you. Can I go now Sir?" Sora is trying so hard to hold her tears. Somehow, she knew that her bad feeling will come into reality.

"Yup, I think I am done. Enjoy the party Sora-ssi and please forgive me for my previous question." Lee Soo Man told Sora and heading her to the door

Leeteuk manager uneasily waiting in front of the room. Suddenly he felt sorry when he saw Sora teary eyes.

"Kang Sora-ssi, are you oke?" He asked Sora
"Yes Oppa. Can you take me to the toilet, I think I really need to go there." Sora tried to handle her tears
"Come this way, Sora-ssi. I'll be waiting outside and I'll take you to the party again. I think Super Junior already finish their performance." Leeteuk manager can not said another word to comfort Sora. He know that this girl just through a hard talk with his President, but there's nothing he can do. One that he worried the most is Leeteuk reaction if he found out what his President just talked.


"Yoona-ah, where's Sora?" Leeteuk asked Yoona after he can not found Sora 
"President asked her to meet him. Your manager brought her to the house. I can do anything though. Sora seems so worrie Oppa, I can see from her expression." Yoona show her concern
"Ah, thank you Yoona. I'll found her." Leeteuk just finish his word when he saw Sora came with his manager

"Sora-ra... where're you from? I am trying to find you everywhere." Leeteuk came and straight away hold her waist tight
"No Oppa, your President asked me to have a little talk. You don't have to worried." Sora tried so hard to hide her sadness, smiles and looked excited.
"Ah really? Thank you Hyung, to accompany Sora back here. I just plan to found her, but you already bring her here. Thanks again Hyung." Leeteuk thanked to his manager.

"Sora-ra, something bad happened right? What the President told you" Leeteuk seems so worried to his baby Princess
"Nothing Oppa, trust me nothing. It just warm talked between us. You don't have to worried." Sora gave her smile to her boyfriend, trying so hard to forget what she just through
"Sora-ra, you are not a good liar. I know you are good in acting, but I am 100% sure, that you can not act in front of me. Something wrong right?" Leeteuk insisted to get the real answer from his girlfrind
"Oppa, Please... Just enjoy the party oke. Don't think too much." Sora smile

The rest of the night Sora really show her excitement. She looks so happy, dancing, laughing and joking with the members. She event joking with other members from other group. She acted like there's nothing, she looks like she wanted to forget and covering something.

Leeteuk know it. He know exactly that the warm talk, not only warm talk. His Baby Princess was not in herself right now, but he tried to ignore it. He will found out, soon... he promised to himself...

(***tobe continued***)


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