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(****Inspired by ep 26-27 Wedding Photoshoot****)

"Now, let's do the bed sceen photo shoot. You guys laying there together and Leeteuk-ssi arm became Sora-ssi pillow." suddenly the photographer told them to made a bed sceen photo
"What??? Excuse me??? You mean laying in this bed? Together?" Leetuk was shocked with the photographer statement
"OMO, Otoke?? " Sora got panic "Do we have to this Oppa??" Sora asked Leeteuk frantically
"Let's do this.. I'll try to control myself, Just trust me oke.." Leeteuk tried to calm Sora. They just make a serious real relationship last week. Both of them quite nervous and afraid that they can not hide their real feeling through the photoshoot.

"Oke, now Leeteuk-ssi, put your arm there. Please make it as Sora-ssi pillow..Both of you please look at to the sky, pretending there's no camera here." the photographer gave an instruction to them
That time, Leeteuk can not thinks clearly, he really control himself so that his real feeling didn't show.
"Leeteuk-ssi, Please relax, don't get nervous. Your body looks so stiff, it's not good for the picture." the photographer yelling..

"Oppa, are u oke? Just imagine I am not your girl friend. Just imagine that I am your partner for the CF." Sora is trying to calm Leeteuk
"Oke, I know" Leeteuk whispering

"Can I try something?" Suddenly Sora asked the photographer
"Sure.. What's it Sora-ssi?" asked photographer
"I am going like this, facing toward Teuk Oppa." Sora said
"Sure, that's good, make it more natural." Photographer agree with Sora sugestion
"Leeteuk-ssi, are u oke? Is there something that you want to try?" The photographer asking
"Ehm, actually ya, but I don't know it is possible or not.." suddenly Leeteuk tried hugs Sora tightly in front of so many people, but when he remember where he is, he cancelled it...

"Oppa.. are u oke?" Sora asked Leeteuk carefully, she just want to maintain their action in front of WGM crew...
"Oke..oke...Please help me Sora-ya, it's so hard though.." 
"Oke Oppa, remember, I am not Sora your girlfriend, I am just Sora, your partner in this photoshoot..." Sora tried to remind Leeteuk where they are..

"Ready...??? I want to start to take a picture.." the photographer remind them..

When the photographer started to take a picture, Sora tried to see Leeteuk eyes, but Leeteuk also do the same thing... Suddenly, Leeteuk can not control himself, he hugs Sora tightly, forgetting all the crew around them...

"Sora, you're not helping me with your glance.. C'mon darling.. Do you really want to go out openly? I can't helped when I saw your glance... Really..." Leeteuk whispering in Sora ear..
"Sorry Oppa...Sorry...I can't help it also..." 

"Oke..Let's take a break before we go to the next location...I already got what I want.." the photographer told everyone in the location..

In the other hand both of their manager saw what happend and can not say a word. Both of them understand what's going on now... Suddenly WGM PD-nim came to them..

"We have to have a meeting.. Without them.. Let's get a coffee and let them take a little rest for a while." PD-nim told to their managers.


"Guys, don't you think there's something between them? Their bed sceene, it's too obvious.. Every one can see clearly that they are in love." PD-nim straight questioned the managers when they arrive in the coffe shop.
"I don't know, Leeteuk never told me about his feelings, but lately he often came late to the dorm. When I asked him, where have u been, he only smile and say nothings to worry.." Leeteuk manager told
"Sora also quite strange lately. Everytime we finish our schedule for a day, she directly asked to go home. It happend since a week ago.. Leeteuk was taking her back home after the shooting.." Sora manager explained..
"Oke, now we know that they are having a real relationship, not reel anymore.. Honestly, in the other hand I am glad that we can have a real new couple, but in the other hand it will be not good for the show, the chemestry is too strong, there's no mistery behind the show anymore. So what we have to do now?" PD-nim asked to the manager
"Let's give them a second chance, if it became more obvious, let shorthen their duration,while we preparing the final episode for them." Sora manager's finally give an advice.
"Ya, let's give them a chance. This show is related to maintain Leeteuk popularity before he go to the army. And I know also that his show get a good rating because of them, so let's give them a second chance and I'll talk to him after this." Leeteuk manager said
"Oke, we got the decision, but please tell them, not to obvious in front of the camera. I am not against their relationship, not at all. I am happy for them. The reason why I choose them to be in the show because I have a feeling that they have a chemestry, and it's proven right? So just tell them to be more carefull. I love them though." told PD-nim


"Can I talk to you privately?" Leeteuk manager suddenly came right after the shooting with Sora's parents ended
"Why? Can I send Sora home first? Can we talk at dorm?" Leeteuk feel strange with what his manager said
"No, we back to the dorm now. Sora suddenly has another schedule. Her manager told me." Leeteuk manager insist.
"Oke, no problem. I'll come with u,but give me a time to talk to Sora first." 
"Sora is already go home, just now." 
"What??? Why she didn't tell me?" Leeteuk can feel there's something weird now


"Can we go now?" Sora manager came to her right after she change her clothes.
"What's happened Oppa? Is there something wrong?" Sora asked 
"No, just need a little talked." Like Leeteuk manager, Sora manager also insisted now.
"Oke, let me talk to Teuk Oppa first." finally Sora agree..
"Leeteuk already go home with his manager. He said there's another schedule." Sora manager still insisted
"Oh, oke then. Is there something wrong Oppa? I feel something wrong here." Sora is trying to get a conclusion
"We'll talk in our way home oke?" Sora manager told 


"Why are we going here? Hyung, you told me we're gonna stright back to our dorm. What's going on?" Leeteuk feel suspecious

"Sit down first." his manager told him as soon as they arrived in a coffee shop
"What's wrong. I know there is something wrong. You act so weird today. Is my enlistment schedule came out?" Leeteuk tried to find out what happend
"No, it's not about your enlistment. It's about you and Sora-ssi."
"Sorra???? What's wrong with Sora??" Leeteuk became a little bit annoyed when his manager told something about Sora
"Answer me. Honestly...Don't lie to me. Did u have a real realtionship with her? Did she really your girlfriend, not only your imaginary wife?" his manager asked him 
"If yes, why? I like her, you know about it. I told you once Hyung, I like her. She's different, something different in her that made me like her.Did u against it if I told u that we fall in love each other?" Leeteuk tried to be honest to his manager. His manager is like his own big brother to him.
"No, I don't against it. I am happy if you finally found a girl who can make you smile, really. But please, can u keep it secretly? For the sake of your career, for the sake of her career, for the sake of Super Junior and for the sake of the company. Can U keep it secretly? U know what, today episode was too obvious. All of us can see that you two fall in love each other. Me and Sora manager had a short meeting with WGM PD-nim. U know what he said? He asked us, to talk to you whether they have to stop your episode or continue, because it's too obvious, every one can see it clearly." Leeteuk manager tried to give him a view
"Really??? Is it too obvious?? I think both of us still can handle it and hide our feeling. I think we're failed." Leeteuk said
"So, how's now? Did u still want to continue this program? If yes, please more carefull or we have stop it. Remember that we have a planning the last episode will be in your enlistment day. If u fail to hide your feeling, maybe we have to stop it in the middle and don't wait until your enlistment day." his manager is trying to remind him
"Oke hyung, I got it. Let's go home, I think I need a rest."


"Sora, what do you feel to Leeteuk-ssi?" her manager suddenly asked her in her way back home
"Oppa.. why you asking me that kind of question? Off course I respect him as my senior, I respect him as my partner in the show." Sora tried to hide her real status to her manager
"Don't lie to me Sora-ya. I can see clearly now that you guys love each other. He is your boyfriend now right?" the question is stright to the point
"OMO.. Is it too obvious Oppa?? OMO, Otuke???" Sora can not hide it anymore
"Sora-ya, I want you to know something. I am not against your relationship. Leeteuk-ssi is a nice guy and I know he really love you. What I asked is simple, Can u keep your relationship secretly? For your career, for his career and for your future?" Sora manager sincerelly asked her
"Oke Oppa, I'll think about it. Btw, can I just go upstrairs, I am a little bit tired today." Sora asked her manager. Suddenly she feel very tired, not physically, but mentally.
"Sure Sora, take a rest for today. Tomorrow you have no schedule, maybe you wanna go home to your parents? I can take you back home tomorrow." 
"No Oppa.. I think I just stay at my appartment and get rest. Thank You, just tell me if there's a sudden schedule. See u Oppa." Sora told to her manager when she get off from the car.


Sora just finish take a bath, when her phone rang. Leeteuk number on the phone. Sora a little bit hesitated, but finally she answer the phone
"Hi.. What're u doing my baby princess?" Leeteuk voice seem so tired
"Just finished take a bath. What about you Oppa? What're you doing?"
"Lying in my bed while thinking about you. I miss you..." 
"Don't joke Oppa, we just met right?" Sora is trying to avoid her feeling
"No.. I am not joke.. I really miss U..Are U alone now?" something coming in his mind
"Yup. My manager just drop me. Why Oppa?" 
"Do you have a schedule tomorrow?"
"No..I got a day off tomorrow. There's a client who cancelled the meeting. Why Oppa? You sounds a little bit weird."
"Prepare your belonging, let's going somewhere. Tonight. I'll be on your apartment in 45 minutes." Leeteuk suddenly take a crazy plan
"What??? Where're we going? Why is so sudden Oppa?"Sora seems a little bit confused with Leeteuk plan
"Just believe me oke. You trust me right? So just prepare and I'll be there soon. See u darling.. I love u." Leeteuk close the phone
Without realize what happened, Sora prepare her belonging. She know that it will be a long night..

Leeteuk came to Kangin room
"Kangin, Please take care of a member. There's no Super Junior schedule tomorrow right? I'll go for a while. I'll be back tomorrow night, and if manager hyung asked you where am I going, just tell him I have something to take care off." Leeteuk told to Kangin
"Where're you going Hyung? Is it something wrong?"
"I'll told you later. Don't forget to take care everything oke, just pretend that I am already at the army, maybe you'll replace me then." 
Without waiting for Kangin answered,Leetuk go down to the parking lot and went to Sora apartment.

He never thought that their relationship will face a lot of things. But now, he's ready to take all of the risk,as long as he can stay with his other half..

****tobe continued***


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