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(***Ugly Alert Shooting Location***)

It's like usual Monday, nothing special.. Sora was filming her drama series accompanied by her new manager and her stylish. When she was in the set and filming the drama, her stylish phone was ring.

"Yaboseo?" Lee Young, Sora's stylish answered the phone. The number in the phone is so unfamiliar
"Nunna, are you at the location with Sora?" Leeteuk asked Lee Young
"OMO, Leeteuk-ssi, are you changing your number? I didn't recognize it." Lee Young almost scream when found out whose calling
"Nunna please keep silent. I used my manager's number. I am at the cafe around the studio now, is Sora still filming?" Leeteuk asked her
"Yup, she is. Maybe she will be finish one or one and half hour from now. She is coming to the studio with me. She was driving by herself, I am with her, she pick me up and both of us came together." Lee Young still didn't get why he asked that
"Good. Can you come here and bring her car key?Btw, her car key with you, isn't it? " Leeteuk asked her again
"Yup, the car keys is in me. Why? Do you want to take it?" Lee Yeong started understand what he wants
"Yup. I want to surprised her. I still don't know whether I'll surprised her in her dressing room or 'll be waiting at the car and going back home together. But nunna, can you bring the key to me now? I am sorry to bothering you." Leeteuk told her in aegyo
"Oke-oke, just tell me where are you, and I will come, just wait there." Lee Young told him and secretly went out from the studio.
"I am only 2 buildings away from the studio nunna. The coffee shop around the corner." Leeteuk told her
"Araso, I am on my way now."

"Leeteuk-ssi, are you having your vacation? You just got your 4 days 3 night vacation, why are here right now?" Lee Yeong asked him as soon as she saw him at the cafe
"I have a schedule from my office with my commander nearby. I just finish my schedule and I am deadly miss her so much, that's why I asked permission to see her and will back to the army base tomorrow with my commander. He went to his family now, and we will back together tomorrow after lunch." He showed his killer smile
"Araso. You know, your appearence when you were at your last vacation grab a lot of attention from public, most of them wondering that you met Sora or not. Btw, she must be very happy to see you now, she is out of her mind lately. You know, she just change her agency, move to bigger agency. She was insisted to bring me on. Luckyly her new agency agreed. Omo, I talked to much right?"  Lee Yeong explained Sora latest condition to her husband
"Nope nunna, no worries. She asked me first before she decided, for me, as long as for her future, it will be good. I support her. Btw, is she curious when you went out to meet me now?" Leeteuk a little bit afraid that Sora will found out and got suspicious. 
"Nope, I told her I need a little fresh air. By the way, I think I have to go back soon, so she won't be suspecious. This is the key, come to studio 30 minutes after now. She might be finish or you can see how's the shooting process." Lee Yeoung told and gave the key to him, but suddenly her phone was rang

"Unnie, where are you?" Sora is on the phone..Realizing that his other half is on the phone, Leeteuk made a sign to Lee Yeong to keep her mouth shut up.
"Ehm, I am in the coffee shop, just around the corner. I think I need some energizer since I am very tired and sleepy." She tried to create an excuse
" Can you bring me hot americanno? I am so sleepy Unnie. I have my break now, and will start to filming again might be in 30 minutes. Can you come when I am still on my break and bring my americano?" Sora asked her while Leeteuk come to the order table and ordered his lover's favorite coffee
"Oke, I'll be there in 5 minutes." Lee Yeong told her and take an americanno that Leeteuk gave her
"Thank you Leeteuk-ssi, just wait here, come to location 30 minutes from now. I am sure she will be very  happy to see you there." Lee Yeong smiled to him
"Sure, thank you Nunna, I hope they will finish filming as soon as possible." Leeteuk smiled while Lee Yeong walked out to the cafe and back to the studio


"Unnie, where's my americano? I am deadly sleepy now. I have to wait until Seol Hyun finished her scene with Ju Hwan Oppa, then I will take my turn." Sora asked Lee Yeong as soon as her assistant came to her dressing room 
"Here you go. How long will you take a break?" She asked Sora
"Don't know, just have to wait." although she already drank that americcano, but she can not help herself not to fall a sleep. 

She don't know how long that she fell a sleep, but suddenly she heard some one trying to wake her up. She clearly knew who had that sweet voice, but she refused to believe it. She was afraid that is only dreaming

"Baby Princess wake up. I think it's now your time to take your scene. Lee Yeong nunna reminds me that you have to ready in 10 minutes." Leeteuk was whispering in her ears
"Tell me that I am not dreaming." Sora refused to opened her eyes, but actually she completely wake up
"You are not dreaming darling. I am here and I miss you badly. That's why I come. Now, show them your professional side, your make up artist is ready to make a little touch up in your beautiful face." Leeteuk still whispering in her ears
"Oppa.. is that really you??" Sora finally dared to open her eyes
"It's me Princess. Now, get ready, don't make any mistake, so we can go home as soon as possible, since I miss you so much." Leeteuk smiled then kiss her forehead
"OMG Oppa. You are here.." that was the only word that came from Sora. She really shocked and didn't expected he will appear in front of her
"What's wrong Princess? You are so pale like you just see a ghost." Leeteuk tried to tease his wife right after she wake up
"Oppa..How come?" Sora still can not believed what she just saw
"Why? You seems didn't happy to see me." Leeteuk pretended to show his disappointed face
"It's not like that Oppa. I am just too happy to see here. I miss you so much though." Sora shyly answered him and suddenly gave a light kiss in his cheek
"Only cheek?" Leeteuk teased her
"Aish Oppa, we are in my work place, so behave yourself." Sora face became red after hearing what her husband said
"Why, only two of us here, your make up artist still wait outside. Thay waited for my sign to come in." Leteuk teased her and made her red again
"Oppa, don't be naughty, just wait oke?" Sora tried to avoid his eyes and walked to the door to call Lee Yeong and her make up artist

Just before Sora finished her make up, the drama staff came to her and inform her that she have to ready soon.

"Oppa, I'm going first, just wait for me oke. It won't takes long. I will make it short and we can go home as soon as we finished it." Sora talked to her husband while clinging her arms on his neck
"What scene that you will take?" Leeteuk a little bit curious
"Just a light scene with Joon So family, so there will be Ju Hwan Oppa, Tae Joon, Kang Byul and Seol Hyun. So, I will come to their family house to have a dinner together with them. That's it. Wait for me oke." Sora smiled then kiss her husband lips lightly and went outside to the studio

Around 45 minutes later, finally he heard some persons come back to the dressing room, but she is not there, another casts were come since they put their belonging there

"OMO, Leeteuk sunbenim. Anyong Haseo." Seol Hyun greet him first since she met Leeteuk for several time in the music show
"Ah Seol Hyun-ah, Anyong haseo. Congratulation with your new album with AOA. You guys looks fantastic in the video." Leeteuk smiled at her
"Thank you sunbenim. OMO, it's surprised me a lot to see you here. You must be miss her so much." Seol Hyun tried to teased him
"Since I really have a short time today and I am deadly miss her, that's why I am coming." He smiled shyly

"Omo, Sora's army man is here. Nice to see you. Sora nunna told a lot about you, but I have to excused myself since I have to go now " Tae Joon was surprised to see Leeteuk in their dressing room when he got to the dressing room for a while before he went out
"Anyong haseo. It's really nice to have a chance to meet you all." Leeteuk told them then bowed 

"It's oke Leeteuk-ssi. I know how it feel when we are in the army and we have a little free time." Ju Hwan smiled and shake his hand while Sora is outside talking with the director
"Anyong haseo Im Ju Hwan-ssi, finally I have a time to meet you in person.Thank you for taking care of my Sora" Leeteuk smiled
"It's nothing Leeteuk-ssi, it just an acting,don't take it personal. But I have to admit that Sora is like my own sister now. You don't get jealous right? Because of the intimate scene between me and your woman?" Ju Hwan tried to tease him
"No, I know my woman very well. It just a work tho, so she have to be professional." Leeteuk tried to hide his jealousy
"Hahahaha..I know..I know..Let me telling you something Leeteuk-ssi. Every time we are gonna have a skinship scene, Sora always wondering and talked to herself. She really afraid that you will get angry, since the script said that she have to kiss me. You know, your Sora is a very professional actress. When the camera on, she will be Do Hee, but when the director said cut, she turn on to be Sora again. She love you so much, trust me." Ju Hwan tried to convince him
"I know, she told me every time she gonna have a skinship scene with you." Leeteuk smiled at him
"You know what, I am very curious. Can I asked you this?" Ju Hwan showed his curious face "Did you guys already married or still in relationship, engage maybe?" 
"Why you asked this kind of question?" Leeteuk can not hide his mischievous smile 
"I know that you stay with her when you come back. She slipped out when she told me that you got your day off last August." Ju Hwan smiled
"Ah, we are married, officially, but we still keep it secretly since she have to build her carrier and I still have to maintain Super Junior. We are planning to tell public little by little. I think I am too honest to you Im Ju Hwan-ssi." Leeteuk told him
"I promised you.I'll keep my mouth close. Congratulation for both of you. Will Teuk junior or Sora junior coming soon?" Ju Hwan tried to teased him once again
"I hope, but not now, at least until I discharge." Leeteuk smiled when thinking about children. Dispite he knew that the chance to have his own child only 30 percent, but he always believe that they will have it, as soon as he discharge from army. Right after they finish talking, Sora was coming

"Omo, what are you guys talking about?" She is a little bit worried since Leeteuk always show his jealousy when they talked about her drama
"Nothing, we almost fighting. Right Leeteuk-ssi." Ju Hwan tried to teased Sora
"Aish, you guys. Oppa, let's go home. I am really sleepy now." Sora asked her husband while she took her bag
"Oke, are you finish packing?" Leeteuk asked her
"Yup, Lee Young nunna already packed everything, I just have to bring my bag. Btw, see you the day after tomorrow Ju Hwan Oppa." She smiled when talking with Im Ju Hwan
"See you Sora-ya, it's really nice talking to you Leeteuk-ssi." Ju Hwan told to this lovely couple
"It's nice talking to you too Im Ju Hwan-ssi. Good bye for now." Leeteuk shake his hand once again before they went out

"Oppa, are you drive? Let me drive if you feel tired." Sora asked her husband
"Nope, you need to get rest Babe, since I am going to make you busy all night long." He teased his wife
"Aish Oppa, you are pervert." She smile then kiss his cheek
"Only cheek?" Leeteuk teased him again
"Oppa, you have to drive home. Drive safely oke?" She told him then pretend to sleep
"You know that I can drive well while I kiss you right?" He laugh while look at her
"Araso, I know it well since you are very good in secret dating, so dating in the car must be one of your expertise." Sora can not hide her jealousy
"Omo, my Baby Princess is jealous. Oke-oke, end of discussion, now sleep. You have to rest. I wake you up when we are at home." He told her and kiss her palm to comfort her

(***Home Sweet Home***)
"Wake up Baby, we are home already." Leeteuk whispered in her ear when they were arrive at their apartment, but Sora seems falling deeply in her sleep
"OMO, are you really sleeping Babe?" Leeteuk still tried to wake her up, but she didn't wake at all "Oke, seems I have to bring you up." Leeteuk slowly lifted her up. Thanks God, the parking lot is near the door of their apartment

Slowly he put Sora at their bed, and changed her clothes with his loose grey shirt. He hold himself not to touch her when he changed her clothes. She seems so peaceful and innocent when sleeping, Leeteuk didn't bear to wake her up. 

After changed her clothes, he decided to calm himself. He slowly took his shirt off and heading to bath room

"I think I need a cold water." he talked to himself while heading to bath room

Listening sound of water dropping, Sora slowly open her eyes and found out their bath room door was closed,but she knew whose in the shower. She finally wake up and realize that Leeteuk changed her clothes with the comfort clothes, suddenly something pop up in her mind. 

She slowly take off her t-shirt and took a big towel . She open the bath room door slowly, fill up the bath up with hot water and aroma therapy bubble while her other half still didn't realize since he still enjoyed himself at shower. Sora open the shower curtain, turn off the shower and gave him a back hugging.

"Don't turn Oppa, I just want to pamper you." She was whispering in his ears. 

Leeteuk got shock with his wife move. Sora slowly rubbed his back and started to kiss her back, starting from his neck.
"Sora-ya, please.. I know you are tired. I just kidding when I told you I am gonna make you busy all night long." Leeteuk tried so hard to control himself
"Aish, you talked too much Oppa. Like I said, I want to pamper you, so please, just for one time, follow me, oke?" once again Sora whispered in his ears and made him on. 

She put a liquid soap in her hand, once again she started slowly rubbed his back until his legs. After took more liquid soap, she started to rubbed his neck, then slowly went down to his bare chest, playing around with his arms, then back again to his chest, then to his six pack abs. She deliberately skip his main part and goes to his leg then went up again to his thigh. She played a little bit in his abs and chest before taking a shampoo, then wash his hair

"Do you like it Oppa?" She teased him
"Sora-ya, Please, I can't stand it." he told her in a husky voice and tried to turn his body
"Just hold it Oppa, I still want to play around." once again she whispered in his ears, and prevent him to turn his body "Did you enjoy it Oppa? Because I am enjoying so much." she turn on the shower again. After washing him, she hold her other half's hand and took him to their big bath up which is already full with bubble. She took him in and slowly started to kiss him

"I miss you so much Oppa. I feel I am going to die when thinking about you." Sora told him then gave him a passionate kiss.

Leeteuk lost his control. His lips clasped around her, and get deeper in their kiss. She draped her arms around his neck and getting more closer. He rolled his tongue gently into her, while his hand cupped her breast and massage it. His hand played around with her body and tried to give her an extacy. He started to put his hand to her most important part and play there until she got her first climax. 

"Did you enjoy it Sora-ya? Because I am enjoying so much." Leeteuk repeated her word.

Leeteuk then took her to shower again, wash both of their body, and took the big towel dry her out inch by inch before he dried himself. 

He pulled her closer and started to kiss her again. He start to kiss her neck, then went down to her bare shoulder then to her breast. He was rounding with her breast, then licked her nipples. Sora can not hold her self not to moaned. He lifted her up and wrap her legs on his waist and bring her to bed.

He continued kissing fiercely, his hand was exploring Sora's body, play with it and enjoyed every inch of it. Once again his mouth started to explore her body again and gave her pleasure. He played with her breast and sucking her nipples. His lips move to explore Sora's belly and keep moving down, and put his mouth down in her center and played with it, until she got her second climax.

"Oppa Please." that was the only word that came from her sexy lips 

He rolled on the top of her , resting his elbows. His long upper arms keeping the massive width of his chest well above her. He kiss her again then released her lips to move into position while watched her again as she received her pleasure that reflected in her eyes. He entered her slowly, and thrust deeper. Sora's scream in pleasure as Leeteuk lifted one of her legs on his shoulder and pushed him deeper and hitting to the right spot. He increased his speed as their bodies following the rhythm of their lovemaking and shacking the climax.
"I Love You Baby. I Love you so much." he whispered in her ears right after that
"I love you too." she answered him and kiss him lightly in his lips
He took her to get closer to him, he hugs her tightly and laid her had in his bare chest 

"Oppa.." she asked him while laying on him after their passionate love making
"Yup, what's wrong?" 
"What did you talked about, with Ju Hwan Oppa?" Sora is still curious since she saw they have a serious conversation at dressing room
"Nothing, I just said that he have to take care of you, since you are his girl friend in the drama." Leeteuk tried to have joke
"Aniya, you don't threaten him right?" Sora is still worried
"Off course I am." he was laughing when answered it
"Oppa, let me tell you a secret. Did you watch my drama?" Sora asked him
"Yup, although I don't want to, since I am afraid I am gonna exploded with jealousy, but I watch it, every day. All my friend are fans of you." 
"So, you saw all the skinship things right?"
"Yup. I saw it. I saw how you kiss him, I saw how he proposed you, I saw everything Princess."
"Did you realize that most of the skinship scene are similar with our scene in WGM?" Sora asked him 
"Really?" Leeteuk a little bit surprised after hearing what his wife said "That's why I feel so familiar every time I saw your skinship things."
"So, the director said, that I am too awkward when doing the skinship with Ju Hwan Oppa, that's why he asked the writer talking with me to get a chemistry. The writer asked me how she have to write the story, just to make me comfort and I can get the chemistry. You know Oppa, without realize, I told her our scene in WGM, then after I told her, she asked me, did we really a couple, since I remember everything." Sora tried to explain the situation and hope he will understand
"But you know, I still have an objection on your drama. I have to tell to the writer, it was too many skinship. I know and fully understand it was only for drama, but I don't like it." finally he can not hold his objection
"It for rating Oppa, just for rating. I promised I will selective when doing a drama or movie next time. I move to the new agency and let see, hopefully it will bring lot of luck to me." She smiled and without realize she was yawning
"I know you are tired Babe, now sleep.You need a rest." He told her and put her in his bare chest then kiss her forehead


Sora wake up after she fell sun shining into her eyes. She look at the white clock in side bar table

"Ah, still early." she talked to herself while her hand tried to find her phone in the drawer. Taking her phone, she dialed her manager's number

"Oppa, I don't have any schedule right?" she talked to her manager right after he answered the phone
"You got off from Ugly Alert schedule, but you have a photo shoot for Bang Bang in the afternoon." her manager told her
"Can we reschedule? I mean if it is possible, I want to stay home today." she tried to negotiate with his manager
"Let me see, your army man is in the house right? That's why you need an extra day off." her manager told her
"Ehm, yes, I need to be with him Oppa. You know what I mean right,since he have to go back today. I want to be with him until he go back to his base." Sora tried to persuade her manager
"Araso.. I know it, but I can't promise you Sora-ya. If Bang Bang said oke, we can reschedule tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, you have to go for final filming with them." Sora's manager tried to remind her
"That's oke Oppa, as long as I can stay at home today. If I have to do a photo shoot and filming in the same day, it's oke, just arrange it." She told him
"Oke, let me arrange it and I will tell you or massage you later. Give me 30 minutes." her manager told her
"Thank You Oppa, You are the best..I owe you." Sora's sound so happy and end up the phone

"Why you say thank you and praised the man with saying You are the best?" suddenly Leeteuk told her in husky voice while took her closer to him
"Oppa, you are wake up. I think you still sleep after.." 
"After our marathon love making? I can not sleep because your noisy voice early in the morning." Leeteuk pretending to cranky 
"Oke, sorry. I just want to clear my schedule today, so I can be with you all day long." she smiled and get up from the bad
"Where do you think you'll going?" Leeteuk protested when he realized Sora got up from bed
"I am gonna make you a breakfast Oppa, you stay here oke, tried to sleep again, I will wake you up when the breakfast is ready." She smiled and give him a light kiss in his cheek
"Sora-ya, don't burn the house when you make a breakfast oke?" he teased her before she walked out the door 

Right after she went out, his phone was ring, and he saw his commander number on it
"Hallo, good morning Sir." Leeteuk tried to greet his commander
"Jung Su-ah, wake up already. I just want to tell you something. Defense Ministry asked me to come, so I think we can not go back to the army base today. Since you don't have to come with me, I think you just enjoy your time at home, but I have to remind you, don't let anyone saw you today. Don't go anywhere, just stay home. We'll go back to the base tomorrow morning. Tell me your address and the driver will pick you up before he pick me up, then we straight go back to home base. Got it?" His commander told him clearly
"Oke Sir. I'll stay at home until someone pick me up tomorrow morning. Thank you so much Sir." He smiled after hearing his commander decision
"Oke, I'll hang up now, send my greeting to your beautiful wife, she got prettier now days, no wonder you are very busy to keep her." He heard his commander laughing while hang up the phone

Sora was just finish making a toast and starting to cut of the fruits when suddenly he felt her husband's hand in her waist, and started to kiss her neck.  

"Oppa, I told you to stay until I wake you up when breakfast is ready." She tried to hold her husband. She lost her concentration after realizing her husband bare chest was stucking in her back
"As long as I know, my breakfast is ready." Leeteuk whispering in her ears and move his hand move inside to her tee, and start playing with her breast
"Oppa, let me finish first." she tried to concentrate cutting the fruits
"Just put off the knife darling." Once again he was whispering in her ears
"Oppa, we can end up by making love here, just stop." She tried to remind him
"I don't mind. I can make love with you every where I want." He teased his other half while his hand slowly pull off her tee. 

He turn her body to face him, and kiss her passionately, while his hand continued to explore her body. He put her on the dining table, leaving her lips and starting to fell her inch by inch with his mouth. He played in her breast, then sucking her nipples and made her scream. His mouth continued to explore her body, and played a little down there, and gave his other half another pleasure. Slowly he slide inside her, seeing her expression, so open and wanting, She tightened around him, squeezing in a welcoming embrace. Leeteuk pulled back out and watched between their bodies as he slid in again. Little shudder gripped him, inside her, flowing out over her stomach and up. He pulled back, and shifted his hips, trying to figure out how not look at her and at the same time, how to make the entire act last forever. Sora seemed to have another plan, she suddenly push him and take him to the sofa at the living room. She push him and slowly sat over him. She slowly put him inside her. They fit together so perfectly, like her body was a hand tailored glove, just for his fingers, his palm. This is the love that they have. The love that reflected in their eyes, like a shining beacons in the storm. they move together, perfectly and got their climax together.

"Oppa, that was great." She smiled then kiss him again on his lips
" That were never enough with you Babe, never. And don't tried to do this with any other person. You are mine, only mine. I am sure I am gonna kill everyone if they dare to touch you like the way I touch you." Leeteuk showed his possesive
"Listen big boy. I am only yours, no one else. But Oppa, I think our breakfast became cold right now." She smiled then back to the kitchen where the breakfast placed.

Leeteuk hand played with his omellete, when his eyes was in his other half.
"Oppa, don't look at me like that, you make me shy you know." Sora face became red 
"Why can't I saw my beautiful wife? You know what, everybody told me, that you are prettier now days. Every one who saw me, even my commander reminds me that you are really pretty now days, made me wanted always stay beside you." Leeteuk told her
"I become pretty just for you, only for you, no one else. Listen Oppa, you are my everything, you are here even in the worst condition, I can't asked you more. " She smiled then taking his hand and grab it

Suddenly her phone was ring and it was her manager who told her that she can get her one day off, since her client agreed to reschedule the photo shoot. When she came back to the dining room, Leeteuk wasn't there. Finally she found him at the balcony of their apartment, looking at the view of Han river. She gave him a back hugging. He grab her hand and kiss her hand
"Oppa, what time did you have to go? I just got a news from my manager that I got a day off today, so I can be with you until you back to your base." She didn't realize that she was crying, she still didn't want to let her husband go
"Are you crying darling?" he can feel his shirt a little bit wet. He turn on his body and face her then he saw that she was crying
"Don't cry darling, please don't cry. I am not going today. I am going tomorrow. I am also so glad to found out that you have a day off today. But we can't go anywhere, since my commander said that I have to stay so no one can recognize me that I got an extra day off." he tried to comfort her
"Really? You are not going today?" She smiled but she still can not stop her tears
"Aigo, my Princess, please stop crying. Now, tell me do you have a plan for today?" he asked him

After thinking around 2 minutes, finally she gave him an idea 
"Maybe we can invite our parents to come here and have a lunch or dinner today Oppa. In one interview I read that your Mom really miss you and worried about you. She also saying that she always waiting for your call. She will be very happy if we invite her I think. And if you are oke, I will invite my parents also, so we can eat together. What do you think?" She asked him
"It will be great, but means, are you gonna cooking by yourself?" 
"Nope, I can order a delicious food, you know that I can not cook properly. I will order it now, so lunch or dinner Oppa?" She asked him and tried to walk inside when suddenly Leeteuk pulled her into his arm again
"Lunch will be great. I miss them also. Thank you Sora-ya." He smiled and he kiss her forehead 
"Thanks? For what Oppa?"
 "Thank you for loving me, and thank you for being you. You know what Sora-ya, you are my  strength when I was weak, You are my voice when I couldn't speak, You are my eyes when I couldn't see, you saw the best there was in me." He cupped her face and started to kiss her. 
"That because you love me Oppa." She smiled after their longing kiss

(***to be continued***)

I always love this song, really romantic and meaningful, I can feel their love, like in this song. This song really showed the love between the two of them..
Hope you guys like it

Because You Loved Me
by Celine Dion

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith 'coz you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly

You touched my hand I could touch the sky

I lost my faith, you gave it back to me

You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me and I stood tall

I had your love I had it all

I'm grateful for each day you gave me

Maybe I don't know that much

But I know this much is true

I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith 'coz you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

You were always there for me

The tender wind that carried me

A light in the dark shining your love into my life

You've been my inspiration

Through the lies you were the truth

My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith 'coz you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me


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