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(***MBC Building***)

"Hyung, are you gonna meet her here?" Donghae asked him right after they finished taping for preview episode
"Nope, I'll meet her at the theater." Leeteuk shortly answered it
"Are you that nervous Hyung? It is clearly showed in your face. You can't hide it Hyung." Sungmin told him after seeing how Leeteuk face looks like
"No..nothing.. I am going guys." Leeteuk smile while heading out to avoiding the stare from his members

"He is nervous. I know that he is nervous. It was clearly showing in his face." Sungmin told them
"Yes, he is completely nervous. I never see him like that. I know he like dating or meeting with a girl, but not like this, not this nervous. He usually can handle his shy before meeting with beautiful woman, but today is so different." Eunhyuk analize his leader behaviour

Suddenly one of crew came to them

"Guys, your manager told me that he already picked four of you, to be a guest in their first episode." a crew told them
"Eunhyuk-ah, Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun, you guys come with me to Leeteuk location. Just make fun of them. You can see how nervous he is right?" Their manager told them
"Yup, your presence will make the show more lively and attractive. You can give a mission for both of them. I give it all to you guys, just create something that will release the awkward between them." the staff told them
"Wah, it will be fun. I never see how Tuekie Hyung dating..daebak." Kyuhyun can not hide his curious
"Let's go guys, let's make fun on our new couple." Eunhyuk told them when leaving the building

Meanwhile on his way to the theater Leeteuk called someone

"Halo." Someone answering the phone
"Hallo, Is everything set up? I really want everything goes smoothly and beautiful" He told that man
"No worries, everything set as you wish. Just enjoy the night though, I heard she will show you her different charm tonight." he told him
"Really? As long as I remember, she just like that, but will see." Leeteuk tried to denied
"Are you nervous? Tell me honestly, are you nervous?" he tried to teased him
"Don't know, just have a weird feeling I guess. Btw, I have to go. Thanks for helping me Hyung." Leeteuk end up the phone
"Good luck with date tonight. See you soon." that man also end up the conversation

(***Yeongdeungpo Cinema****)

He just wait and wait..He really nervous before meeting her. It's not like his habit. He always play around when go outside with girls. He always lead the process without feeling nervous at all. He feel strange today, don't know why. He tried to keep Sora's image from the last time he saw her at Strong Heart, but when he remember her image when accidentally meet hr at MBC lobby, he got nervous again.

Suddenly the theater light switch off, and Elvis Costello's song, "She" played, brought a different feeling in the theater. Then the spotlight goes to the stairs, and slowly, here she come.. Kang Sora, his wife..

"Omo..Is that really her?" he talked to himself when saw her standing in front of him
"Are you my wife?" that was the only word that he can say to her
"Yes, I am." she smile slyly
"Thank's God, it was you." he smiled

After several word, and Sora was sitting next to him, finally PD decided to take a break

"Oke, break for a while." PD shout to all crew

"Hi, sorry if I am acting awkward. You looks so different, since we met last time at Strong Heart." he tried to open a conversation with her
"Really? You don't change at all." Sora smiled
"Did some one told you that you are really beautiful tonight? I love to see your eyebrow, beautiful, very natural and beautiful." he didn't stop praising her
"Thank You. You look handsome too." Sora also praised him and that comment made him smile widely

"Ready to take the scene again everyone. You two, good job." PD told them and gave them his two thumbs up

Meanwhile backstage, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kyuhyun aand Donghae can not believe what they just saw

"Is that really her? She transformed a lot. More sexy and beautiful." Eunhyuk told them
"She is unbelievable. She knows how to present herself in the first meeting. Beautiful and those legs really a killer legs." Kyuhyun can not take his eyes from Sora
"Hi guys, don't do that. She is our Hyungsunim now. Can't you see how Teukie Hyung reaction when he saw her came? His eyes are sparkling. He smile widely, he like her. I know he like her, so let's support them." Sungmin tried to remind all of them
"I really want to asked Teukie Hyung, if he didn't like her, I will approach her. She is my type, big eyes, long hair, sexy and beautiful." Dong Hae told them
"I think Teukie Hyung saw her before, I mean not only in String Heart." Eunhyk said
"Really? Why you say that?" Kyu got curious
"Two days ago, when I came to his room, he was in front of his piano, tried to composed a song. I asked him what is his doing. He just smile, then he told me, he already know who his partner is. He looks so nervous that day. When he told me it will be Sora-ssi, then I told him that he don't have to feel nervous, since Sora is not his ideal type. But when I told him, I will approach Sora  if he didn't like her, he get annoyed, then I realize that he met her somewhere and that made his feeling changed." Eunhyuk told them
"Ah I see, that's make sense, he looks nervous since two days ago." Sungmin told them.

"You guys can go now. It's time to surprised them." suddenly PD-nim came to them and asked them to come

(***back to the couple***)

"Sora-ya, ups sorry, can I call you just Sora-ya, since we met before and I think it will bring us closer." Leeteuk tried to approach Sora when the staff still preparing for Super Junior surprised action.
"That's oke Leeteuk-ssi, you are much older than me tho, so it's oke." Sora smile
"Sora-ya, can you drop the formal language between us, please just talk freely." Leeteuk asked her
"I am trying Leeteuk-ssi, but might be it will be hard in front of many people. Just take slowly, oke?" She smiled again and made Leeteuk heart pounding
"Just try, especially when just the two of us. If it is possible, please, call me Oppa. I will be glad if you do that." He persuade her, then smile
"Let see. Teuk Oppa" Sora smiled again before finally the staff gave them a sign that the shooting will start soon

Suddenly the four handsome men was standing in front of them and made a fun of them

"Hyung, you should give her a nick name. A nick name that she will remember and no one can use that nick name." Eunhyuk teased him
"Yup, a name to remember. Just give her a name based on your first impression." Kyuhyun joined to tease him

After thinking for a minutes, Leeteuk take a courage to tell them what he was thinking

"I'll call her Baby Princess." he told them and successfully gave them a shock surprised
"Baby Princess?? Seriously? Why Hyung?" Eunhyuk can not control his surprised while Sora was collapse when she heard what her partner just told
"She came here very beautiful and looks like a princess, but her face showed that she is still young. The baby fat in her cheek made her looks like Baby, so I think Baby Princess is a right name for Sora." Leeteuk smiled then look straight to her eyes. Right that time, he fell for her. Her eyes is sparkling, lovely and very shady made him wants to protect her.
"Ais you are too cheesy Hyung." Kyuhyun can not stand it
"You guys asked me to make a name based on my first impression, that was my impression to her." he tried to be honest
"Araso Hyung, now Sora-ssi, what is your nick name to Teukie Hyung?" Eunhyuk asked her
"Since he came with that beautiful and meaningful name, so I will call him My Prince. A lot of people around him, and for me, he is the one,who shining so bright, only for me." Sora tried to repay Leeteuk

"Oke cut..That was great. we take a break for a moment." PD yelled

"Sora-ssi, I don't know that you are very playful. You can balance Teuky Hyung cheesy side." Eunhyuk asked her during the break
"I am not being playful, I just repay what Leeteuk-ssi told me and I hope it good." Sora smile

After almost two hours shooting, Leeteuk asked her to go to their next date venue

"I prepared this since I know I am going to join WGM. I want to spend this special night in special place." Leteeuk told Sora when he opened a car door for her
"Thank you Leeteuk-ssi, I will remember this. This is nice." Sora smiled
"Sora-ya, you promised me that you will call me Oppa when it just the two of us. Why you changed it?" Leeteuk a little bit disappointed when he heard Sora called him Leetuk-ssi
"Don't you see there are cameras here?" Sora nervously answered him
"I can asked the PD-nim to erase it.The part that you call me Oppa, including this conversation." Leeteuk insisted
"Oppa, please. I'll try to call you Oppa, if it really just the two of us. I promise." She smiled
"So, it means that I can meet you and get to know you better outside shooting?" Leeteuk hope exploded
Sora smiled and slowly nodded. That was her answered

He took her to a lavish and beautiful restaurant around Namsan. It was great. He feed her, play a piano for her, even made a song for her. After the shooting, Leeteuk tried to get closer to her

"Do you like the song?" He asked her
"You are great. It was fun." She smiled
"I will make a song for you. I promise. That song will resemble my feeling for you. I will tell you when that song finish." He smiled
"You don't have to, Leeteuk-ssi" suddenly she got nervous
"Sora-ya, the cameras were off. You promise right? Or you already forget what you promise me?" he teased her
She shake her head, then smile "Honestly, I am not forget it, just fell nervous. Thank you for this wonderful and memorable dinner. I think I have to go first, I have a schedule early in the morning. Bye.. Teuk Oppa." she bowed then smile again. Right before she walk out, Leeteuk grab her hand.

"Sora-ya, can I take you home?" he really nervous
Sora take a minutes before she answered him "Maybe next time Oppa. Not now,but I promise there will be next time." she smiled again
"Araso. That's oke. Thank you, for a beautiful memory that you give me tonight and I am sure, I will ask for your promise someday, someday when you are ready. And before you go, I just want you to believe me. The person that you meet today, is not Leeteuk. That person is only ordinary man, named Park Jung Su. From now on, only for you, I present myself as Park Jung Su, so every word that come from my lips is not a joke, is real. I really hope, you will show me the real you, not an talented actress Kang Sora, but an ordinary beautiful woman, Kang Sora." He smiled
"I promised Oppa. Like what you just say, the woman who talked and meet you today, since two hours ago, is not an actress named Kang Sora, but a ordinary girl named Kang Sora. But Oppa, I think I really need to go. Thank you for tonight." She smiled, bowed and went with her manager and her assistant.

Suddenly his manager came to him
"So, how is it? Below your expectation, like your expectation or beyond your expectation?" His manager asked him
"Hyung, It is so beyond my expectation. I am glad that I met her. Thank you Hyung, to give this show to me." Leeteuk smiled and tap his manager shoulder
"Ya.. Park Jung Su, are you trying to tell me that you like her?" His manager got a surprissed
He didn't answered it, just go then saying goodbye "See you tomorrow Hyung and once again, thank you so much."

"Kang Sora, you made my world so colorful, that I never had it so good. Thank You." he smiled then run his car

(***to be continued***)

by Elvis Costello

She may be the face I can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the song the summer sings
May be the chill the autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day
She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
The smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem inside her shell
She who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry
She may be the love that cannot hope to last
May come to me from shadows of the past
But I'll remember till the day I die
She may be the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I'm alive
The one I'll care for through the rough in many years
Me, I'll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I've got to be
The meaning of my life is she


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