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(*** Super Junior dorm***)

"Hyung, where are you?" Leeteuk called his manager two days before shooting
"Me? At the office. Why? Something wrong?" he asked him
"Nope, but you know Sora's manager right? I saw you talked to him and exchanged number. Can you asked him her schedule for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? Or maybe you can give me his phone number." Leeteuk asked him
"Kang Sora's manager number? For what?" he still didn't get what Leeteuk wants
"I am planning to arrange something for WGM, I will call PD-nim, right after I recieve the schedule. Can you help me with that? See you soon Hyung, I am at dorm right now. I am hang up Hyung, thanks before." he ended his phone call


Two hours later, his manager came to the dorm and gave him what he asked to
"This is the schedule. Her manager just email me. Actually, how is the planning? From what I saw, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, she will shoot for her daily drama. But she also will go to Busan, for Busan International Film Festival." His manager explained to him
"She will fly to Busan? When is it?" Leeteuk got surprised, then straight seeing her daily schedule "Ah, I think I know. Thank you Hyung, I owe you again." he smiled
"So what you gonna do? If I am not mistaken your shooting schedule will be the next day, after she arrive from Busan. PDnim told me so." his manager still confusing
"Just wait and trust me Hyung. May be I want to change the schedule. Waiting for her until she come back from Busan will take long time and I think I am impatient if I have to wait that long.I am really want to meet her soon Hyung, so let me plan this by myself." he told him
"Really? Teukie-ah, did you really like her?Did you fall for her?" his manager asked him to full fill his curiosity
"I don't know Hyung. But yah, I do like her. She is different. She like a girl that I've been waiting for. But if you asked me did I fall in love with her, I don't know. I don't know about this feeling, love or what. But I do like her, a lot. Let see where this feeling goes. If she is the one, I hope, she is the last for me." he pour his heart
"Araso, actually I knew that. I knew when I saw you talked to her after the shooting that day. I know you for 10 years, I know when your eyes sparkling, so that what I see from you that day. Oke, I think I am going. Take a rest, we have a schedule tomorrow." His manager told him before he went out
"Thank you Hyung."

As soon as he left his room, he dialed someone else number
"Hallo, Good evening Sir. This is Leeteuk." He talked to someone
"Ah, Leeteuk-ssi, what can I do for you? Why are you calling me almost in the middle of the night?" he told him
"I am so sorry Sir, for bothering you at this time. I just want to give an idea for our next shooting. If it is possible off course." he feel a little bit guilty
"Nope, It's oke. I am glad that you came with me with a fresh idea. Remember what I told you before, that we are very open, if you two have your own plan, and it is possible for us to execute, we will make it." he told him again
"Araso Sir, I send you an email for the detail. I hope we can manage it. Thank you so much Sir, and once again, sorry for bothering you." he end up the conversation

That night, Leeteuk sleep with a full smile in his face. His head full with some sweet and romantic planning.

(***SME Practicing Room***)

"Guys, I think its enough. Let's finish it. I need to go somewhere." Leeteuk dismiss the practice 
"Are you sure Hyung? We just practice for 3 hours. You are the one who usually told us to have one day practice." Donghae feel strange with Leeteuk behaviour
"Aish, what's wrong with you guys. If I told you to practice one day long, all you protested, but now, when I told you to stop, you guys also protested." Leeteuk got sulky
"Hyung, we are not protest, we just feel weird and strange with you. Something happen Hyung?" Sungmin tried to calm his Hyung
"Nope, I just really need to go somewhere and I'll have a schedule very early in the morning tomorrow. Btw, enjoy your free time guys. I am going first." he smile then wave to his member who got loose when seeing him

"What's wrong with him? He really in his good mood now. He smile since yesterday." Donghae told their friends
"He changed a lot since he met Sora-ssi. He like her." Enhyuk told them
"But, she is not his type." Rywook tried to tell his opinion
"Guys, you know what, sometimes you will deeply fall in love with someone who was not your type at all. I think that happen in Hyung now. If he really fall in love with Sora-ssi. I know her, we were in the same production once. She is nice and very cheerful girl, very honest. So, no wonder if Teukie Hyung fall for her." now Shindong told his feeling
"Whenever can make our Hyung happy guys, we have to support him, oke." Sungmin told them

(***Jewelry shop***)

"Looking for something special Sir?" a shopkeeper asked him when he is looking around with his disguised style
"I am looking something sparkling, but not too flashy. Something that resemble someone personality. Beautiful, bright, but simple and down to earth. A simple ring with little diamond may be?" he thought about Sora when looking for the gift
"Ah, are you gonna propose her? I can give you this simple solitaire ring." the shopkeeper show him a simple and elegance beautiful ring
" I am not gonna propose her now.We are still in our first step of relationship." Leeteuk confessed 
"Ah, I think I know what you looking for Sir. Ring is not a right gift then. I prefer this one Sir." a shopkeeper showed him a beautiful bracelet. Made from white gold, very simple, with a little diamond around it. So simple and so beautiful.
"I take it. This is absolutely her. Beautiful, simple, elegance. Please wrap it for me." he smiled when imagined Sora will happy when accept it.

(***Shooting day***)

This is the day. The day when he will surprised her with his present. He knew it will be a very pack schedule for her today, but he really miss her. Seeing her from his place, right after he arrived at her shooting location, already made his heart beat faster. Based on Shindong suggestion he bought some energy drink for the crew and not forget to bought a hot coffee and cold energy drink for his Sora. Sora seems didn't realize that her husband is on location. She still chat with her partner and a kids who played as her brother.

"She looks cute with that." Leeteuk talked to himself when he can see her doing her job

He waited for her, until they have to move to other location. Sora was so surprised seeing him that time. According to her manager, they will shoot for WGM after she arrived from Busan, and no one told her that he will come.

"Oppa, did you planed all of this? Didn't we have a schedule the day after tomorrow?" Sora asked him when camera off on the way to her car.
"Ehm, yes. Why? You don't like it Sora-ya?" his voice showed that he was a little bit disappointed 
"No, not like that. I am just surprised. My manager told me that we will meet two days from now. But I like it." She showed him her genuine smile
"Thank you Sora-ya, but first, I am sorry for bothering your schedule." he apologized
"Nope, like I said, I like it." She answered him then smile again

Sora can not hide her happiness. On the way to the next location, she keep praising Leeteuk surprised present.

"Sora-ya, did you like him?" her manager asked her
"Aniya, not like that. But what he did is so sweet. I never got this much attention, so I am very happy Oppa." she confessed
"Araso, let this flow. Whatever will be will be girl, don't open your heart too wide, but don't close it too. This is my advice for you." her manager told him

He waited for her during her shooting time, suddenly he saw her chatting happily with her partner Choi Min Sung during the break. He didn't know why, but his didn't like it. He didn't like when seeing Sora having a good chat with other man. He didn't like it when Sora smiled to other person. He knew that she is only his virtual wife, but he can not control his sense of belonging and his jealousy.

On the way to the airport, he feel that he have to asked her about it. He have to get her right answer to erase his insecurity

"Sora-ya, why you have to chat happily and smile all the time to him during the break?" he asked her straight to the point
"With Choi Min Oppa?" Sora got confused
"You call him Oppa?Omo, are you guys that close?" Leeteuk jealousy exploded
"I have a romantic scene with him Oppa. It just an acting, indeed, not more. The crew keep asking me to have a good chemistry with him. Although we are a couple in the drama, but I am still lack of chemistry, that's why they asked me to build that." Sora tried to explained the situation to her virtual husband. How Leeteuk reaction really made her confused, is he just acting or real.
"Sora-ya.." Leeteuk hesitated when he wants to continue his word
"Yes Oppa? what's wrong?" she answered
"In location, I have talked to Choi Min, and he told me that you guys kissing. Is that true?" Leeteuk asked her in serious tone
"Ehm, that is part of the scenario Oppa. I just follow it. So, Choi Min Oppa said that he love me, and for the answer I give him a light kiss means oke." Once again Sora tried to explained the situation
"Araso. So next time, if I confess that I love you and I want to be with you, you will kiss me as an answer, right?"Leeteuk teased him,while Sora only can smile slyly

After Choi Min problem solved, in the rest of their way to the airport, they talked freely, chatting and smiling. The shooting goes smoothly, Leeteuk insisted to accompanied her  until her plane take off . Their conversation goes flow, their shyness and their cuteness act made the the show more lively. To kill the time, when waiting for Sora's boarding time, they decided to drink a coffee. 

"Don't ever spent your money for me. Although I don't have a lot of money, I don't want my wife spent her money for me. Oke?" he told her in serious tone
"Oke, let's pay it 50:50." Sora tried since she thought it was part of the show
"Don't, just don't take your money for me. I'll pay it all, since it is my duty." he still in his serious tone
"Araso." she finally giving up

When they take a break before Sora's departing time, he suddenly grab her hand
"I am sorry." he told her
"Sorry? What for?" Sora still didn't get it why he suddenly asking forgiveness
"For talking about the past. Looks like you don't like it." he can not stare her eyes when saying it
"Oppa, that's oke. It just a show though." she tried to comfort him
"Listen Sora-ya. Remember what I told you? Every words that came from my lips is real, not for a show. I am mean it Sora-ya. I am really want to fulfill my promise to you, that I will tell the truth and never lie to you. That's why I told you about the past." he told her, sincerely
"Thank you Oppa. Thank for your honesty. I am really appreciate." she smile and she can feel his honesty "I think we have to go Oppa. It is almost my boarding time." once again she smile

When Sora talked to her manager, Leeteuk held a small serious talked to PDnim and his manager. After hearing what he want to, they split, and he came back to Sora, to accompanied her to the boarding gate

"See you soon." he smiled and wave her.

Meanwhile after entering the boarding room, suddenly Sora feel empty. She feel like half of herself gone, after she left Leeteuk in the gate. She tried to recover her feeling by talking and chatting happily with her cordy and her assistant. But everything changed, when a voice suddenly pop up

"Can I sit there?" Leeteuk showed up with full of smile made Sora can not say a word at all
"Oppa?? Why?? Are you planning this?" Sora finally can speak after recovery from her shock
"I just feel wrong when seeing you before. Suddenly I just thinking that I have to do this." he smiled
"Oppa, thank you. Indeed, Thank you so much." she can not hide her happiness
"Do you like it? Did you surprised?" he asked her then smiled to her
"Yes. I am very surprised. I never think that you will fly with me. This is more surprised than your present at location this morning." she keeps smiling
"Btw, I have something for you." he gave her a small beautiful blue box to her
"Omo Oppa, this is very beautiful, so beautiful. Thank you so much.This is the first time I accepted something beautiful like this. Gumawo Oppa. Jinja gumawo." she like it so much. Leeteuk feel relieve that he can made her smile widely. 
"You know Sora-ya, that bracelet resemble you. First time I saw that, I remember you. Beautiful, elegance and simple." he praised her
"Oppa. Thank you, thanks to give such a beautiful memory for me." 

When they reach Busan, automatically, Leeteuk have encourage to protect her. A lot of fans gathering to see actress and actors  who come to the festival. All of them were so surprised seeing a leader of Super Junior came with a rocky actress at the airport. Leeteuk held her hand and tried to protect her for fans whose trying to touch him and Sora. Just after they finally can release from the crowd, they have to separate again. Leeteuk can see sadness in her eyes and that made his heart fluttered

"Sora-ya listen, although there are a lot of actress and actors, lots of senior, best actress, please just stand up confidently. I know you can do it. Just show your charm to all of them. Please keep thinking that you are the best, and always remember that I always beside you, I always support you and I always believe in you, araso? Fighting." he tried to give her spirit then smile at her
"Oppa, please have a safe flight. Text me when you are already touch down Seoul oke. It will calm me and make me not worrying you. Promise." She smiled before going to her car.
"I promise. Just do your best. I will watch you from Seoul." He smile and wave her before he entered the departure gate

Two hours later

" How is my Baby Princess doing? I am on my way to fans signing at Ilsan now. Always remember what I tell you oke, be confident and you are the best. I always be with you. Btw, miss you already ;)"

In the other hand, someone smiled after reading a text in her phone

"I am doing my make up Oppa, almost finish and ready to go. I am glad that you have a good flight back to Seoul. Thanks for everything, I will keep it as one of the best memories in my life. Please do your fans signing well, they come just for looking at you and your member. And Oppa.. I miss you already too ^-^" 

(***to be continued***)

I choose this old song by The Guys Next Door because I think it resemble Teuk's feeling toward Sora. He is definately the one who fall for her first. So, I think this song will fix enough to show his feeling.. enjoy it guys, hope you like it

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  1. actually last night i watch this scene again..... indeed this is one of my fav scene.... love the jealousy... sora sipping coffee like a liquor because of the past relationship of pjs... it's so cute... ofcourse the plane date... love it...

    looking forward for the next chapter... i think its the school date...