Thursday, January 23, 2014


"Can somebody fix her make up? She looks so pale." the photographer suddenly shout out asking somebody to fix her make up
"Something wrong? Did you feel something?" her personal assistant came to help her
"I don't know unnie, just feel tired. A little bit tired, but I am fine actually. Did I looks like really pale?" she started panic
"If I saw you like this, I didn't feel that you are pale, but might be it shown in the camera.Now, it's ready. Better Sir?" her assistant asked the photographer
"Yup, much better, even though you still look pale, but it's oke. Btw, are you feeling well? Looks like you are sick or something?" now her photographer started worry with her condition
"I am fine Sir, just a little bit tired." she told him

30 minutes later the photo shoot for one of the famous fashion magazine was done. The photographer prize her because of her good job, her pose and her dedication. He also worried and asked her whether she is fine or not. On her way to her next schedule, suddenly she missed her husband, a lot, different from other time. She really want to cry because of her sudden feeling. She tried to call her husband so many times, although she knew that her husband won't pick up the phone since he still in his duty hours.

"Oppa I miss you" she whispering while her eyes teary

"Something bad happen? What's wrong?" her personal assistant asked her
"Aniya, nothing unnie, just suddenly miss him badly." she smiled
"Ah, he will have his vacation soon, right? So, no worries. If you think of him a lot, somehow he will feel it and will distract his concentration, so be calm. He must be miss you too." her assistant tried to comfort her.
"Unnie, I must be look ugly in the photo shoot, right?" her emotion suddenly change again and she started to cry again
"Aish, who said that. No one said that you look ugly. The photographer only said that you look pale. Don't think too much. Otherwise he also prize you that you do a good job, right?" once again her assistant tried to comfort her
"Thank you unnie, for bring up my mood back." she smiled then hugs her assistant 
"Btw, we still have to try a clothes for a movie premier event, do we have to go now?" her assistant asked her after she have her good mood back.
"I don't think so unnie, I am so tired and want to go home soon. I think I am going to sleep as soon as I arrive home." she feel tired
"Really? It just 7:30 pm and you are sleepy already? Fine, we go home now, and will try the clothes tomorrow." her assistant finally succumb
"Unnie, can I just use my own clothes? I mean this is only a movie premier where my best friends on it. I think I will mix match my clothes and no worries I will looking stunning as usual." she tried to have a joke with her assistant. 
"It's all up to you. Might be all busy schedule that you have made you really tired. Now sleep, I will wake you up as soon as we arrive." her assistant told her

"Did you feel something wrong with her?" her assistant whispering to her manager "Her mood easily changed. I know her for almost 5 years. She is not that kind of girl." 
"Might be she just tired with her whole busy schedule. Her long drama just finished, and she less of break. And after her drama finished, she still have a lot of schedule. If I were her, I will feel tired too." her manager tried to share his opinion
"That's make sense. But as long as I know, even though she feel tired, she still can manage her mood, but now days, she was strange." she still feel that something wrong with her behavior

As soon as she arrive, she take a bath. When she ready to sleep, her phone rang and she was so excited to pick up the phone since she miss him badly
"Oppa.." she was shout out answering the phone
"Woah my baby, you look so excited. Something good happen today? I saw more than 10 miss call. I really worried that something wrong happen to you, but hearing your excited voice, I think everything fine." he smiled hearing his other half voice
"Everything good Oppa, I just finish three schedule today and suddenly I miss you so much, more than usual, that's why I call you a lot." her voice suddenly change and trembling
"Princess, are you oke? Are you crying? I just relieve that I heard your exciting voice, now you are crying?" now he really worried
"Aniya Oppa, I don't know either, why I became like this. Lately my mood and emotion change easily. Oppa, I miss you, I want you to be here now. I want to hold you." she is really crying now
"Listen baby, I will have my long vacation soon, so no worries.Wait for me. I will be with you all the time. Now stop crying, oke. You made me worried if you cry like this." he tried so hard to comfort her
"I am sorry Oppa, to make you worried. This is not usual me. I don't know why." she answered him while she is yawning
"Baby, are you sleepy already? It just 8:30 pm. You are the person who can stand up until midnight." he feel strange
"Maybe because I am too tired Oppa. Can you sing something? For my lullaby. If I am not answering you, means I sleep already. Please.. Please.. " she persuade her husband
"Oke..oke.. what song do you want to hear?" he gave up
"Ehm, anything sweet, since I miss you." she told him in her aegyo way
 Her husband finally gave up and sing one of her favorite song from 4Men, Baby Baby. A song that represent their relationship. But not until the song finished, he heard nothing from her. 
"Baby, are you sleeping?" he tried to asked and no answered. That time he knew that his other half already flew to her dreaming world "Sleep well Princess and I love you so much." he end up his phone

The next morning, she wake up when her personal assistant came and wake her up
"Wake up sleepy head. It's 8 o clock now. You said you wanna go to the gym to have a pilattes class. Wake up." her assistant tried to wake her
"Unnie, I think I am too lazy to do anything. I don't know just feel too tired since yesterday." she still close her eyes when answering her
"Are you sick? Seriously? Let's go to the doctor then." her assistant start to worried with her condition.
"I am fine unnie, just tired, trust me. Let me get rest today. I don't have any schedule right? I think I just wanna stay home today. If there is a meeting or something, let manager Oppa take care of it, tell me the detail later. " she insisted
"Oke, as long as I know today there is no something important. Your schedule just fitting and choosing a clothes for your up coming event. Just get rest, I'll going back to the office and told this to your manager. If there is something, please call me." she told her while walking to the door
"Araso unnie. Thank you.. I love you so much." she smiled then continued her sleep

(***two weeks later***)
"Are you sure you're gonna use this sweater and short?" her personal assistant get confused with the clothes that she pick for movie premier event
"Yup, there is nothing wrong with this right. The color is good, since it was saphire blue and fix with this short. And unnie, I choose this color because it fix with my brother in laws who release their new Japanese album Blue World today. Although I am not there, but this will show that I am supporting them. And to make my clothes looks good, I just have to use a stocking with it, and with this new bag, I think it will be perfect. Ah, I will also use this." she showed her assistant her new necklace that her husband just gave her
"Oke, now, we just have to put a right make up and a right hair style to make you looks stunning." her assistant finally give up
"Unnie, did you really think it will be good right?" she started undecided
"Ais you are the one who insisted to wear this, now you wanna change?" her assistant start to get sulky
"I think it will be great, but I don't like the hair style." she told her when they tried to make a pony tail hair
"So, what do you want. What kind of style that you want?" she asked her
"Let make it like when I went to Golden Glove award." She told her. 

As soon as her stylish finish to make her hair, she hesitated again

"What about if we just loose the hair,maybe it will be more natural." she told them
"Make up your mind darling. What kind of styles that you will pick. Don't make anyone got confused. You have to be at the vanue one and half hours from now." her assistant started impatient with her behavior
"Unnie, are you mad at me. I am sorry unnie, I didn't mean to make you angry." her eyes teary
"Not like that. It just unusual you. Don't cry. But in my opinion, the pony tail hair is the best. You look cute and fit with the clothes, the bags and the necklace
"Oke unnie, thank you. Once again, I am so sorry." She smiled then hugs her assistant

Two days later, she went to tried her clothes for another event at Busan. A lot of great and colorful clothes, but she choose a simple black full slave shirt, with simple black mini a line skirt, plus a simple belt.

"Why you choose this one?What did you think when you choose it? I think this is too simple." her assistant told her
"It's oke unnie, this is gonna be simply elegant. I love it." she smiled
"But black color? Don't you think this dress much better?" her assistant showed her a simple baby pink sleeveless a line dress. "I think it will be really good in you. Why don't you choose this one?" she tried to convince her
"No unnie, that kind of color is just not me.I want something different, I love this, black will be good for me." she was insisted
"Fine, if you choose that one, it's oke. Let's have a dinner first, then we can go home." her assistant told her
"Oke, You know unnie, I really want to eat ddeokbokki. Let's buy it." suddenly she feel excited
"Oke we can buy ddeokbokki on our way home." her assistant told her
"Unnie, I don't want any ddeokbokki, I just want Grandma Ma Bok Rim ddeokbokki." Sora told her
"If you want to eat that,means we have to turn around, since that place is far from your house.Let's buy any ddeokbokki, street ddeokbokki will great tho." her assistant tried to remind her
"Unnie, Shindan dong is not too far, and I am not sleepy yet, so I think it will be great if we come there. Please." she persuade her
"Oke, araso, let's go there. Since Ma Bok Rim ddeokbukki is the most delicious one, it's worth it." finally she give up

When they are already at ddeobokki house, suddenly she lost her appetite. She only eat 2 piece of ddeobokki then finish. It made her manager and her assistant confused
"Ya, you are the one who insisted that we came to this place, and now, you are the one who didn't want it. How come?" her manager asked her
"I don't know Oppa, suddenly I lost my appetite. Suddenly I feel tired." she told them "Omo, is it something wrong in me? Why I feel like this?" she whispering.

On the way home, she suddenly asked her manager to stop at Kona beans
"Oppa, can we go to Kona? I miss my mother in law." she asked her manager
"Kona? Are you crazy? How about if Super Junior fans recognize you?" her manager can not believe what he just heard
"But I miss her Oppa, Please. I am also want to drink Kona's americano." she do her aegyo to persuade her manager.
"Oke let's go there. Just stay in the car first, you can go in if your mother in law is there, if not, I will buy you your favorite americano. Deal?" her manager give up
"Thank you Oppa, you are the best." 

"This is your americano. She went home an hour ago. The Kona's staff told me." her manager told her while gave her a hot a mericano just like she wished
"Aish, this is annoying. I really miss her and want to hugs her. Oppa, for the americano, I think I don't want it You can take the americano or you can give it to someone else." suddenly she got sulky
"What? This is the second time you acted strange tonight. Are you sure you are oke? Are you sick?" her manager asked her again.
"No, I am fine Oppa." she answered him. After a couple minutes, suddenly she remembered something "Btw Oppa, what date is today?"
"December 15, why? Something wrong?"  
"Nothing Oppa, nothing. Btw unnie, do I really look good in the dress that I choose? Will it be great? I don't wanna look ugly or strange in that dress"she start undecided again
"Off course. Why? Like you said before, that dress is perfect. After you use and combined everything like your plan, everything fine." her assistant told her

On the way back home, she asked her manager to stop for a while at apothecary. She has to make sure something.

"Everything fine? Are you sure that you are oke?" her manager showed his worried
"I am fine Oppa, just buy a vitamin, I feel a little bit tired lately." she smiled and tried to cover something

She went to bed very early that night. She is very nervous and worried. She just realize something and afraid that her suspicion became reality. This is not because she is not happy if that really happen, but she is worried, it will make another problem. She didn't care, as long as just affect in her,  but she was worried for her husband. That it will be affected in her husband carrier. 

It still 6 o clock in the morning, but she already fully wake. Right after she wake up, she straight doing the test and the result is like she was suspected. Two line showed. In the other hand she was very happy, what she want, what she expected became reality. After the incident and after tragedy happen, she never expected this will happen so soon. She was very happy, but also worried in the same time. She dialed her husband number, although she didn't expected that he will pick up the phone. She was also sending a message to her manager and her assistant asking them not to come since she has no schedule. She said to them that she will take a rest before flying to Busan next day. 

After breakfast she took a taxi and went again to the nearest apothecary to buy another one. She just want to make sure. She still don't believe with something just happen in her life that will changed everything. Arrived home, she run to the bath room to take another one, and the result still same, two line was shown up. She was so confused and don't know what to do. The only things that she realize she took her car key and drove somewhere, to release her worried.

"Can I met Private 1st rank soldier Park Jung Su?" she told the officer in the gate of the army camp as soon as she arrive
"And who are you? What's your name?" the officer asked her
"My name is Kang Sora. I am his wife." she told him confidently
"Just wait a moment please." he asked her to wait

After three minutes, he come back and asked her to wait at the guest room in front office. They will call her husband to come and meet her there

"Soldier Park Jung Su, someone want to meet you at the guest room. You can go now." one of his army friend came to him 
"Really? Who is it?" he asked him when they walked to the guest room
"I don't know. The gate office didn't tell me anything. They just said that I have to bring you to the guest room." his friend told him
"Ah araso. Thank you then." he smiled then entered the room, then got startled when seeing who was there

"Princess? Is that really you? What's wrong? I saw your miss call this morning. I am planning to call you back tonight, but you are here already. What's wrong?" he came to her and hugs her, and he was shock after realize that his uniform was wet with her tears
"Baby what's wrong? What happen to you? You drove almost 2 hours for coming here, and now you just cry? What happen darling, don't make me worried. Please. Just tell me what happen." he tried to comfort her
"Oppa, please don't get mad on me. Promise?" she finally speak after she can control herself
"I promise you. Now, please don't cry. Other people looking at you now. They must be thinking, why that beautiful Kang Sora cried? Did her husband, the famous Super Junior leader made a huge mistake and made her cry?" he tried to told her a joke and make her smile. She finally smile. 
After seeing a beautiful smile came from her, he took her to sit on one of the table in the room
"Oppa, did you remember that I always feel tired lately? Did you remember when I told you that a lot of people told me that I am more pale now days?" she told him slowly
"Yup I remember. I asked you to come to doctor to control yourself. I also asked you to take a vitamin and reduce your schedule a little. Did you see the doctor?" he told her while hold her hand tight
"Nope, but then I realize something. I decided to take some test before going to see the doctor, to full fill my suspicion. And this is the result Oppa." slowly she gave him the result from the test that she take twice

He look at the result, confused for a while, then looking his other half with his unbelievable face
"Baby, what does it means? It's means that we're gonna.." he can not finish his word since he was shock
"Yes Oppa, yes. At least that what the test said. Two lines means that I am pregnant." she told him carefully
"Really? Really?" he didn't realize that he was yelling
"Yah Oppa, don't yelled. Everyone looking at you now." she tried to remind him
"Everyone, attention please. I am going to be a father. I am going to have a child." he was yelling and made everyone in that room hear
"Oppa, silent please. I still have to go to the doctor and make sure about it." she was very shy with her husband action
"I don't care Babe. I don't care. I want anyone knew how happy I am." he smile and kiss her palm when suddenly one by one of his friend came and congratulate him

"Oppa, is it really oke? I mean my pregnancy. Will it be oke for you? How's your carrier, how is Super Junior. I am afraid Oppa. I am afraid with everyone reaction.Do we have to keep it?" she pour her worried 
"Listen Baby. Off course we have to keep it. What the hell coming in your mind to throw away this gift? This is something that we've been waiting for. No worries, I will take care everything. We face it together. I will have my vacation soon. As soon as I am free, let us take care of this thing. But the most important things that we have to do is going to the doctor together. I really want to see little me grow up." he smiled
"Oppa, I am relieve that you are happy with this. Actually I just suspected about this pregnancy since yesterday. I realize after I still didn't get my period for almost two months. As soon as I got the result I called you, but I don't know why, I am just thinking that I have to come to tell you soon about this." 
"Listen darling. I am happy. Indeed, I am very happy with this. We will face it together. I will protect you and my little one who grow up in you now, with all my life. I will take both of you in my arms and hold you right where you belong, till the day my life is through. This I promise you. Thank you and I love you so much My Princess." he convince her and slowly kiss her lips gentle
"I love you too Oppa." She smiled. She believe that he will protect her and her little one 

(***to be continued***)

This I Promise You
by N'sync
When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call,
Was standing here all along..
And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
I've loved you forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymore

I give you my word

I give you my heart (give you my heart)

This is a battle we've won

And with this vow,

Forever has now begun...
Just close your eyes (close your eyes)
Each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no..)

Till the day my life is through

This I promise you..

This I promise you..
Over and over I fall (over and over I fall)
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby

I just wouldn't be living at all...
And I will take (I will take you in my arms)
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong (right where you belong)

Till the day my life is through

This I promise you baby
Just close your eyes 
Each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no..)

Every word I say is true

This I promise you
Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Ooh, I promise you...


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