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"Oppa, what time will you come? Do I have to go first, or do I have to wait? Our appointment is one hour from now." she called her husband
"Wait for me. I am on my way now. I'll be home less then 30 minutes. I'll call you when I am near and you just have to wait for me at the lobby down stairs, araso." her husband told her
"Araso Oppa. But Oppa, I am really nervous and afraid."
"Why? Are you afraid if the reality is different from the test that you've already done?"
"Ne." she was hesitate
"Listen darling, whatever it is, whatever the doctor said, whatever the result, I love you and will not leave you. So please, relax. See you soon baby." he end up the conversation after tried to comfort his wife

He can saw clearly how nervous his wife was. She didn't talk only hold his hand tightly. They went to the doctor accompany by his manager since they need someone that they can trust to keep it, at least for a while.

"Hyung, thank you, for driving us." he thanked him when they arrive at the hospital. They took unusual door in that hospital to avoid people's attention.
"It's oke Teukie-ah. Hope everything goes well. Just call me if you finish, then I drive you again." he comfort him while tapping his shoulder
"Thank you Oppa." finally she spoke

They wait around 10 minutes until finally they meet the doctor.
"Ah, Mr and Mrs Park, how are you? Long time no see. You know Mrs Park, my wife is a big fans of you. She didn't believe me when I told her that I know you." the doctor greet them while smile to her. He already knew them since he is the one who take care of her when she had an accident last year.
"I am fine Doc, feels like I am reborn again. And send my love and respect to your wife. It's very honour." She smile to hide her nervousness
"Mr Park, you look good also. How's army life?" he asked him
"Army life is good Sir, but I often feel lonely since I have to leave her alone at home. But, it just 7 months to go, so I'll be hang on." he smiled
"Good. Btw, what can I do for you guys? Did you feel something Mrs Park?" the doctor asked her. Before she answered him, she squeezed her husband hand tighter
"Ehm, I..I don't have my period for almost two months, Sir. I don't know why. Actually, I didn't realize that I didn't get my period until peoples around me protested because of my behavior. My emotion easily changed. And I also did some test and these are the result." she slowly gave her test pack result to him
The doctor looked so surprised when saw the result and it made her more nervous. Her husband knew about it, and tried to comfort her by squeezing her hand.
"Mrs Park, from what I heard and from the result, I am quite sure that you are pregnant. But to make it sure, let's see it inside, if you are really pregnant, you will meet your baby soon. Mr Park you can accompany your wife. From what I saw, she need your support." the doctor told him

During the preparation, a nurse was helping her to take care anything, but she never let her husband's hand go, she keep holding it tightly
"Oke, are you ready Mrs Park, hope we can meet the baby soon, just relax and don't be nervous." he tried to comfort. Her womb finally showed in the monitor through the USG camera. The doctor slowly tried to find it. "Where are you little baby, your Mom and Dad wants to meet you, don't be shy, please show up." the doctor tried to make this couple relax. It's only around 2 minutes, but it feels like a year for her, until suddenly the doctor told them
"Is it you baby? Wait, something strange here." the Doctor seems so confused
"What's wrong Doc? Something wrong?" suddenly he feel nervous
"No Sir, that was not something bad, but please wait a moment, I have to make sure first." the Doctor more focus, and after a minute, finally he said, "Mr and Mrs Park, meet your babies to be. You see this two little pockets, which is there is a spot inside it, that is your babies to be. This little pocket actually an amniotic bags, while the spot is the fetus. It will be grow. From the description here, now you are at your 8 weeks of pregnancy. Congratulation. And you are not only got one, you got twins. Amazing, exactly same like before. Two fraternal babies. Once again, congratulation." the doctor finally smiled
"Oppa." that's the only words that she can say. She didn't realize that she was crying
"Twins? Really?" he can not believe what he just heard. "Thank you Sora-ya. Thank you for giving me these wonderful gift that I never had. Thank you. You made me complete." he tried so hard to hold his happy tears then slowly kiss her lips gently. For a second, they forgot where they are now.
"Once again congratulation. Now, you can get up, then we can talk in my desk. My assistant will help you Mrs Park, and Mr Park, you can go with me." the Doctor said

"Congratulation for your pregnancy Mrs Park, I am happy for both of you." the nurse sincerely told her while helping her
"Thank you Miss. I never feel this happy. Thank you for helping me." she smiled then bow her

While her husband has a serious talked with the doctor about her condition.

"How is her condition Sir, everything fine? There is nothing to worry, right?" he was a little bit nervous and worried in the same time
"She is fine. Her womb condition is fine, the fetus also perfectly clinging in her womb. She will be fine, but maybe she have to reduce her schedule a little. Don't be too busy, since this is still in the first semester and don't forget that she got twins." the doctor remind him while she finally show up and sit beside him
"Mrs Park, I suggest that you reduce your schedule for a while. Don't take a striping drama until more than 100 episode, it will drain your energy. I have to observing your condition since you've had an accident before. I didn't mean to remind you about that, but I think I just want you to take care of yourself since there are another persons who really depend on you right now." the doctor told her
"Oke Sir, thank you so much. Thanks for remind me." She thanked him
"Any other question?" the doctor asked them
"Sir, can I asked you to keep this from peoples? I mean we are hiding our married from public, and although I am so happy with this, I still have to think a lot of things since I am still in the army, while she still have to do her schedule, contract and everything. We will tell public about it, but I think not now. So I beg you, to keep it first." he told him
"Don't worry about it Mr Park, I have an ethic to keep my patient condition as a secret. Your wife condition is save, even if you won't tell people when she deliver her babies, it's fine. You can trust me on it." he tried to comfort him
"Sir, I have a little question. Ehm, I have to attend some award soon, Is it oke if I use a high heels?" she hesitate
"That's oke Mrs Park, as long as you don't use it all day long. My suggestion for you, just wear it right before you get off from the car.And don't use it everyday. Araso?" he told her
"Ah, oke-oke. Thank you Sir. Oppa, I will go to the toilet, are you going to wait me here?" she asked her husband
"Mrs Park, you can use my personal toilet inside." the doctor told her and asked her assistant to help her.

"Actually, I have a question Sir, but honestly, I don't know how to asked you." he asked him slyly
"Why? Ah, you don't have to asked me, but my answer, it's oke Mr Park, you still can do it, but please, do it gently, at least for the first semester. Don't make her too tired, araso." the doctor smile then winked to him
"Araso Sir, I got it." he smiled but he can not hide his shy since his face was so red

"Hyung, I am going to be a father. See these are my children, beautiful isn't it?" he can not hide his happiness as soon as they are in the car.
"Congratulation Teukie-ah, you too Sora-ya. Hope they will grow healthy and you can deliver the babies safely. So, where we gonna go now?" his manager asked them
"To my mother house, just drop me there. My personal car was there, so we will use it after this, Hyung." he told him
"Teukie-ah, how about SM? You have to tell the big boss about it." his manager tried to remind him
"I know Hyung, I know. But not today. I will meet him tomorrow, together with Sora. I also will arrange an appointment to Sora's President. We, I mean I will take care of it. I don't wanna lie, if it is just me and Sora, we can handle it, but now, there is my child to be that I have to protect, so I have to face it and find a way." he told him while smile to his wife who looks so nervous.
"Araso. Good luck, and you deserve to fight for it. No worries. This time, I personally will support you, and I think so do your members." his manager smile
"Thank you Hyung. What about Super Junior schedule for today? Can you arrange a meeting with them? Me and Sora will come to dorm tonight and please prepare a dinner for them, Just order it and I will take care of it .I have to tell them this happy news." he asked his manager to arrange a meeting with them
"Sure. But I won't tell them what the occasion is. Here you go guys, good luck and see you again tonight." he told them as soon as they arrive at his family house
"Bye Hyung."
"Thank you Oppa."

"Omma, where are you?" he shout out as soon as he entered her mom house
"Jung Su-ah, is it your habit to yell every time you come home? How are you? Are you on your vacation now? " her mother smile then hold him and her daughter inlaw
"Omma, where's nunna? There's something that I want to tell you both." he smile, then take his wife to sit in the coach of their living room
"What's wrong? Is it a good one or a bad one? Your nunna is out of town, she was preapering for join a new project. " his mother started to worried
"Omma, starting from now on, please take care of my Sora more and more. Always remind her to stay health and don't be too tired, because she is having my babies now." he told his mother proudly
"Really? Omona.. I am so happy. Come here Sora-ya, I want to hold you." she smiled then open her hand to hugs her "Thank you Sora-ya, to bring this happy news for me. Omo, I'll be a grandmother soon." she didn't realize that she's teary
"Omma, don't cry, this is supposed to be a good news. Let me show you something, and I am sure you will amaze." he gave her USG pictures that they got from the doctor "See these two little pockets with a small dot? Those are my babies. They are twins,Omma. They are 8 weeks old." he is so proud showing that to his Mom
"Omona, twins? My grandchildren to be. Please take care of your health Sora-ya, don't be too tired and maintain your health. I am sure me and your mom will come every week to check out your condition. Those are our first grandchildren, so everything must be good." she can not hide her excitement
"I am sure these two will be spoiled by them" he's whispering in his wife ears while his wife only happily smile.

They are resting in his mother house around 2 hours. After that, they went to her parents house to tell them this wonderful news. Like at his mother's house, they also spent 2 hours to stay at her parent's house. Both of them are so happy and promised him to take care of her while he was away.

"Hyung, are they home already? Did you already order what I told you before?" he told his manager on the way to Super Junior's dorm
"All of them are here and they are waiting for you two. Btw, they ate already, there was something that I can't hold." his manager inform him.
"Araso Hyung, no problems. We'll be there in a few minutes." Leeteuk end up the conversation

"Oppa, I am curious with their reaction. Are they gonna be happy for us?" Sora started worried again
"I am sure, they are gonna be happy for us. Trust me, having a twins nephews, is a very good news for them. Trust me for that Sora-ya." he smiled while squezing her hands

As soon as they arrived at Suju's dorm, they are greeted by all of the member who unpatienly waiting for them
"So Hyung, Hyungsunim, what's up? Why you asked manager Hyung to gathered us here?" Kyuhyun straight to the point asking the couple
"Listen guys. I am really begging your help now. Please support and protect us. We are gonna have a babies soon. We just came from the doctor and he told us that my Sora is in her 8 weeks of pregnancy now." he told them and smiled to them
"Really? Wah, Daebak.. Congratulation Hyung, Hyungsunim." Sungmin can not hide his happiness.
"But you said, you gonna have a babies? Means?" Siwon asked them
"Sora is bringing my twin babies now." He smile proudly
"Really??? Wah double deabak. You are good Teukie ah. How can you manage and made her pregnant? Wah, you are really man now." Heechul tease him, and hugs him
"Yah, that was proving that I am a real healthy man, right." Leeteuk can not hold his smile then winked to his member
"Hyungsunim, are you sure, you chosed him as a father of your children?" Eunhyuk tried to tease his leader
"Yah.. Hyuk-ah, what ever you said, she already choosed me, not other men. And the most important things, she had my babies now." Once again Leeteuk proudly answered his member
"Congratulation Hyung, Hyungsunim. And honestly, I am envy you two. But I really hope the twin will resamble Hyungsunim's beauty, not you, Hyung." Kyuhyun told them
"Aish you guys, please stop teasing Teuk Oppa. And thank you for congratulate us. Like Oppa told you guys, please support and protect us. I knew, it might be bothering you guys, but please support us." finally Sora told them and thanked to them
"See, my wife love me so much. She even defend me form your naughty and annoying word. Thank you baby." Leeteuk smiled and kiss Sora's lips lightly in front of them
"Yeah, get a room Hyung." Reewook finally spoke up
"Teukie-ah, don't do that. I am sure you can not hold yourself after it. One kiss, will continue to another one, so hold yourself for a while, especially in front of us." Heechul told him and made Sora's cheek blushing
"Hyung, Please remember, Sora is still in the first stage of her pregnancy. It will be danger for her, remembering how rude you are at bed." Sungmin teased him also
"Ya, Chulie-ah, Sung min-ah." Leeteuk only can yelling after his friend teasing them
"Hyungsunim, congratulation, can not wait to see my special nephews." Donghae congratulate her while trying to hold her stomach. But before he can do that, Leeteuk's hand already hit him
"Yah, what are you doing Donghae-ah. No touch.. Don't ever try to touch my wife. It is forbiden." Leteuk yelled at him
"Hyung, I just want to congratulate Hyungsunim, that's it. I am happy for you guys." Donghae smiled and pretend that there is nothing happen

They back home after two hour spending a time with Super Junior. Leeteuk still can not believe what happend in his life. A long the way home, he hold her hands and once kiss her palm.
"Oppa, you are so chessy." she can not hold her happiness
"Thank you darling, thank you for everything that you've done for me. Thank you for always beside me, endure with me and giving me a very beautiful gifts. I love you." he kiss her cheek again
"Oppa. I am afraid, how is your President and my President reaction." she can not hide her worries
"We face it together. What ever it is, we face it together baby. No worries. Even if I have to paid a penalty of your contract, I will do it. No worries. Just think about yourself and our babies, don't think to much. Araso? You believe in me, right?" he tried to comfort her
"Yes Oppa. I believe in you." she smiled "Oppa, thank you, for being you." she told him and kiss his cheek


Both of Leeteuk and Sora look nervous when they are waiting for Lee So Man in his office. They just interlock their hand each other, to give a strenght to each other. Not until 15 minutes later, Lee So Man came and sit in front of the couples
"You have your holiday Jung Su-ah? Is it a good holiday?" Lee So Man opened the conversation with this couple who looked very nervous in front of him
"For me, this is my best holiday. Honestly Sir, there is something that I want to tell you. About us, about our family." Leeteuk gain his courage to tell his President about them
"Something happend, Jung Su? Why? You looked so nervous. And you too Sora-ya. You looked like just eating a poisoning food." Lee So Man tried to release the tense
"Sir, Me and Sora, We are gonna have a babies soon. I am really begging you to support us." Leeteuk finally told him
"Babies? Twins?" Lee So Man still can not believe what he just heard
"Yup Sir, twins. We went to the doctor yesterday, and it clearly shown that we will have twins soon." Leeteuk told him while squeezing her hand
"Wah, congratulation then, after what happend to Sora last year, finally both of you got them. Honestly, I am speechless and don't know how to react, but I think it will be fine. When will the baby born? After or before you discharge from army?" Lee So Man asked him
"She is in her 8 weeks of pregnancy Sir, so the twins will born right after I am discharge from army." he finally got his courage to face his President
"Good, Two of you will keep the babies, right?" Lee So Man asked them
"Yes Sir." both of them answered him
"Once again, congratulation. I think it's oke for you two to have children. About how to tell this news to public, especially to ELF, let me take care of it." Lee So Man smiled
"Thank you Sir, thank you so much for supporting us." he seems release
"Thank you for your understanding Sir." She bowed her husband's President
"Aish, that's oke. You two deserve it. Btw, how about you Sora-ya? I mean you just join the new agency, can they accept it?" Lee So Man question like bombing them and make them back to reality
"Actually, my old agency was marger with my new agency, so when I was joining this new agency, they knew that I am married and the consequencies of married is pregnancy. But honestly, I still don't how their reaction Sir." Sora explain the condition
"I will take care everything Sir, including if I have to pay penalty because of this." Leeteuk helped his wife
"I see. Jung Su-ah, if there is something happend to her contract, I mean, if her company can not accepted her condition, let her sign with our SM&C. We can prepare her after she deliver the twins." Lee So Man told them
"Really? Thank you very much Sir. Let me see it first." Leeteuk can not hide his happiness
"Thank you Sir. Thank you for your offer, but if my company can accepted my condition, I think it's better for me to stay with them. Better for our family also. But once again, thank you very much for your kindness Sir." Sora told him and once again bowed him
"It's oke. Now, I think both of you have to settle the problem soon and I will have a meeting soon. Congratulation kids, I am happy for both of you." Lee So Man smiled, right before the couple leave his office

After have a serious discussion with his President, they decided to go to Sora's company. They really want to fix everything in one day, so they can think what the next step to take to handle the situation
"Oppa, I never expected your President reaction. I am really surprissed." She told him when they were on the way to Sora's company
"Me too. So, just one more things and I am sure everything going to be all right." he told his other half


As soon as they arrived at Sora's company, her President already waiting for them
"Sora-ya coming. Ah, Leeteuk-ssi, please coming." her President asked them to come to his office
"What's going on? Why you two suddenly come together? I am sure there is something serious that you guys want to talk." her President told them
"I will talked straight to the point Sir. My wife, I mean Sora-ya, she got pregnant. I know she just join this company, but we already waiting for this miracle, especially after the incident last year. So, I am begging you to support us." he told him nervously
"Ah, so you are pregnant. Really? Wah, it's really shocking news for me and for the company off course. But I think it's oke. I knew your condition when I am taking over your old company, so I knew the consequences. Dispite I don't know how to react right now, but I completely understand. Now, let me congratulate you guys. Some actress are married here, so if they got pregnant, I think we just have to think the strategy how to get you a role in drama or movies." hearing what her President said made them release
"Thank you Sir, thank you very much for your understanding." he thanked him and bowed to him
"It's oke Leeteuk-ssi. I hope this baby will born after you discharge, so it will be easier for us to answer all of the question." her President showed him his concern
"If everything oke, they will born right after I am discharge from army Sir."
"Good, congratulation Sora, Leeteuk-ssi. Let see how your pregnancy going, if it is possible, you still can have your advertise and drama. Let see, let's wait in a month or two. Thank you for letting me know about it. Sora is one of our rising star, and we are sure that your carrier will be rising with us." Her President tried to comfort this couple.
"Thank you Sir, once again thank you very much." Once again Leeteuk bowed to him

At the rest of his holiday season, they spent the time together, and doing a lot of things together. He even helped her to choose a dress that she will wear at SBS drama award. When Sora decided to choose sexy black dress, Leeteuk can hide his awe when seeing his other half, but he didn't like if a lot of people see her like that.

"Are you sure will wear that dress?" he showed his dissagrement after seeing how sexy his wife was
"I like this Oppa. The dress is perfect. My belly won't show and no one will recognize that I am pregnant. This also not too short, so I think I will choose this one." She convince him
"But, I think that was too open. It show all of your bare shoulder." he still tried to argue
"So, did you mean that I look ugly in this dress?" she start to loose her confidence
"Not like that Baby. You look perfect, beautiful, but it was too sexy. I don't like when anyone seeing you like that. I am the only one who can see you like that." he can not hide his jealousy
"Aish, Oppa. Stop it. Don't be too childish like that. Like it or not, I choosed this one. Oke, now smile, show me your support." she teased her husband
"Oke, deal, but with one condition. I will go with you. Although public won't see me, but I will wait for you or I will seat in one of audience." he ensisted and didn't want to hide his jealousy

Two days later, Sora came with her beautiful black dress, walking a little bit nervous at the red carpet. Her husband actually went in the same car with her, but straight to wait at the dressing room behind the stage. He looks at her and feel a litlle bit annoyed when seeing she sat beside her drama partner. Although some bad comment to Sora's performance that night, but most of the nitizen praise her performance and her appereance.

Right after they went home, and start to sleep, suddenly Sora gave her a husband shocking question
"Oppa, am I became uglier and fatter?" she asked him while placing her had in his chest
"What? Uglier and fatter? What the hell Sora-ya? Why you asked me such a stupid and unreasonable question like that?" Leeteuk got shock hearing his wife question
"Since we comfirm that we're gonna have twins, you never kiss me. Oh no, you kissed me once, in the doctor room, after that you completely ignore me. Didn't you miss me Oppa?" Sora told him
"It's not like that. You are the most beautiful woman for me, always, no one denied it. The reason why I didn't kiss you just because I have to take care of you. I miss you a lot off course. Trust me please, it's not ignoring you, it's protecting you." he comfort his wife by kissing her forehead
"But Oppa, I miss you so much." she is sulking him now
"Oke, give me your lips. Let me kiss you." Leeteuk smiled and gave her a very short and light kiss in her lips "Now sleep, good night baby. I love you." he told her then pretend to sleep
"Oppa, that was not a kiss. Please.." now she become annoyed
"Baby.. Please.. I have to protect you and the babies." he really don't know how to handle his wife right now. This is not like an usual Sora, this is different Sora.
"Oppa, please." she is sulking him again

Slowly he kiss her lips, for the smooth one became intens and passionate. Without he even realize, his hand was brink of ripping her clothes off. He continue kissing her fiercely. His hand was exploring Sora's body and enjoyed inch of it. Sora felt warmed all over from the sheer of joy realizing that this powerful, handsome and strong man, miss her and wanted her also. Her moan was caught in his mouth and trapped with his. When it was getting hotter, suddenly he pulled out himself and stop it, made Sora feel lost.

"Oppa, why? I need you. Please." she was begging him
"Baby, we have to stop, not good for you and the babies." he tried to explain his wife
"But I want you. Make love to me please. You gonna back to the camp soon, I am going to miss you a lot. Please. If you don't want to do it for me, do it for your children. This is what they want." She is sulking him again
"Oh My God Sora-ya. You are really the death of me. Come here baby." He can not reject his wife right now, since actually he miss her and want her so much.

Leeteuk stayed for two more days, before he went back to his camp after the holiday over. He didn't want to leave his wife but he has no choice. Two days after he back to tha army, Sora got a award for popularity award at Asia Model Festival Award. She looks so stunning and beautiful with her white dress. As soon as he saw her pictures, he can not hold himself not to text his other half

"Hallo my sweet hot Momma, I love your dress a lot. You look stunning, sexy and very beautiful. I love the dress and I love your hair style.I love everything in you. You really like an angel falls from the sky. I love you more and more. Please take care of yourself and those little me who grow in you. I miss you all already. Love You always."

(***to be continued***)

PS:  Sorry for a long delayed for my update. So busy with work and everything. I know this is not too good story and might be a little bit borring, but I really hope you guys still like it. Btw, about the song, Might be a lot of you never heard this old romantic song, but this is one of my favorite one. I hope you guys like the songs, since the lyrics is so good :)

by Atlantic Starr

Girl you are to me, all that a woman should be
And I dedicate my life to you always
The love like yours is grand
It must have been sent from up above
And I know you'll stay this way, for always
And we both know, that our love will grow
And forever it will be you and me, hey
Ooh, your life is sun chasing all the rain away
When you come around you bring brighter day
You're the perfect one for me and you forever we'll be
And I will love you so for always
Come with me my sweet let's go make a family
And they will bring us joy, for always
Oh boy, I love your soul
I can't find enough ways to let you know
But you can be sure of course, for always
And we both know, that our love will grow
And forever it will be you and me, hey
Ooh, your life is sun chasing all the rain away
When you come around you bring brighter day
You're the perfect one for me and you forever we'll be
And I will love you so for always
Hey, ooh you're like the sun chasing all of the rain away
When you come around you bring brighter days
You're the perfect one for me and you forever we'll be
And I will love you so for always
Ooh, I will love you so for always


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