Saturday, April 13, 2013


(***Super Junior SS4 Show***)

Leeteuk was ready starting his concert with his member when suddenly his manager came and gave him a news.
"Teukie, I just got a news from MBC, they said they cancelled the shooting for next Wednesday. Their staff having a strike and our PD is one of the protesters." His manager told him
"So, it means, the shooting will be stop? Just end? There's no chance for me to see Sora?" Leeteuk started to get confused
"Hyung, better we concentrate on the concert first, then you can contact her to talked about it." Eunhyuk tried to remind him
"Oke, you're right. Let's rock guys." Leeteuk tried to eliminate Sora from his mind. He have to finish the concert first

(***Kang Sora photo shoot location***)

"Sora-ya, I have a bad news and good news for you." Her manager told her when she just finished her photo shoot
"What's it Oppa? Is that something really bad?" Sora a little bit confused
"Ehm, there is a strike at MBC, and our WGM PD is one of the staff who joined the strike, so they decided to delayed the shooting for a while. The good news is you have a lot of time for continuing your study and doing a lot of different schedule. The bad news is.. ehm..means that you can not meet Leeteuk-ssi often." her manager hesitated to told her
"Ah.. when is the decision coming Oppa?" Sora got a little bit shock with the news
"I just got a call about it Sora-ya. But, you don't have to worry, they will continue the shooting, but still tried to find a new PD and so on." Her manager tried to comfort her. He knew that no days, Leeteuk and Sora became closer and often spent a time together outside the WGM time, when Leeteuk was around.
"I see.. are we finish for today Oppa? I think I am a little bit exhausted." Sora tried to smile
"Yes, let's go." Her manager asked her to go.

Sora is not on herself, she look lost and confused since hearing the news. She missed him a lot.. Leeteuk busy schedule, concert all over the world made them can not meet each other very often. So far, Leeteuk always gave her a call or message everywhere he went. He always send her a good night message and told her everything. With this strike they definitely can not meet often, there's no reason for them to meet openly and it made her very sad. Suddenly her phone rang

"Hallo.." Sora answer it
"Hi, where are you?" A man voice came
"I am back to my apartment Oppa, are you resting? How's Bangkok? Finish with the concert?" Sora talked to Leeteuk, the one whose on the phone with her
"Yes.. Sora-ya...ehm.. I miss you so much." He told her softly. Sora can not answer his word directly. She felt blank
"Sora-ya, are you still there?" Leeteuk call her
"Yes Oppa, I'm still here. What do you say?" she can not hide her nervousness
"I said I miss you so much and I am really want to see you as soon as I came back. Can I?" He told her strongly
"When will you come back?" Sora asked him
"I'll comeback the day after tomorrow, I still have one concert left. Why??" he asked her
"ehm... I miss you too Oppa, let's meet when you have time. I am not that busy no days, I am just back to campus and finish this semester." she told him and smile
"Good, I'll be at your door right after I touch down Seoul. See you soon Princess. Miss you." Leeteuk told her and end up the phone

(***Dongguk University two days later***)

Leeteuk parked his own car in front of faculty of drama. He is waiting for Sora, this is really a surprised visit for her. He called her last night, before he went to sleep. He knew that today, Sora didn't have any special schedule. She was doing her final exam for this semester. He was waiting about one hour until finally he saw her come out from the building.
"Sora-ya, finish already?" He came to great her
"Omona.. Oppa? Why don't you tell me that you'll here?" Sora is so surprised seeing her Prince now in front of her
"Surprised??? I miss you so much. I came here, right after arriving from Bangkok. You look pale, tired?" He asked here while stroking her cheek
"Oppa, somebody will see." Sora was shock with Leeteuk action in public place without camera
"Why? You don't like it?" Leeteuk tried to tease her
"A lot of people will see and it can make a rumor. That's not good for you Oppa." Sora reminded him
"I am fine with it. Btw, do you still have a class or finish for today?" Leeteuk tried to distract her attention
"Finish. Today is a last final day. Finally.." She smiled
"Good, let's go somewhere. I already talked to your manager. He said you have no schedule today, so you're free."
"Oke, let's go.."


They are enjoying the rest of the day together. When the night start down, they went to one of the highest place around Namsan. They saw stars together, when suddenly Leeteuk grab Sora's hand
"Sora-ya, do you know what happen right? About MBC strike?" Leeteuk sadly said
"Ehm yes Oppa. Manager Oppa told me two days ago. It so bad Oppa, I was feel blank for couple of days, such as a shock news for me. I hope they won't cut the WGM, at least they still give us a chance." Sora didn't realize that she pour her feeling. Leeteuk smiled and hold her hands tighter
"I felt exactly same as yours. I can not concentrate at the concert. Eunhyuk realize about it, but I didn't tell him why. I am thinking about you though. Sora-ya, can you promise me? Promise me that you won't change. Although we can meet each other often, we will stay like this. Please?" Leeteuk told her
"Let's try Oppa, let's try.. hope it won't make any difference for us." She just smiled
"Promise to give me a news everyday? At least I know where you going, what your schedule for the day and  everything related with you?" He asked her strongly
"Yes Oppa, I promised. You Promised me also, oke." She smile again. She feel so happy, realizing that Leeteuk still want them stay as they are now

(***Two weeks after***)
It's 7 o clock in the morning and Sora was still in bed, when suddenly her phone was rang
"Hallo.." She answered it lazily
"Morning Baby Princess, hey wake up." She heard her Prince voice
"Oppa, it still 7 o clock, why you wake up so early? Did you have a schedule this morning?" Sora a little bit confused, since Leeteuk is so hard to wake up early
"No, I just miss you and want to hear your voice right after I woke up in the morning." Leeteuk said in aegyo tone
"Aish Oppa, don't do that. Don't talk nonsense like that." Sora said while blushing
"That's not nonsense. I miss you though. Let's meet, have lunch or dinner together. I really want to see you." Leeteuk asked her
"Lunch, I think I can't Oppa. I have a schedule and I am also have a plan to meet my Sunny's best friend after it, so dinner is fine." Sora told him
"So you gonna have fun with your best friend? Can I come? Please?" Leeteuk asked
"Come? Why? Want to meet HyoRin unnie?" Sora jealousy exploded
"Ais, why you think like that, off course No, I just envy you, can gather with your best friend. That's it. But Sora-ya, are you jealous?" Leeteuk teased her
"Nope, just curious why you want to come with me." Sora told him coldly, tried to hide her true feeling
"Oke-oke.. I understand. Back to sleep now, Princess. See you at dinner. I will pick you up at your apartment. Can't wait to see you Princess." He told her
"I think I can not back to sleep Oppa, but thank you, because of you, I am fully wake up now. Btw see you at dinner, I want to see you also. I miss you too." She said slyly
"Bye Princess, better you got ready now. I want to go to my company office too, I have to see my schedule also. Bye.. see you soon." Leeteuk end up the phone

Around 4 o clock, Sora and her best friend was gathering in one of new cafe around Ilsan. The cafe was being happening now days, since a lot of celebrities and socialita went to this wonderful cafe. Beside Sora, there are also Min Hyo Rin, Kim Min Yeong, Park Jin Joo, Nam Bo Ra and Shim Eun Kyung. It's been more than 6 months they don't meet each other and only communicate through message.

"Sora-ya, how's your husband. He looks so kind and take care of you nicely. Are you two in a real relationship? Honestly, I am very curious about it." Kim Min Yeong asked her
"Oppa? He's fine, but he always treat a lady like that, so I don't take it too serious. He's very busy though, having a lot of concert abroad, with Super Junior, with SM Town, and they are preparing their new album, so we can not meet each other often." Sora tried to answer her friend question
"But that didn't answered my question. Are you two in a real relationship?" Kim Min Yeong insisted
"Honestly, I don't know. We are close, but he just like keeping me without chain, so I don't know." Sora can not hide it anymore
"So it means that You're in love with him?" Park Jin Joo asked her
"I don't know. Maybe, but I am not sure. I just don't wanna fall into the game. So, I think I have to hold my heart for awhile, not to fall in love with him." Sora told them
"Ah, I see, from what I heard, your Oppa is a womenizer and close to a lot of girls, so better if you save your heart. Don't fall in love with him, it will make you suffer." Nam Bo Ra told her
"Btw, is that Leeteuk-ssi? The one who just come with.. wait.. is that Oh In Hye-ssi? The one who come with your Oppa?" Shim Eun Kyung told Sora. All of their eyes are pointing to the man and the woman who just entered the cafe now. Sora was shocked, and it clearly showed in her face
"Let's move, better we didn't stay here. Not good for Sora." Nam Bo Ra tried to comfort Sora after she saw her shocking face
"That's oke guys. We planned this since last week. We really want to tried this cafe right? Don't change just because of them. We still can have our own party." Sora tried to smile
"This is not right. When the last time you talked to him?" Min Hyo Rin finally speak up
"This morning. He wake me up through the phone. We planned to have dinner together tonight." Sora sadly told her
"Oke, let me give him a lesson first." suddenly Min Hyo Rin wake up from her chair and walk to Leeteuk and Oh In Hye table

"Anyonghaseo Leeteuk-ssi." Min Hyo Rin suddenly great Leeteuk and that made him frozen
"Anyonghaseo Min Hyo Rin-ssi, it's so nice to see you here." Oh In Hye is the one who answered Min Hyo Rin, while Hyo Rin eyes still looking to Leeteuk
"Ah, anyonghaseo Min Hyo Rin-ssi. It's really surprised to see you here. Are you alone?" Leeteuk tried to control himself
"Not, I am not alone, I am with my best friends who know you a lot Leeteuk-ssi."Hyo Rin started her attack to Leeteuk which is can not say a word.
"Your best friend? You came here with your best friends Hyo Rin-ssi?" This time In Hye tried to start a conversation
"Yup, my closest friends are here. One of them I think have a promise with your date Oh In Hye-ssi. Is it right Leeteuk-ssi?" Min Hyo Rin continued to tell a strong word to Leeteuk.
"Where is she? I think I have to talk to her." Leeteuk finally speak

"Anyonghaseo Leeteuk-ssi, Oh In Hye-ssi, nice to see you." suddenly Sora greet them and smile before Leeteuk found her
"Unnie, we finished here, you said you wanna see a new dress for your event, come on. We better move now." Sora told Hyo Rin hoping she will ended her attack to Leeteuk
"Sure, where're the others?" Min Hyo Rin finally realize that it was Sora code to asked her finishing her attack
"We're here and ready to go. Ah, nice to see you Leeteuk-ssi. finally I can see directly, Sora's virtual husband. You're good in tv, and I believe you are good in reality too." Park Jin Joo told Leeteuk, who still embarrassed in front of them
"Guys, please, let's go. Nice to see you two, Leeteuk-ssi, Oh In Hye-ssi. Let us excused ourselves." Sora told them and leave the cafe while her best friends was followed her.

Right after Sora greet them, Leeteuk suddenly chase and grab her hand
"Sora-ya, wait."
"Leeteuk-ssi, anything wrong? I have to go and I think it's not good for you if you have to leave your date like that." Sora coldly told him
"Leeteuk-ssi? What the hell is that? Why you said like that." Leeteuk started to get annoyed
"Why I said that? What supposed to be I called you? Oppa? Oke fine.. Oppa, I think you better go, that beautiful, sexy, cute, petite and kind of your ideal women was waiting for you, and my best friends are waiting for me. So, I better go now." Sora coldly told him. Leeteuk know that she was angry and he don't know what to say, what in his mind only how to convince her
"Sora listen. This is not like what you think. There's nothing between me and her. I met her accidentaly. I don't have a date or something with her. My only date is with you tonight" once again Leeteuk tried to convince her
"That's oke Leeteuk-ssi, aish I forgot that you get annoyed when I call you Leeteuk-ssi. That's oke, Oppa, but I think I am really have to go." Sora told him, pulled out her hand and leaving without glancing at him
"I am dead. Really dead." Leeteuk talked to himself while heading back to his table. This is their first fight as long as they are together.

Sora and all of the girls went to Min Hyo Rin apartment and spending the time there. She switch of her phone and just pretending that everything fine. She was trying for having a good time, laughing with them, but that was not her. All of her best friends knew about it and choosing not to bother her. They was there until 10 pm, and only Sora was left.

"Unnie, is that oke if I stay here for a while. I promise I will back home before midnight." Sora asked Min Hyo Rin
"You can sleep here Sora,as long as you want. I knew that you are trying for buying time because I am sure, that man was waiting for you in front of your apartment door. Am I right right?" Hyo Rin told her
"I think ya. He wasn't type of quitter man. So I think he was there." Sora admit it
"Honestly Sora-ya, I can see love in his eyes, but I think he have to manage his habit, being nice to all girls. He have to care for your feeling, not like that. You love him don't you?" Min Hyo Rin tried to open heart to heart talk with Sora
"Me?? I think I am starting to fall in love with him Unnie. But like you said, He got the habit. I don't wanna blame him for what happen today, since we never declare or saying that he love me or asked me to be his girlfriend. He always said he miss me, want to spend more time with me, but I am not sure, it was only for me, or he did the same thing with other girls." Sora pulled out her heart. Hyo Rin is like her sister. They really close each other during filming and she was the one who can understand Sora without she have to said a single word.
"That's oke. Having a partner like him, an idol but not only an idol but a very famous Idol like him, you have to prepare yourself. Just relax. Give your heart and mind a time to think, then you will understand what your feeling for him. Better you don't call him, meet him or communicate with him. Just a couple days. Like I said, give your heart and mind a time to feel it. Now, do you want to eat ice cream? It's good for release your bad mood darling." Hyo Rin tried to comfort her.

(***Club Octagon, Gangnam area two weeks later***)
It's been two weeks since they didn't communicate each other since the cafe incident. Sora switch off her phone and came back to her apartment two days later. She stayed in Min Hyo Rin apartment for two nights and back to her parents house. Leeteuk was waiting for her two days in the row, but getting frustrated because he can not find her and he have to prepare for his other concert abroad.

Tonight, He just comeback from some concert, and can not reject his member when all of them decided to release their stress in the club. Actually, he didn't like a club, but tonight he had no choice. Right after they arrive at the club, they came to their table which is already reserved before.

"I saw several Dream High 2 cast down stairs. They are in a dancing floor right now. Look Hyung, that are Jae Bom and Jong Woon." suddenly Donghae told the Super Junior member when he came to their table
"Really? Who are they" Sung Min started to get curious. During this two weeks, their leader is not in his right mind. Leeteuk became very sensitive and like hiding himself alone. Although it wasn't show in a stage during the concert, but they know, since two weeks ago there's something bothering him
"Ya, I saw Ji Yeon down stair, she just arrived." Eunhyuk told them
"Look, that was Jae Bom, the one who dance with... wait.. Is that Hyungsunim? I mean Kang Sora-ssi?" Donghae told them.

Leeteuk wasn't in the mood, he didn't like the situation. He can't drink alcohol and he didn't like noisy place, especially when he was not in a good mood. After he heard what Donghae told them, he suddenly looked at the couple who happily dance in the dance floor and it made his jealousy exploded. That women supposed to be not dancing with any guys, except him. She is mine, that was he thought. He can not accepted seeing her happily dancing with other guys, which is one of the guy who made him insecure.

Sora look so beautiful and sexy with her red with black lace bustier and a black mini skirt. To complete her, she wore a killing red stiletto. The bustier is so contrast in her white silky skin and showed her bare shoulder and her black mini skirt made her long sexy legs was shown up and attract a lot of men attention.

"Why? She didn't answered my call and going to this kind of place, wearing a sexy outfit and dancing with other man? How could she?" He talked to himself. He didn't realize that some one right next to him listen that
"Off course she can." Kang In suddenly answered him
"You never said that you fall in love with her right, so why she can't go with other man when you can have a date with other girl. Wake up Hyung, Sora is a begel lady, so you must be keep her tight. As long as you never show her that you are serious, don't blame her if there are a lot of men who will pick her, and it could be me. I like her though, at least I am interesting on her." Kangin teased him
"Listen Kangin-ah, you want to take her? Over my dead body. If I have to kill you, I will kill you." Leeteuk told him and suddenly get up from his chair
"Hyung, where are you going?" Kyu tried to stop him
"I will remark my right. Btw, don't wait for me, I will go first. There's something that I have to take care." Leeteuk told them when heading to the dance floor

"Can I dance with you, my Baby Princess?" Suddenly Leeteuk whispering at Sora ears in the middle of the dance floor
"OMO, Leeteuk-ssi..What a surprised.. When did you arrive? Are you coming here with your date?" Sora is so surprised to see him. During this two weeks, she missed him a lot. She tried to follow Hyo Rin advice and tried to examine her feeling to him, but she can not help herself for being cold to him also. She still remember how hurt she was when seeing Leeteuk and Oh In Hye two weeks ago
"Nope, I just hope that you are my date tonight. I don't like it when any one being your date." He told her coldly while grab her waist
"What are you doing Leeteuk-ssi? Be polite Please." Sora is so surprised when he realize Leeteuk hold her waist tightly
"I am just remarking my territory.And stop calling me Leeteuk-ssi, you knew that I didn't like to hear that word came from your beautiful lips." Leeteuk's eyes staring right to her eyes
"Oke fine.. Oppa.. Are you satisfied? Remarking my territory? Is that me for you? Cmon Oppa, since when?  Now Please, pulled out your hand over my waist, I want to come back to my best friend." Sora looks annoyed, but Leeteuk didn't want to lose her again
"Listen Sora-ya, I miss you." He told her

"Excuse me Sunbenim, but I think better you pulled out your hand over her. She was with me tonight, so she will be my responsibility, at least for tonigh." JB politely asked him to release Sora
"Jae Bom or should I call you JB? I have something to clear up with my wife, can you give us a private time, so me and her can solved the problem?" Leeteuk started to get angry
"I think I can't Leeteuk-ssi. I know you are my senior and I know you filming together as husband and wife. But in reality, I don't think both of you just business partner. I know Sora very well and I can see that she got annoyed because of you." JB told him strongly
"JB, I don't want a fight, but please understand us. Let me admit something to you. I miss this woman so much. I can not contact her for two weeks and because there was stupid misunderstanding between us, we fight. I didn't have time and she also didn't give a chance to fix the problem. Since we are very close each other, I think I am the closest man for her, so I think you have to give her to me." Leeteuk continued his strong word
"She come here with me, means she come back with me." JB told him
"Oke, now asked her, she wanna stay with you or with me. If she choose to stay with you, I will give you guys time, but if she said she choose me, sorry Junior, you have to give her to me." Leeteuk told him  and tried so hard to manage his anger, then  he made a glance to Sora
"Sora-ya, now it your choice. You know there's something between us that we have to settle. And I really miss you."

Sora is being quite for a while. She didn't know what to do. She didn't expected to him today. She came here for fun, to forget him, but why he has to show up like this. Deep inside her heart, she miss him so much. She also want to hugs him.

"JB, I am sorry, I think I have to go first. There were a lot of things that I have to fix with him. I am sorry best friend. You won't angry with me right? Now, escort me to our table, I have to take my clutch tough." She told JB and smiling at him
"Oppa, I think you better stay here. I'll come back soon as soon as I got my clutch." She tried to calm him. She also know, although Leeteuk said it was up to her, but he won't let JB spend the night together with her.
"Oke, I'll wait here, but if you didn't come back in five minutes, I'll find you, so don't try to escape from me Princess." he whispering right in her ears

"JB, I am sorry. I didn't know that he will come." Sora feel sorry for her best friend
"It's oke nunna. Honestly, I am a little bit afraid seeing Leeteuk sunbenim. But I think it was a little bit fun to test him." JB smiled at her
"What do you mean you tested him? So, it was only an acting?" Sora was surprised and without realize she hit JB shoulder
"Nunna, it's hurt. Btw, trust me, that Ahjusi, really fall in love with you. I can see in his eyes that he got annoyed with me and he tried so hard to hold it." JB told her while smile
"Aish, you.." Sora lost her word
"Nunna, I just want to prove what Jiwon told me. He said when he was shooting Strong Heart, every time they mention your name, Leeteuk sunbenim look was change, seems that he didn't like it. He event gave Jiwon a bad glance when they asked Jiwon who his ideal women is, you or Lee Min Jung nunna. That's why I am a little bit curious, but when I saw it myself. I believe it. Now, go back to the man that crazy in love with you, nunna. And send my apologize to him." JB smile and back to their table


"Why are you avoiding me? I was waiting in your apartment for two days and  tried to contact you, message you, but you never answered. So I decided to pullout myself for a while, and give you a space." he asked her directly when they already at his car
"Where we gonna go?" Sora pretending that she didn't listen what Leeteuk just told her


Not until five minutes, they arrive at their love nest, Dimple House
"OMG. I miss this place alot." Sora didn't realize that she showed her true feeling right after she came to their memorable love nest

"Sora-ya. I am really sorry." Leeteuk tried to open the conversation
"Sorry for what Oppa? For the incident two weeks ago? That's oke. I don't have a right to angry or being sulky." She change the way she talked. She she speak more softly than before
"Why? You have that right. I am the one who act as a jerk. I didn't think about your feeling at all. That day, when I'm just finish to take care of something, I accidentally met In Hye. She asked me to have lunch together. I think it will be impolite if I said no without a reason, that's why I am oke when she asked me." He tried to explain the situation to her.
"I am fine Oppa. I am sorry too, cause I didn't answered your call nor your message." She smiled
"Listen Sora..Listen carefully. I love you. I do really love you. I need you. I don't realize this feeling until I got announcement that our show was pending. I made me think, how can I survive without seeing you very often. I know I am a jerk, I can understand your feeling, but my feeling for you are real. It's growing Sora, by process. And I don't wanna loose you. You know how jealous I am seeing you dancing with JB, although I know you just treat him as your best friend, but it killed me. I am almost get a fight with Kangin because he teased me, saying he want you? ." he sincerely told her
"Oppa.. please don't say such as that meaningless word to me. I am fine. You know, I am sorry too. I was avoiding you for two weeks, it just I need a time and after two weeks, I knew that I'm fine. I know we close, but I am understand you Oppa." she smiled
"Meaningless word?? Are you still thinking that I am joking at you. Listen to me once again and look at my eyes Princess. When I needed an angel, it was you. I didn't have to look to the sky to find an angel because you made me realize that you were right her all the time. I love you Kang Sora, it's real, not reel. What I am feeling for you is real. Please believe me. what happend tonight made me more realize that I need you stay beside me. I needed an angel for making me secure, and you are my only angel." He told her then slowly he put his lips over her and give her a kiss. Sora was surprised with the kiss, but slowly but sure, she replied his kiss.

"Oppa, I don't know. I am confused. I like you, maybe I  love you too, but.. you know.." She can not complete her sentence right after they finish their sweet first kiss

"I understand Sora, I am completely understand. Just take your time, give me your answered when you're ready. You know that I am going to my enlist soon this year, I want you to be mine before it. And if you already sure to your feeling, please wait for me, I am going to marry you, for sure. I promise I will control my  attitude. I will prove to you, that I am really love you." He smile
"Thank you Oppa. Thanks for understand me. Let's try, we'll see where this going." She smiled and give a light kiss in his cheek.
"Thank you Sora-ya for giving me a chance.I love you Princess." He smile then once again, gave her a kiss in her lips,this time a promise kiss


This is only one shoot story and the story inspired when they were in the middle of break session of WGM until they finally realize that they need each other

When I need an Angel by All4One (thelyrics)

When I Needed an Angel

by All 4 One

What can I say when I can't find the words
To possibly explain what I'm feeling inside?
I tried to believe, my hope got flattened everyday that passed me by
And then you came in my life

And now I am living proof

Of what the gift of pure love can do

When I needed an angel it was you who made the sacrifice

Just in the nick of time
When I needed an angel I didn't have to look to the sky
'Cause you made me realize that you were right here all the time
Right here all the time, right here all the time

Sometimes I cry when I think about everything you've done for me

And I still can't believe that I can live my life
Every breath I take, I take for you and me
That's a promise I'll keep

And each night I think of you

And how your gift of love pulled me through

When I needed an angel it was you who made the sacrifice

Just in the nick of time
When I needed an angel I didn't have to look to the sky
'Cause you made me realize you were right here all the time
Right here all the time, right here all the time

Maybe one day everyone will say that I wanna be somebody's angel

And I will tell the world about this miracle
Every moment I'm awake I'll give the love you gave, oh angel

When I needed an angel it was you who made the sacrifice

Just in the nick of time
When I needed an angel I didn't have to look to the sky
'Cause you made me realize that you were right here all the time
You were right here all the time


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