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(***His story***)
After thinking a lot, finally he accepted what MBC offered him. Although it's not finished yet, but according to his manager, he was a strongest candidates as a new groom for the show. He still didn't know who his partner is, but he had a good feeling about it.

"Hyung, going somewhere?" he met Donghae right after he came from his room
"Yup, have a meeting at MBC." he answered without looking him
"Ais, why you are in hurry? Someone pretty is waiting for you now?" Donghae still tried to tease his leader
"Shout up Donghae-ah, no, I just don't wanna late. PD-nim waiting for me. Bye." He said goodbye while heading to front door of his apartment

"Ah, why suddenly I feel nervous. C'mon Teukie, this is only a show, just play around, show your famous charm, don't fall in love, all only for the show. You can do it."  He tried to calm himself when going to his personal cars.

Today, just for today, he decided to meet PD-nim by himself. He didn't want accompany by other people. PD-nim called him yesterday and asked him to meet. According to him, he only want to have small talk with him and he said the talked will be a little bit private.

He straight to 9th floor as soon as he reach the MBC building. Kim Jun Hyun already waiting for him at a small meeting room as soon as he arrive.

" Leeteuk-ssi, coming. I just finish to see other contestant." Jun Hyun greet him
"Anyong PD-nim. Am I late?" He smiled then sit
"No, you aren't. First of all, did you know the program? We Got Married?" Jun Hyuna asked him
"Yup, I knew. Kangin is one of the groom with Yoon Ji-ssi. We came once, to their house for the house warming party, so I know how the program goes." He smiled when answering the question
"I see, now, ehm, can I ask you something? A little bit private?" Jun Hyun looked a little bit hesitated
"Sure, you can asked me everything, I am gonna try to answered it." He smiled. He was a little bit surprised with his own answer, but he feel like this PD-nim can be trusted. He already promise to himself that he gonna show another side of him, not as a leader of very famous group, but as a man, ordinary man, a man name Park Jung Su

"First, do you know one of the requirement when you join the show, you don't have a girlfriend or you didn't have any close relationship with woman. So my question is, do you have a girlfriend or maybe you are close with a woman right now?" Jun Hyun asked him
"Nope. I don't have a girlfriend, and I didn't close with any female right now." he answer it doubtlessly
"But it every show, you show us, how close you are with other female group. You gave them a very warm attention and looks like you enjoy it so much, am I right?" strong question came from Jun Hyun
"Ehm, honestly Hyung, can I call you Hyung right? I am not that kind of man. May be you look at me like a womenicer, I always nice with woman, especially my junior, but that's it, nothing more. I admitted that I went with them, just for a coffee or maybe watch movie or dinner, but I do that cause most of them are calling me and asking me to go out. I don't have a heart to say no to them, that's why, a lot of people thinking that I am a player and I think that was my company wants, they really like to keep that image in me." He answered it without hesitate
"Ah, I think I can see it. I knew that you met one of our bosses at your company and after he met you, he said to me that I think you will be fix at the show. He also told me that the real you is not like what we always see at tv show, so I am a little bit curious that time. Now, after I talked to you in person, I know what he said is true. Now, when the last time you have a girlfriend?" Jun Hyun asked him
"I broke up with my girl friend about a year ago." he answered it shortly
"Is she a celebrity? And why are you guys broke up? You don't have to answer it if you are not feeling comfortable." Jun Hyun tried to comfort him
"No, that's oke Hyung, I will answer it. She is not a celebrity. Actually I only have three times serious relationship and all of them are not celebrities. I am going out with a female celebrities, yes, but having a relationship with them, no. Why am I broke up? Ehm, she left me Hyung. I am trying so hard to keep this relationship, but she has another decision. I can not push her. If she didn't want to have a relationship with me, do I have to keep it? I don't think so Hyung, so I decided to follow what she wants, hurt, but I have to move on right?" He pull out his feeling and he felt rilex, then he smile shyly
"Omo, I think I talk to much, right Hyung?" His cheek turn red after he realize what he was saying
"That's oke Leeteuk-ssi, your secret is safe in me. Btw, how is your ideal type? Petite girl, long hair, pretty face or what, tell me, maybe I can find a girl who close with your ideal type. " Jun Hyun told him
"My ideal type? I don't have it. I am not gonna lie to you that I like to see pretty girl, but I don't have any special type. I am not that kind of person who easily fall in love. Although may be I am playing around if I saw a beautiful girl, but it takes time for me to fall in love. So, If you guys afraid that I am gonna fall with my partner, I guarentee that won't happen." he told him confidently
"Ais, don't say that kind of promise Leeteuk-ssi, I am gonna laugh at you if you fell for her." Ju Hyun tried to hold his smile
"Is she really beautiful?" Leeteul laugh when asked that question
 "There are 3 candidates for our bride. For me, all of them are beautiful, but I have to use my feeling to decide, who was fix and wasn't fix before I decided." Ju Hyun explain him
"Ah, beside me, are there another idol?" He asked him
"Yup, there are three candidates, including you. I already talked with all of them. You are the last groom candidates that I meet." He smile when answering that
"Ah, what about the bride candidates?" Leeteuk still trying so hard to get an answer who will be his partner at the show
"I talk with one of them. Another candidates will coming, right after I finish talking to you."

After he answered Leeteuk question, his phone rang and made him excused himself for a while. When Jun Hyun was answering his phone call, accidentally there is a photo of beautiful woman poking between Jun Hyun file.

"I think I know her, I saw her somewhere. She is pretty enough. It will be fun if I will play around with her.But I really forget her name, I will search it letter." he talked to himself after looking for that picture.

Right after he giving back that picture to the right place, Ju Hyun came
"Wah, I almost caught in the act." he whispering

"Leeteuk-ssi, which one are you prefer, a nunna or a junior?" Jun Hyun asked him
"Both of them are fine, but may be junior better." He told him
"How if you and your bride have a large gap of age?" He asked him again
"That's oke, as long as she can understand me well. I am oke with every choices, this is only show right, so everything is fine. If my bride a nunna is fine, if someone younger than me, better." he smiled
"Cool. I will give my decision as soon as possible, may be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I will call you for sure." Ju Hyun smile while giving his hand for shake
"Good Hyung, I have to go also. It's really fun to talked to you. Btw, what I said just now, please keep it for yourself. I am trusting you." Leeteuk smile and shaking Kim Jun Hyun hand before he leave

He was rushing went to his car, until accidentally bumping with some one in the middle of MBC lobby. He just heard a girl voice said "Ouch"

"I am sorry miss, I am really sorry. I am in a hurry." he glanced a while to her, smile, then bow asking for a little forgiveness. He is a little bit surprised and his heart suddenly beats when he saw a beautiful pure woman smiled on him. He can not see her face clearly since she wore a sunglasses, but he can see clearly how sexy she is. Wearing just a simple shirt and a hot white pants, with her not too long hair, she looks so sexy. And she has a dimple that make her prettier

"That's oke Sir. I didn't see you also. I am sorry too." She answered then smiled
"Are you oke?" he tried to make a short conversation with this girl.
"I am fine. So, excuse me, I have to go." She told him and suddenly her friend coming

"Sora, are you oke?" Her friend asked her when coming to her
"I am fine unnie, no worries. C'mon, I think I am late already." she talked to her friend, and suddenly flipping her body, smile and bowed him
" I am going. Sorry for the incident." she smiled then heading to elevator with two of her friends

"Do I know her? She looks so familiar.Her friend called her Sora" he whispered to himself.

While driving to his office, Leeteuk can not eliminate her. Her image still come and come again to his mind

"I think I know her. I met her and I saw her once, but I forgot who is she. Sora... she really look familiar, sexy, but she was too high. She wore a snickers, but her height almost same with me. But..." He stop talking to himself when suddenly he remembered some thing "Is she the same girl?" His mind straight went to the picture that he saw at PD-nim file

"If she really that girl and she was chosen as my partner, it is really going to be fun." He smiled only because thinking about it.

(***Her Story***)
She was in a hurry when she arrived at MBC building. Her meeting with Kim Jun Hyun, almost late. She is in hurry and didn't pay attention to her surrounding, until she suddenly bump in with a man, and without realize she was shouting "Ouch"

"I am sorry miss, I am really sorry. I am in a hurry." a sweet voice wake her up. She looks at the source of the voice and found out a sweet handsome gentleman look at her and tried to help her. He can not see his face clearly, since like her, he also wore a sun glasses, but she believed this man is a handsome man. He is cute and has a dimple in his left cheek.

"That's oke Sir. I didn't see you also. I am sorry too." She tried to answered him then smile
"Are you oke?" He asked her and show his worried
"Yes, I am fine. So, excuse me, I have to go." before she finished her sentence, her assistant and her cordy came to her
"Sora, are you oke?" Lee Young, her assistant came
"I am fine unnie, no worries. C'mon I think I am late already." She talked to her then flipping her body, smile then bowed to the man
"I am going, sorry for the accident." then she was hurry go the elevator

"Why he looks so familiar, I think I saw him somewhere, but I totally forgot where did I met him." she talked to herself when heading to the ninth floor, where Kim Jun Hyun is waiting for her
"He is handsome, although I can not see his face, I knew he is handsome, cute also." she still talking by herself, then smiling. She didn't realize until Lee Young surprised her

"We're here. Btw Sora-ya, why you are smiling by yourself? You looks weird you know." Lee Young told her
"Ah unnie, nothing, just remember some sentences from my drama script." she was lying

Kim Jun Hyun was already waiting for her.

"Anyonghaseo PD-nim, I am sorry I am a little bit late." She came to greet the PD
"Ah, Kang Sora-ssi, come in. You are not late though, easy. I just finish talking with someone else, so no need to worries." Jun Hyun smile and asked her to come
"Thanks God, if I am not late. So, what can I do for you Sir. This is our second meeting right?" she told him
"Yup, this is our second meeting. You know Sora-ssi, since I met you two days ago, I think I already made a decision that I am gonna choose you as a bride. You know or maybe you heard about this program don't you? The program name is We Got Married."
"I know Sir, I watched the program once, the first season? And I think it will be interesting to try how to be a good wife, although I know it just a virtual married." she smiled
"Good if you know the program. But let me tell you once again, we change the rules, I hope with this new rules, the couple can showed their feeling more, cause every event prepared and planned by the couple. So, basically you will do what married couple will do, shooting time usually at Wednesday, but it can be changed, depend with your and your partner schedule. Btw, you will have your own house." Jun Hyun is explained to her
"Really, is MBC preparing for the house?Wah, exciting." she can hide her excitement
"Are you oke, staying at home, with your virtual husband, doing like what married couple do?" Jun Hyun asked her
"Sure, it just for a show right? No problem, I think it will be fun, but Sir, I can not cook, it will ruin the show right? I mean most woman or woman should can cook." She was worried
"Take it easy Sora-ssi, don't think to much, just show us a real you. This is not acting, just show how good you are, don't act and don't be fake. Just show just the way you are." He tried to comfort her
"I'll try my best PD-nim. I think I have to start learning how to cook." She told him then smiled

"Now Sora-ssi, did you know something about Idol?" Jun Hyun asked her
"Idol? You mean a singer Idol?" her face showed that she was confused
"Can be a singer idol, can be a member of Idol group?" Jun Hyun tried to found out
"Honestly Sir, I don't know them." Sora shyly answered him 
"Really? Did you like music, Sora-ssi?" he asked him
"I like music, but I don't know who sang the song. I just enjoy the music, Sir." She answered him and her face turn red
"Ah, I see. Did you ever heard about Super Junior? Or maybe 2PM? or maybe Girls Generation?"
"I heard about them, they are very famous, but I don't know their name, I just know them as a group and honestly, I don't know exactly what their songs are." her face turn red again
"You are so honest Sora-ssi, I like it." Jun Hyun smiled
"Btw, what about boyfriend, do you have a boyfriend right now?" he asked her
"Boyfriend? No, I don't have. It's been almost 2 years I didn't have a boyfriend." she shyly smile
"Dating someone right now, or close with someone now days?" He tried to provoke her
"Nope." without hesitant she answered him
"Good, you know, if you have a relationship with another person, we have to cancel you to appear at the show."Jun Hyun smiled when explained her
"Sir, can I know who my partner is?" she really curious with whom she gonna paired if they choose her
"Your partner? He is an Idol, a leader of very famous group.After talking to both of you, I know you can be a perfect couple." he smiled again
"Oh, which group is that?" her curiosity getting bigger
"Ais, you are so greedy Kang Sora-ssi, just wait oke. It will be a surprised for you. Enjoy it. The decision will be announce today. Just wait for my call and get a surprised in the first day of filming, oke?" he winked her
"Ah oke Sir, is it finished? Can I go?" she asked him
"Sure Sora-ssi. It's really nice to talked to you. I am really hope that I can be work with you soon. My advice, if you are choosen, please just be yourself, I am sure, viewers will love you if you show the real you." Jun Hyun smiled to her when shaking her hand
"Thank you Sir, it's really nice talking to you. I am going." She smile then heading to the door.

"How's it?" Lee Young asked her as soon as she get out
"Good, this is an interesting meeting unnie. Now, just wait for their decision."
"Ah, are they giving you a hint, who is your partner to be?" Lee Young was curious about it
"PD-nim only said that my partner to be is an Idol, a leader of very famous group, that's it.Who is he unnie? What do you think?" she asked her
"A leader?? Wah.. Could be a leader of Super Junior? Or maybe a leader of Shinee? Or maybe Bigbang?? Wah, you are so lucky Sora-ya." her assistant told her
"Aish unnie, I didn't know them. Just hoping that he will be a good person." she smiled then walking to her company car, ready for doing her next schedule

"I think I have to start googling the name of famous boy band member." she talked to herself then sleep on the way of her next destination

(***PD-nim story***)
 "Let's meet." Kim Jun Hyun asked his team to hold a meeting as soon as he finished talking with Sora 
"Did you still one more candidates to meet Sir?" his assistant asked him
"Nope, I already choose the couple, that's why I asked all of you to meet now." he talked and heading to the meeting room

"I made the decision. Leeteuk-ssi will be a new groom, then Kang Sora-ssi will be a new bride." Jun Hyun start the meeting with announce his decision
"Are you sure Sir? Their personality is different Sir. I am afraid they can not complementary each other." one of his staff showed her worried
"Nope. They are fix each other, trust me, I can feel it. I won't surprised if in the middle of shooting, they fall in love." he said it with confidence
"Really? How come, both of them are very different, one is very outspoken, easy going, talkactive, while the other is very timid and shy, a little bit introvert." One of his staff still doubted the decison
"Please trust me. I talked to them, I saw them and learn their personality, and I got the feeling, so guys, believe me, it will be fun and lot of surprised. Now, when we're gonna have their first meeting?" he smiled


"Yaboseo." a man answering the phone
"Leeteuk-ssi? This is Kim Jun Hyun." 
"Ah PD-nim, you already have the decision?" suddenly Leeteuk feel excited
"Yup, you are choosen as our new groom Leeteuk-ssi. Congratulation then. I think it will be fun to have a show with you." he told him the news
"Really, thank you PD-nim, thank you for choosing me. So, when the first shooting, I am so excited." he told him
"The first meeting will be at Sept 30. I hope you have no schedule at that date." Jun Hyun a little bit worried, since Leeteuk is a very busy Idol
"I have a schedule at MBC, Hyung, Music Core, so I think no worries, we can manage it." he can not hide his excitement
"Ah good, I am happy to hear that." he relief
"Ehm Hyung, Who is the bride?" he still curious. Suddenly image of the woman that accidentally bump in with him at MBC lobby came. He can not forget the image of that beautiful and sexy lady.
"It will be a good surprised for you Leeteuk-ssi, just wait. But I guarentee, you won't disappoint." he told him
"Araso Hyung. I trust in you. Thank you Hyung." he end up the conversation

After calling him, Jun Hyun called the bride

"Yaboseo" a sweet voice answering the phone
"Kang Sora-ssi, it's me, Kim Jun Hyun from MBC." 
"Ah, PD-nim. Did you already have a decision?" Sora asked him
"Sora-ssi, you are choosen as our new bride. I am sure the show will be colorful with you joining the show." 
"Ah, thank you for choosing me PD-nim. I promised I will work hard for the show." she can not hide her excitement
"Easy Sora-ssi, just show us your true side, just bring yourself on screen, trust me, everything going to be oke." He comfort her
"Thank you PD-nim. When the first shooting?" she asked him
"September 30, I hope you don't have any schedule that date."
"Nope. It will be fun. Once again thank you PD-nim for choosing and trusting me." she thanked to him
"See you soon Sora-ssi. Let's rock the show." he told him then ended their conversation

"I hope I made a right decision.. I am sure the are match out of miss match. They will be good together." he talked to himself then smile

(***to be continued***)


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