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(***June 29th, Sora's apartment***)
"Sora-ya.. darling.. are you at home?" Leeteuk tried to find his wife as soon as he arrived. He went to their bed room, but suddenly something licked his feet.. 
"Ah.. goomie.. your are grown up..wah.. bigger and more manly..where's your mom gommie-ah.." Gommie just looking at him for a while and then start to lick him again "Did you miss me? I miss you too.. but I miss your mom so badly.. now, stay there, let me take your picture and send it to your mom and asked her to home soon.. Oke.."  Leeteuk took his phone and take a picture of goomie.. "Ah done, now let's send this to your mom. Wait a minute...Sent.." Leeteuk send the picture with a little sweet massage on it

"Goomie is bigger and more manly right now.. But he missed his mother, so do come back home as soon as you finish ya.. I miss you so much...Please come back soon.."


While in the other hands, Sora just finish changing her outfit and ready to go home when she heard her phone beep. She knew that her other half will go home today, since he got one day off from the army. 
"Ah, Oppa is already at home? So soon.." she talked to herself and rushed dialed the number
"Youbuseo.." She heard the voice that she missed a lot
"Oppa.. are you at home already?? I thought you will come around 9. I'll come home now, do you want to eat something? There's nothing at home." she happily talked to her husband
"Come home soon darling, I miss you. Ehm, I'll eat every thing that you bring. It is all up to you, the most important thing, just come now. I miss you badly." Leeteuk do his aegyo asked her to come
"Araso Oppa, just wait. I'll be there in 30 minutes, just wait oke." she hang up the phone and call the restaurant for order something that she will take on the way home

"So, the army man at home already?" Suddenly she heard her partner in the drama, Lim Ju Hwan asked her after seeing her bright face
"Omo, I am so embarrassed. Is it too obvious?" Sora's face is blushing "Oppa coming after got the one day off. I told him he didn't have to come, since it need two hours to come, but he is insisted."  Sora tried to explain to her partner
"I know how it feel. He must be missing you so much" Ju Hwan smiled at her. Some how, he already assume Sora as his sister. She told him some story about them, including how they can through the storm in their married life
"Oppa, I am going. Jung Su Oppa must be impatient. Bye, see you tomorrow." She wave him when walking to her car
"Ah, Park Jung Su, you are such a lucky man." Ju Hwan told himself after Sora gone.


"Oppa, I am home.. I bring you food. Where are you?" Sora shout out right after she opened the door, but there is no answer. 
"Oppa where are you?" She whispered when looking for Leeteuk. After placing the food at the dining room, she rush went to the bed room and found Leeteuk slept while hugging goomie which is slept beside him
"Omo, cute. You two look good together." Sora can not hold her smile seeing them. She slowly come to the bed and give a light kiss at Leeteuk forehead.
"Princess, is it you?" Leeteuk slowly open his eyes after felt someone gave him a kiss
"Oppa, I'm here. You must be very tired. I brought you a food. Let's eat now, after that, you can continue your sleep. Don't sleep with empty stomach, you are getting skinnier." Sora is so worried with Leeteuk condition
"Just go to the dining room first, give me 3 minutes.I'll be there." He get up from bed and give a light kiss in her cheek before going to the bathroom

"Sora-ya, you said to me that I am got too skinny, but look at you, where is my little chubby Sora? Don't go to skinny darling, you made me worried." Leeteuk showed his worried seeing Sora getting skinnier these day
"Don't worry Oppa. I promise, I'll keep healthy." She smiled when talking to him. 

 While they are eating Sora secretly looking at him, studied him and can feel his sadness through his eyes. She suddenly grab his hand and squeeze it and tried to gave him a strength, right after they finished their food. Leetauk knew it and smile
"Thank you. Thank you for being you, thank you for understand me. Even  I don't talk to you, you can understand me. Thank you Sora-ya, I don't know if I don't have you by my side." He smiled and kiss Sora's palm
"Oppa, I am always here for you. When you feel sad or something, even that was in the middle of the night, just call me. You don't have to share a word, only listening to your breath, it's fine. I'll try to be a good listener for you, to support you. I am here Oppa, don't forget about it. I knew you through a lot of things these day, please hang on. I know you are strong enough." Sora smile and slowly kiss him in his lips. She gave him a light kiss, but Leeteuk didn't want to release her lips, then suddenly he lift her up and bring her to their bed room. 
"I need you Sora-ya.." he told her before he close their bed room door.

(***June 30th 2013***)
"Can I talk to you for a minutes, Sir?" Sora tried to talk to her drama series director
"What's all about? Something happened?" the director asked her
"Ehm, can I take a brake, only for tomorrow?" Sora asked him hesitantly 
"Why?" the Director feel so strange. As long as he knew, Sora never asked day off during their filming
"I have personal things that I have to take care, and it have to be tomorrow. I hope you can understand. Just for tomorrow." She begged to the director
"Ais, that's oke Sora-ssi, we still have your back up scene, no worries. But, can I know, what is special reason behind it?" the director smiled when asked her about it.
"Ehm.. nothing Sir, just something that I have to take care." She shyly told the director
"That's oke Sora-ssi. Just have fun with him, I am sure he will happy when found out his girlfriend coming for visit." the director knew that Sora wish must be related with her other half. Every one in the film location knew that there's something between Sora and leader of the biggest boy band in the country, but only few peoples know that they are actually married couple.
"Thank you Sir." she smiled and then rush back to the take her scene.


Right after she finished take her scene, she called someone. She really need his help to make her planned happen

"Oppa, busy?" She talked right after the person pick up the phone
"Nope, what's wrong Sora-ya?" he asked her
"Ehm, do you have a schedule tomorrow? All of you, including Henry-ssi and Zhoumi-ssi?" she asked hasistantly
"Why?? Ah Teukie Hyung birthday. What are the planning? I have no schedule tomorrow, but I don't know about the others, I hope they are also free." he told her
"Sungmin Oppa, can you help me to arrange all the member and all of us together come to his base? I really want to make a surprised birthday party. I know all of you face a big problem inside the fandom and I thought it made him very sad. I can see from his eyes when he went home last night. That's why I feel, all of you coming to his place will be the best birthday present for him right now. He missed you guys a lot, although he didn't say a word to me, but I know." she tried to explain her reason for asking him a favor
"Ah,I see.. I tried Sora-ya. I will call you as soon as I have an answer from all of them. Where're we gonna meet tomorrow? I think better if all of us going together, maybe we met after lunch, then we can celebrate his birthday, right after he finished his duty. What do you think?" he asked her
"Cool.. I like it. Btw, thank you Sungmin Oppa, for helping me. I believe Jungsu Oppa will happy to see all of you." she can stop smiling after Sungmin promised to help her.
"That's oke Sora-ya. All of us also happy if he is happy. Btw, I think I have to go, I am going to call you after I get a news from all members. I hope all of them have a free time tomorrow." Sungmin end up her phone with his sister in law "Teukie Hyung, you are such a lucky man, having a beautiful, smart and lovely wife like her." he talked to himself

"Guys, can I have your attention please." Sungmin asked all of the member when they gathering for dinner time
"What's up hyung? Something important happen?" Eunhyuk asked Sungmin as soon as they sat at their living room
"Sora called me this afternoon. She asked us whether we have a schedule or not tomorrow. You guys know, that tomorrow is Teukie hyung birthday, so she asked us to come with her to the army base, and make a surprised birthday party to him. He also asked Henry and Zhoumi coming with us. What do you think guys, is it possible?" Sungmin hoped all of members can go with him tomorrow
"I think it's a good idea. We can ask Heechul hyung, Yesung Hyung and Kibum to come with us." Eunhyuk agree to come and celebrate Leeteuk birthday at his army base. 
"Hyung, we don't have any schedule, except daily practice for our Singapore concert right?" Eunhyuk asked their manager to confirm
"Yup, there is no schedule for tomorrow. It will be great to celebrate his birthday. The surprised birthday party must be fun." Their manager agreed with their plan
"Good, I need to talk to Teukie Hyung about the latest condition though." Eunhyuk said
"Cool. Let us call hyungsunim, she must be very happy knowing that all of us free tomorrow." Donghae is so excited with the plan "Let me call her." suddenly he dialed his hyungsunim number

"Anyonghaseo." a soft sweet voice answering the phone
"Oh-hyungsunim.. It's me. I have a little bad news for you, about tomorrow. I think we can not come to Teukie Hyung, all of us have our personal schedule." Donghae is trying to have a little play with his hyungsunim.
"Ah, it is too bad." Donghae hear a little dissapointed tone in her voice "So, all of you have a schedule tomorrow? Really, it's too bad." Sora tried to hide her sadness 
"So, what about tomorrow hyungsunim. Are you still going to meet him?" Once again Donghae tested his hyungsunim
"Off course. He really need to be pampered. I can see it from his eyes yesterday." Sora told them
"Hyungsunim.." suddenly she heard Eunhyuk voice on a phone
"Anyonghaseo Eunhyuk Oppa. How's life." Sora tried to greet her brother in law
"I'm fine..don't believe what Donghae said. All of us free tomorrow, so we can make a surprised birthday party for Teukie hyung."Eunhyuk tried to comfort Sora, he can feel her sadness through her voice a minutes ago
"Ais.. you guys. Oppa must be very happy to see all of his member there. See you guys tomorrow. Do I have to come to your place or you guys will pick me up or we just met there?" Sora can hide her happiness 
"Just wait at your house hyungsunim, we will pick you up. Ehm hyungsunim, I planned to asked Heechul, Yesung hyung and Kibum to join us, is it oke for you?" Eunhyuk asked her
"More members come, is better. Euhyuk Oppa, can I asked you another favor? Please don't let anyone around him give him a birthday wishes. I really want this going to be a very surprised party for him." Sora asked them another favor
"Hyungsunim, you are so mischievous, but it will be fun, I think" Donghae shout out
"All of you guys will help me right?" She talked while can not control her laugh
"Bye guys, I am so excited..See you guys tomorrow, can't wait for it." She laugh while hang up the phone

"Ah..hyungsunim became more mischievous these day." Eunhyuk told the Super Junior member after finish talking with Sora
"She is good, became more popular these days. I think Teukie Hyung have to hold his jealousy since Sora-ya have a romance drama." Donghae said
"I think Sora-ya knew her limit and Tuekie Hyung have to learn how to handle his feeling. They will good. Just watch her interview lately, her partners said, once the camera on, Na Dohee will showed, but as soon as camera off, Kang Sora will appear, so no need to worries I think." Sungmin explain to the member. He is Super Junior member who has closest relation with Sora. She is like his own little sister. Leeteuk also know about it, first he was annoyed, but now he can completely understand their relationship.

(***July 1st 2013***)
"Park JungSu, the commander asked you to come outside.He is here now " his partner in the musical, Lee Hyun called him in the middle of their practice break. No days Leeteuk busy with his musical practice. South Korean Defense Ministry decided to make a sequel of the Promise musical, since the show got a lot attention from public.
"What happen now?" he was whispering to himself. His heart a little pounding since the last time his commander called him to his office, there is something bad happen to his other half.

"Soldier Park Jung Su, asked permission to come." Leeteuk greet his commander as soon as he came
"Ah, Jung Su, just a small things, I just want to asked, what time are you finish your practice. I need you to come to the base early, cause I have a task for you." his commander told him
"Can I know what task is that, Sir?" Jung Su a little bit confused with sudden task that his commander gave him
"Nope just a small administration things. Actually that was my job, but I have something to do around here, so I think you are the right person to do that. Just come to my office and all the document was there." His commander gave him a special task
"Oke Sir, I will do it. So, I have to leave early? What time?" He asked him again to make sure
"Maybe around 4, it takes 30 minutes right, to come to base? Don't worry to much, I already talked to the director to set you free before 4 o clock. No worries."his commander tried to ensure him 
"Oke Sir. I'll go first." Leeteuk still confused with his sudden task that his boss gave him

"Something happen Hyung?" Lee Hyun asked him as soon as he arrive at the hall where they are practicing the musical
"Nope, but something strange. The commander asked me to do archiving the documents. It's really weird, but I have no choice right? So I will leave practice early because all of that have to done before tomorrow." He pour his confusion to one of his best friend at army
"Just do it Hyung. I am sorry that I can not help you, since this is a special task that he gave to you." Lee Hyun tried to comfort his best friend
"Araso, let's get practice again. I have to leave at 4." Leeteuk tap his best friend shoulder


Leeteuk already at his commander's office for an hour doing the special task that he gave him. A little bit tired, but he tried to forgot everything. Honestly he was a little bit upset since there is no one gave him a birthday wishes, even his other half. Thanks God he have been busy since early in the morning, so he has no time to think about it, but now, when he got a spare time, he really wish Sora will cheer him up. he is 30 now, for international age, and became 31 for a korean age. So far he is happy, he got what he wants and the most important things, he has Sora beside him. Her presence is the greatest things that he had in his entire life. Thinking about her made him miss her so much.

"Where are you baby? I miss you, at least, please call me tonight, listening your sweet voice is enough for me." he whispering to himself.
"Hyung, dinner is ready at the hall, just come." Lee Hyun suddenly approach him
"Dinner? What time is it? It's just 5:30 right? I thought dinner will serve at 6:00." he was surprised with Lee Hyun appearance
 "Don't know, may be there is special announcement. I saw the commander just coming, and he already at the dinner hall. Btw Hyung, are you finish?" Lee Hyun asked him
"Yup, give me 5 minutes. I'll be at the hall, just finish the final things, then I am going." Leeteuk told then smile to him
"Araso, I am going Hyung, we'll be waiting there." Lee Hyun told them while head off to the dining room

Leeteuk came 10 minutes later, after he finished all the task that his commander gave him

"Park Jung Su, everything settled?" His commander asked him
"Yes Sir, I already finish all the documents. All of them are at your desk Sir." he gave him a report
"Good job, now enjoy your meal." He asked him to sit

All of the soldier started to have their meal right at 6 o clock. 15 minutes later, when everyone was planning to take their dessert, suddenly the electricity going down.
"Weo?" almost all the soldiers whispering. 

Suddenly they heard some people singing happy birthday and one beautiful woman bring a white birthday cake toward them. And they are stopping at Leeteuk desk
"Happy Birthday Oppa. Wish you nothing only the best." a sweet voice whispering in his ears
"Sora-ya??" Leeteuk didn't realize that he was screaming 
"Happy Birthday.." Suddenly the lights on and he saw all of Super Junior members, including Heechul, Yesung and Kibum, and most of all he saw his other half smile beautifully with birthday cake in her hand
"Omo.. What is this? When all of you guys coming?" Leeteuk can not hide his happiness and his eyes got teary
"Happy Birthday Hyung." one by one Super Junior members gave him a big hugs 
"Thank you guys for coming, and thank you to you too Sir. I think they can do this based on your permission." Leeteuk gave a bow to his commander
"Not me, your wife is the one who contact me and asked for the permission. Happy Birthday soldier Park Jung Su, I hope you get better and better life every day." He told him while tapping his shoulder
"Yeah Hyung, hyungsunim is deabak. She managed everyone and begging us to come with her today. She said she can not see your sadness. You are really lucky Hyung." Sungmin told him
"And when I saw her, the one that I regret the most is, why she choose you not me?" Heechul tried to tease his brother
"Aish Heenim, what are you talking about" Leeteuk smiled
"But really Hyung, I just saw her, and she got prettier, more relax toward us now, and damn you Hyung, you are really lucky. Sora-ya, why choose him not me?" not only Leeteuk, Heechul also tried to tease Sora

 Everyone was busy with their food when suddenly Eunhyuk come and asked Leeteuk to talked
"Hyung, you heard it right? About Henry and Zhoumi? The Elf?" Eunhyuk is straight to the point
"Yup, I knew. It is bothering me. I even can not hide it from Sora, when I got home yesterday." Leeteuk told him
"What should I do Hyung? ELF is one of the most important things for us right? But Henry and Zhoumi also. They made a very good progress and Henry solo single, is daebak. It's a pity when I am looking at them since this problem coming." Eunhyuk tried to pour his worried to his Hyung
"I know, just explain to them,to ELF,  tell them, that even Henry and Zhoumi won't become a Super Junior member, but they mean a lot for Super Junior. And don't forget to tell them also, that they are our family and we love them as Super Junior-M member and as part of our family. I know you can do that. That's why I choose you to replace me temporary." Leeteuk tried to give a strength to him
"Araso Hyung. I think I will do that in our next concert." Eunhyuk said
"When is it? If you have trouble how to make the speech, I will send you an example, then you can modify it with your own style, your own language." Leeteuk smiled and tap Eunhyuk shoulder
"Thank you Hyung." right after Eunhyuk finish, Sora came toward him and hug him in his waist, make Eunhyuk embarassed "Take your time, two of you." he told them while heading and join to other member

"Are you  happy? I don't have a time to buy something special for you. So, I just can make this small birthday party for you." Sora told him while looking at him with her sad eyes
"Listen, this is wonderful. I don't need a big party, I don't need an expensive present. You are here, are my biggest and greatest birthday present for me, You manage everything, bring all members here, for me this is the most beautiful birthday that I ever had." He told her then took her closer to him
"Really? I am happy if you are happy Oppa. It is so sad, when I saw your sad eyes yesterday. Even that you were pretending that everything oke, I know you aren't. I just want to see my Prince smile again, for me." She smiled and gave a light kiss in his cheek 
"I really can not hide something from you. Ehm, Sora-ya the Ministry of Defense is doing an investigation about the celebrity army scandal. You know about it, right?" he told his other half while Sora only nod her head 
"All of us here still don't know what the result, but according to the rumor, The Ministry of Defense will erase the Promotion Brigade and put all of us to another division. They want us to show to the public, that although we are a celebrities, we didn't get a special treatment, like what the media said. What I am trying to tell you is, It will be hard for me to call you and maybe it will be hard for you also, to get a news about me, since our appearance will be constrained. Is it oke for you darling?" Leeteuk tried to explain the current situation
"Listen soldier Park Jung Su. You know I am here. I always here.I'll stand by you what ever happen, so just doing the best at your job. I am sure I'll support you. Promise me one thing, You always come back to me, stay health and strong, stay safe and comeback as a cool, handsome, manly and loving husband. Remember, every time, 24 hours, 7 days a week, I always be here for you. Do not hesitated to call me. Oke." She comforted her husband, then give a light kiss in his lips. Suddenly Leeteuk didn't want to release her lips, and this sweet kiss become more passionately. They live in their own world, forgetting where are they now, forgetting that a lot of people around, they even didn't hear the scream for Super Junior member, until Heechul come to them and slap Leeteuk shoulder
"Yeah, both of you, don't show it in front of us. Get a room Please.." Heechul told them while the love birds are blushing
"I am sorry guys. I miss her so much though." Leeteuk tried to defense himself
"You just went home yesterday, how come you miss her." Heechul said in envy voice
"Yeah Heenim, we are married, so it's normal if I miss her, even though I just saw her yesterday." Leeteuk laugh to hide his shyness

15 minutes later..

"Oppa, I think I have to go. Remember your promise ya. I love you." Sora smiled then gave her another sweet kiss before she go with all Super Junior members
"Thank you Princess, Thank you for being you. I love you." Leeteuk smiled and kiss her temple before she goes
"Thank you guys for coming. I love you all and please be strong, I know you guys can do it." He also tried to lift up Super Junior members mood

(***July 18, 2013***)

Ministry of Defense announces decision to abolish celebrity recruit unit + to issue out punishment to 8 celebrity soldiers

After completing their investigation into the issues raised regarding celebrity recruits in the military, the Ministry of Defense held a press conference to announce their decision.

The most pressing question on hand was whether the celebrity recruit department would be abolished as it had been in place for the past 16 years. The Ministry of Defense announced today that they will indeed abolish the system.

"After the investigation on the promotional department of the military, we have decided to abolish the 'promotional support brigade' [which the celebrity recruits are under]," said the spokesperson.

On why they decided to make this decision, the rep said, "The promotional support brigade was set up to promote the military and raise the morale of soldiers, but due to the unpleasant issues that have occurred, the military's image has only been tarnished... It has also brought down the morale of other soldiers who have been diligently serving... As the purpose of the celebrity soldier branch is to promote the military, the public's faith is important, but due to various problems, we have only lost the public's faith."

As for the punishment of celebrity soldiers they've found to have performed problematic acts, the Ministry of Defense revealed that 8 will be receiving punishment following the regulations laid out in their department. All 15 celebrity soldiers in the current 'promotional support brigade' will be reassigned to different units on August 1st.

For the 3 celebrity soldiers who have 3 months or less until their discharge, they will be reassigned to an active duty unit to carry out the same tasks that ordinary soldiers are asked to do.

The celebrity soldiers receiving punishment will be reassigned to a new unit after they've carried out their punishment.

The spokesperson said in conclusion, "We are sorry for causing concern to the citizens on the matters regarding celebrity soldiers. We fully realize the need to take responsibility for the insufficient management."

"Ah, so this is the decision." Sora talked to herself as soon as she read the article about The Ministry of Defense decision during her break. She rushed taking her phone and text some one that she missed the most

"Oppa, I read the decision. I know it is hard, but I am sure you can do it. Just give the best Oppa, show everyone that what they are thinking about was wrong. Show them that you are great. I always support you and stay beside you what ever it is. I love you My Prince, and I always do."

(***to be continued***)

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