Tuesday, July 23, 2013


(***That Man***)

First of September already, he never knew that the time flied so fast. One year, yes, one year already that he struggle with his pain. Losing some one that he love the most is really painful, but now, he relief. He can reconcile with his own heart, he prove that he can move on. With his personality that he showed at every program or show where he joined, no one knew that he was hurt, only some people, the closest peoples who know exactly what's happen to him. Pack schedules that he received really help him a lot to forget everything. Like now, being busy and crazy practice preparing their worldwide concerts, he can really forget that painful.

"Hyung, the President is looking for you. He is waiting for you at his office now." suddenly his members came and tell him
"The President looking for me? But why? Do I make some thing wrong?"  he said
"I don't know Hyung, they are waiting for you now." his member said
"They? Who are they? It's too suspicious." he talked to himself while heading to his boss office

"Coming.." he heard his boss voice as soon as he knock the door
"Anyong haseo President." he said and bowed to him
"Sit now. I want you to meet him, he is one of the director at MBC." his President told him
"Ah, anyong Sir." he tried to showed his respect to the guest
"I saw some of your show at tv. I also saw you several time, when you and your group doing a taping for our music program." he smiled to him
"Thank you Sir, but what can I do for you?" he still confused with what going to happen
"Ehm, right now you are filming with the idol female group for practicing to be a good father right? I saw it and I think you are pretty good become a father." his President friend talked to him
"Yes Sir, the good experiences I think, although I am not a good father though." He tried to be humble
"Hahahahaha, I don't think so, like I said before, I thought you are great. What I am trying to said is, I want to offer you to practice as a husband. So beside practicing as a father, now you can practice as a good husband. What do you think?" he told him
"Ah, that show. I think it will be interesting." he politely answered the offer
"Honestly, there are several candidate for the show. Now the show was running with only two couples, one of them is already over a year, while the other is about 4 months. I just thinking to make that show more interesting and gain more ratings, so I come with the idea to pair an Idol with a beautiful actress. You are one of the candidates, but the decision is not mine, the Program Director is the one who hold the final decision." he explain him a lot
"Ah I see. This will be very interesting. Can I know who are the candidates for the female actress?" he tried to find out
"Still secret young man. But my PD is a very clever one pairing a couple, so I am quite sure, if you are chosen as a groom, your bride will match with you." he smiled when explain it to him
"Araso, I understand. I think it worth it to try." he smiled
"Good, let see their decision. If they choose you, it will be great. Beside you can practice as a good husband and father in the same time, this reality show will maintain your popularity. Showing another side of you. I think it will be good. But one thing, my advice, don't play with your heart, don't fell for her." his President trie to give him an advice
"Oh ya, I almost forgot, don't fall in love, if you two fall in love each other, like it or not, we're gonna cut off your show. when everything going blur, both of you  have to leave the show." the other man told him
"I think both of you didn't have to worried at all. Although maybe you see me as a womenicer, but trust me, I am not having any plan to have a girl friend or looking for a wife. Not now, I think, I still want to enjoy my youth. If everything finish, please excuse me, I think I have to go to my practice room." He smiled and bowed to both of them
"Yup, you can go now." his President told him

"I think it will be interesting. Play around with a beautiful actress, will be fun." he talked to himself when heading to his practice room

(***That Woman***)

Since her movie film was gain a lot of viewers and became one of  the blockbusters in the country, she became more famous now days. Something that she can't imagine before. From an overweight teenagers, with full of struggle and effort, now she turn as a beautiful female actress, the thing that she dreamed about since Junior High. Focusing her life in study, writing and dieting, she never knew the things outside her life. She never knew about the Idol or male and female group. She likes music, but not that much. But now, everything might be change.

After having a photo shoot for one of the famous clothing company in the country, her President asked her to meet. Something strange and unusual. She seldom talked to her President, unless there is something really important. This called made her uneasy.

"Do I make something? Do I said something wrong during my interview lately?" she talked to herself when heading to the hall where the President and her manager was waiting for her

"Coming, don't be so nervous." Her President, his wife, her manager and one other person, who she never see before was here
"Anyong haseo." she tried to greet everyone there
"Take a seat first." her President wife smiled and tried to comfort her
"You know, this man who sat beside me is one of the Program Director at MBC. He came here to offer us, maybe there is one of our artist who want to try for joining his show. After hearing the offer, my mind straight goes to you. You are young beautiful rocky actress who got a lot of attention from public. I think if you join the show, your popularity will rose." her President told her
"Basically, If you join my show, you will learn how to be a good wife. Right now we are planning to pair one of a famous boy band group members and one of the famous or rocky actress, your name came up, and became one of our priority." the other guy tried to explain her the plan
"So, who will become my partner?" she is a little bit curious
"Still a secret. We still have some candidates to examine, but honestly there is one man who was our strongest candidate, and from the look, I think he will fix you." he said her
"Ah, but I don't have any experiences in reality show. I am afraid that I will ruin the show." she a little bit hesitated
"No worries, if you are chosen as our bride, I think you will adapt it soon. Just show to the world the way you are. This is not scripted, just do it. I am not gonna lying to you, that there is a team, like a writer and so on, but we changed the rules now, so we will give you and your partner a freedom to decide, what you both going to do in the show. This is a new rules, in previous couple, we gave them a mission, but for a new couple to be, we changed it. If this is good, maybe we are gonna implement it to another season." he told her
"I see, It is interesting. I think I am going to try." she finally smile
"That's good. I am gonna preparing all the staff. I hope you can meet me again at my office two days from now, after that, I am gonna tell you what is our decision." he looks relief after hearing her decision
"Is it finish? I think I have to go, since I have another meeting to talked about my another endorsement, right Oppa?" she asked her manager who also in that room
"Yup. We have another meeting in one hour. May be we have to go now." her manager excused them
"Ya, both of you can go now, but, let me give you an advice, don't play with your heart. If it is good, maybe you will found your right man, but if not, don't let yourself get hurt." her President told her
"I know Sir, no need to worries. If I am chosen, I just want to take this, as an experience, I am not planning to have a boyfriend now, not yet." She smiled, then leave the room

"This is going to be fun." she whispering to herself and smile


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